The Descent

On the eve of an historical and contentious US election we look at the global planetary positions of the time. Neptune in Pisces on the South Node representing the deceptive mass media, globalists, cultural Marxists, hysterical social justice mobs, Wikileaks and corruption. The Saturn Uranus trine correlating to the rise of a new alt. conservatism and the Jupiter Uranus opposition of the great divisive polarity of 2016 into 2017. … Read More The Descent

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter will be in Libra from 10 September 2016 to 10 October 2017. Themes to emerge include a crack down on social media freedom of expression, dumps on Facebook, Youtube etc., sudden endings in relationships and alliances as new and surprising ones form, mental health breakdowns, gender wars and gender rebalancing, social unrest and violent clashes between ideological groups and more …. … Read More Jupiter in Libra

Mars in Scorpio Uranus in Aries : death, blood lust, shock and trauma

A short update on the last few days and weeks. Horrific violence and deadly attacks have been overwhelming the media reality right now. Most of these attacks have centered around supposedly unhinged individuals. Just out today, which motivated me to look at the stars,  was the news of the horrific knife attack where some 19… Read More Mars in Scorpio Uranus in Aries : death, blood lust, shock and trauma