Jupiter in Libra : Boundaries of the Taboo

Jupiter in Libra is the predominant meme for this year together with the opposition  to Uranus in Aries with the Mars transit now stirring things up. Jupiter through rulership of Sagittarius and Pisces correlates to the mass media, global culture, publications, broadcasting and communications. Jupiter is the dissemination of memes. Jupiter wants to expand our perceptual reality and tries to push our experiential boundaries. In Libra it is largely through relationships and alliances.

Although ruled by Venus, Libra is also a cardinal air sign, so it is intellectual meaning Libra  is about our social intelligence. Gemini is where information is gathered, primary ideas are formed and the trine from Gemini to cardinal Libra indicates how these ideas are tested in the real world (cardinal sign)  and especially through interaction with others (Libra). The other sign of Venus, Taurus, is six derived signs to Libra showing how in Libra our values (Venus), derived from our family, community and historical lineage (Taurus) , meet a phase of re-examination and adjustment (six is Virgo) in order to establish relationships with other people (Libra).  Our values as well as intellectual concepts are tested, adjusted and refined through interactions with others.

In Libra we learn the value of compromise and cooperation. Libra is where we need to be more accommodating, cooperative  and inclusive. Libra, however, is also about testing the boundaries of what we find acceptable, or tasteful, on a personal as well as a communal, social level. We can see this in the forming of relationships or cooperative agreements – how far are we prepared to bend and where is the breaking point, where we draw the line and say, ”I’m not prepared to go beyond this point” and,  ”Your values and my values are too different for us to work together” ?

The flip side of Libra and Venus is Mars and Aries. Push Libra too far and you will get the slack back in your face like Mars throwing a sling punch. Ultimately Saturn and Capricorn are about the boundaries that we eventually establish (Libra square to Capricorn) and we can see the connection here with Mars being exalted in Capricorn and Saturn being exalted in Libra. What comes after Libra of course is Scorpio ruled by Mars. When Libra says,  ”No! These are my limitations!” – then we have essentially arrived in the next phase of the cycle in Scorpio. With Scorpio ‘No’ means ‘No!’.

It is really important that we understand this principle, this progression, with this being a full year of Jupiter in Libra followed by Jupiter into Scorpio. Our values, the boundaries of what we consider decent, moral, fare and acceptable are going to be pushed, and radically so with the  Uranus opposition. What we personally and collective compromise on during this year, will, when Jupiter enters Scorpio, be expanded into the collective of shared values (Scorpio opposed to Taurus). The next phase to this is when Jupiter moves into legalese Sagittarius where the laws are enacted and then Capricorn, by 2020, where the new social structures and boundaries are made permanent.

Scorpio represents taboos – all those things we never agreed upon or wanted to discuss in delicate, sophisticated Libra. With Jupiter in Libra we need to think ahead to what is going to be expanded when Jupiter naturally cycles into Scorpio. What is being pushed very hard now through the collective controlled globalist  narrative, where our boundaries are being radically tested and shaken – revolve around the last two ultimate taboos in our postmodern Western society : pedophilia and cannibalism.

Pedogate, Milogate and Pizzagate 

I have previously blogged about Jupiter in Libra and one topic brought up was the idea of new lows in sexual and  moral depravity  and critical relativism. The slime really started to take living form during the US election cycle with all the allegations of molestation against Trump (unsubstantiated) , the Weiner scandal, Spirit Cooking  and then the Wikileaks psyops with the Podesta email leaks which led to the explosion of Pizzagate in the background of the ‘fake news’ narrative.

Right now we all need to take a collective deep breath!

The recent fall of Milo Yiannopolous was very telling in terms of astrological transits. It happened just before the Solar eclipse in Pisces – correlating to the fall of a prominent public figure. It happened at the Uranus Mars conjunct and Milo’s fire brand of pseudo conservative activism and open flaunting of his fellatio predilections ( he sucks black cock) encapsulated the essence of the Mars in Aries conjunct with Uranus (male, queer, unusual, radical, shocking, sex). His fall was related to pederasty and sexual molestation, of which he was a victim, but it was more about his  attitude towards inter generational and underage sex and its victims – all encapsulating Pisces (lack of boundaries/victims) the opposition to Virgo (teenage years, coming of age) and of course Jupiter, ruling the (Pisces)  eclipse, in Libra (testing the boundaries of social norms and values).

Astrology birth chart of MiloYiannopolous
Milo’s exact birth time is unknown, but we can see in this chart how his Moon fell directly on the recent Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees of Pisces. Milo is of course also in the midst of a Uranus Sun opposition! The Moon relates to our public perception and especially how people perceive you if you are a celebrity. Pisces is the sign of self undoing or hidden enemies. Milo with a Libra Sun Pluto conjunct is not shy and he is fairly courageous in courting controversy. Saturn is also conjunct Pluto but from Scorpio which shows how he is quite open about issues of sexuality and attacking taboo subjects. His Jupiter / Uranus conjunct in Sagittarius shows how he is quite the shit stirrer when it comes to issues of gender, race and politics (Sagittarius).

