Past the Solstice to the Summer of Rage

On 19 June 00:15 BST, as Aquarius rose to the 29th degree and Mars moved into a 10 degree orb of opposition to Pluto, while the Moon shifted to 10 degrees conjunct to Uranus in Aries; the UK witnessed its first revenge attack against Islamic terrorism.

Finsbury Park attack - 19 June 2017 - astrology wheel
Finsbury Park attack – 19 June 2017

It was a bit of an odd affair. Some low IQ, mental,  half baked Welsh rabbit rents a white van, drives all the way to London, arrives rather late, but in good timing to run into the last of a late night early morning crowd, leaving a community center nearby the Finsbury Park Mosque of all places. Finsbury Park Mosque –  London Jihadi central, and HQ of government sponsored Islamic terror. They were even given an award or two for it!

Quote from the previous post to this:

There is a very high possibility of major terror strikes come end of June into July and again into August. In terms of false  flags, what could  be on the horizon is a major false flag, in the U.K. or Europe that will be pinned on a white nationalist or a nationalist group and a follow up crack down on the alt. media (Saturn Sag. complex). Mars, for the opposition to Pluto, will be in Cancer. Cancer is very nationalistic. Pluto relates to revenge. It could be a ‘revenge attack’ against state actors, institutions, buildings (Capricorn) or an attack against a Mosque or Islamic Center with mass casualties. The next phase of the project is to take down the rising tide of nationalism in Europe which has to be vilified before it gets too strong and the momentum takes over.

False flag or not, it is wise and well learned to never let a good crisis go to waste. Emotions and sentimetns have been running high this Cancer summer and the Brits, as a Cancer Moon nation, can be rather soft at the core, with tearful strains for the underdogs, the suffering, not least of all the wondering tribes of Arabia, lost in Europa, far away from their home. Mother will take care of all of you!

Social media as been a dog’s breakfast as usual. Barfed up, eaten and barfed again with all sides well into the thick of the fray. The Liberals and multi-cucks were all enthralled that whites now are terrorists too, while all at the same time totally enraged at the racism. We’re all equal when all is said and done.  Well, I guess so. To channel a bit of Jupiter in Libra fairness, justice and balance;  #teamwhite only has about 3 kills right now whereas #teammohammed around 463. At the very worst, it was a rather bad case of cultural appropriation. Petty revenge is really not worth it. Do white people really need to debase themselves to the cultural practices imported by Islam? Stick to your own game guys, that’s what you’re good at!  Ramming a car into a small crowd at low speed, jumping out without a knife to stab and maim crying,  ‘Jesus fucken loves you bastards’ , and then shouting, ‘Kill me! Kill me!’ like a coward who forgot to strap on his suicide vest! Poor show mate. #teamwhite used to be so much better! I guess with Mars in Cancer, the knife was left at home by the kitchen sink! Mars in Cancer is a damp squib anyway.

The hero of the day was the brave and graciously just Imam. He did really well in holding  the crowds of local ethnics to the higher virtues and behaviours of their suffering white hosts. After so many attacks in Europe and Britain by said Muslims, whites haven’t been about rioting, forming mobs, attacking brown people or marching burning torches to mosques around the country. Liberals are such a bunch of condescending racists who always hold people of colour to lower standards or lower the standards to lift up their essentially virtual pets.

Not only that, the Imam got to meet bummy Prince Charlie too while the corporate media made him the hero of the nation. Just Jupiter in Libra here, so let’s be square (Pluto) about it :  I don’t remember that rugged, pint touting lad who fought off an Islamic attacker with a knife with his bare fists shouting ‘I am fucken Millwall’, getting any awards or royal accolades. As a matter of fact, he is lucky he wasn’t charged with an unnecessary show of white supremacy, racism and or taking the law into his own hands.

Also, in the background to this was the tragic London Grenfell tower block inferno. The fire sparked off with Mars some ten degrees in opposition to Pluto. Mars as in fire/homes and Pluto in Capricorn as in a huge tower block structure. The Jupiter square Pluto effect resulting in mass deaths and tragedy. The fire also smoked out a ton of illegal immigrants being housed by the council, now demanding luxury accommodation and citizen rights. In the past few days there have been a number of other apartment block fires in London? This could be a coincidence or more Mars out of control, or it could be third world logic at work.

