Le Pen, Macron and the Great French Erection. 

France is fucked. Let’s just be honest about it. Supposedly some election is going to fix that. Here in the far east, people often lack the distinction to know the difference between ‘election’ and ‘erection’ – both seem to involve dickheads of various sorts – so perhaps they shouldn’t be entirely faulted as incorrect or lacking. Moreover, in that great beau capital of the Masonic revolution, a giant penis, Monsieur Eiffel, stands erect to attention in the middle of Madame Paris. The Eastern hoards, however, are no longer so attracted to going there to gawk open mouthed. Her beauty has faded, her robes are tattered, her men have abandoned her as she contemplates her better future of haute couture with a black sack over her head. And so the French are going to vote about it, protest a little (or a lot) , riot some more and  try not to betray to the world what a bunch of baguettes they really are. The sandwich choice has now been whittled down to two –  cheese with masturd or halal pork. Macron or Le Pen.

This is like deja vu all over again. A whiff of Brexit, a stink of Trump. The hystericals (Neptune/Pisces)  are comparing Le Pen to Trump, whining about Nazis, racists, xenophobes, homophobes, white supremacy, the femiarchy? – take your pic.  The  <globalist / internationalist>  media are piping the same tune that Macron is bound to win by a significant margin. The populist revolt (Saturn trine Uranus) is still in swing, while on the other side of the septic pond (swamp?) that expert Gemini (Uranus/Sun) has done the bait and switch and is now about to trigger his herd of despicables into a Piscean psycho meltdown.  ”I’m a globalist and a nationalist. I’m both” – Donald J.Trump. Try to figure that mind fuck out! Maybe it will take a Gemini after all? The problem with Neptune and Pisces trying to manifest on the material plane of duality, is that crazy idea of trying to hold two contradictory points of view at the same time and justifying it all with Jupetarian zest and over reaching deluded self belief and denial. It ultimately leads to a pathological denial of reality, insanity and psychosis. The mental house, the loonie bin of the 12th archetype.  The present state of leftist liberalism has been likened to a mental illness, as it is, trying to hold to the virtues of gay rights, women’s rights, clitoris integrity all wrapped in a head scarf of solidarity.  However, for those who wish to continue riding the Trump Train, they will be mind flipped into the same state of psychosis and meltdown. The original intent of the Zen Koan was to simply ponder the divine absurdity of its contradiction in a state of bemused detachment.

So what exactly is Le Pen’s type of ‘nationalism’ about? Trump was never a fascist, whatever that word is meant to mean these days, nor was he ever a kind of libertarian civil nationalist as some had reasoned. Instead it turns out that he is really just a supreme purist, a Kosher nationalist. How Kosher is Le Pen’s nationalism is best read between the lies. With slime trails running from Jesuits to Mosad to Rothschild bankers, Le Pen and Macron seem very much to be different sides of the same coin. Different outcome, same end. The US election was never really about Trump, but what Trump was perceived to represent – the counter establishment outsider. The sheeple spoke, but they were deceived and betrayed by a wolf in shepherd’s clothing. People live, people learn, adapt and reformulate their strategies. The great game is reaching a climax, and all will be unveiled when Saturn begins HIS transit of Capricorn come 2018. And it won’t be a pretty reality to deal with!

For what its worth, we will take a look here at the charts of first Le Pen and then Macron. They are interesting charts, and of course, as can well be assumed, they are both undergoing major outer planet transits. We will also look at the national chart of France and see if there are any intimations as to which of the scripted scenarios, Kosher or Halal, is going to play itself out. I would have imagined that France could’ve come up with a better food choice!

First up is Le Pen. The inner wheel shows Le Pen’s birth chart and the outer are the transits for the first round election where she won through in 2nd place on 23rd of April.

Transits for Le Pen, 23 April 2017
Transits for Le Pen, 23 April 2017
Everything in this chart (and Macron’s) fits in so well that the chart may well be a rectification (no lewd intent) – meaning that the exact time of birth is not known from an authoritative source, so a time was chosen which best reflects the subject’s life, personality and achievements.

On the 23rd of April, quite tellingly, we can see Uranus in direct motion nearing the 25th degree of Aries where Le Pen has her Saturn prominently in Aries in the 7th house. Natal Saturn is significantly tightly trine to Venus the Ascendant ruler in the 11th (maverick) and  Saturn is ruling the angular 4th cusp (Capricorn) where transiting Pluto, in retrograde, has just slipped back into the 3rd house still conjunct the 4th / 10th axis (career axis). Transiting Saturn, although retrograding, is some 5 degrees in orb to this natal Moon – 10th house ruler! Transiting Jupiter, ruling the oratory 3rd house, is also retrograding to once again conjunct her Ascendant degree.

