Jupiter square Pluto II : Subterranian nukes

The collapse intensifies. Ideological purging continues. Powerful hidden forces realign. Daggers are drawn. Truth, secrets, revelations and unveiling.

Coming off the New Moon eclipse in Pisces, we are just past the tropical Spring Equinox where the Sun has entered Aries and Jupiter in retrograde comes to square Pluto by the end of the month. Pisces is the swamp. The filthy, dirty sewer. In Scorpio, with Mars and Pluto, we are given the opportunity to surface that which is repressed, to deal with the shadow self, to be honest, to transmute and transform the developing cancers before they metastasize and lead to death. What we continue to conceal, suppress and repress in Scorpio, is eventually manifested in Pisces (disease, insanity). What we consciously and continually try to deny or hide  (Scorpio) will only emerge from the swamp and subconsciously  sabotage and undermine us to the point of inevitable, systematic collapse (Pisces). The end of the road is reached.

The recent new Moon Solar eclipse in Pisces signaled the Universal intent to clean house, to drain the swamp, to slit the boil and leach the puss. All the accumulated poisons (from Scorpio) in Pisces need to be drained out so that the organism can continue to live and breath new life as symbolized by the Sun crossing the equinoctial point. The eclipse energy is  flowing through Jupiter (eclipse ruler) to  Pluto in the square which is offering an opportunity for massive (Jupiter) structural (Capricorn) transformation (Pluto) – of ego, self, relationships, politics, economics and society. It can happen, but it won’t come easily and painlessly, not with a square! The alternative is only accelerated systematic collapse.

This urgent need to purge and cleanse is both personal and collective. Our political institutions are awash with corruption, economic neo feudalism reigns, corporate oligarchs rule, social discourse is suffocating on political correctness and denial and the globalist media is endlessly promoting national and cultural destruction. We get the systems, politicians and society we deserved. As within so without. Pisces is the alpha and the omega – the end of the road and the seeding of the new reality.

Wikileaks just took a massive dump in the open sewer. Not that they actually revealed anything, more that they made the denial of reality an impossibility. CIA shenanigans and massive state and corporate tech collusion and surveillance via our precious tech devices and Internet services. Jupiter is square from the 7th sign of Libra and the secrets of the ‘Vault 7’ (square Pluto) are cracked. The mainstream media largely ignored it (Neptune in Pisces), but they are already an anachronism, an irritation that won’t go away. The first of these big Wikileaks dumps (DNC, Podesta, hotdog sauce, pizza etc.) happened with  Neptune conjunct to the South Node. Now it is intensifying after the eclipse and understandably so. Inevitably the swamp must release its gas, the alligators surface, or the sewer lets off a stink and the rats come rushing out.  As the decay held within Pisces is released this is deflected by Jupiter (ruler)  square to Pluto in Capricorn therefore accelerating and intensifying the systematic collapse. This square is the first major Jupiter aspect since the eclipse and the last major aspect from Jupiter to Saturn before Saturn conjuncts the Galactic Center at 29 degrees Sagittarius!

Neptune in Pisces – denying the  denial of denial. Jupiter, the Truth Man, operates through rulership (with Neptune) over Pisces by stripping away the layers until the singular undeniable truth is left bare. Truth through negation. Not this, not that, fooled here, fooled there again.  Supposedly apparitions have a basis in reality. Ultimately the fog must lift and the path be revealed, if there is one to follow. Jupiter through rulership of Pisces reveals the true nature of Maya and truth of the Materium . Truth is empty. Emptiness is truth. It is like pealing an onion only to come to the core of nothing and all we have left for the effort are tears and a sense of betrayal and hopelessness. Truth is temporal, reality tenuous.

Hence the ideological (Jupiter) purging (Pluto) that must take place now as we deal with the urgency of complete structural transformation (Pluto/Capricorn) due to stagnation, rot and decay  (Neptune/Pisces). Our very relationship to ourselves (Aries/Uranus), the other and society (Jupiter/Libra opposition square Pluto/Capricorn) are in for a major shift. I suspect the major changes bearing down on many people right now are coming from without. We are being or will be  forced to adapt, change, restructure and re-orientate due to circumstances and others beyond our control. For myself with Pluto transiting in the 1st and Jupiter in the 10th I have been shifted at work into a new sector which will, albeit a good opportunity (Jupiter), require some major adaptations (square Pluto). Even so, as Jupiter goes direct and comes in for the final square by early August, I will probably have quit that job (Pluto/cutting off) and will be in the process of relocating to another country and home (Jupiter rules my 4th) therefore being forced to interact with the world and approach life somewhat differently (Pluto 1st house). As global and inter personal events unfold over the next few months, we will each be offered opportunity to bring about major structural change in our lives depending on house placements, rulerships and aspects of Jupiter square Pluto. Some of these changes might be quite sudden and unexpected with the added twists of the Uranus opposition. Good luck!

