Dawn of a New Day

Saturn in Sagittarius trine to Uranus in Aries. The dawning (Aries) of a new political and cultural (Sagittarius) era. Aries is the sign of  the dawn, of the spring, the traditional New Year and the end to the winter of discontent. And was it an upset and a  shocker (Uranus opposed to Jupiter), followed by much weeping, wailing, victim whining (Pisces/Neptune) as the ideals and delusions of many a minion were shattered (Neptune going direct). Soon followed the indignant cries of an injustice (Jupiter/Libra) and the ugly riots and anger (opposed to Uranus in Aries).

Some say the hard pushing of identity politics (Saturn / Sagittarius)  lost the selection for Ms Would Be President. The people were tired of the politically correct tyranny, empty slogans and name calling, the victim politics and the childish hysteria (Neptune / Pisces). They had had enough of the institutionalized political corruption (Pluto / Capricorn). The deal, however,  is not done yet because  Jupiter is square to Pluto and knives are drawn behind backs in the shadows. Massive intrigue, power struggles (Jupiter square Pluto),  shifting and formation of new alliances (Libra), friends becoming enemies and enemies becoming friends (Uranus opposed to Jupiter/Libra). Drama scripted in the high heavens!

The Fall (excuse the seasonal pun) of Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the Globalists is as important as the rise to power of this ideological group. Hillary laid her roots with Saul Alinsky around 1968 when Neptune was in Scorpio. Obama, like the Clintons,  is also an Alinskyite and Chicago communist radical not to mention  the continued speculation of Obama’s long term associations with Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground extremists. At this point one may just as well add Obama’s endorsement of BLM and their roots into radical Marxism and violent activism.

Water signs mark the ends of phases and of cycles. They are the places where the previous energies are amalgamated and coalesced. The cycle starts with cardinal energies which manifest intent into the world, the fixed which establish the new paradigms and the mutable energies that allow for reformation or dissolution. Cancer to Scorpio to Pisces – where we now have Neptune on the South Node. Jupiter is the planet of ideology, politics and idealism and it refracts the energies of both Pisces and Sagittarius. Jupiter and Neptune are the planets which correlate to the unfolding of trends and collective movements. Uranus correlates here too, but Uranus is more of a collective that is populist or revolutionary in nature and not bound to any established ideology or institutional group. Uranus and Aquarius are quintessentially anti-establishment.

Neptune has a strong correlation to Socialist, Marxist and Communist ideologies as we can see with Neptune in cardinal Cancer at the time of the 1905 Russian Revolution when Uranus (revolution) in Capricorn opposed Neptune!  Saturn conjuncted Neptune in Leo for the 1917 Revolutions and  the establishment of international socialism and communism. The rise of the radical left and the radicalization of American politics happened in the mid to late sixties when Pluto and Uranus joined together (Virgo) with Saturn opposing in Pisces! Neptune was in Scorpio and the energies of Neptune were therefore under the control at that time of Pluto (Pluto rules Scorpio). Thus the sixties was as much of a sexual revolution (Pluto/Scorpio) as it was social revolution pertaining to  radical (Uranus) leftist ideology (Neptune/Saturn in Pisces).

If we fast forward from the cultural revolutions of the sixties that laid the ground for the current cultural Marxist paradigms of Globalism and Multiculturalism (manifest into the social body in the 1970’s with Neptune in Sagittarius) , we have  just come out of the first opening square to the present Uranus/Pluto cycle seeded in the late sixties. The recent Uranus / Pluto square lasted from about 2008 to 2015 and in the midst of it we saw economic collapse and the Arab (CIA) Spring  and (Soros) coloured revolutions in Eastern Europe. We are actually still in the closing window period of the Uranus / Pluto square which is being activated once again as we head closer and closer into the Uranus Jupiter opposition!