Not to get too much into detail with the Milo saga, which is by relative standards now ancient history, but suffice to say it was a set up! Milo had played the Liberals and Leftists at their own game and had gotten them really triggered and riled up. What were they to say about a homo half Jew faggot black cock lover pissing on the left’s holy cows of Islam, white privilege, feminism, social justice etc. etc. ? His Dangerous Faggot tour of US campuses was getting out of hand, caused riots at Berkley and he had early been booted off twitter. The lame stream media kept painting him as the darling of the ‘alt right’ – a claim he rejected yet at the same time deliberately profited off. The ‘alt right’ has a  splinter called the ‘alt light’, where Milo would perhaps be more welcome. Many in the  ‘true alt right’ and others long suspected that Milo, whose meteoric rise came out of nowhere, was a setup to tarnish and co-opt the ‘alt right’ and bleed their followers through  his seductive lure down to the lowest common denominator.

He was taken down just before he was due to appear as a key note speaker at CPAC. The video podcast (Drunken Peasants) that took him down had been on ice for over a year. The Leftists really ran with it, especially since Milo was an ardent Trump supporter, yet their hypocrisy is so incessantly blatant. What Milo said absolutely pails in comparison to George Takei’s story, on the raucous Howard Stern show, of how he lost his virginity in a similar situation. George (14) was molested and jerked off by a summer camp senior, Milo (13) got whacked off by a Catholic priest. Of course, as a darling of the Left, Georgie Boy is untouchable. Milo, to note, has never abused anyone and only made light of his own experiences which is not uncommon with one who had been abused at a young age. Hardly a notch  compared to Bill Maher’s escapade down the same road or Meryle Streep’s defense of the rapist Polanski. Maher, who dared to host the heretic Milo on his show,  has really been taking it up hard on the saga because he is, after all, one of the only talk show leftists that will take a stand against Islam! Salon.com was also drawn into the furor attacking Milo for public gain, but only after they had deleted articles blatantly promoting pedophilia and sympathy for pedophiles.

Milo was shortly after forced to resign from Brannon’s Breitbart. I suspect here with Milogate that team Trump, after having pandered to the alt right for votes,  now need to take down this group within the free media before they, the true alt right,  turn on Trump, because Trump is understandably deeply compromised. Breitbart Milo was their take down man!

To get back to what I think is going on here, the social discourse is being incessantly degraded. We are being numbed into a state of normality and acceptance of the whole child and underage sex agenda.  Pizzagate is real but it is a sticky mess. People who have gotten too close to the core of it, have been taken down and taken out, twitter accounts getting too hard are getting deleted and Youtube videos are disappearing. Pizzagate has the potential to take down both the Democrat and Republican establishment – which is why it was released to the public. One theory is that way back before the Podesta leaks, it was known that Hillary would lose big, so the Pizzagate psyops was initiated. One angle was to porn it off as an elaborate fake news Internet hoax and then to take down, especially through defamation cases, those in the alt media who went after the bait, which is now happening. However, also putting it out in the public was a warning to all those in Washington who are already deeply compromised by the pedophile and child sex slavery rings. Play ball or you will be ordering hotdogs from prison! I would speculate here that all of those Republicans who are virulently anti Trump are probably the most compromised.

Interestingly, in hindsight, the ping pong pizza code goes back a long way. Kubricks’s sex cult movie Lolita has the code embedded and now many bizarre pizza references in shows like The Simpsons make a lot more sense. Then there is also Macaulay Culkin, a classic Hollywood sex groomed child star, and his Pizza Underground Band! The research is revealing that these  high end pizzaria storefronts are global and linked into the broader global pedogate story.

In the last few weeks there have been major busts of child sex, abduction  and pornography rings and Trump has highlighted this issue and set up some kind of an investigation body. Who knows to what extent he is compromised with his links to Epstein and Lolita Island. It is doubtful that top names will ever fall. Similar scandals have broken before in the US (Franklin coverup) and Europe (UK, Brussels, Norway) and things are always hushed up. Supposedly General Flynn was taken down due  to rumors of a potential Pizzagate shake down. His son had much early tweeted on the matter and it is rumoured that Flynn had compiled a list of top names which included a very close friend and confidant of Mike Pence (a Brutus for sure) . Russiagate was the fall guy and now we see a similar thing happening to Jeff Sessions, who is also a potential threat to bringing down to entire house of cards.