Jupiter Rx square to Pluto 29/30 March 2017

Jupiter square to Pluto is the ultimate conspiracy theory aspect. Dark (Pluto) and massively (Jupiter)  powerful forces (Pluto/Capricorn) lay hidden in the wake (square). One cannot see around the corner without being square to the degree. Jupiter square to Pluto is the revelation of the Deep State (Pluto/Capricorn), which is now even hitting consciousness through the corporate media! Pluto in Capricorn disposed of by Saturn in Sagittarius (publication/ truth). Trump is battling the Deep State,  factions within the CIA, the FBI and the Justice Department. Obama wire tapping allegations and accusations, denials, refutations and threatening of evidences still forth coming, but now it is just revealed that the NSA has had Trump under surveillance since 2004! Rumours of a coup or a take down against Trump and the lining up of Pence as the Brutus man. The jostling power of dark and sinister forces is only going to intensify and major truth bombs and revelations are going to shake the world.

The first Jupiter Pluto square was warming up  back pre US election time and hit  exact around the time the Electoral College caste their votes. Take two and the butt hurt cry bullies still can’t accept the reality of Trumpenreich. ‘If we can’t get what we want, then everything must be destroyed’. Become the ungovernable –  a leaf taken out the book of ANC communist activism in South Africa. Soros, still breathing, is continuing to pour as much money  into various activist and anarchist groups as he can. Soros funded organizations are now recruiting full time activists into so called ‘A-team’ groups to stir up the rabble and incite public unrest and civil disobedience (Uranus /Aries opposed to Jupiter/Libra).
Released just days ago in the news is that Brexit is going to be triggered on March 29th. That’s to the exact timing of the Jupiter Pluto square! Here we can see the painful structural adjustment and realignment of Jupiter square to Pluto in Capricorn. The Uranus opposition correlates to the unexpected (for those in Neptunian denial) and shock result of the Brexit vote, and the anger and volatility behind it – Uranus opposition to Jupiter – and also how old relationships and alliances have ended (Uranus opposed Libra) and new ones have to be forged (Jupiter, growth, Libra). The official Brexit ought to trigger once again all magnitude of intense hurt feelings!

The Brexit ”I’m so triggered” chart is really quite spot on! I had blogged previously that Brexit would definitely happen based on Pluto coming to oppose the national Moon of the UK which is at 19’25 Cancer in the 10th house. This signifies a complete transformation, an irrevocable change (Pluto), to the national identity, reputation and place in the world of the nation (Moon 10th). Not only will Brexit happen at the exact Jupiter Pluto square (at the 19 degree point), but this aspect will be practically exactly in a square opposition to the Nation’s Moon. Transiting Uranus which now sits in the nation’s 7th house can be thrown in the mix as well because at this point the Pluto Uranus square is being triggered again – thus a grand Cross is being forged in cardinal signs and angular houses! Coming on the back of the Brexit trigger is another threat of a Scottish independence vote (square to Pluto in Capricorn/structural collapse; Uranus opposed to Libra/ relationship breakdown ) by the racist and nationalist (sic) Nicola Sturgeon. At least with Trump being a businessman in for the deal, he could always negotiate the rebuilding of Hadrian’s Wall!

Brexit Triggered

I would be surprised if this Jupiter retrograde square does not go down without some major events, dramas or key directives being put in place. Whatever massive events transpire at this time, by the end of this month, they will ricochet well through  into August when the final square comes into action with Pluto in retrograde.

We should keep an eye out for another major Wikileaks bombshell (s) – Jupiter (publication) ruling the last eclipse in Pisces (leaks); scandals related to global pedogate (Pluto/sex, Capricorn/elites); an upsurge in violent incidences (Uranus/Aries shock, trauma, Jupiter square Pluto/drama/death) and mass terror events and also  natural calamities (Capricorn earth sign). Things are also primed for more political assassinations or suspicious deaths (Russians). Economic shocks too with Jupiter in retrograde and the (T) square to Pluto. Will the Joker card of North Korea be played in a game of Trumps?