Neptune in Pisces cucks big

Watching the Neptune in Pisces cuck hoards coming out again with their flowers, candles, tears, empty slogans of unity and resilience against hate and division, kind of got me thinking about a few things. These leftist, multikulti, globalists are really just a bunch of empyt vessels. Empty vessels with no true knowledge or love of themselves, their history, their race nor their culture. Vessels which have been filled with self contempt and loathing. It has been a long time in the coming behind a backdrop of moral, cultural,  psychological and spiritual denigration and degradation through the media and the complete high jacking of educational institutions by liberals and Marxists.

Erode a people’s identity, true sense of self respect and honour, and watch how they project a shadow identification onto other cultures.  In this case, paint the targeted culture as an unjust aggressor and the other as the victim. Terrorize the targeted culture by enabling Islamic terror groups to operate in the country, create fear and even more political demoralization (Brexit), create intense polarization and conflict (correlation Jupiter opposed to Uranus)  and what you have is at least a significant portion of the nation in an aptly named kind of Stockholm syndrome situation.  This projection of sympathy, compassion and identification onto the other is so Neptune in Pisces, especially when a fake victim narrative is created. The projection here is onto a foreign culture that is totally parasitic on the host nation; and ideologically, at its core fundamentalism,  driven towards the destruction, eradication, replacement or consumption of the host. This is the Neptune in Pisces correlation to self-undoing, self destruction and hidden forces and unconscious elements leading to the systematic collapse of structures. Neptune in Pisces correlates to a kind of mass psychosis, and a deep sense of collective denial of self and reality.

The Islamization of the West as well as the conflict and chaos (Jupiter opposed Uranus) around the mass migration issue (Neptune in Pisces) has all been well oiled and orchestrated by the elites (Pluto Capricorn). Islam has essentially been weaponized by the parasitic internationalists, globalist elites against their host cultures. It serves many functions all at the same time. It breaks down national, cultural identity, makes borders culturally and physically between nations questionable.  It’s a divide and rule strategy. The resulting terror, conflict and chaos leads to the erosion of democratic rights and the placing of complete opposite value cultures side by side leads to a justified need to police any kind of opinion etc. etc. It comes at a time too when the populist revolt against the entrenched elites was projected to reach a critical point.

One can hardly blame the Blacks and Muslims for taking advantage of the situation and flooding into Europe for a free ride and meal ticket, and an open licence to spend their days gainfully unemployed, brooding well on social security, dramatically increasing rape statistics etc. Germany has recently admitted that the bulk of new enriching migrants don’t have jobs, won’t get jobs and will all have to be socially supported (by #teamwhite) into their old age. Sorry, the migrants are not going to be paying your pensions! Liberals ought to be cautioned that virtue signaling to exotic foreign species and keeping them as pets never turns out well. Get too close and your hand gets bitten – which is why the bulk of the liberals live away from the no-go zones. Moreover, once the food stamps runs out, the social support systems crash under the weight, that’s when exotic behaviour will start to get a little out of hand.

In contrast to the Neptune in Pisces narrative, we have at this time and into 2018, the counter narrative of Saturn trine Uranus which is correlating to the solidification of a cultural re-identification amongst nationalist forces or the alt right but now also a new emerging kind of alt left. In the aftermath of the Finsbury incident, these two forces came to head on blows in the breakfast TV ‘debate’ between Piers Morgan and the ex EDL leader so-called Tommy Robinson. It was amazing to see how Piers Morgan was totally shilling for and acting as an apologist for ‘peaceful’ Islam and shouting over his host. This is the whole left side narrative right now, coupled with a complete intolerance of any kind of debate. Social media reaction was clearly on the side of Tommy Robinson. I’m no fan of  ‘Tommy Robinson’ or whatever pseudonyms he has used in the past. He is a self confessed Zionist shill for Israel. Tommy Robinson is a state player. The UK doesn’t have any true nationalist counter culture, which is much more developed and matured in some parts of Europe. Watch how especially working class nationalist sentiments and forces will gather around Tommy Piper Boy and then he will be imploded and self destructed, leaving his supporters and followers covered in the shit fan blow back. This is how it always works.