The 9th, 11th and 7th archetypes always come up with political players. The 9th is culture, collective identity, politics, law, ideals; the 11th is realization of personal ambition leading to the transcendence of the individual self in service to the greater collective appeal; and the 7th defines our social agreements, ability to form alliances, and compromise for the purposes of self achievement.

Le Pen is solid. She has an extremely practical and ambitious Capricorn Moon, especially so since the Moon rules the 10th (career/accomplishments) as well. Her career comes from her innate ability to communicate (Moon in 3rd) her political ideals (Sagittarius on 3rd cusp; Jupiter 11th). Although a Capricorn Moon can appear cold and distant, her’s feels the warmth of a trine from Venus in charismatic Leo (the trine is in different elements), and a trine (earth elements)  from a very political Jupiter in the 11th in the practical and principled sign of Virgo. Perhaps she has what it takes to stand by her ideals? Uranus is 5 degrees square to the Moon although from the other earth sign of Virgo (Uranus 26 degrees, Moon 2 degrees Capricorn). This square from Uranus to her Moon pushes her to achieve even more and she has a view into the future. She is therefore quite the radical, marked as an outsider (Uranus), which reflects the spirit of ’66 – Uranus Pluto conjunct that she was born with. People born in such iconic time periods are destined to manifest the spirit of the time into a future reality and time line.

But how trustworthy is Le Pen? We have seen with Trump, and to a degree with May, that populist and nationalist sentiments are being hijacked by the political elite and their hidden and compromised players (‘I like to go to Epstein pedo island’). I would raise eyebrows here looking at Neptune in Scorpio in Le Pen’s 2nd house. For one, this house shows how she gains immense wealth from powerful associations and political ventures (Pluto/11th). However, the 2nd house also shows a person’s values, so with Scorpio on the cusp and especially with Neptune in this house, how solid and trustworthy are her values? Added to this, Neptune is in a tight square to her natal Venus in the 11th which is also the Ascendant ruler. She is very apt to change her principles and points of view. With Venus Ascendant ruler in the 11th, she attempts to define herself by her principles or being principled.  Neptune also trines back to her Midheaven (career/reputation) ! There are many hidden and secret things (Pluto /Uranus 12th; Neptune/Scorpio) about Le Pen which should warn people not to trust or believe what she is espousing on the political podium while pandering to populist and nationalist sentiments.

Her North Node in the 6th house in Aries is urging her to be more principled, disciplined and honest, however, with Mars, the ruler of the North Node, squared by Saturn, she may find it difficult to err on the better side of judgement. Her South Node is also just tucked away in the 12th house indicating a baggage of secrecy and possible hidden, internationalist agendas. Her Venus, ruler of the 1st/8th (secrets),  is also of course squared by Neptune (Scorpio) so she is bound to have many shady, powerful alliances and the boundaries here are always shifting (Neptune). It is interesting that both rulers of her Nodes are squared by bigger, transpersonal planets – her destiny is transpersonal and collective. With Sun, Mercury and Venus in Leo, she is a gifted and charismatic leader, and especially with Mars too as the nearest planet to the 10th cusp. Her Mars is at the critical 29th degree of Cancer. Mars/Cancer people can be  very emotional, sympathetic and empathetic (also traditional /nationalistic) , and this would trike a cord with the French people seeing that France has its natal Moon in Cancer  in orb of conjunct to Le Pen’s Mars.

So let’s fast forward here and see how these transits resolve themselves come final election day on 7 May :