The social left have for 30 years garnered and held total sway over popular culture, intelligentsia and the media and now with their assumed guardianship  being ruthlessly ripped away, they are going absolutely hysterical and apoplectic in tune to Neptune in its own sign of Pisces (hysteria, meltdown and tears).  The radical left became the corrupt institution (Pluto/Capricorn) and now with Saturn trine to Uranus in Aries, the new radicals are the conservative populists and particularly the scapegoated (Neptune/Pisces) so called Alt (Uranus) Right (Saturn). Saturn correlates to conservative movements and politics and the trine to Aries indicates a new politics and Uranus indicates the radical, alternative aspect. The irony of it all is hilarious! Or as they say, ”Orange is the new black”.

So, to get to the gist of it, the political and social backlash (not whitelash! sic) to this radical Marxist, globalist paradigm (witnessed in both Brexit and Trump Train) is happening in correlation to end period of the the Pluto Uranus square – indicating the next phase (quarter waxing cycle) of the sixties Pluto/Uranus cycle – and significantly at the time of Neptune in Pisces which is indicative of the ending of a particular water cycle first manifest when Neptune was in Cancer back in 1905! Something else that is really significant about this Neptune cycle is that it began in April 1861 (American Civil War!)  when Neptune entered Aries and the peak of the war built up as Saturn came to oppose Neptune by 1863! The warm up to the Civil War was a Saturn Uranus square (parallel to today’s Uranus Pluto square) and the period directly after was the Saturn Pluto opposition (2020 is Saturn Pluto conjunct)! Trump ran his campaign on the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’. He billed himself as the last hope for the saving what is left of the founding fathers’ vision (Saturn Neptune opposition) and for putting America first.

Blowing the Trumpet :

It seemed obvious that Trump had the vote judging by the huge crowds at the massive rallies he drew out and he didn’t need any vapid celebrities to get the people in! Considering the establishment corruption and media collusion , it was only a massive landslide that would get him into the White House – and it happened! They say Hillary won the popular vote, perhaps a leading media spin to legitimize violent protest, however, if one factors in the the massive fraud involved on the side of the Democrats/Globalists she clearly lost that too. It is an admitted fact that at least two million to three million illegal aliens voted, not to mention the zombie votes of the dead , multiple votes cast and vote switching designed into the Soros voting machines.

They had the fix in to steal a close election, but a landslide would make it all too obvious. In true Alinsky fashion, the ‘rules for radicals’, and through the shenanigans of the Greens (watermelon commies), the Trump side is now being accused of fraud amidst the hysterical Neptune in Pisces narrative of Russian hackers that was laid out in advance. At one stage Stein was pretending to prefer Trump over Clinton, but now we see the sudden switch – so indicative of flip flopping alliances of Jupiter in Libra opposed to Uranus in Aries!   Suddenly she has raised millions more dollars (Soros) than her entire campaign had raised to recount states that Trump won by small, although by greater margins than did Hillary in places like New Hampshire. I guess what she is really after is not so much electoral integrity, but  a big new house not unlike her brethren Bernie got. Politics is politics. Another angle is that she is attempting to through the election into the long grass, so that when the Electors meet, the States still under recount will be excluded and perhaps Congress will intervene. I don’t know the legalities here, but either way she is doing her best to delegitimize the Trump victory, legitimize violence, social unrest and a possible Electoral switch.

I would say most popular astrologers called this election wrong – partly because they were writing what they wanted and needed to hear. One of the best astrology articles that proposed a Trump victory was this one which you can read at Dark Star Astrology – US election 2016 – Trump & The Snake. I never got into the details of this election nor the candidates, but some time ago in my post of ‘The Great Conflagration’ dealing with this current time period I made an off hand remark that based on the growing strength of the presiding Saturn Uranus trine, that the people would vote for Trump. One can get into all sorts of minute details, especially with astrology, but often the deciding factor in something really simple, that and  also the fact that Trump is right in the field of his Jupiter return where Jupiter rules his Sagittarius Moon and trines to Uranus in his 10th house (career, accomplishments, public standing) which also shows how lucky he is with money (Jupiter in 2nd), career as well as the people he works with and has around him (Uranus rules 6th and 7th) .