Recently too, Podesta was given a job at the Washington CIA Post (Bizos Amazon)  as a columnist and he did an interview deflecting Pizzagate and crying his innocence and persecution by the ‘fake media’. Of course, he was never asked any hard questions about what all the cryptic language in those emails actually meant, nor were there any hard questions about Spirit Cooking, his taste in art and the numerous disturbing pictures and videos related to Comet Pizza. Some say he was taken out of government service and put in a civilian post so that he could more easily claim the 5th amendment. Jupiter and Uranus are opposed to each other right now within  a 4 degree T-square to Pluto – hence these intense power games going on and the skulduggery is only going to get worse. Jupiter square Pluto is the ultimate conspiracy aspect and dark conspiracies abound at the moment.

With Neptune in Pisces (endings/end times) we are witnessing the collapse of Western civilization by deliberate subversion through mass immigration (Pisces/Neptune/no borders), engineered chaos and psychological demoralization. Pedogate is part of this. As society is weakened, demoralized  and collapsed the new social model and means of control, Islam, is being ushered in. Islam cannot be completely institutionalized in the West without the de facto legitimization and legalization of pedophilia and rape (note Saturn here in Sagittarius disposing of Pluto in Capricorn).

This also relates to the underage sex grooming of thousands of white teenage girls in the UK. The cover up not was just about racial sensitivity and political correctness, but the ignoring of a crime, especially on such a scale, is the de facto legitimization and legalization of such acts. We see the same thing happening across Europe as migrant rape cases and rapists are either dismissed or let off with a slap on the wrist. Recently in Swedenistan, the courts approved an underage marriage between two Syrian  Muslim cousins and  the girl, who is only 14, is already pregnant ! For some time now various quarters in the EU have been pushing for the legitimization of underage rape through so-called marriage. A report also coming out of the U.K. states that the pedophilia problem is supposedly so rampant, that the police do not have the time and resources to arrest those involved – or so they say. This is the new normal and as they say, ”You’d better just get used to it!”

How did she really taste?

As the Global Elites and their leftist, liberal and cultural Marxist sycophants (Neptune in Pisces), in all their degeneracy, push harder and faster for their end game, the final frontier, the ultimate taboo is going to be cannibalism. Some may think this is an outlandish conspiracy, but don’t forget as Jupiter pushes the boundaries of Libran social acceptance, once Jupiter hits Scorpio, we are heading into the powerful trine to Neptune in Pisces. Scorpio is about all that is taboo, which is hidden, powerful and including all matters of sex and death. Jupiter and Neptune have similar energies of dissolving barriers, so what are the limits of acceptance going to be when we reach this transit point? The social boundaries are now being tested! What kind of  liberating and progressive perversion and degradation  is not going to be shoved in people’s faces, is a matter of collective choice and the limits of tolerance.

And it is already happening…. Dead body art as seen with Hillary and Podesta’s spirit cooking sister, Marina Abramovic, as well as corpse cuisine, is all quite the rage with the oh so super trendy Hollywood and entertainment celebrities. The same people who pretend such moral outrage at Donald Trump when the biggest unspoken open secret in Hollywood is child grooming and rape. Milo attested to this in his post fall media interviews – about minors, mostly boys,  probably as young as 14 being drugged and ostensibly raped even without condoms at Hollywood boat parties he was invited to. Braver celebrities have also spoken about these things in the past. All this art fad stuff is of course just pretense, symbolic and so culturally full of deep meaning.

And on the eastern front we also have ISIS – funded by the CIA, Israel and Saudi – also engaged in mass rape, medieval torture, cannibalism and slavery. The latest trend in syndicated TV shows and movies shows the same trend or mediated social conditioning. Cannibalism  is hip, as the recent Cannes festival show cased, but  who knows what some of the hipsters  are actually getting up to off screen?

Now is all that ever is. 

With Neptune in Pisces we are living through the weirdest and most bizarre period in a long time. Maybe some CERN experiment is to blame, but all historic time lines seem to be collapsing into the present moment!  In the US we see apparitions of the civil war, black groups now calling for re-segregation, Medieval IS savagery, Europe facing another Islamic and Barbary hoard invasion, everybody screaming Nazi and Adolf Hitler, social justice Marxists agitating violence, the Cold War reignited and the possibility looming of another ice age. Pisceian, Neptunian chaos and confusion reigns.

2017 will be a year of extremities, anger,  and social tensions with the Uranus / Aries opposition. 2018 into 2019 the Jupiter/Scorpio trine is when all hell breaks loose. 2020 with the Jupiter / Saturn / Pluto conjunct in Capricorn is the end game. The new world will emerge thereafter when Pluto enters Aquarius (2024) and finally Neptune leaves Pisces for Aries (2026). By the time Neptune enters Aries, the age of the dying god will be over . Will the New World be a living dystopian hell or is the tide about to be turned with Saturn trine to Uranus?


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