Transits for Le Pen, 7 May 2017 French Election
Transits for Le Pen, 7 May 2017 French Election
Pluto of course has hardly changed much, but Uranus is at the same 25 degree as Saturn, previously it was 24 and now just past the exact conjunct by seconds – so Uranus builds up to its maximum strength. This would trigger her Moon, Venus and Mars natally in aspect to Saturn. Global Mercury is now also conjunct to Uranus, so expect a lot of controversy and insightful statements all around this election time. Mercury, significantly, is the ruler of her political 9th house where Mars in Gemini is still in the 8th coming to cusp over into the 9th (power/politics). So far she sits in a really powerful position. Jupiter, bringer of great luck and fortune, although retrograde has just shifted back into the 12th house conjunct to her rising point to her South Node, so this suggests she will get a major boost and stands a good chance of winning against the odds. The transiting Moon for that day, ruler of her 10th house, starts in the early morning conjunct to her Uranus in the 12th and as the day progresses this Moon moves through the 12th, to conjunct transiting Jupiter and then enters the 1st house. This suggests that her ‘radical’ Uranian nationalist message (natal Uranus square Moon) will strike a chord with the voters, especially those who will decide at the very last moment (transiting Moon). What is interesting about this election time is that the transiting True Node will have shifted North Node into Leo and South Aquarius before the election and the Mean Node is now basically on the cusp of the signs. This means that the sign of Leo is favoured and Le Pen is a Leo with Mercury there too, Venus her 1st and 8th ruler, with Leo on the cusp of her 11th house of political office. Those at this present time who are thinking, like Trump Train and Brexit, that Le Pen doesn’t have a chance, should bite a little harder on their tongues.

Let’s move on to Macron and see how he is doing compared to Le Pen :

Macron’s transits for 23 April 2017
Macron’s chart, in and of itself, is actually really interesting. But let’s first jump into what was going on with him for the first round of the election of which he was the winner by a significant margin. Once again the Stars were shining their wisdom beautifully from the heavens. Here we can clearly see political Jupiter in retrograde conjunct to Marcon’s Pluto North Node conjunct in the 8th house in Libra (political/power archetypes). So both Le Pen and Macron have powerful Jupiter transits. Macron’s Pluto is conjunct Le Pen’s Ascendant so these two are really drawn to each other in a cosmic play of power. Like Le Pen, Macron has a powerful Saturn in the 7th house affording him social status through powerful alliances. Here we see Saturn at the first degrees of Virgo with the North Node transiting over. Saturn is Macron’s Ascendant ruler and his North Node natally comes from the 8th house of personal power. Note that his  Leo Mars is also in the 7th house (accidental detriment) ruling his 9th and 10th (politics, career) and we know now that by May 7th the switching Nodes are going to be favouring the sign of Leo. This is going to be a very close race indeed!

In this present climate of antiestablishmentarianism, we need to know what is the position of Uranus as this is the planet that defines the maverick, the rebel and the outsider. Very interestingly, Macron has natal Uranus in Scorpio (much more about this later), and this Uranus is in the political 9th house opposed his Moon and square to Mars (9th/10th).  Regarding this, we have seen how the <media> have been trying to portray him as a political independent or outsider, whereas in fact he comes from a dark place of the occulted elite and their Rothschild banking system (Scorpio). Le Pen has a lesser kind of Uranus Moon square. Transiting Uranus is also warming up for a trine to his Sun/Mercury and has just past the trine to his Venus – so its fair enough that both candidates were painted as ‘outsiders’. Macron, another interesting point, has his Sun at 29 degrees Sagittarius conjunct to the Galactic Center! Saturn of course is retrograding now just two degrees off from this point and if Macron were to win, he would see in his presidency with Saturn conjunct to his Sun. If Le Pen were to win, she would see the presidency in with Jupiter crossing her Ascendant, Uranus retrograding for the next two passes to her Saturn, Pluto opposed the 10th,  and Saturn conjunct to her Capricorn Moon (10th ruler) and that would be late 2017 and into 2018. Perhaps she will win? Understandable if Le Pen were to win all guns would come out blazing against her and with Uranus conjunct again to her Saturn and transiting Saturn conjunct to her Moon, she will have a difficult time hanging in there. Trump for his win had Saturn conjunct his Moon opposing his Sun/Uranus at a Jupiter return opposed by transiting Uranus.

So let’s get a little deeper into Macron’s very interesting and mysterious chart.

