Happy Birthday Mr. President !

Jacod Zuma celebrating sour faced with a glass of wine.

Mr. Zuma is having a birthday today! The prodigal Sun has returned and glories and praise ring out for the King. Back last year  May when Zuma was hanging off the cliff during the Nkandlagate scandal and the pending electoral revolt I, wrongly, speculated that Zuma would fall – at least by October that year. Ironically, you can read that analysis in the post #zumastillwontfall.

It’s well worth reading the entire post again, but here is a key paragraph to requip : ”The key or trigger transit to this event <

>  is seen in orange and that is transiting Saturn in the 9th house directly opposed to his Jupiter and Mars conjunct.<>  Saturn, just a few days before had gone stationary retrograde only a degree away from a perfect opposition. Talk about Zuma being the luckiest of bastards around on this planet! This is indicated too by natal Jupiter (good luck) conjunct his Mars where Mars is the ruler of his Aries Sun. Natal Jupiter rules the 9th house where Saturn is and the 9th house represents legal affairs and the constitution ! This suggests that when Saturn returns he may be facing another legal challenge. Saturn being authority and the opposition indicating a turn of his luck.”

They call him  the Teflon president because nothing, no dirt, will stick and he doesn’t even need to take a shower. One has to admire the resilience and political savvy he does process. Since the previous national drama (take your pick) he has done exceeding well to crash the Rand currency a number of times, to reduce the national debt to junk status and is threatening to turn the nation into the next Zimbabwe. Probably his high IQ solution to getting all those millions of illegal Zimbabweans to go back home and he still gets to blame it all on White supremacy.

Here is the chart (referenced above) that was posted previously looking at Zuma’s transit during his last failed fall. We do not know the birth time, so we are using a Sun Sign chart with Aries, the Sun sign, ruling the first house:

Astrology transit chart for Jacob Zuma 31 March 2016 for the constitutional court ruling on Nkandla.
Zuma’s transits back on 31st March ’16 for the constitutional court ruling.
The key here was the Uranus transit to his Sun. Uranus is known for bringing radical and surprising shake ups. Neptune was coming to conjunct his South Node in Pisces in the symbolic (Sun sign) 12th house. That would correlate to personal undoing, loss to hidden enemies and reaping the fruits of his karma. Saturn, lord of barriers and deliverer of goods,  in Sagittarius in the symbolic 9th house was directly opposing his Jupiter / Mars conjunct in Gemini (the trickster). Previous PM guy Mbeki went down for far less and he is still bitching endlessly about it like a sore loser cry baby. Praise Jupiter. Also, in the chart Pluto in the career reputation 10th was in a direct inconjunct to Jupiter/Mars (this aspect will return). Transiting Jupiter was riding the North Node – so maybe that’s why he survived. With Saturn opposing natal Jupiter from the 9th (and Pluto inconjunct) and transiting Jupiter however favourably placed on the North Node, Zuma was essentially found guilty of breaching the constitution yet never suffered any real consequences for that.

Perhaps in my previous analysis I wrote what I wanted to hear. Perhaps not, perhaps I failed to look further ahead at how the story would unfold. To salvage the sinking ship, lets have a look at his present transit chart:

Jacob Zuma's Solar Return chart for his 75 Birthday.
Jacob Zuma’s Solar Return chart for his 75 Birthday.
Here we can see a couple of interesting things. First up, as Zuma hangs off the cliff again, Saturn turned retrograde is square to his natal Neptune in the 6th house severely affecting his popularity with the masses. This Neptune, ruler of the South Node in the opposite sign and house, indicates his day to day (6th) corrupt, opaque dealings (Neptune) and his severe learning curve (North Node) to do with needing to be more principled and honest (Virgo). The Uranus Sun conjunct is now basically over. Grand chess master Pluto at this point is two degrees past the inconjunct to Jupiter/Mars and two degrees warming for a square to his Sun. Perhaps it is Pluto here that has the last say and not Uranus. Maybe Uranus’ message was ‘stop doing that crap you’re always doing or else…’. Pluto, however, will go retrograde before squaring his Sun (2018). Neptune is past the South Node conjunct, but Neptune too will go retrograde and come back to the South Node point (August 31). In addition, Saturn is now also retrograde heading back towards that Jupiter opposition which was the key to the public prosecutor’s ruling against him in Nkandlagate. Retrograde season means business is way far from complete! The Gods have not finished with their prodigal Son and how Lord Jupiter doth protest – and Jupiter by the way is presently exactly trine to his natal Jupiter, so it appears, for now at least, that the anti-Zuma protests and no confidence parliamentary motion will probably come to nought. Jupiter is reigning His will from His (Their) Nkandla palace, but Poseidon, Hades and Kronos are coming knock knocking on the back door! One could image Zuma at this moment making that squeaky funny ‘hehe’ chuckle he does so well.

Well, let’s move ahead here and have a look at how these transits will play about by August 25th this year :

Jacob Zuma's transits for 25th August 2017.
Jacob Zuma’s transits for 25th August 2017.
There are some interesting deja vus happening here! Pluto (purple), having turned direct to retrograde is now exactly inconjunct to  Jupiter. Saturn, has just turned stationary to direct (power surcharge) just two degrees past opposition to natal Jupiter and trine to the natal Sun. Neptune, Poseidon from the deep, is still retrograde one degree to the South Node (exact 31 Aug.). Interestingly Jupiter in Libra is now three degrees out from the Jupiter to Jupiter trine (Zeus must be off at this point whoring with Venus somewhere), however , Jupiter is also basically opposing his Sun by one degree!