Saturn in Sagittarius and narrative collapse

With Saturn speeding up now and to reach the critical 29 degree exit point out of Sagittarius (mid December, entry Capricorn 22nd Solstice!) , what we are also witnessing is narrative (Sagittarius) collapse (Saturn). The biggest upholders of the fake narrative, the mass globalist media (Neptune/Pisces) are collapsing under the weight of their lies and propoganda. The people literally aren’t buying their crap anymore. To shore up the sinking ship, we have seen massive censorship across MSM (also Saturn in Sagittarius) and a vociferous attack against and demonization of  the alt Media. Recently there were mass home invasions by police in Germany correcting speeling errors of people who had shit posted crap about exotic species and strange behaviours on FB etc. The multicultural paradise narrative is collapsing all around.

America at least, for better and worse, has Trump and Trumpenreich has been winning all the way! Comey imploded and basically impeached himself, the Republicans took another Senate seat, the Ban Them bill is getting a second life, the new FBI director on the surface doesn’t appear to be too deep state. Trump really played up the Lieberman card to the fake media and deep state, or the other faction of it. The Supreme Court solidification is next, and also, Trump IS going to build the wall, and its going to be a frickin Solar wall too! How amazing is that! Not only are the Mexicans going to pay, but the Sun is going to pay too!

The left side is going apopletic in the the US and becoming increasingly unhinged, violent and irrational. Very typical Neptune in Pisces and like I have cautioned, this is only going to get much worse as Jupiter heads out of Libra to Scorpio and the trine to Neptune. The Trump side, and the general alt right side, identitarian nationalist in Europre etc., have essentially been very patient, tolerant and fore bearing in the face of the ugliness, incitement, hypocrisy,  and abuse. This is kind of discipline is very much a Saturn Uranus trine manifestation.

As the narrative collapse intensitfies into the Summer, there are two final things here that I want to comment on :

The coming mass conversions to Islam in the UK :

This one is a little bit ahead of the game and I will return to it when I do a piece on Jupiter into Scorpio. This vision I had came to me as I was watching all the cuck hoards and ritual vigils outside the Finsbury terrror mosque. It boils down to the basic collective psychology going on here and how this ties into the accelerating narrative collapse.

As the dominant narrative collapses while the counter narrative strengthens, the multikulti hoards will become increasingly desperate and hysterical (Neptune Pisces). Desperate people act irrationally. The intensification of the victim narrative and need to identify with the victims will accelerate – especially as we hit the Jupiter-Neptune trine. I suspect also that there was a definite false flag element to the Finsbury van incident. It served only to demonize the opposite camp and propelled many people into a deep sympathy and empathy for the Muslims. Finsbury Park Mosque, ironically and cynically, become their symbol of peace and community.

I think we are going to witness, especially in the U.K. in the heavily ethno’d urban centers like Londonistan, significant to large numbers of white cucks and cuckesses (!?) going to Mosques to attend special prayer meetings. This will be the intensification of their sympathetic out reach to the Muslim community, identification with the other. State and media organizations will get behind and propel this momentum too. Jupiter will enter Scorpio around Christmas time this year – instead of going to church, where they never go anyway, the muliticucks will be attending Xmas Mosque instead. It won’t stop there. As Jupiter, then in Scorpio, comes to its first trine to Neptune, I suspect we will see the first of mass conversions  to Islam. The leftists cucks are going to be doing the full akbar!

 How do the astrological symbols speak to this? 

Well, we have of course Neptune/Pisces and then Jupiter and these three all correlate to religion as well as self delusion and self denial. Jupiter is in Scorpio. Scorpio correlates to some kind of ending, cutting off, transformation, irreversible action. What is done under Scorpio and Pluto cannot be undone – there is no going back. This is true about Islam inparticular. Once you’re in, you’re in – any trying to get out the cult may lead to an Islamic sanctioned death penalty. Basically we are looking at some kind of conversion, transformation (Scorpio) connecting in a trine to Neptune in Pisces – the identification with victim, merging into the victims’ narrative and identity. 