Macron has a powerful and ambitious Capricorn rising with Saturn – Lord of the 33 degrees and the Black Cube – in the other Earth sign of Virgo at the powerful zero degree point in accidental exaltation in the 7th house. Saturn (accomplishments) is square to his Midheaven (career)at the critical 29th degree of powerful and occult sign of Scorpio. Capricorn is the truest of occult signs, but with Capricorn correlating to the 10th archetype, everything is hidden and done within plain sight (seasonally Capricorn is the dark, winter solstice whereas the 10th cusp is midday). Macron is a very driven and ambitious man and he seeks and craves personal power and recognition in every sense of the meaning. Saturn trines to his Sun and Mercury, once again at a critical degree at the Galactic Center. Macron is a type of transcended personality, and to some degree an empty vessel to be filled by those who would seek to do so. He is a conduit for certain galactic, extra planetary or other worldly, hidden forces (GC conjunct). This is shown partly by  a very powerful Pluto conjunct to the North Node in Libra in the 8th house. Pluto rules that 10th cusp at the all powerful and critical 29th degree of Scorpio, but Pluto is intercepted in Libra! He represents very powerful, dark and hidden players (Libra/alliances) connected to occult money, power and institutions (Pluto/Scorpio/8th and 10th).

Saturn trines to his Sun and Mercury, indicating that political power has been accrued to him, and it is not something he has necessarily worked for. Note how Mercury is combust to the Sun in the 11th to the Galactic Center. Mercury exactly conjunct to the Sun (combust) can indicate the overpowering of independent mental ability. These people are not necessarily lacking intelligence, but they lack critical objective judgement. With mind and ego fused together, they can be somewhat one pointed, childlike, cloaked in the veil of their manifest destiny, convinced of their own divinity and immortality.  The Sun at the GC rules the other intercepted signs of Leo with Mars (10th ruler).  This also suggests that Macron is in every sense a puppet. He is not running is own show, he has been put forward by hidden forces and is, like I suggested, a conduit for some kind of occult and other unknown groups and forces.

Intercepted signs and energies are difficult to access. Aquarius intercepted in the 1st, and Leo (personality) with Mars (ego/self) as well as Aries, this  suggests that the individual identity (Aries, Leo, Mars)  and actualization (Aquarius) of this is kind of hijacked. He is a very ill formed pseudo individual. He is a Pluto in (mid) Libra generational and these people (FaceBook social media generation)  are very herd driven to extreme consensus where true defining independence and identity (Aries) is lacking. This generation has to learn to redefine themselves and to eventually seek authentic identity (Pluto evolutionary opposition point Aries).

Macron has often been accused of being arrogant and self seeking. This is not incorrect because he has a South Node in Aries (self focused) with Mars (South Node ruler intercepted) in Leo (ego, attention). Mars is in a major T-square to Moon and Uranus. Mars in Leo is quintessentially the actor and he can pull it off as long as he is following the act and reading from the script – for him to do otherwise with a combust Mercury would expose him for what he is. Macron is very egotistic and self centered, and in a sense he is also very immature. Mars, the ruler of his South Node in Aries ruling the second betrays his selfish values, and Mars square to his Moon indicates his emotional  and intellectual (3rd house) immaturity.

Although his natal Moon is well placed in Taurus, it is directly opposed to Uranus in Scorpio and T-square to Mars! Despite his Taurus Moon, Macron is emotionally (Moon) very unstable (Mars/Uranus). This also contributes to the potential of becoming a ‘possessed’ personality especially since the opposition to Uranus is in Scorpio.  Macron has serious and potentially explosive emotional and anger issues (Mars, Uranus,Moon). Because the signs are fixed he is able to maintain control at least while on the public platform. He is extremely egotistically (Mars/Ego T-square) driven for power and influence even if he is merely a suspended animation enjoying the thrill while strapped in for the ride. He is also a very dangerous person. If his security (Moon) or fundamental ideas (third) are threatened, he will take it very personally indeed (Mars squared in Leo) and will not stop at whatever it takes to meet out revenge (Uranus/Scorpio in the 9th). The skeletons in his closet may even be  more real than metaphorical! The Jupiter opposition to his Sun in Sagittarius also inflates his ego out of proportion which is extremely dangerous in a person who lacks clear personal boundaries (Neptune trine Mars) or an autonomous self or access to that autonomous self (interceptions).

And then there is the issue of his personal relationship life! He is married to a woman some 25 years or so his senior. We usually see these kinds of age gaps with Saturn to Venus or 7th house ruler connections and Macron does have Saturn in the 7th. It’s not so much that this should be an issue, but that their relationship was formed when his wife was his teacher and he was only 15 years old. They have never been upfront about when they crossed the line into sexual activity (Uranus/Scorpio square Mars), but that could easily be assumed to have happened when he was as young as 14. Clearly this relationship is a problem, especially if this person could become the duly elected president. But we are speaking France here!

