Mars in Gemini : War Rhetoric and the End Game

With Mars in Gemini the war rhetoric has really amped up. As we head into the northern Summer, Mars will form three different triangles with outer planets. The heat is increasing. Mars will oppose Saturn, Pluto and Neptune in complex patterns. Jupiter will square Pluto for the last time and Jupiter will oppose Uranus. Year end we enter the two trines period and Saturn conjunct the GC. … Read More Mars in Gemini : War Rhetoric and the End Game

Jupiter in Libra : Boundaries of the Taboo

One of the themes of Jupiter in Libra is the testing of social boundaries and accepted norms and values. Through Neptune in Pisces and progressive Liberalism and Social Marxism, the West plunges further into social decay, self destruction and the glorious multicultural future. How far will the boundaries be pushed especially when it comes to the final taboos of pedophilia and cannibalism? … Read More Jupiter in Libra : Boundaries of the Taboo

The Descent

On the eve of an historical and contentious US election we look at the global planetary positions of the time. Neptune in Pisces on the South Node representing the deceptive mass media, globalists, cultural Marxists, hysterical social justice mobs, Wikileaks and corruption. The Saturn Uranus trine correlating to the rise of a new alt. conservatism and the Jupiter Uranus opposition of the great divisive polarity of 2016 into 2017. … Read More The Descent