Mars in Gemini : War Rhetoric and the End Game


It all started back on April 7 when Mars in Taurus came to an inconjunct with Jupiter (screw the big peace) in Libra and a trine to Pluto in Capricorn (let’s get it done baby). Trump bombed Syria because of the sarin gas attack by Assad against the people which was very soon afterwards, like 30 minutes, cleaned up by those amazing White Helmets with their bare hands and wearing flip flops. We love such heroes! It was one of Trump’s more defining moments. He did for the babies. Those poor, beautiful Syrian babies. The outrage was global. The babies. We all need to do something to save the innocent babies. And those babies were special – not the babies killed by Israel, Saudi in Yemen or the US in Iraq etc. Those babies were extra special!

Then, as Mars started to drift out of Taurus in an inconjunct to Saturn (the Hermit) in Sagittarius the rhetoric all shifted over to North Korea. They are going to make nuclear bombs and destroy the world. For the last couple of weeks Mars has been transiting Gemini and is now nearing the second decan of the transit. Mars war, Gemini rhetoric. Very simple. Mars in Gemini is a perfect signature for a commanding general. Fast, intelligent and strategic. Gemini the quicksilver – changing direction, strategy and rhetoric on the go, deceiving the enemy with all sorts of distractions and trickery.

Gemini Trump is at his best now – playing five dimensional chess and incomprehensible to the ordinary foot soldier. Trump with his 12th house Mars in Leo on the Ascendant (leader), ruling the 5th and trine to his Sagittarius Moon (great) on the South Node eclipse (spooky). Big guy, big leadership, big secrets. Is this another lesson in ‘never trust a 12th house politician/guy’?  With his tricky Gemini Sun and erratic Uranus on the North Node and with Mars transiting Gemini, it really has been show time for The Donald. It’s been a huge ‘coming out’ success and he beat Obama to it too.

Donald Trump is no longer the President of the United States (of America). No more POTUS boy. It’s so difficult to keep up with the pace of change, but whatever, he has had his 15 minutes of fame. Not that he was never genuine. Pisces are more truly two faced (hmm..12th house?). Geminis are truly genuine for a short period of time before it’s all so passé baby. Geminis are fun and Uranus – always a great ride!

Nato is back in vogue, so too is the UN, Nafta and the wall is just going to have to build itself. It must have started with the coup of General Flynn and since then the Deep State (Pluto in Capricorn)  has taken back control. It was a brilliant victory nonetheless. They got their Dillary Trinton (got the pussy by his balls), decapitated the populist revolt at the same time and set the people off at each others throats. But Trump did expose the media, ironically the corruption, and now he has truly shown the people that change through the populist ballad box is no longer possible. We are now truly in the post democratic age and whatever and wherever that its going to lead to (Pluto/Saturn/Capricorn/2020).

Trump is a real Gemini con artist, a Uranus shit stirrer and a splabby Sagittarius truther all at the same time. Many thought, or at least hoped, that with Trump the endless wars and foreign interventions would come to an end. America would concentrate on its own and make it all so great again. In any case, it doesn’t really matter anymore which selection people vote for. There are only two enriching  menu choices – Kosher or Halal – your candidate will make sure you either get fucked by Islam or fucked over for international globalists or both.

Trump is just a kept old man, cuckolded in the House of Kushner. And Kushner has just been exposed with his multi million dollar support fund from Soros (brotherly love). As a business mogul, Trump is expert at handling bankruptcies, and will oversee the economic collapse, with the Goldman Sachs treasury, and restructuring of America (wealth redistribution) while ‘leading’ more globalist wars to promote ‘White supremacy’. Those in the alt. media, and also alt. right, who basically saw through the populist vote for Trump, are now 50/50 divided (Jupiter/Uranus great polarity) as to whether Trump is just playing 5th dimensional Gemini Uranus chess or is just a duped up version of a rabid neocon Zionist shitlord.

But the present war rhetoric of Mars in Gemini is not just empty talk because Saturn is in the opposite sign. The story line is now being laid down. The justification for the next major war. The lies (Gemini) will be repeated again and again until they become believed and solidified into reality (Saturn/Sagittarius). The end game here is major global war amidst economic collapse for the total restructuring of societies. It’s the agenda. It’s on the cards, one puppet or another will make it happen.

With Mars, the good old God of War, in the second decan of Gemini, Libran decan, the influence of Venus may cool things down a little. Venus has a bit of an old, vicious reputation too though! It will be interesting to see what comes out of Trump especially when Mars reaches conjunct to his Ur-anus/Sun in Gemini around May 16th into 20th. How unhinged will the Great Leader become? (We’re projecting here onto Kim Jung Un) Will the puppet strings snap?