Trump’s chart has what it takes to be a good president. I would not categorize Trump as a racist, nor is he ‘alt right’ or White nationalist in any sense of their stated policies. I would not even say that he is a misogynist in the strict understanding of the word, although I would say that he is a bit of a chauvinist, which is something that comes along with his age, generation and general upbringing. He is not anti gay. In fact, he should be considered a friend of gays in terms of his policies against radical Islam and Muslim immigration; after all, it was a Muslim that committed the worse mass shooting in US history and against a gay community, in Orlando.  On the spectrum, I would regard Trump as some kind of a liberal conservative apart from him being a populist. The fact that he has been demonized as some kind of a ‘Hitler’ by the ‘true’ media and the leftists really says something in terms of the relative perspective – how far left, how radically left does one have to be to see an ostensibly liberal conservative proto globalist as some kind of a boohoo fascist extremist?


Trump has natal Jupiter in Libra which rules his Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is quite generous and Libra accommodating, liberal and lenient to a degree. People with Jupiter in Libra are very open minded, willingly to listen to others and are not unnecessarily dogmatic. They will tolerate a lot, are thick skinned, and if you present a good case you can win their hearts and minds. With Jupiter in Libra he loves to talk about justice, fairness and equality – especially when it comes to trade deals.  He also has Uranus trine to his Jupiter! His Sagittarius Moon on the other hand can be dogmatic or idealistic (also bombastic) . The Uranus opposition can either radicalize this or open him up to different ways of thinking. The trine to his Moon from Mars in Leo shows how any dogmatism is attached to his pride and ego complexes. With Mars in proud Leo hidden just behind his Ascendant where Mars rules his 4th house of Scorpio,  he does have a penchant for revenge and as a Gemini he can be very tricky, difficult to pin down or even duplicitous. The Uranus conjunct makes him is out of the box, unpredictable, eccentric and a bit of a loose cannon.

Will the protests continue ?

The answer to this is yes. The social unrest and hysteria around the Trump win is correlating to the Uranus Jupiter opposition. Jupiter of course also rules Pisces with Neptune (leftist camp) and therefore Jupiter is disposing of those energies in Libra (what an injustice!) and this energy offset against Uranus in Aries is provoking angry social unrest. We witness in these crowds the typical mindless mass herding of Neptune in Pisces, some kind of collective, unthinking spontaneity, but we are also witnessing the more highly organized kind of protests (Uranus) with the Soros activist groups etc. In many situations we can see masses of printed posters all putting out various repetitive glib slogans. Name calling really does it! With Jupiter in Libra, people don’t react anymore to empty shouts of racist, bigot, whatever – they are more likely now to investigate whether it is actually true or not, to weight up the opinions and information.


The first exact Jupiter opposition to Uranus at 20 degrees happens around Christmas with Saturn at 20 degrees too – this is what I dubbed the air-fire triangle of ‘The great conflagration’. The energy driving these protests only peaks off after Christmas. With Neptune moving forward now some of the fog will lift and some interesting truths will appear. The trine of Saturn to Uranus and the sextile to Jupiter indicates that the protests will be highly organized and also promoted by the media (Sagittarius/Jupiter). To date the riots and protests have not achieved what they were intended to achieve. In my analysis of the air-fire triangle I felt that the Saturn Uranus trine would win out in terms of the populist uprising against the leftists and the globalist establishment.

This first exact Jupiter Uranus opposition happening around 25 December is a retrograde opposition from Uranus. Uranus will go stationary direct at 20 degrees shortly after and right up until inauguration day these two remain in a tight opposition in direct motion. It is significant that Mars will be at 29 degrees Aquarius crossing into Pisces by the 19th/20th at the critical degree when the Electoral College meets. On one hand this does raise questions as the whether some of the Electors will try to do a switch. If Trump maintains his Electoral votes of 306 (recount considering) this will be a difficult thing to do. What is likely to happen here is that as soon as Trump is confirmed then right afterwards we can expect another outburst of  hysterical Neptune in Pisces mob protests and possible violence. Mars is going to amp up the hysteria as it enters Pisces, conjuncts Neptune by the New Year, and spinning this Pisces energy out until past the inauguration.

Will Trump actually get into the White House?