Funny enough, just at the timing of the equinox David Rockefeller dropped dead at 101. Do these people ever actually die? How many organ transplants and vampiric blood transfusions can the vessel take? Maybe they go underground to their reptilian  lair or are teleported to some abode around Saturn like David Bowie and Michael Jackson? Also, Martin McGuinness of former IRA fame died around the equinox too – it is not uncommon for major public figures or leaders to either fall from grace or die in the periods before and after a major Solar eclipse.

While I had planned to post this article last week, things were delayed, and then there was the latest terror event in London. This event is clearly connected to the fast tightening Jupiter square to Pluto. The whole drama unfolded with the Moon transiting over Pluto as the trigger. We can expect more such terror events to unfold as we get closer to the end of this month and then again towards the end of September and into early August as we approach the final direct square. The latest terror carnage in Europe was followed by the usual feigned outrage, shock and horror. The usual empty hollow statements like ‘we will not be defeated’ , ‘they will not divide us’ , ‘diversity is strength’, ‘we’re not trying hard enough for multiculturalism’, ‘it’s not about Islam’ etc. etc. Neptune and Pisces is collective, emotional and in denial.  The cuck hoards will gather, light candles, have vigils, self indulge in vacuous sympathy, compassion, heart felt prayers and pay heed to the universal Pisces/Neptune cry for victims and the socially approved and necessitated levels of emotionality. And the same things will happen all over again ….

Everything now is leading to 2020 and the great conjuncts of Pluto Saturn and Jupiter which auger a period of massive structural realignment. This could happen due to economic factors, social and political collapse and turmoil, major international conflicts or severe civil unrest and civil, ethnic war type situations, disclosure or an alien invasion scenario faked or otherwise and also environmental disasters. Either that or a collective will and effort  to change the way things get done. Capricorn and Saturn are all about the skeletal structures, also geological structures and with Jupiter, expansion, in the mix we could be facing by 2020 major geological and environmental effects related to earth expansion. Probably things will escalate especially from now and into 2018 and by the time we hit 2020, we will be at the peak of the 2020 alignments – which, essentially,  are about massive structural realignments and/or massive destruction (and death)  and then rebuilding. Pluto and Saturn together have a bad reputation for major wars and Jupiter will make a big bang for sure.

Also consider that when Jupiter hits Scorpio and trines to Neptune in Pisces come 2018, things are going to get pretty nasty and ugly. The rot, corruption and stench of the Pisces sewer is pretty rank right now, so wait until 2018 and what comes leaking or crawling out. I think at this time the truth about the global elites and the political class and their involvement in pedophilia, child sacrifice, human trafficking, sex rings and cannibalistic practices are going to go mainstream. Shadow realities are expanded, all that is hidden, repressed, suppressed and denied (including burning hatreds, smoldering revenge, righteous victimization) is going to get quite out of hand. On the individual level at least, and in pockets of higher evolved groups, there is remarkable opportunity for phoenix like spiritual transformation and ascension or a porthole escape out the matrix. This period will be the final show down between the entrenched forces of globalism and multiculturalism  (Neptune Pisces / Jupiter)  and the rising tide of populist nationalism (Saturn trine Uranus).

Why so much ‘of the higher order’ is happening at the moment is that Saturn is at 27 Sagittarius fast approaching the Galactic Center at 29 degrees Sagittarius. This relates to way back when in 2012 which Pluto was conjunct the Galactic Center. Saturn is really going to manifest those energies and whatever the reality and substance of that Pluto GC opposition was all about. We have to hold our horses here because Saturn will go stationary retrograde on 5 April at 27’47 degrees – that is a close 2 degree orb to the GC which is all that is needed to give the planet a boost!

Always a silver lining, always something to look forward to! The final Jupiter Pluto square will be 4 August with Uranus retrograde also trine to the GC! Uranus turns retrograde just a degree off from the GC. Saturn will be there into December and then Uranus comes back again to the GC trine. I think August (and the end of this March) will be the key periods for this year. What will Uranus manifest from the core of our Galactic Heart!? Expect some kind of major game changer, or some kind of event or revelation that dramatically shifts our collective consciousness and evolution. Don’t forget that there are extremely Dark Forces out there too! The much promoted ‘Age of Aquarius’ has a very dark side to it too.  With a trine at least we could expect something of a higher order of consciousness. Saturn conjunct the GC starts from 11 December when Saturn reaches the critical 29 degrees of Sagittarius. These two aspects, Uranus to the GC and Jupiter to Pluto are key indicators to what Saturn will manifest towards the end of this year at the GC and then His triumphic entry into His own house of Capricorn.


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