So here are the  important aspect of Mars through Gemini and a little peak into the season ahead. We will see that Mars is playing into all the major upcoming global aspect patterns. Remember that these times are the peak and the energies warm up a week before and subside a week after.

Mars may 11
Mars square Neptune trine Jupiter triangle: 11 May 2017

Around 11 May, Mars will be joining up with Jupiter and Neptune in a triangle. Mars will be square to Neptune (Pisces) and trine to Jupiter (Libra) where Jupiter will be in an inconjunct to Neptune. Be careful of the deceptive peace. There may be much talk about peace, but the hidden intent is to seek war. Contradictory statements, confusion, deliberate subterfuge. On the surface no actions are what they seem (Neptune/Pisces). Alliances (Jupiter / Libra) draw together (Gemini/trine, communications) ironing out (inconjunct) their final compromises (Libra), but beware the Piscean deception.

It is interesting that at this time Trump fired FBI director Comey and also had meetings with Kissinger and Lavrov. However, this continuing inconjunct now between Neptune and Jupiter is really fuzzing the waters as to who is together with whom, what are all these meetings about and what alliances are being formed, cooperative agreements made or lines being drawn. Factions of the globalist (Neptune/Pisces) are continually realigning (inconjuncted Juiter/Libra). The general energy of the Uranus Jupiter opposition is still always in the background – so sudden reversals and changes (Uranus) in policies (Jupiter) and alliances (Libra). It also seems interesting that whenever Trump is schilling war for Syria or North Korea, the Russian hysteria suddenly dies down.

When Mars, by 20 May,  hits the third decan  (Aquarius / Saturn) of Libra, we can really expect things to start getting a little more serious. (Mars conjuncts Great Leader’s Sun). This is when Mars will start to warm up to its opposition to Saturn. Mars and Saturn together can be rather nasty especially when there is an intent to get some serious shit started. The end of May, 29th, is when Mars and Saturn will oppose each other.

In terms of the Great Leader’s international schedule this  time period, note also the Mars conjunct to Trump’s Uranus and Sun, coincides with his first foreign visits. It’s rather telling that the first three on the list, in order of divine importance, are the black cube Saturnalian death cult favourites. First up head chopping , terror supporting Saudi, next top international child killers, human slave traffickers, illegal organ harvesters, and ISIS creating Israel followed by the super rich Vatican – the world’s top fuckers of children. After that he meanders down to another pedo shithole called Brussels. Either Trump is on a mission to put the world right, to  finalize The Greatest War plan, get instructions,  or maybe he just can’t nourish himself enough on the fecal caviar of porcus abrahamus.

Mars Saturn opposition triangle to Uranus, 29 May 2017

This period is the next decisive Mars triangle – this time the Mars opposition to Saturn ties into the retrograde trine of Saturn to Uranus and a Uranus Mars sextile. War rhetoric gets serious again (Gemini Mars Saturn opposition), false flags, surprise attacks (Uranus), the battle between fact (Gemini) and fiction (Sagittarius), bold truth speakers and don’t forget Gemini is as dodgy as shit. The tension of the opposition will play out to Uranus – shocks, surprises, unexpected. This is a real power triangle, speaking of decisive actions, bold initiatives and tough choices. In the background we still have that Neptune Jupiter inconjunct – confusion around alliances, difficult compromises. Saturn trine Uranus is largely correlating to the anti-globalist front, but also correlates to radical (Uranus), strengthened (trine Saturn) militarization (Aries). Keep an eye on this Saturn opposition period. Saturn / Mars – wars get started, conflicts escalate.

As Mars enters into Cancer come early June, Jupiter will go direct again (10 June) and starts to head back towards the final direct square to Pluto (power struggles, dark, hidden, deep state). There has been a lot predicted about this summer, and this is when the main of it will unfold. Mars in Cancer of course is going to start to build up tensions and emotions with a square to Jupiter and tying into that the opposition to Pluto (drama/intensity).

The Mars square to Jupiter starts peaking towards 24 June with another  Jupiter Mars Neptune triangle – this time Mars is trine Neptune (Cancer to Pisces) and Square Jupiter again in that Jupiter Neptune inconjunct. I think all round there is gong to be a lot of confusion and tension on all fronts. Erratic emotional behaviour, run away emotionality (Mars/Cancer trine Neptune) passive aggressiveness (Mars /Cancer square Jupiter) and general frustrations, irritations (inconjunct) and battling emotions towards various agreements or commitments (Libra). This will be happening on collective and personal levels. Here is the graphic for this second Mars, Jupiter, Neptune triangle:

Mara Neptune trine square Jupiter 24 June
Mars trine Neptune square to Jupiter: 24 June 2017

By 2 July we hit bang on to the Mars Pluto opposition and this will also basically effect a T-square to Jupiter in Libra.  Mars , Pluto, Jupiter bang up! While at this time the intense Mars Pluto opposition is exact, the squares to Jupiter are about 4 degrees of orb but the Moon will be passing over Jupiter around this peak. The Jupiter Neptune inconjunct is also exact again at this time. This inconjunct aspect is defining a lot within this season.