There are all sorts of agendas and narratives going on at the moment indicative of the current Jupiter Pluto square which is at maximum strength. Is Trump really who he says he is? Is he really an anti-globalist, a populist or is he really just part of the game, the agenda and the Elite? Is this all just a big set up?  Hillary seemed genuinely distraught at her loss, so was the game hacked at the last minute?  Trump seems to be part of  some kind of faction within the elite ranks and right now there is a huge power struggle underway (Jupiter square Pluto). Perhaps Trump can be seen as globalist agenda light. The Globalists have been pushing a little too hard so maybe Trump is a two step and a little shuffle backwards, regardless, his victory is a major catalysts for a greater populist revolution that could be with us by 2020. His victory is also a huge upset to the criminal Clinton Obama Bush cabal.

If Trump is even half of what he claims to be, then he is in a very dangerous situation and will have to tread very carefully. He will have to compromise, he will have to bring enemies closer to his side and we do see this happening with the people he is choosing for his administration. Some are good, some or not so good and a few are quite deplorable (neocons, ex-Goldman Sachs, CFR members).  We don’t know what will actually happen until he  gets the keys to the door. Of course, he has to placate the Clinton camp as he has  toned down the rhetoric of ‘lock her (his cousin from Edward III) up’ – but that will now be something for the new Attorney General to decide.

Astrologically, anything could happen right now. Mars is in Aquarius with Uranus in Aries so things are highly volatile and unpredictable. To go back to Joni Patri at Galactic Center , she stated that Hillary would would probably win, but something would flip and she would lose the presidency. With the shenanigans behind the vote recount now as well as extreme intimidation of Electors, we could be facing  a reverse irony. She also felt, that something would happen to Trump, and that if he became President Elect, he too would not make it into the White House. Here are some of the transits that Trump will be facing in the coming 8 weeks or so before he can take the presidency.


  1. Saturn right now is opposing his Uranus. Trump’s Saturn (career) comes from his 11th house in Cancer (nation/patriotism) indicating  his political ambitions and how he is capable of serving public office (11th) and doing great things for his country. He is pro American. This opposition correlates to his surprising, shocking, controversial (Uranus) victory and his natal Uranus is in the 10th house of career and public standing. Natal Uranus in the 10th shows his reputation as a maverick. This opposition could just indicate the struggle of adjusting to his new (unexpected) career and the balance between his home in NY and his temporary residence in the White House. So far it appears that Melania will stay in NY to allow her son Barron to continue his schooling there. There is a whole controversy surrounding  whether or not his only child (Barron) with Melania is possibly autistic and this may connect to his anti or conservative vaccine position. Note how transiting Uranus is now retrograde moving away from the square to his Saturn and Venus which was peaking around July into September for the nomination clinch. This energy is lessening for now, but will come back into his early days in office. With Saturn opposing Uranus in the 10th and with transiting Uranus still in the square window to natal Saturn/Venus, there is a chance of some major boomerang shot coming around. If one is to take a more conspiratorial point of view, perhaps the win and the take-back is a set up to further push America into a radically polarized state, setting off civil war like conflicts leading to  martial law being formally unveiled, the economy crashed and either Obama continues in office or someone like Paul Ryan is nominated to take over.
  2. The other major concern here would be the Saturn conjunct coming for his South Node and his Moon in opposition to his Sun. Interestingly, the Saturn South Node conjunct will be around the 19/20th December when the electoral college vote should finally  confirm his Presidency. A Saturn Moon conjunct in opposition to the Sun is a big thing, although it need not be looked at negatively. Saturn by transit can bring great accomplishments and fruits to bear, as we saw with the Saturn opposition to his Uranus. Because Saturn is conjuncting his South Node I would be wary about what may happen. The Moon in his chart is ruling his Saturn in Cancer – so this transit can signify the fulfillment of a natal ambition. I would be concerned about his health though (one of those ‘heart attacks’), and something that may come up regarding a family member (Moon/4th/Saturn and Uranus square to Cancer Saturn). It is possible a family member may die tragically or be deliberately killed.Uranus is retrograde at this point and by 20th December will be trine to his Moon and sextile to his North Node – which appears more supportive than anything else. On the positive side I see the Jupiter return extending some kind of a divine hand over him at the time of the Saturn conjunct to his Moon. The Uranus aspects could raise the prospects of something unforeseen, but as Uranus is retrograde it could correlate more to his own internal struggles that something that will play out on the public stage. Uranus is a 10th house planet and natally aspected in a positive trine from Jupiter, and thus far Uranus has brought him unexpected success (trine Jupiter) and Uranus will also be crossing over into his 9th house, so this may further add some buoyancy to his good fortune, although once again, the 9th house can expand the energies of a planet and with Uranus there is always uncertainty.
  3. The other major transit is actually Pluto in Capricorn coming to square back to his Jupiter in the opening square. This aspect is already in operation and will actually peak on inauguration day of 20th January (!) which also sees Uranus direct again in direct opposition to his natal Jupiter! It seems that issues regarding monies and his personal wealth (2nd 8th axis) come up around this potential inauguration time. Does his luck (Jupiter) at this point take a different kind of turn (Uranus/Pluto)? Jupiter in his 2nd house is under immense pressure (Uranus opposition 8th, Pluto square 5th) – Jupiter rules his Moon, South Node and 5th house. This could just indicate him coming to terms with some kind of karmic destiny and his immense personal power. The 5th house denotes his children as well as physical vitality. The 2nd house is personal resources which also relates to the living body (our primary resource), so the 2nd house therefore correlates to death as does the opposite 8th. Pluto is also transiting in his 5th house where natal Pluto is in the 5th sign Leo in the 12th house. Trump comes from a place of hidden power (Pluto 12th) and the 12th is also the place of hidden enemies (?).  One always needs to urge caution when around the South Node and its ruler, so this Pluto square Uranus opposition to Jupiter could indicate some kind of danger, immanent threat to his existence (5th house) or one of his children. Very interestingly, the great Pluto/Saturn conjunct that will run into the potential end of his first term in 2020, will be in exact opposition to his natal Saturn! Maybe Trump has been destined to bring a great transformation to America, but in terms of draining the swamp etc., conceivably that will not really be possible until he reaches his second term.

