Stormy Weather: Remain Calm

The latest astro weather is, well, stormy at the very least with a little  more turbulence ahead. As noted in the previous post, we are in for a long stretch of intense and dynamic Mars aspects and triangles all the way through the Summer. Not least of all was the Manchester UK bombing which happened last month on 22 May where 23 people died and the attacker was a 22 year old British born Muslim of Libyan descent. 22 is a popular number!! Manchester was the anniversary of the Woolwich beheading. The Anders Behring Breivik mass killing in Norway happened on 22 July 2011. The Brussels attack was 22 March 2016 and on that anniversary day was the London Westminster Bridge attack recently on 22 March 2017. High strangeness in the stars or just the affairs of men? 11 is the archetype of Aquarius, the Age of Chaos, and Uranus the harbinger of change through shock, trauma and crisis. 11 doubled is 22 – two prime numerological numbers. Also, coincidentally, it just happens to be Bilderberg  season too.

The Manchester bombing happened during the warm up period of the Mars Saturn opposition. Here is the chart for the Manchester bombing which started at about 10:30pm:

Manchester bombing 22_05_17
Manchester UK Bombing: 22 May 2017 10:30pm

Some immediate pointers are easy to see. The rising sign over the event had just shifted into Capricorn with Saturn in the 12th (hidden agendas). Saturn is now at a degree trine to Uranus in Aries (shock, explosions, violence, knives, chaos). The Moon as trigger is just 5 degrees conjunct to Uranus and also trine to Saturn. Mars is at 21 degrees  (like the Moon / sextile), 5 degrees opposing Saturn, and the Sun is now just 2 degrees into tricky Gemini. This is another one of those Mars triangles with us throughout the summer!

In my previous post I had warned about this Mars Saturn opposition in terms of:

”War rhetoric gets serious again (Gemini Mars Saturn opposition), false flags, surprise attacks (Uranus), the battle between fact (Gemini) and fiction (Sagittarius), bold truth speakers and don’t forget Gemini is as dodgy as shit. The tension of the opposition will play out to Uranus – shocks, surprises, unexpected. This is a real power triangle, speaking of decisive actions, bold initiatives and tough choices”

I could have been more forth coming in noting Saturn in Sagittarius and the connection to religious violence (Mars). No, Islam is not a violent religious cult promoting peace. Not all is what it appears to be on the surface and one should not necessarily accept the official narrative – Sun/Mars in Gemini (lies, trickery, duality), and Saturn in the 12th house (deception, hidden enemies). There may very well be false flag elements to this attack – pursue your own investigation – but the official news is that the authorities knew of the attackers connections to a Libyan IS group and the attacker’s family had even warned the security services. As always nothing was done – which is the pattern of how the game is being played out. The facilitation of Islamic terror and mass immigration chaos serves other agendas.

With Uranus so active here, we had  the pleasure of Trump, the great Uranian disruptor and favourite splabby Sag-mouth, leaking the attacker’s identity. Which was a racist thing to do! So, as we headed into the exact opposition of Mars to Saturn the ‘security’ forces where in hot pursuit and on full alert with numerous (token) arrests and raids (be careful of too much Islamophobia) , which couldn’t have been done ages ago, but of course weren’t (too busy hunting down grannies tweeting hate crimes). The exact opposition was May 28. This was a good demonstration of how correlating events often unfold before exact aspects and here the exact opposition correlated to an intense scurry of Gemini activity.

Hot on the heals of Manchester, and somewhat more caught off guard because we were in a heightened state of arousal, came the London Bridge attack on 3 June, starting around 10:08pm – also a night time attack :

London Bridge attack_3 June 17
London Bridge Attack: 3 June 2017; 10:08pm

I think what is notable here is Mars at the critical 29th degree of Gemini, opposing the Galactic Center, and moving out of the exact opposition to Saturn. Interestingly, the fixed star Betelgeuse is at this 28-29th Gemini degree. Betelgeuse has quite a reputation for war, violent explosions and attacks. Also known as a star for butchers.  The time is very similar, so once again Saturn is hidden back in the 12th house with Capricorn rising, but Pluto is much closer to the rising point. The Moon as trigger is in Libra conjunct to Jupiter (GC ruler) – this expanding the dynamics because Venus, as ruler of this Moon/Jupiter conjunct, is now in Aries exactly conjunct to Uranus! Note how Neptune is square to the Sun and in the inconjunct to Jupiter – really fuzzing and confusing the waters indeed!

The events around this London attack are a lot more complex and confusing (Neptune/ Sun square)  than what we saw in Manchester as there seem to have been several players and the events staged between moving locations. It begins with Mars the car and then Mars as in knives and stabbings as well as correlations to Uranus in Aries – rogue terrorism. Astrology in action! – Mars/Saturn and Uranus! Mars and Saturn together often correlate to police shootings with the police here shooting all attackers dead.

