Xenophobic violence in South Africa : Mars square the 9th House

Back in February, the issue of foreigners and anti foreign sentiment once again came to the fore in happy Rainbow Land. There were mass protests against  immigration, illegal aliens and anti foreigner sentiments around issues of jobs, employment and crime. These protests also turned violent and over a hundred people were arrested.

Basically, for those not to privy to what goes down on the southern tip of Africa, the issue of anti foreigner violence concerns local Blacks attacking Blacks from other countries in Africa. Since the ending of Apartheid and the international isolation of South Africa, tens of thousands of Blacks from other parts of Africa have flooded into South Africa, for various reason though mostly economic opportunity. While a good portion of these are from the failed state of Zimbabwe across the Limpopo river to the north, others are from various places such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo formerly Zaire on the west to Malawi and Somalia on the east and everyone in between. Other immigrants, legal and illegal, also include various East Europeans, Russians, heaps of Chinese, Pakistanis and others of Islamic persuasion.

The issue of xenophobic violence and tension with regards to foreign nationals, is quite evident I think in the foundation chart of South Africa. We will look at this chart first to see where the tension lies and then we will examine all the main incidences of violent xenophobic attacks ranging from 2006 to the present time. I consider the chart where Nelson Mandela signed the accepted new constitution as the best chart to view the course of the nation. I have used this chart before and vouch for its time accuracy from a time stamped photograph of Mandela signing the new constitution into law. The date for this chart is 10 December 1996 located for Sharpevillle or Soweto city for 12:55 EET.

Rainbow constitution Mars highlighted
Rainbow Constitution highlighting Mars

As you can see, it is a powerful Aries rising chart in the first degree! Saturn is just behind the Ascendant therefore not fully risen and at 5 degrees rising is the South Node in Aries. As an Aries rising chart, Saturn is ruling the 10th house containing Mercury and then Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. The Ascendant ruler Mars is ruling the South Node as well as disposing of the energies carried by Saturn. So Mars is extremely heavily weighted in this chart. Mars is in the 6th house in Virgo. There are two major aspects from Mars. Highlighted in the graphic you will clearly see how Mars is square to the Moon/Sun conjunct in the 9th house in Sagittarius and trine to Jupiter in the 10th. Mars is slightly ahead in degrees so this lessens the intensity, but the square to the Moon is 5 degrees and to the Sun it is 2 degrees. The Moon is tightly Balsamic, so not exactly the New Moon (for a new nation) which occurred in the early evening of that day. This would indicate a need for the nation to be reborn again.

The energies of the 9th house are intercepted in Sagittarius, indicating the immense difficulty in achieving the multicultural, multiracial (Sagittarius) ideal of the ‘Rainbow Nation’ – this also ties in to the Balsamic Moon. Further more, Jupiter, ruling the Interception, is trine to Mars from the 10th house. With an Intercepted (encased, locked) sign, aspects from planets inside the sign are like windows and the sign ruler is like the key to unlocking the Interception. The 3rd house also intercepts of course the sign of Gemini, and this betrays problems in schools and the education system.

In summary, we can understand that there is a lot of baggage here with Mars and Aries – a blockage by Saturn to the South Node and a tense Martian square to the Moon and Sun. This tension in the square is deflected firstly by a trine to Jupiter (and Neptune) in Capricorn in the 10th and a lesser, though very tight sextile to Venus in Scorpio in the 8th.

In mundane astrology the houses have a slightly different meaning to personal astrology, or rather a different angel, a greater range and there are some differences in opinion as to which houses different national interests may fall.

The first house is often said to represent the country as a whole, its outlook and character, also the  general health and prosperity of the citizenry and the national mental, psychological disposition. The Ascendant is the face, the first thing we notice about a person while the Sun is the deeper sense of evolving character. The Ascendant also represents the Rising Sun and is therefore the living or evolving Solar expression which we are attempting to become in this lifetime.