Will the pizza hit the wall?

Hillary was meant to get into the White House to cover up the crimes of her husband and to cover for Obama too. They are now running scared and panicked and you know what they say about a cornered animal! It is not only the corruption of the Clinton foundation and Hillary’s illegal activities, but now the #pizzagate scandal.

Pizzagate is breaking huge across the Internet and the ‘fake’ news websites. The Clintons, and also very much Obama and Biden, are deeply involved in this elite Washington pedophile circle. In the emails reveled Obama notes his preference for ‘hot-dogs’ meaning boys and he wonders until what age is it appropriate to use ketchup? Who knows what the ‘ketchup’ is – perhaps spirit cooking blood rituals of some sort – but very dark things are coming out (Jupiter square Pluto). The weirdness and creepy perversion runs  not just into ‘spirit cooking’ (Neptune/South Node/Pisces), but potential child killing and even cannibalism (Capricorn/Saturn). The rabbit hole gets very dark and deep indeed. While writing this some new information came to light. This Youtube video raises some very interesting questions around whether or not the Podesta brothers were involved in the kidnapping and possible murder of the young British girl Madeleine McCann. Other information has surfaced about the late Andrew Breitbart, founder of the alt conservative website Breitbart.com tirading against Podesta in video and in tweets. It seems that Breitbart may have known stuff about Podesta and Breitbart died very suddenly from one of those ‘heart attacks’. Fast forward and we know of course that Trump hired Steve Bannon, the successor of Andrew Breitbart, as his right hand man to follow him into the White House. Whether Trump is involved in these elite international pedo-rings or compromised is another question. We do know of his association with the Epstein and the Lotita Express. Trump has praised Epstein in his typical glib fashion and visited the island, at least once however, Trump certainly didn’t spend as much time there as Bill Clinton.

Everything seems to be coming full circle. All of this dark occultism, Satanism or Saturnalia has come leaking out with Neptune conjunct to the South Node (exorcising the demons) and Jupiter square to Pluto with Saturn in Sagittarius (massive secrets of the elite made public) through Internet publication (trine Uranus). I do believe that there is some kind of special, spiritual and karmic retribution for sexually abusing and killing children, and it would appear that the seeds to this retribution are now being let lose with Neptune conjunct to the  South Node in Pisces. Desperate people tend to take desperate actions and as the house of cards comes falling down, chaos could very well ensue.