This kind of relationship for one is also a clear representation of what the Uranus in Scorpio sub generation are all about. There is very little in the realm of the taboo (Scorpio) that they will not overturn (Uranus) in their quest for that drive for individuation and freedom from constraints. No sexual taboo is out of bounds. This sub generation has a general affinity, curiosity and attraction to things such as under aged sex, bizarre sexual fetishes, sex for the sake of sex regardless of gender attraction, sexual ritual, blood and semen ritualization, blood drinking, self harming etc. and even in some cases the extremes of ritual murder, blood sacrifices and cannibalism. They are also very much drawn into the occult as a path towards liberation, basically left hand path practices. As Uranus defines the associated groups we are attracted too, these people are also drawn to collectives of extreme power, or groups such as criminal gangs, drug gangs or violent activist or terrorist  groups (IS/Antifa). The more gentler souls (and Scorpio can be amazing) may just be quite open minded about their relationships, constructively engage in some for of transformative spiritual practice such as tantrism or shamanism, or they will explore new and innovative avenues of sharing and cooperation with other people, especially through technologies.

With Macron Uranus is exactly opposed to his Moon to the very degree and second where the Moon is ruling the 7th house (marriage) with the T-square of this opposition to Mars (sexuality). Clearly he has a lot of mother issues going on here which once again suggests that he is an ill formed man. He fetishizes his own mother. The sexual attraction to his mother is no longer merely sub conscious (Uranus awakener). Mars is also trine to Neptune (lack of boundaries)  in Sagittarius (expansion)  two degrees cusping into the  11th house (trauma marker)  and drawn into the 11th through conjunct to Venus (women) – so this suggests that as a child he was possibly highly sexualized by his mother. Perhaps she enjoyed playing with his little willy a wee too much, it may even be that he was in a sexual relationship with his mother from his early teens or before. There are clearly signs here of sexual abuse and manipulation. He seems to have the classic signature of an MK Ultra type traumatic abuse victim.  This would explain the earlier assumption that he cannot access or actualize his true sense of self and individuality. His wife is probably also his handler, in a similar way that Obama’s handler was his pseudo wife Michael. The Moon also rules his 6th house showing how his mother complex and issues are projected onto a mentor when he was a teenager (6th house).

Uranus is sitting in his 9th house – so here we see the combination of the 9th and 11th archetypes so typical of a major political player. Uranus in Scorpio inflated in the 9th also indicates how there are some very dark and powerful people behind Macron – this extends into occult religious groups as well. With Scorpio we can see why he comes from a Rothschild banking history as well as other jobs in economics and finances. The name ‘Macron’ also has a long Masonic history.  On Le Pen’s side, her father, from a humble fishing background, was orphaned when his father died in WWII, and then taken in by the Jesuit order. He was not an outstanding child academically or intellectually, so one has to wonder as to why he was chosen. It is typical of the Jesuits to nurture a child in this way, cut off from all family, dependent and loyal. Perhaps the Jesuit brothers knew more about who his real father actually was.  Le Pen’s father could have been the illegitimate spawn of an important blood line family, in much the same way that Bill Clinton’s parentage is suspected.

Well, that was quite a detour, so let’s get back on track and have a look at how Macron’s transits will play out come 7 May.

Macron transits 7 May 2017, French Election
We see straight away how the North Node is now almost exactly conjunct to Saturn and the North Node is coming from that powerful placement in Libra in the 9th house (politics)  conjunct to Pluto (9th and 10th ruler). The Moon is also very favourably passing over this North Node / Pluto conjunct with Jupiter (Sun ruler GC) now in between Pluto and the North Node. This is quite an extreme manifestation of power and destiny. Saturn hasn’t moved much and is out by 2 to 5 degrees with the conjuncts to the Sun, Mercury and Venus. This Saturn energy in retrograde is moving away from his Sun but towards Venus. Venus rules Pluto / North Node interception in Libra being conjuncted by Jupiter. Venus also rules his 3rd house and Moon. He is also in a very positive Saturn trine Saturn period. Transiting Uranus, direct,  is also merging into an opening trine to his Mercury and Sun, but it is still out by 4 degrees and the 2 degree orb is really the critical orb.

The energies are all in place, but Saturn and Uranus are lacking criticality. Le Pen had Uranus in critical degree to Saturn and Venus as well as Pluto to the 4th/10th axis and Jupiter on the Ascendant. Could Jupiter and the North Node transit be enough even to pull him through? Another key transit, this one critical, is Neptune in Pisces close to a one degree trine to his Uranus in the 9th and inconjunct to Mars in the 7th. How do we interpret this and what effect will this transit have?