Mars Pluto opposition July 2
Mars Pluto opposition T-square Jupiter: 2 July 2017

As Mars hits Leo and the fires burn, Jupiter will square Pluto exact on 3 August. Everything is going to reach a dramatic peak into the summer! There will be blood extracting violence and not just rhetoric. Mars is playing all the way into the final Jupiter Pluto square and it’s going to be big.

A lot is going unravel under this final square pass and the Mars opposition to Pluto. Terror attacks, false flags for war, war itself (escalated if triggered off under the Mars Saturn opposition),  increased attacks against the alt. media, economic hemorrhaging (Jupiter square), scandalous leaks and dumps including especially global #pedogate. Pluto/Mars as in sex, violence, secrets, power and Jupiter direct – truth, tactlessness, bravado. Lots of emotional tension and drama (Mars/Cancer, Pluto) inflated by Jupiter. Jupiter in Libra will try to act as a peace maker too.

By the end of August Saturn will go direct and then into the end of September we can look forward to the final of the Jupiter Uranus opposition – protests, violence, clashes between groups (nationalists/Antifa commies) , polarization intensity (race, politics, gender) – which will also tie into the warming Saturn Uranus trine (second approach). Mars (once again!) will be opposing Neptune during this final Jupiter Uranus opposition.

Basically this summer sees the end of two major aspects – Jupiter square Pluto and Jupiter opposed to  Uranus (with Saturn dealing with all of this in Sagittarius). Because Saturn is  in orb to Uranus, the Mars Neptune opposition could spill out into tensions, dramas and violence between leftist Antifitas (IS cousins) and nationalist groups. Depending what happens before this, Mars Virgo opposition Neptune could correlate to protests over the  hemorrhaging job markets and faulting economies.

Jupiter Uranus opposition 28 Sept 17
Final Jupiter Uranus opposition times in with Mars Neptune opposition: 28 September 2017

Moving on, Jupiter enters Scorpio (!!) around 10 October as Saturn (direct)  and Uranus (retro) tightened in their trine. The Saturn Uranus trine locks in a month later 10 November and Jupiter will now be just 5 degrees trine to Neptune. On 1 December, the two trines, with Jupiter Neptune exact and Saturn Uranus out by 2 degrees comes into play, but there will be a closer pass in 2018! Now we start shifting into the next phase, or the ‘post summer blow out’. This is when we start to enter into intense and dangerous times. For Saturn conjunct to the GC at 29 degrees Sagittarius, 11 December, the two trines have fallen out a little.

Saturn 29 degrees Sag. 20 Dec 17
Saturn at 29 Degrees GC: 11 December 2017

When Jupiter enters Scorpio expect the leaks (trine Neptune) to intensity. The police state will expand, political correctness will go into overdose but the resistance to it will strengthen too as more and more people will gain increased courage (Jupiter) to broach taboo subjects (Scorpio) and there will be a vociferous demonization and persecution of anyone who does not want to tow the globalist line. As of now, the censorship on MSM etc. is going pretty much into overdrive.  The end game is approaching – no more Mr. Nice Guy and Mr. Scorpio ain’t a nice guy!

The end game here is 2020. The globalists are hanging for their big war no matter what. Big wars using start with small things that get bigger. Like a penis also ruled by Mars – war is a big erection, everyone gets excited then fucked. I foresee 2020 (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter conjunct)  as the potential peak of global destruction, so it may very well be that something gets started with this Pluto Jupiter Mars T-square of the summer and into the Mars Pluto opposition. This would flow into the Jupiter/Scorpio Neptune trines which could be a correlation to not only economic unraveling, but also a massive or wide spread blood letting. This will continue into 2018 during the two trines period.

Neptune to Jupiter – major, spontaneous herd gathering either in a state of triumphant euphoria or violent Piscean hysteria – the masses get emboldened – add Scorpio for some intensity, nastiness and blood letting, settling old scores, or a combination of Pisces victim-hood and self righteous Scorpio revenge, admix race and genetics or some good ethnic and religious bloody confrontations too (Jupiter/Neptune). Don’t forget to season with deluded religious zeal, leftist hysteria (led by women followed by their cuck boys) , unhinged commie Antifa,  delusionals, end times fear mongering, savior bullshit, prophetic crap etc. We get a taste of this towards the end of this year but it all intensifies into 2018.