With Mars in Virgo, South Africa is attempting to evolve into a more dynamic, entrepreneurial (Aries), skilled, refined and principled nation (Virgo). Virgo/6th issues through which the nation needs to evolve are primarily in/equality, un/employment, national health and social services hence the ever popular ‘service delivery’ protests. The trine from Jupiter in 10th and Capricorn says that the government needs to not only deal more effectively with these but there also needs to be a lot more state support of business and enterprise leading to better employment, health care and social services.

In personal astrology with the South Node and Saturn on the Ascendant point, we should not be surprised if the person is blemished by some kind of scar or deformity. The national reputation of South Africa is indeed blemished internationally by its extremely high rate of violent crime, rape and murder. People with a South Node in Aries can have major issues with anger. It is said that South Africans are angry people and an angry country in general. Saturn conjunct the Aries South Node indicates struggles (Saturn)  with anger (Aries) management (Saturn) and how to channel passions productively especially interns of achieving peaceful Venusian Libra on the North Node. Saturn still back in the 12th makes it more difficult to effectively deal with this.

Saturn in the 12th reveals a lot. The 12th can represent hidden enemies, or self undoing. Here Saturn correlates a lot to corruption, especially with Saturn ruling the Jupiter/ Neptune conjunct. This conjunct also correlates to the influence of communist and socialist ideals.

Saturn ruling the 10th of state institutions suggests that there is also a great deal of secrecy, and involvement in government by foreign forces (12th). It suggests that there are hidden players behind the facade of government of which the people are unaware(12th).

Neptune conjunct Jupiter can also be pandemic and here Saturn in the 12th (disease, hospitals, prisons) – this very indicative of the HIV pandemic (Mars/Aries/sex/violence). The 12th house is also indicative of crimes and criminality and Aries suggests violent criminality – a heavy burden (Saturn) for the nation. Saturn ruling the 10th in the 12th also points to state criminality (of the past and the present).

This Saturn in Aries to the Ascendant, also shows how South Africans can be extremely entrepreneurial and innovative. Where the government fails, people often successfully pick up the slack.

Mars, as ruler of Aries, picks up the energy of the South Node and Saturn and squares it over to the 9th house concerning race relations, foreigners, foreign investments, international reputation and international affairs. The tension of this square, seeking an outlet,  then flows along the trine to Jupiter, also ruling this Intercepted Moon/Sun square, thus the dynamics are expanded in the 9th house and then again by Jupiter. The sextile of Mars to Venus (women) in Scorpio in the 8th (sex/x2) also correlates to the rape crisis in the country.

Coming back to the xenophobic violence and attacks (Mars) we see in operation here the tense square to the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius and  the 9th house (foreign affairs). The local Blacks (Mars/Ascendant/populace/Moon) blame the foreign Blacks (9th/Sagittarius)  for taking their jobs (6th) and engaging in criminal activity including rape and murder (Mars square, Mars sextile Venus) and business activities outside of the law and regulations (9th/6th archetype). This tension is always around and periodical breaks out (square) in violent and often deadly attacks against foreign Blacks. The trine from Jupiter to Mars inflates these problems, blamed on foreigners, to mass unemployment, rampant crime and grotesque violence.

Next, we will  have a look at all the major periods of xenophobic violence and see how and when Mars in the natal chart is triggered. From this we can then extrapolate about what will happen in the future , how this aspect will work itself out and especially if these issues will be triggered by the upcoming Jupiter Neptune trine of 2018-2019 ; because this trine is potentially extremely worrying in terms of a major global upsurge in racial, religious and ethnic tensions and violence.