The other phenomena here with Jupiter trine to Neptune is the collective conscious force that is manifest. Essentially we are looking at powerful collective, unconscious  energy that sweeps up huge crowds of people spontaneously and infectiously. This will manifest as a group mass euphoria, craze or even hysteria. It is largely unstoppable and people will be drawn to different mob groups according to their consciousness.

Many of these groups will develop around religious experiences and conversions. Groups may coalesce around so-called visions, apparitions, dreams and miracles (Neptune/Pisces expanded by Jupiter intensified). There have been certain predictions about a mass Christian Evangelical revival in the US where certain people are drawn out of the cities to more rural towns and communities where these phenomena will be manifesting. For the UK, I suspect here it will revolve around Islam.

Other manifestations will correlate to leftists hysteria or kind of Maoist style mobs. From the State side there will be very little tolerance for any dissent. There will an intense media, PC crack down, arrests and persecutions. Even the right side of the spectrum will be plugging into this Neptune-Jupiter effect. Their political cause (Jupiter) will be expanded massively (trine)  and empowered (Scorpio). As mentioned before, the great polirization of 2017 will intensify into 2018. Expect also economic tsunamis. This will be happening with Saturn in Capricorn – the manifest time for the Global Elite to truly rise to their power and stamp their agenda on everyone’s forehead. Saturn, Sauron, Lord of the Rings, Darth Veda , Lord of the 33 degrees, the one with Single Eye and vision. Things will get nasty with so much power up for grabs – Saturn in Capricron, Jupiter in Scorpio!! There will be massive power struggles within the elite and the deep state.

Capricorns are truly ambitious and there is only place for one goat at the top of the mountain. Capricorns are also real back stabbers and class climbers. They are driven towards status, success and power and will kick their opposition, friend and foe, in the face (like a goat) when the time calls for it. Capricorns know the value of alliances, friendships and compromise, which they learnt that in Libra, but at the end of the day they will not compromise for the first prize.

The Summer of Rage:

This brings use to the last commentary on what lies ahead in the brief interim. The side show billed, The Summer of Rage, seems to be some kind of Soros and globalist inspired initiative. It has been advertised for some time now. I found it interesting that the key date for these mass protests, over whatever, is July 2nd. This is the exact day of the Mars Pluto opposition!! with the Moon by midday for Washington DC passing through an opposition to Uranus flipping over into Scorpio! The aim is for chaos, violence and mass riots of some kind. This Mars Pluto opposition also ties into a T-square to Jupiter by 5 degrees and another close inconjunct of Jupiter to Neptune (disorganized chaos!).  If a major riot is sparked, it generally takes three days to burn out – like the LA Riots – so three days would bring us right up to the 4th of July.

Summer of Rage astrology - 2 July 2017
Summer of Rage – 2 July 2017

This is something that has been billed for the mainland US and probably there will be some kind of corressponding globalist protest events across the skanky pond too. Soros Antifas will be around dressed up like IS militias trying to do their thing. There is a lot of tension with this Pluto Mars opposition, the potential for violence too of course, but Mars in Cancer tends to be a lot more about emotions and posturing than anything else. The inconjunct from Jupiter to Neptune could get the SJW’s going, but perhaps their message won’t get through – too much ringing in the ears and people are tired. Mars in Cancer hasn’t really got what it takes when it comes to the fight. It is more the energy needed to fight and defend one’s home or homeland, not to destroy it. In the US,  the tide is rapidly turning against the violent, hysterical and intolerant left. In the background, probably under the directives of Jeff Sessions, quite a number of Antifas and BLM agitators and ‘wanna be terrorists like oh-so-cool-IS’ have actually been arrested. The typical Antifa is a paid basement dweller or anti-white racist thug, and they don’t have what it takes when the fight gets real.

I suspect anyway, that within the next week there may very well be some more Mars Pluto like tragic events especially as the Moon comes into opposition to Uranus (July 1st- 3rd). It could very well be another terror incident, or another revenge attack on a much larger scale. There may be an increase in shootings, stabbings, killings, fires and tragic accidents involving different vehicles and transportation, violence in the home, tragic home killings or deaths or maybe earthquakes to name some. The emotional energy and passion of Mars (Cancer) here can be used to bring far reaching fundamental, structural change to your life (Pluto Capricorn) while realigning your relationships with friends, allies and family (Jupiter Libra).


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