It’s a bit of a mixed bag. While Saturn is imposing obstacles and waving his finger from the opposition to Jupiter ( ruler of the Sun) , Saturn is in a more constructive and strengthening trine to the natal Sun. We saw here previously however, with Saturn opposed to Jupiter, that this aspect was not favourable to him for Nkandlagate. Neptune, however, is on the South Node (opening the gates of retribution) and Pluto is hiding away in the inconjunct yet powerfully poking his spear. Jupiter, Lord Zeus who dearly loves His Zuma (they ravage chicks together), is opposing the Sun. With Jupiter in Libra he could be protected by his alliances, but only if he is not too focused on himself (Aries Sun). Saturn presently square to Neptune in the 6th in Virgo could indicate a further weakening in his alliance with the trade unions. Saturn is also ruling or disposing of Pluto in Capricorn, so this strengthens the attack against his (not so public) protector  Jupiter in tricky Gemini!  Saturn and Pluto together are pretty formidable and their aspects, opposition and inconjunct to Jupiter, are unfavorable. Jupiter is ruling in turn both Saturn and Neptune threatening to undo things on the South Node in the 12th, so this looks like Jupiter this time may not be able to win enough favour from his bigger brothers Neptune and Pluto nor Daddy Saturn himself .

Perhaps #zumamustfall but perhaps #zumastillwontfall, but his fate is surely in the hands of the Gods!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mr. President !

  1. Great detail thank you….. cannot believe that once again nothing happens. Maybe you should look at Atul Gupta whose birthday is the same day as Donald Trump ……. he was 57 last year….. maybe 1959…. it will be interesting to see how everything is entwined

    1. Comment appreciated. In case I missed the wood for the trees (Virgo S.Node) the point here is that Zuma will be returning to the exact same aspect patterns that were around for the constitutional court ruling. Saturn opposed to Jupiter / Pluto inconjunct and Neptune on the S.Node. This time however, the planets are all retro and I chose 25th as a key period because of the powerful stationary direct of Saturn. Retro motions all have the archetypal energy of Virgo – internalized, intense, detailed.

      We saw globally that the S. Node Neptune conjunct correlated to the huge Wikileak dumps. The negative polarity of Pisces is extremely corrupt bordering sociopathic. These people know no boundaries and will use Jupiter to justify all excesses of abuse – like a guru leading his flock off the cliff or feeding them coolaid. Zuma has his Pisces Moon conjunct the S.Node.
      Of course he got away with it because he has Jupiter conjunct the Sun ruler Mars and Jupiter was well placed back then on the N.Node. This time Jupiter is opposite his Sun! He could get away with it again if he doesn’t shore up his support and alliances (Libra). The opposition could swing either way. With the retrogrades I feel that something else, so more detail is going to come out, or another scandal is brewing. Saturn in Sagittarius and the 9th clearly suggest that any public interest group wanting to unseat him would have to focus on legal and constitutional angles. Because Saturn just turned retro square to his Neptune in Virgo/6th cusping 27 degrees into Libra – there could be a coup brewing – 6th house are coworkers etc. and Libra alliances.

      I should look at the Gupta chart. Interestingly Trump, another populist, has a similar Gemini signature to Zuma – his of course is the Sun Uranus conjunct – very tricky, very deceitful. Geminis are expert at the bait and switch. They lead you down the garden path, know what to say and when to create a shit storm so nobody notices their real shenanigans . Trump led the populist revolt in America down the Gemini brick road and is now proving to be a neocon on steroids.

      1. …. and also previously Jupiter as Zuma’s protector was in Virgo whereas this time round Jupiter is in Libra – therefore coalescing the energies of Neptune (Pisces) and Saturn (Sagittarius) which ias another reason why the Jupiter Sun opposition may not be so facourable. However, Jupiter in Libra offers a broad sign trine to natal Jupiter in Gemini – that could bolster his good fortune , but once again the coalescing of Neptune and Saturn could expose him and erode good will and fortune. I was not so clear on those points -:)

      2. Thank you again, I love reading all your diagnosis, this for lack of a better word. I always hope that if the people cannot get rid of alilbaba and his 40 thieves, maybe the Universe will assist……. now that the ConCourt may rule in favour of a secret ballot, we may at last see the way forward again. One can almost recklessly say that anyone is better than JZ…. not to talk about getting rid of the Guptas. I am not surprised that JZ and DT have similar signature…
        both are so alike, both sleep very well at night, could not give a darn, say the most outrageous things, AND get away with it….

        In these last two difficult weeks of April, may the Gods smile on us….. just one
        Thanks again…. AL

      3. Well, good luck and may Jupiter, inflated beyond belief be put in his place by his big brothers! The secret ballad ruling is interesting …. that would correlate to Sagittarius / Saturn / 9th house. Also to Neptune on the South Node – Pisces / hidden enemies /12th and Pluto (secrets) 10th inconjunct while Saturn square to natal Neptune erodes supports with allies and colleagues -;)

      4. Of course I can get totally excited by your equations…..just a thought…I have always been interested in the fixed star signs and wonder what JZ’s got in that department…
        Possibly a touch of Argol or worse

  2. Help… Good Heavens its nearly June …. and another survival …… no really…. do the Gods not like justice…
    this must end now…. the scandals are getting bigger, but for JZ life goes on…. no worries.

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