Here are some #pizzagate links if you wish to go down the tunnel! Link 1   Link2  Link3 Link 4 . More and more is coming out so do your own searching or watch related videos in Youtube.

Capricorn is the true sign of occultism and the Saturnalian Elite (El is the god Saturn). Pluto and Scorpio denote things that are dark, deep, secret and powerful,  but Scorpio is still more in the realm of one on one intimacy and things such as tantric sex. Capricorn however is a more collective archetype associated with group and public ritual.  Capricorn ( the cube, the 33 degrees, the checkered board, the black robes  etc.), represents all that is hidden within plain sight. Capricorn is the darkest time of year with the winter solstice, yet its correlation to the 10th house is public and open. Thus, in the occult ritual, everything to do with Saturn and Capricorn is hidden within plain sight. If you look at the #pizzagate scandal, much of that was hidden, even if inadvertently, in plain site. We are also living through the period known as the ‘externalization of the hierarchy’ where all this demented and spiritually degrading demoniac culture (cult of Saturn) and perversion of sacred symbolism, mind control etc. is being push out into the public through ritualistic and ritualized entertainment.

This entire election cycle has been focused around sexual denegration and there may be a psyops element to #pizzagate immersing  people’s consciousness in the vile swamp, externalizing, familiarizing, desensitizing and conditioning people to the pedo culture of the new world  order elite. We’ve seen similar tactics with IS videos with fake a real beheadings and sickening violence and brutality.

Will there be a false flag?

In my previous post I alluded to the exact Jupiter Pluto square which we have just passed through as a major window period for any kind of false flag even on the scale of or bigger than that of 911. To look further at this, here are the global transits set for the White House of 3 December. I’ve chosen the time of 10:20am with Capricorn rising with the Moon and Pluto just hidden behind the Ascendant. Scorpio is ruling the 10th house.


First, let’s look at the T-square with Pluto at the tip. The Jupiter square is now at its peak. The Uranus square is out of its primary window, but this energy is still very much in the background – correlating to shocking, unexpected (Uranus) collapse of systems  (Pluto/Capricorn). Jupiter into opposition to Uranus is triggering this square to Pluto again. Key trigger periods would be when the Moon moves into conjunct or opposition to Pluto or Uranus in the cross. Note that the energies are cardinal, initiating, actively manifesting energies. If you look at the blue lines you will see the flow of energy around this T-square. We see the trines and sextiles flowing between Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Uranus. The T-square is picking up on this energy and heading it towards Pluto. However, and this is the key point, the energy cannot get release at this point because their are no flow aspects coming off Pluto – especially when the Moon is not in a flow aspect ( trine, sextile) .

One can compare this to the energy that builds up before a major earthquake. The whole zodiac is now very top heavy (all planets on the left hand side) with Pluto in the middle of it. The energy is all building up at the Pluto point. Through this period now and into January of 2016 we can expect significant to massive seismic shifts in everything to do with Pluto in Capricorn. So this means systems and structures, huge transformation of these, shake ups and potential collapses. We are talking about social structures, the economy, government structures, political and even physical earth structures. Various things to varying degrees centered around key specific locations are likely to take place.  Pressure will continually build and earthquakes here and there will shake things up. The worst case scenario would be a major false flag to widespread economic collapse, social unrest, escalation of war and events that lead  to such things such a assassinations and coups. If events don’t get out of hand and remain more or less containable, then we are definitely looking at major,massive (Jupiter) and radical (Uranus) structural (Capricorn) and social (Libra) transformation (Pluto) – which of course Trump has promised and the Trump effect is now spilling over into Europe where several important elections are coming up as in the Italian referendum, the Austrian presidency and the elections in France early next year too.

Astro trends round up :

To end off here, I would like to just comment and touch on some major themes and trends that are now manifesting, and which I have written out especially in my post about Jupiter’s transit through Libra from September  this year through 2017.