While attacks and campaigns against foreign Blacks has a long history in South Africa, even prior to 1994, the first shocking mass attacks happened back in August 2006. 21 Somali traders were killed in July of that year and 26 more in August. Here is the chart for the later attacks in August. Outer planet degrees would hardly have changed since July.

xenophobic attacks august 2006
Xenophobic attacks August, 2006

In this chart we immediately see the finger print of Uranus – sudden release of energy, shock, trauma, violent eruptions – and Mars – anger, violence, revenge, death, weapons, fire. It’s a classic of the volatile and dangerous Mars Uranus opposition where these set up a T-square to the Moon and Sun in the 9th house (foreigners). Mars is near to a Mars return , exactly square to the Moon (populace mood). The Moon as trigger was opposed to Venus and trine to Mars (opposition tension flows along trine). In the previous month (July attacks) Uranus was tightly square the natal Moon with also transiting Mars trine to that position. Saturn was also trine to the Moon/Sun conjunct. Transiting planets carry natal energies.

The second major attacks took place in May 2008. The attacks in May did not see as many deaths, reportedly less than 3, but they took the form of spreading nationwide anti foreigner riots.

Xenophobic attacks May, 2008

Once again, the transits here are very revealing but with a Pluto Saturn signature as well. Transiting Pluto had come to square natal Saturn while conjuncting the 10th cusp and in an exchange Saturn had come to square natal Pluto in the 9th. Pluto Saturn correlate to the manifestation of blood feuds, settling scores and grudges, power play related to blood, tribe and genetics. Uranus as a usual suspect had come to make its first direct opposition to Mars by one degree past! Here we also have Jupiter (ruling 9th house energies) at a return trine to natal Mars expanding the dynamics. The transiting Moon (trigger) had just entered Mars’ sign of Virgo conjunct to Saturn.

There were reports of other attacks and isolated incidences in September of the same year. These correlated to exact Uranus Mars opposition with Uranus in retrograde and the transiting Sun passing through Virgo containing Mars. Saturn was also square to the Sun and Moon though still 8 degrees behind natal Mars.

Xenophobic attacks September, 2006

Things settle down after this, but violence erupts again in 2015. In April of 2015 there was another huge outbreak of anti foreigner violence. This flared up again in October. In the Eastern Cape alone more than 500 people were displaced and more than 300 shops and homes looted and, in some cases, destroyed altogether. Many African countries started calling for the repatriation of their citizens.

Xenophobic attacks 25 October, 2015

Once again we see Uranus at play in trine aspect to the Sun and Moon as well as an inconjunct to natal Mars. Uranus is now in volatile Aries, the sign of Mars! Transiting Mars is one degree to return (again!) conjunct with Jupiter close behind, testifying to the magnitude of these events. Transiting Saturn is conjunct to natal Pluto in the 9th house as foreign nationals flee the country en mass.

In more recent times, such as between 21-23 June 2016, during anti government demonstrations in Tswane city, foreign businesses and shops were targeted by looters. There is no need to post up a graphic for this, but significantly Jupiter was still in Virgo conjunct again to natal Mars. Uranus was some three degrees past its inconjunct to natal Mars, transiting Mars was conjunct Venus and the Moon as trigger was in Capricorn conjunct Mercury (ruler of natal Mars/Virgo).

The latest event happened just back on 24 February 2017. This concerned anti foreigner mass demonstrations, sanctioned by governing party officials, specifically accusing foreigners of taking jobs, committing crimes and flouting the law. In February this year there were also recorded attacks against foreigners.

anti foreigner protests 2017
Anti foreigner protests, 24 February 2017.

This took place at the global Jupiter Uranus opposition with the aspect out by one degree. This aspect has a naturally high correlation to mass unrest and political protests. The transiting aspects here are once again quite revealing, especially regarding the usual suspects. Mars was at 20 degrees Aries and Uranus at 21 degrees inconjunct to natal Mars at 20 degrees Virgo. So we had a Jupiter opposition to a Mars/Uranus conjunct feeding into the inconjunct to natal Mars and the transiting Moon as trigger had passed over conjunct to natal Uranus in Aquarius during that day.