Parts of this events have markings of a staged psyops (Neptune/Pisces) and a  crisis scenario gone live, using known Jihadis as useful tools and weapons. Some of the interviews done for TV, especially those of ‘tourists’, seemed contrived as in typical embellishments by crisis actors for the fake news networks. Also, doing the rounds on MSM is that fake news set up by CNN with ‘peaceful’ Muslims dressed up as women demonstrating.

It was really interesting to see police herding ‘free’ citizens along the streets with their hands behind their heads, others terrorizing and barking at ‘customers’ in a restaurant and bizarre directions to tourists inside a building to come out into the street and evacuate the area!? Pluto in Capricorn the police state and amping it all up in anticipation of Jupiter coming into Scorpio by end year!  I would’ve imagined locking doors, staying away from windows or locking up in the bathroom would’ve been the wiser option? Much of it quite bizarre, but then Uranus is whipping  some strange winds.

All in all it’s been a great holy month of Ramadan so far. Koreans joining in with stabbing attacks, machetes and hammers from London , Paris, Amsterdam to Melbourne. Globalist culture is so wow! Anyway, if you forgot to pray for Manchester or even Brussels, to light a candle, buy a fluffy animal, tweet sympathy and compassion, wear a hijab, denounce Islamophobia and fight racism,  bigotry and white supremacy – here’s your chance now to play catch up with social expectations and virtue signalling. We are stronger together. Diversity is strength. Love trumps hate. Victory is surrender.

Social media quote of the day :

”Jihadis are cleverly evading the authorities by appearing in documentaries about Jihadis with the word Jihadi in the title”.

This of course is a reference to the documentary aired some  time ago called ‘The Jihadis Next Door’ in which one of the actual London Jihadis stars himself. Netflix and Channel 4 then scuttled to take the doco off demand. Got to fight those phobias.

And, it didn’t take Theresa May long to launch into her favourite project – total control of the Internet. Problem, reaction , solution – Jihadi chaos ultimate end police state shutdown. Way back, when Jupiter entered Libra, I wrote about how there would be a massive cock down on social media and freedom of expression. Saturn, authority/restriction in Sagittarius publication/broadcasting with Jupiter the ruler of Saturn in Libra (social media) and Saturn ruling the energies of Pluto in Capricorn (deep state). Saturn is now speeding up its exit from Sagittarius, the end game is near and the need to ‘shut it all down’ is more urgent than ever.

The biggest threat right now are White nationalists, the alt. Right and those boohoo Nazis everywhere or is it Russians? Something has to be done about them – better take away their driver’s licenses before they appropriate Islamic culture like insensitive racists!  White racists need to get over their privilege. Like the diversity kebab London mayor said – get used to terrorism if you want to live in a big city. It happens everywhere, it’s a modern reality, fact of life. Europeans are now quite blase and accepting of it. Well, it’s not happening in Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, Tokyo, Beijing, Saigon or Lima! I wonder why that is? Hmmm? Very few Martians , no mass Martian immigration? And the brouhaha about cuts in policing and police numbers while ignoring the elephant in the room being that if there weren’t so many Martians, there wouldn’t be a need to waste so much money on policing and besides, if multiculturalism, universalism and diversity are so great, why would so many police and troops be needed on the streets anyway? Troops on the street musts be progressive diversity improvements to public law enforcement?

It’s not like the terrorists can’t be stopped. They can. They ( who?) could round up thousands of Jihadi suspects tomorrow and close their mosques. Some blame Western intervention in the Middle East (wars for Israel) and fare enough, but the Philippines and Thailand are not fighting Zionist wars and their Muslims are always agitating, bombing, terrorizing and cutting off heads. There is no peaceful Islam. There is no moderate Islam. There is no coexistence. Minorities in Muslims countries are being slaughtered and killed from Egypt to Iraq to Indonesia.

Demographics is destiny and the writing is on the wall, but for now the eraser is still on hand. Previous surveys have shown that 55% of Europeans want to end any further Muslim immigration and just in 71% of good Poles want a ban on all of it. ‘Progressives’ might think themselves not to be racists, but their aggressors are. They may reject authoritarianism, but their replacers don’t. They may not be tribalists, but their third world imports are. They might pride themselves on tolerance, but their usurpers don’t.

Heading into all of this we have the fraught British elections happening on 8 June (today). Mars moves out of action somewhat as the Sun warms up to its opposition to Saturn. The elections will probably go off without too much incident, but we are heading into the Full Moon by 9 June exact around 1pm London time. It will be the annual Full Moon in Sagittarius and under full moons certain interesting things come to light. Mars and Uranus have significantly calmed down by this time. Jupiter, ruler of the full Moon, is still retrograding out by 5 degrees back to the trine to Pluto. This Full Moon is more likely to see political bombshells more than real bombs exploding.

The unexpected, meteoric rise of Jeremy Corbin  is directly is sync with Saturn now exactly trine to Uranus. Corbyn is riding the Trump effect. Corbyn is deliberately being set up as the outsider, the antiestablishmentarianist. Saturn in political, cultural Sagittarius  trine to Uranus the rebel, outsider in Aries. The people are desperate for anything, anyone outside of the status quo. Perception does not equal reality (Neptune/ Pisces). The anti Corbyn media hysteria is exactly the same. It’s a bizarre parallel to the Trump election with the both in and out party institutions and the corporate media railing against him.