Neptune here could easily go in one or two directions and natal Neptune is trine to Mars the 10th ruler (now inconjunct by transit). For one, this aspect could massively boost his promotion by the mass elitist media – Media is ruled by Neptune and Uranus is in his 9th house (broadcasting a message). This in turn could broaden his social appeal to the masses. I think his success here is going to depend on how the media handle and project him (Neptune in 1st), because in terms of personality and clear or antiestablishmentarian policy he cannot measure up to Le Pen. There is danger and potential here though that Neptune may reveal some major skeletons in his closet – deep dark Scorpio stuff being exposed. Neptune can strip away the deception. This trine also suggests other worldly (dark arts) and hidden players, especially financially, who are supporting him. These forces may also resort to violent leftists groups to help him (Neptune/Pisces).  With Neptune ruling the 2nd, maybe there is some kind of financial scandal brewing? This Neptune would also be sextile to his Moon (another media/popularity boost) though inconjunct to Mars ruling the 9th and 10th so this indicates struggle and opposition and that the race will be very close indeed. Could this inconjunct actually signal the collapse of his power and political ambitions?  Jupiter, the benefactor, on the other hand, is right on Pluto the other ruler of his 9th and 10th house. Sometimes Jupiter correlates to over extending one’s hand and hubris before the Gods like Icarus’s flight into the Sun (Mercury combust). Of very recent news, Macron has dropped significantly in the polls as Le Pen resigns from her party leadership.

This is really going to be a close call,  so lets just have a look at the nation chart of France to see whether or not the nation is in for some major shake down, which would be a Le Pen victory, or more of the status quo of pseudo stability represented by Macron. I think we would need to also look ahead with the national transits as it takes some time for the new government to step in.

This is where France was for its all important Saturn return of 25 December 2016 :

France's Saturn Return, 25 December 2016.
France’s Saturn Return, 25 December 2016.
The Saturn return and Uranus pass over the Ascendant came after a year of horrific terror attacks, protracted civil unrest over labour reform laws followed by the so called refugee crisis invasion and rising social tensions.  The Saturn return will define the general nature of the next Saturn cycle, so here we can see with Jupiter disposing of the energy of Saturn in Sagittarius and in opposition to Uranus, things are not going to settle down in France. Various kinds of civil unrest and radical social transformation (Uranus Jupiter opposition)  will define the nature of the next cycle – and the next major Saturn transit, to the 10th cusp, is coming very soon (March/April 2018).

Theses energies have since rolled  forward and for May 7th, the immediate picture is a lot more subdued:

French Presidential Election, 7 May 2017.
French Presidential Election, 7 May 2017.
Uranus now direct is significantly 5 degrees away from the Ascendant. The Uranus Jupiter opposition is very weak. The North Node has moved away from Pluto in the 6th house and Saturn is retrograding 7 degrees towards the original return.  This does not seem to suggest that there will be any kind of major disturbance to the status quo at this time, but we need to project forward for a more accurate picture. Saturn will turn stationary direct 26 of August one degree off from natal Saturn at the final return conjunct – so this story is not over yet. By early 2018 the Uranus stationary direct will be 2 degrees off from the South Node and 4 degrees from the Ascendant – so this there is another strong hit to come – more pigeons come home to roost (South Node). What is interesting however, is that by 20 March 2018, Pluto (transformation) will come to oppose the nation’s Cancer Moon ruling the 4th house (national foundation). We saw this same aspect with the Brexit vote and trigger where the British Capricorn Moon in the 10th was opposed by Pluto from the 4th. This Pluto Moon opposition transit is going to coincide with Saturn conjuncting the 10th house cusp! If Macron takes this election, his victory is going to be short lived because into March of 2018 we could be witnessing some kind of national foundation (Moon 4th) collapse (Pluto opposition) and / or some major kind of restructuring and reorientation of the nation (Saturn on the 10th). This could also just as well be a correlation to a Le Pen victory and great Gaulish Frexit.