Further analysis :

Nor surprisingly, the common denominator in all these events is Uranus – generally in tense aspect as in the opposition and inconjunct to natal Mars. Of course, when Mars is aspected so is the Sun and Moon in the 9th and Jupiter, but we saw too that transiting Mars, and also Jupiter,  also played up the dynamics and twice there was a Saturn/Pluto signature.

Going a little deeper we can see that the evolutionary intent of the nation is to move away from war, anger, aggression, violence, confrontation – South Node Aries – towards a nation of harmony, peace, security and prosperity – North Node Libra and Venus in Scorpio suggesting part of this is about sharing (8th house) resources (Scorpio). Saturn on the South Node is Aries also represents the past of an isolated (12th) authoritarian (Saturn) police state (Aries). The North Node is exactly on the 7th cusp indicating the need for social justice and broad based equality. Ruler Mars of the South Node and Saturn (past energies carried over) in the 6th indicate issues of primarily inequality and unemployment.

In terms of evolutionary astrology, we also need to consider Pluto in Sagittarius in the 9th. Pluto trines Saturn on the South Node so we can see past issues here of racism, oppression and ethnic domination and attempts to transform the nation into a multi racial and multi cultural democracy. The opposite evolutionary point of Pluto to Gemini in the 3rd would seem to suggest that the nation should focus on local community building rather than obsessing over multicultural internationalist agendas – also betrayed by Pluto trine to Saturn in the 12th.

The square of Mars to the intercepted Sun and Moon in the 9th shows that the vision of the Rainbow Nation – quintessentially a Sagittarian vision – cannot be achieved without addressing issues of Mars and the 6th. The New South Africa, especially as envisioned in the constitution,  is also fundamentally Aquarian too and we see this with Uranus in Aquarius cusping into the 11th. This Uranus is trine to the North Node indicating that the vision of equality, justice, prosperity (Libra) etc. could be achieved but it will be actualized through a typical Uranian cycle of shocking, traumatic, radical or unsettling  events. In this cycle of xenophobic attacks we see Uranus acting this out in hard aspect to Mars ruler of the South Node!

Coming back to the nature of the Balsamic Moon – this correlates to the inability of the nation/populace to go beyond or transcend contentious issues of the past. Racial divisions, tensions, attitudinal dispositions, anger, resentments, blame etc. persist and much of the populace is either frustrated by this or unable or unwilling to go beyond. This is the nature of the Balsamic Moon- so many loose strings and issues to tie up from the past. Such big dreams and creative visions for the future but the inability to focus on them or being restricted in some way from accomplishing the vision at hand. Balsamic Moon people never really get their stuff together until much later in life.

Conspiracies :

Why was a new nation, filled with so much hope and potential founded at the pivotal degree of a Balsamic Moon? The new Moon happened into the early evening of that day. Frankly, I would not have chosen this time to sign in the new constitution and I am assured that the time is extremely accurate (quibbling over the exact time wouldn’t affect the Balsamic Moon, only the rising degree). Why create a nation with an intercepted  Sun and Moon (we can quibble over this as some house systems would not result in this) ? If we were to use Sidereal or Vedic astrology, planet degrees and signs would change, but the fundamentals of Saturn on the South Node, the Balsamic Moon and Mars square the Sun/Moon trine Jupiter would not change.

In all fairness, one can see how Mars functions more positively. The square creates a tension forcing action towards resolution. Issues from the past (Saturn/S.Node) that have resulted in inequalities (Mars/6th/Virgo) have to be worked out (square) in order to achieve the multiracial ideals (Sagittarius/9th) of equality (N.Libra) . There is immerse pressure (inflated Jupiter trine) towards this ideal (also sextile Venus N.Node ruler), but state corruption (Saturn 12th) creates major problems which result in racial tensions, xenophobia and violence. The positive is largely out weighed here.