Basically, whatever has been correlating to Neptune in Pisces is going to get inflated (Jupiter) to dramatic, very real and or potentially deadly consequences (Scorpio). Think water disasters, leftists hysteria, commie agitators, religious terror, moral collapse, corruption, Wikileaks to name some. Zerohedge recently ran a story about anti Trumpites getting into paramilitary training ever since their beatings at Berkeley and elsewhere. The leftists are arming for violent confrontation- read Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune! Saturn trine Uranus correlates to the rising alt. conservative, anti globalist, nationalists etc. Pluto is Capricorn is the Deep State and Neptune in Pisces are the leftist, cultural Marxist, cuck hoards and corporate MSM media that support the globalist agenda. Neptune in Pisces is still broadly sextile and in a sign sextile to Pluto in Capricorn – hence the leftist corporate media (Neptune/ Pisces) supportive (sextile) connection to the deep state (Pluto/Capricorn).

Jupiter and Neptune (the undefinable) take us beyond boundaries and limitations, beyond  the energies of Uranus (the definable unknown) which are now drawn in by Saturn manifesting, restructuring the materium directly channeling the GC energies. Talk about Ordo ab Chao! Saturn GC trine Uranus/Aries  – new order – and Neptune Pisces trine Jupiter – out of chaos. Conspiracies now manifest in the heavens!

Supposedly over the last few years the earth has been under increased cosmic ray bombardment as well as major energetic discoveries at our galactic center. Saturn at the GC has the potential to really manifest more of this energy into reality. This could accelerate changes in the weather as well as corresponding societal correlations. There may have actually been more to the 2012 Pluto GC conjuct that met the eye. Because we live in an cup noodle society, we expect events to unfold instantaneously, but Pluto is quite distant, slow and working in the shadows. Saturn is more likely to not only manifest the residue left there by Pluto, but of course to have more immediate and concrete effects. This end year period is bound to  witness huge energetic transformations – especially since we also have the water archetypes Scorpio and Pisces activated as well as Jupiter and Neptune correlating to the 9th and 12th archetypes – galactic waters flow in, flood gates are opened, landslides ensue. This kind of reminded me of the Bulgarian mystic Peter Deunov superwave prophesies (1944).

Galactic energies are, well, galactic energies. This doesn’t necessarily mean some kind of spiritual upliftment, ascension, awakening, whatever. I don’t witness too much of that about and only then with actualized individuals and specific smaller groups – but for the mass of the herd, these galactic energies may very well just push the hysterical mobs out of control in the face of economic, environmental and political dis/asters  – and especially so with Neptune in Pisces (trine Jupiter/Scorpio) – zombies frothing at the mouth, frenzied killing, shit out of control! The Saturn GC conjunct will last from 11 December to 20 December when Saturn enters Capricorn (End Game! begins!) at the Solstice around 21 December! Pretty trippy cosmic synchrony.

So, as we can see right from hereon in May into June and July through into August Mars is going to be very active and forming out those triangles with larger planet aspects (Jupiter, Neptune , Pluto, Saturn patterns). Things will be very dynamic with a lot of energy in the system. The potential to accelerate personal change will be really great but all around there is going to be a lot of tension spilling over into anger, confusion or frustration to deal with. The inconjunct from Jupiter to Neptune is going to make relationships (Libra) in general challenging, or at least challenging for partners to realign to each others changing (spiritual) consciousness (Pisces), difficulty in finding the right kinds of people to be with or having a partner who doesn’t want to go the hog and would prefer to be dependent, lazy or game playing (Pisces).

Into September the new cosmic patterns unfold with the ‘two trines’ and as Saturn reaches the GC and Capricorn by the Solstice. On the collective level there always is more crap to deal with because the gross of humanity is what it is, however, on an individual level Jupiter trine Neptune can potentially really open up consciousness, accelerate personal spiritual transformation and the Saturn Uranus trine can do wonders to restructure (Saturn) all that into a new dynamic and more powerfully actualized individuated state of being (Uranus). Some locations, people and groups will thrive while the dross in the degraded urban centers will potentially collapse into violence and chaos as authorities (Saturn/Uranus) attempt to enforce the new (world) order. The end game train is now fast approaching. Collisions head-on.


2 thoughts on “Mars in Gemini : War Rhetoric and the End Game

  1. Good article. But, please, get your mundane facts straight. Syrian forces did not use Sarin gas. It was yet another false-flag attack that Trump used as an excuse to bomb Syrian forces….

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