If one digs deep enough, there is always some kind of caveat to be found. I found this by looking at the secondary progressions of the French national chart :

Secondary Progressed Neptune conjunct to Jupiter of National French Chart.
Secondary Progressed Neptune conjunct to Jupiter of French National Chart.
Secondary progressions usually just concern the evolution of inner planets because the outer planets, or from Saturn outward, would hardly move. The outer progressions are more important for a nation as nations have longer lifespans than individuals. You can see highlighted in this progressed chart that the only significant progression is secondary progressed Neptune conjunct to Jupiter. Jupiter significantly rules the 9th house of constitutionality and cultural identity where Saturn, representing the state, is in Sagittarius in the 9th house and is ruling the 10th house which will, by March 2018, be conjuncted by Saturn into its own sign. This is the run off or resolution transit to the Saturn return. Neptune correlates to dissolution and collapse especially in a conjunct. Of course this transit is very slow and gradual, but what we have been witnessing is the slow collapse of the French nation into cultural chaos and radical cultural and racial (Jupiter) dissolution . This aspect started to apply to the 5 degree point of Scorpio back in 1993 and reached exactitude in March of 2014. It is now waning and will fade out to the 6 degree by 2023. The beginning of this transit, which correlates to dissolution of national cultural identity, coincided with Jacque Chirac’s stricter immigration policies of the early 1990’s and the dialectic that France had too many of the ‘wrong types of Muslims’ and the tide needed to be stemmed, and which it was for some time, however, by 2014 the Muslim population alone had now reached 10% with future  demographic scales set to dramatically shift.


The charts of Le Pen and Macron are both quite  supportive of a victory in their  own ways. For a nationalist like Le Pen to win, would require a very big populist swing similar to what elected Trump, but France has a much stronger base in terms of leftist and communist groups. Also, Le Pen’s opposition is not exactly Hillary Clinton with all the baggage! Racial demographic trends do not favour Le Pen, however, more women and generation Z’s voted for Le Pen than Macron. To keep it simple we need to just look at the net score for each candidate regrading transits to Saturn, the 10th cusp (Midheaven MC) and 10th cusp ruler and planets in the 10th house.

For natal Saturn, Le Pen has Uranus conjunct at the closest degree boosted by transiting Mercury. Saturn retrograde is reapplying to an opening, establishing,  trine to natal Saturn – so that’s a big boost. For the 10th cusp she has the Pluto opposition. For her Moon as 10th house ruler, Saturn is a out of criticality, but the North Node is trining the natal Moon. As for planets in the 10th (Mars, Mercury, Sun) Mars is in a 4 degree orb of an applying Uranus square. The opposition and square could swing either way.

For natal Saturn, Macron has the North Node conjunct exact and this is actually forming a T-square to his Midheaven. Saturn is also trine Saturn in the opening trine, but it is not so critical. Also Uranus is coming to trine natal Saturn though not critical at this stage.  Saturn is also significantly the Ascendant ruler. Jupiter (ruler of the Sun) is conjunct Pluto and the midpoint of Pluto and the North Node (where the transiting North Node conjuncts Saturn). This is boosted by a the passing transiting Moon. For the 10th cusp we have the T-square of course to the Nodes. For the 10th cusp rulers, first Pluto then Mars, Pluto has the Jupiter transit and Mars the inconjunct from Neptune. For Planets in the 10th house, Mars (Gemini) is applying in 5 degree orb in opposition to natal Neptune (not yet critical), while transiting Neptune is inconjunct natal Mars. Oppositions and inconjuncts can swing either way. These  mirror Neptune Mars transits could be a correlation to a run away collapse.

All in all, based on this, if I have to make a call, then I would probably have to say Macron, even though my heart or perhaps instincts want to say Le Pen.

Regardless of who wins, France will have to contend with the Pluto opposition to its Moon and Saturn conjunct to the 10th house coinciding from late March into April of 2018. As suggested, this could by some chance correlate to a Le Pen victory and France exiting the EU to some degree or other. If it is a Macron victory, these transits would signal the descent of France into some serious national social breakdown and crisis. A Le Pen victory would do more to restore law and order and respect for national authority in the country. If Le Pen loses, then Pluto back to her 4th cusp and Saturn conjunct to her Moon would mean some major kind of political career change. In terms of extended transits Le Pen seems to have more favouring her to win.

We all have our personal prejudices and I would love for Le Pen to win. We all witnessed the tragedy and hope around Hillary Clinton’s shock defeat and it would be shame not to see France have its first women President. It would be a tragedy to see sexism, racism and the patriarchy triumph yet again. A victory for Le Pen would be a victory for the rights of women and women’s rights are the same as minority rights and gay rights. Are they not? If she loses, then France will have to content herself with a selfish little boy, who will at least be under the firm hand of his mommy wife.


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