Of course, things have to get done within  limited time frames and periods. A South Node in Aries conjunct Saturn was probably unavoidable and true to the past of the nation – and we cannot really escape our pasts. Understandably the purpose of the nation (N.Node) was to evolve towards peace, prosperity, justice and equality (Libra/Venus). But why have Aries rising with Saturn stuck in the 12th?  A Sagittarius  Moon is not bad – it can create a positive , hopeful vibe and promote internationalism, tourism, trade and multi ethnic identity – but why an interception and square from Mars!?

Here we have drawn up a different potential chart – just as a demonstration and by no means definitively the best alternative that could have been chosen. This is a chart for just a couple of months prior.

a better za

In this proposed chart we have a powerful Capricorn rising with Jupiter just risen to add some optimism to the practicality and Jupiter correlates to the ideal of multi racialism. Saturn, still on the South Node is in the 4th house and the Sun is placed in opposition on the North Node in the 10th (near Midday) to help weigh the energy more to the North Node. Virgo rules the 10th with Mercury in the 9th, creating a more law abiding, constitutional  government (not Saturn in 12th)  and more internationally minded, better support to higher education. The Moon is waning in Gemini in the 6th but in a trine to the Sun and the North Node. Mars is in noble Leo in the transformative 8th in a gentle sextile to the Moon and a trine connected to the South Node suggesting a more positive release and transformation of the apartheid past.  Uranus is in the 2nd house of wealth generation and with the Moon in the 6th this would support high tech industries as well as better educational opportunities – although there are instabilities here. There will be fall downs or challenges in this chart, as there always is, but this is a much better deal that the one the nation was handed on 10 December 1996!

As to what esoteric or occult hidden hand was involved in the creation of the new republic (Saturn 12th house), we could take a cursory look at the coat of arms. We can see here the usual perversion of sacred symbolism by the Atonist brotherhood and their Saturnalia occultism.

coat of arms2

Certainly America was constitutionally founded at an exacting time and date, by a Freemasonic brotherhood of the Hermetic order, or the order of true Uranian/Aquarian or Aryan Light. Such wise, enlightened and compassioned men are in short supply these days and the Freemasonic orders have fallen to the Dark Lodges that practice the Saturnalian Creed, who worship the Dark Light, the Black Sun of Sirius and whose practices emanating out of the Kabbala and the ancient Atonist orders. America was founded to be the New Egypt, a place to nurture the light of Hermetic wisdom but now the Old Pharaohs have returned. Perhaps South Africa was set up to fail? Perhaps the hidden agenda all along has been the creation of disorder, of chaos and corruption, of a continually traumatized and dysfunctional society, which can then be much more easily controlled, exploited and fashioned by the forces of evil. A Star Wars analogy of Darth Veda, the Saturnian Lord, and Luke (Lucis) the Sky Walker ( Aryan Solar Hero) is elucidating. Of course in these Hollywood epics it always seems we are placated with the victory of truth and virtue while the contrarian reality is firmly set in  place.

Looking ahead to 2018:

I sense that 2018 is going to be a very disturbing period globally, with specific locations affected more than others. This is what I have dubbed the ‘two trines period’. Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius/Capricorn trine Uranus in Aries/Taurus – the warm up period will have Saturn still in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.

Neptune in Pisces correlates to the globalists and present climate of social hysteria. Scorpio is where nasty things such as jealousy, hurt feelings, grudges, revenge, injustices, blood feuds, racial genetics lie hidden. With the Neptune and Jupiter trine these things get potentially really inflated out of control. With Neptune in Pisces victimhood runs rampant now touched up with an inflated need for revenge (Jupiter/Scorpio). With Neptune in Pisces there is little tolerance for that which ‘disturbs the womb’ and I sense that under this aspect the ‘gates of hell’ will be opened. The stench of death, mass killings and out of control violence and justified revenge may fill the air.