  • The first point is the deepening of polarization and the divide between right and left, east and west, black and white, young and old, city and country,  the haves and have nots. This correlates to the Uranus Jupiter opposition. America is now more divided than ever before, just like what happened in the UK with Brexit and this trend will continue into Europe and other places too. Relationships, friendships have ended over these issues and families and nations have been divided. This division will continue well into 2018 when we come to the two trine period of the Saturn Uranus fire trine vs the Jupiter Neptune water trine.
  • The rise of the alt right, nationalism, populism, racial identity and a reaction against globalism is general and multiculturalism. This correlates to Saturn in Sagittarius (race,culture) trine to Uranus (alternative groups) in Aries (identity, new awakening). This is part of the great polarization and this trend will continue into 2017. The social political left, the globalist and entrenched elite will take big knocks into 2017, but they will come fighting back into 2018 when things may potentially turn very nasty.
  • A massive crack down on the (alt) media and the right to free speech. This I explained at length relating to Saturn in Sagittarius (publishing, freedom of opinion) disposing the energies of Pluto in Capricorn (Saturn for now ‘rules’ Pluto) with Jupiter in Libra relating to social networks. We saw this unfold before our eyes in this US election cycle. Trump brought down the corporate media and exposed it as nothing other than a mouth piece for the establishment. Right after the election we saw the massive backlash against the alternative media. I specifically mentioned social media. The narrative of ‘false news’ is hitting real hard now. Facebook was attacked for not doing enough to filter ‘the lies’. Twitter immediately suspended tens of conservative and alt. right accounts. This is a further polarization – the ‘real’ media vs the ‘fake’ media. Alternative platforms to Facebook like Seen.Life are gaining traction and a new alternative to Twitter, namely Gab, is being piloted.  In typical Neptune in Pisces hysteria, the anti Russian (east vs west) rhetoric is picking up steam with both the UK and Germany targeting and scapegoating Russian media outlets like Russia Today  and Sputnick.
  • An uptick in social unrest and protest movements. This exploded right after the Trump victory. This is correlating to the Uranus Jupiter opposition. There is no need to get further into this, except to say that social uprisings, protests and counter protests of various types will continue throughout 2017, especially in Europe.
  • Shifting alliances and radical new group formations. Happening right now as former critics and enemies surround Trump for a piece of the pie or to save their asses. Also the Philippines drifts close to China and Japan and Russia try courting each other. Major alliances, trade agreements and new movements often form with Jupiter in Libra. With the Uranus opposition, there will be many reversals on previous agreements and sudden breakdowns in existing agreements, relationships and alliances – TPP etc.
  • With the pressure now on Pluto in Capricorn and as centralized and established power structures break down even more, self organizing collectives (Uranus in Aries) will pick up speed especially with the Saturn trine bringing in greater organization and structure to alternative, decentralized groups and structures.
  • The rise of a new morality and authoritarianism (Saturn/Sagittarius trine Uranus/Aries) against new lows with the  free for all liberal relativism (Neptune/Pisces and Jupiter in Libra). We saw with the liberals and lefties around the Hillary campaign how quick they were to not only turn to violence, but also to show case their childish moral low ground. Naked statues of Trump, shouting fuck this and fuck that, vapid celebrities and the pandering likes of  Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Gaga and Beyonce et. al. who are more famous for gyrating around half naked and twerking their gashes in peoples faces than anything else. Jupiter in Libra has a tendency towards material excess and sexual depravity and I mentioned previously that we would see new lows here. Pizzagate is a prime example of this with shocking (Uranus) revelations of  excess moral depravity (Jupiter/Libra) relating to pedophile sex rings (square Pluto) involving the ruling elite (Capricorn). The positive side here is the Saturn trine to Uranus where we see self organizing collectives (Uranus/Aries) investigating and publishing these matters (Saturn/Sagittarius)  on the Internet (trine Uranus).  People are waking up and getting quite bored if not disgusted at the continual moral and sexual degradation and  subversive occultism that is hoisted onto the populace by the corporate media, the corrupt elite and the Hollywood entertainment industries. If a new moral authority, discipline and respect is not established from within, it will be negatively  imposed from without (aka. Islamic invasion). The rise of the new conservative morality  will strengthen into 2017.

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