Behind the curtain, managing these political puppets (both Corbyn and May) are the transcended elites who are well versed in all arts, including astrology, so why would an encumber set out for a re-election at the almost exact trine between Saturn in Sagittarius to Uranus in Aries? It’s tricky to know what side of the archetype will play out. One side of it correlates to favouring the political outsider, the other to a more hard core conservatism or alt right ideology.

The people have also been deliberately set up between  a rock and a hard place. Theresa May never wanted Brexit and nor does she want to see it through. It’s all deception and false rhetoric.  It would not surprise me if Corbyn actually takes this election. Mizzy May never wanted a huge mandate, thus being forced to follow through on a hard Brexit, so she deliberately set out to destroy it. Corbyn has always had a kind of distant attitude towards the EU and never got too involved in the whole Brexit furor. May would just continue elitist policies under the guise of a populist vote, fighting wars for Zionists, stealing for the rich, covering for Jihadis and selling Britains out culturally and financially to Wahhabi interests.

Both candidates it seems would continue to support mass immigration although for different reasons, one ideological and one for economic exploitation. The ultimate elitist agenda for Britain is to make the U.K. the leading and first White minority Islamic European state. Like Sweden, ever last white racist town, village and hamlet needs to be  enriched with rape gangs, burkas, and clit cutters. The Muslims in the know know this and therefore act with total impunity and arrogance. The deal has probably already been done except that the dumb Goy haven’t been informed of the change of guard.  Virtually nothing is done about Jihadis, Muslim criminals and rape gangs etc.  because there is no longer any legal imperative to do so. My suspicions!

One good thing about Corbyn is that he is seemingly against Israel, their pernicious influence over British and Western affairs as well as Saudi – the two greatest enemies of humanity. The Vatican would make three. We are living in strange times and with Uranus opposed to Jupiter unsuspecting alliances and realignments are happening all the time. It would be interesting and amusing if Corbyn won the election. Bizarrely enough, the most infamous neo fascist porthole, The Daily Stormer, is actually endorsing Corbyn the commie. I guess in these times one has to be expedient in prioritizing the types of people you hate.

Getting back to the astrology and where we  we are heading into through June is the gradual warm up to the opposition to of Mars to Pluto by July 2nd! This is going to tie into a T-square to Jupiter and the Sun in Cancer will be within a 7 degree conjunct to Mars/ Pluto (Cancer/Capricorn). The final square of Jupiter to Pluto will be August 3rd and then the great Leo eclipse for 23 August. In terms of an uptick in violence and terrorism, we need to keep an eye on the week or 10 days preceding and after July 2nd.

As Mars hits Leo and the fires burn, Jupiter will square Pluto exact on 3 August. Everything is going to reach a dramatic peak into the summer! There will be blood extracting violence and not just rhetoric. Mars is playing all the way into the final Jupiter Pluto square and it’s going to be big. A lot is going unravel under this final square pass and the Mars opposition to Pluto. Terror attacks, false flags for war, war itself (escalated if triggered off under the Mars Saturn opposition), increased attacks against the alt. media, economic hemorrhaging (Jupiter square), scandalous leaks and dumps including especially global #pedogate. Pluto/Mars as in sex, violence, secrets, power and Jupiter direct – truth, tactlessness, bravado. Lots of emotional tension and drama (Mars/Cancer, Pluto) inflated by Jupiter.

There is a very high possibility of major terror strikes come end of June into July and again into August. In terms of false  flags, what could  be on the horizon is a major false flag, in the U.K. or Europe that will be pinned on a white nationalist or a nationalist group and a follow up crack down on the alt. media (Saturn Sag. complex). Mars, for the opposition to Pluto, will be in Cancer. Cancer is very nationalistic. Pluto relates to revenge. It could be a ‘revenge attack’ against state actors, institutions, buildings (Capricorn) or an attack against a Mosque or Islamic Center with mass casualties. The next phase of the project is to take down the rising tide of nationalism in Europe which has to be vilified before it gets too strong and the momentum takes over.

And in other breaking news which ties to the up coming Jupiter Pluto square (dark secrets revealed) #pedogate is taking a step closer to mainstream. The USAG , Jeff Sessions (the good man),  held a major conference with law enforcement agencies focusing on pedophilic crimes. Prophetic implications. The other development is the changing situation around the Gulf states and Qatar. It seems to be a situation of the kettle calling the pot black or little brother taking the heat so big brother can get off with a free pass. This is the general Uranus opposed to Jupiter energy in the background (surprising alliances, strange bed fellows) and with Mars coming to oppose Pluto in the T-square to Jupiter, things could take a dangerous turn for the worse. As if Syria and North Korea weren’t enough of a potential migraine to deal with – now something else. Saturn in Capricorn end game.



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