On the other hand we have Saturn in Capricorn trine to Uranus in Taurus. This correlates to rise of populist nationalism and the anti globalism forces. These two will pit against each other in ethnic type civil conflicts, conflicts between leftist globalists and populists nationalists,  as well as racial and religious violence. August 2018 is when these two aspects are exact at the same time. Saturn in Capricorn is going to accelerate systematic global collapse and Uranus in Taurus signals extreme instability with the economy and global peace and security (Taurus). Jupiter (Scorpio/stock markets) trine Neptune is another signature to coming economic meltdown and turmoil.

This period deserves a lot more indepth analysis but this is how this period lies with the national chart of South Africa:

ZA_17 Aug 2018
First exact simultaneous trines of August 2018

This is an extremely powerful, interesting and historic period waiting to be fulfilled. It would be wise to carefully monitor events of this year and into next to get a hint at how these transits will play out.

As a new nation, the Republic is growing up fast and here we are at the closing Saturn to Saturn square before the first return. Uranus is at the first opening square to its birth position – the typical period of youthful awakening and rebellion (against authority/state), danger and exploration. Saturn in square is also conjunct to the 10th cusp and T-square to the Nodal Axis. Jupiter in the 8th, in the global trine to Neptune, is 6 degrees to conjunct with the North Node ruler Venus. Transiting Neptune, trined by Jupiter, is in turn exactly square to the Moon (and Sun) and 5 degrees forming an opposition to natal Mars (T-square to Moon). Transiting Pluto is one degree to conjunct natal Jupiter and therefore trine to natal Mars, where transiting Mars is at the critical 29th degree of Capricorn conjuncting Uranus at 2 degrees in Aquarius trine to the natal North Node.

The first question here is , ”Is natal Mars being activated and what is the effect of Uranus?” also, ”What else is affecting the national Sun/Moon in the 9th (therefore also Mars)?”

So we have transiting Neptune opposing Mars effecting the T-square to the natal Moon.  We should be very guarded about global energy behind this Jupiter Neptune (gates of hell)  trine channeled here to Mars in the opposition.

Transiting Mar is almost out of a 10 degree trine orb to natal Mars, but not quite, but conjuncting Uranus. Mars is at the critical degree of Capricorn.  Natal Uranus is extremely excited at an exact square to transiting Uranus – so here is the Uranus / Mars connection. As an inner planet Mars transits more quickly, so it will warm up with the conjunct Jupiter trine to natal Mars then create a bridge over to natal Uranus.

Transiting Pluto from the 9th / Sagittarius (racial issues / foreigners) is conjunct to Jupiter (intercepted sign ruler) and this is the second major agitation to natal Mars in the 6th. Said another way, Mars in the 6th is opposed by Neptune and trined by Pluto (conjunct Natal Jupiter) where transiting Neptune is inflated by transiting Jupiter in Scorpio.  Transiting Mars is conjunct Uranus. So we have the archetypes of Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter hard aspecting to natal Mars associated with the 8th house and a touch of Uranus.

Effects of Neptune are confusion, breakdown, chaos and dissolution. This is amplified because Neptune is in its own sign, again because Neptune is transiting in the 12th house and again because Neptune is trined by transiting Jupiter in the other water sign and house! Mars as the Ascendant ruler represents the general citizenry, the mood and collective mental state, the 6th house represents issues of un/employment, in/equality, trade unions, social services. The 6th house also represents the military and police especially also because Mars is the planet in question.

Could this  be a hint at some kind of social breakdown (Mars represents populace / 1st) which security forces (Mars/6th) will not be able to contain? The government (Saturn transiting 10th) may no longer be able to deliver services (6th). Mars is undergoing some kind of a meltdown, Pluto (drama, revenge, death) is dangerously trine Mars and the 9th house Moon/Sun is of course facing a T-square.

Let’s connect this to the Saturn Uranus trine. When Uranus shifts into Taurus this is going to usher in increased instability and volatility in the stock markets, global currencies (Taurus) and global economy in general. I believe that Uranus’ passage through Taurus will see the end of the fiat paper currency and the switch over to digital currency, bit coins and also precious metals and other means of value exchange mediated through technology. We are already well primed for a global currency crisis. Jupiter in the other financial sign of Scorpio (opposite Taurus) trine to Neptune could also correlate to further economic melt-down. These economic crises of 2018 into 2019 will eventually lead to massive global war and destruction as we head into the great conjuncts (Saturn, Jupiter,Pluto)  in Capricorn of 2020.

Uranus for 2018 is now in the 2nd house of banks, wealth and economic security of South Africa. This is square to natal Uranus in the 10th. This suggests sever economic problems (Uranus, 2nd) affecting the stability of the state and society in general (natal Uranus in 10th). Saturn into Capricorn is going to put further pressure on global systematic collapse and for SA it is in the 10th house – collapse of government and society? The alternative would suggest that there is some kind of a major economic reset, some kind of innovative, collective restructuring (Uranus/Saturn) that happens as a result of government failure where people and collective groups start to cooperatively reshape the society (Natal Saturn/Aries / 1st).

Pluto (secrets/power) is conjuncting Jupiter (truth)  where Jupiter is also the ruler of the 12th house (hidden enemies) , and with Uranus square to Uranus and Saturn square to Saturn in the 12th (conspiracies, internationalists) – I would speculate here too that there are going to be major revelations about government corruption and secret groups, directives, policies etc. that have been manipulating the country and society against the so-called democratic, constitutional will and knowledge of the people.

Jupiter and Pluto can also correlate to mass death scenarios. The collective social hysteria of Neptune in Pisces is being  fed by the trine from Jupiter in Scorpio (nasty stuff) in the 8th into the opposition to Mars (rehash).  The energetic potential of the global Jupiter Neptune trine is also being (T) squared to the nations Sun/ Moon. The 9th house concerns all issues of race (tension between Whites and Blacks) and Black foreigners. There is potential here for extreme violence in the midst of social and economic breakdown (rehash).

Transiting Pluto is conjuncting the ruler of the Intercepted sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter also rules the Moon, Sun and Pluto in this chart. Pluto here suggests some major kind of transformation to the national purpose and identity. The trine of Pluto to natal Mars suggests the same thing where Neptune (amped by Jupiter) is opposing Mars with some kind of dissolution effect – which of course is also squared to the nation’s Sun and Moon. South Africa is only a year or more away from some kind of momentous transformation. Some kind of drastic change to the nation’s destiny (Saturn square Nodes) as well as national purpose and identity.

The only questions is, will this bring out the better in the people or will it all take a turn for the worse? If things turn ugly, it will get very ugly indeed. Saturn in the 12th does suggest that at this time perhaps the general populace (Mars) will be able to reach into some kind of higher spiritual center and release the innovative potential that they have (also Jupiter trine Mars). The intense Neptune transits of this time could also uplift the people to transcend the agenda that has been set to play them off against each other – Neptune can swing either way. The euphoric collapse of the apartheid system happened with Neptune conjunct to Saturn in Capricorn opposed by Jupiter. Could the Neptune opposition square lead to the same thing, especially with Jupiter coming to conjunct the North Node ruler Venus? Maybe the South Africa people could pull it off a second time? Maybe with Uranus square to Uranus and Mars (populace) conjunct to the critical Capricorn degree,  they will be able to throw off their fake liberators and rebirth the Balsamic Moon nation?

Concerning transiting Saturn square the Nodes and Jupiter (natal ruler of 9th planets conjuncted by Pluto) coming to conjunct the North Node ruler Venus in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio, the nation is surely set to reach its fate. What that fate is to become is not yet set in stone, but if South Africa does not turn the tide of the present moment, if the people can’t set aside their differences and rise against the corrupted and occulted elite, and time is running out, that fate may very well be a fateful and tragic end to what was a idealistic vision, filled with blinded hope and expectation.


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