The Descent

So here we are in the month of November, just a day away from the momentous US elections and what is to unfold into the end of this year and beginning of next. Under esoteric law the American elections are always held on the 8th day of November under the 8th sign of the Zodiac of Scorpio : the sign of power, intrigue, secrets and betrayal. It’s been an incredible month coming out of October and through the shadows of Halloween and the flood gates have now been swept wide open.

The leaks started to up their pace as Saturn came to Square Neptune in Pisces. Saturn of course being in the publishing and disseminating sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius and for the time being Saturn, came along to square Saturn as more and more details (Virgo) started to unravel. Then, as we got into the heat of the stand off between Clinton and Trump , Jupiter (now in Libra)  moved within orb to square Pluto signalling massive power games, shifting alliances and deadly under currents. As we stand now, Neptune is edging ever and ever closer to the South Node of the Moon or the Dragon’s Tail and the leaks and barrages of revelations are proving pretty difficult to keep up with.

With Neptune coming to conjunct the South Node, it is like the Dragon is taking a massive dump. Pisces is a sign of corruption, decay and falling apart. It marks the end of the cycle and represents where everything culminates, where the poisons gather and the psychos break loose. Pisces and the 12th house correlate to hidden enemies and personal undoing; where we reap what we have sown. The waters of Pisces also cleanse and flush the system clean, as in ‘draining the swamp’,  before a new cycle can begin. Pisces also represents the womb, the incubation and the waters of life that break just before the new child, Aries, is born. Sometimes, too, monsters of evil, death and destruction are also born into this world. Pisces is trine to Scorpio where Scorpio represents sex, conception, secrets, hidden powers, alliances and where Pisces represents how these grow, culminate and manifest before the breaking of the waters and the dawning of a new day.  Neptune is the ruler, or a clear lens through which the energies of Pisces can manifest on this plane, and Neptune has been in its own sign since 2012, when everything about Pisces started to intensify.

Much about Hillary Clinton is Pisces and Scorpio. If Scorpio is power, then Pisces is corruption. She has a Pisces Moon and her Sun, Mercury and Venus are in the sign of Scorpio where Mars/Pluto are conjunct Saturn in Leo hoping to claim the throne. She’s still learning those egotistic (Mars/Leo) lessons trying so hard (Saturn) for power (Pluto) fame, recognition (Leo), and she could very well claim her prize. Recent revelations detail how secretive (Scorpio) she is, how she kept all sorts of secrets hidden from even her closest aids. Everything is about her (Saturn/Mars/Leo), her money  and her relentless drive for power and control (Pluto). Typified by her Pisces Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius, she knows no boundaries and limitations, has no remorse and feels completely morally justified in her actions and reasoning. Pisces is a sign which can be totally devoid of any kind of moral compulsion, the true socio-psychopath, and here her Moon trines to her Scorpio Mercury and Venus.


In terms of information and ‘truth’, because that is what  the daily Wikileaks and other bombshells are about, the Air signs  in particular and the mutable cross, the cross of Gnosis :: Gemini + Virgo + Sagittarius + Pisces ::  play a big role. The leaks which are precipitating the collapse of the system (Pluto in Capricorn) have been coming from Neptune in Pisces where the energy is picked up by Jupiter (Pisces refractor) now squared to Pluto in Capricorn. And if you think we have reached some climax, I suggest you hold on because the exact square of Jupiter to Pluto only hits around 23 November when Neptune will still be to the 9th degree conjunct to the South Node! The South Node and Neptune will be exact at 9 degrees from around November 13th to 23rd.

Gemini represents all the facts, the square to Virgo (the other sign of Mercury) shows how these facts are collated and examined in critical detail and the square to Sagittarius (opposed to Gemini) represents the full picture (opposition), or the story that emerges. The final square of the mutable cross to Pisces indicates how this information and the picture that emerges will shape our reality and influence the course of action that we take in Aries. We act (Aries) on information (Mercury) and beliefs (Jupiter). Sagittarius is actually our consensus reality –  it is the first truly collective sign and as a fire sign represents our shared identity. Therefore, Sagittarius represents the mass media, specifically print publications. It is through this sign that our creativity (Leo) is disseminated through the collective body (copyrighted). Pisces and Neptune represent more the televised media. Pisces is images and reflections upon the water, the distortions and manipulations, the illusions, the shadows of our reality. Saturn now in Sagittarius (square Neptune) is really giving it to the main stream, corporate media – the CNN’s, MSNBC’S, BBC’s etc., the would be crafters of our reality with Saturn  disposing of Pluto in Capricorn too. All the lies, secrets and deceptions are being revealed, via the Internet (Uranus/Aquarius trine Saturn) and the collective narrative (Saturn/Sagittarius) is beginning to implode, but even as it does so, many refuse to look it in the face and prefer to cling to their illusions because the pull of Neptune in Pisces is so relentlessly strong. Pisces, however, is also a sign of truth. It is in Pisces and through Neptune that our illusions are gradually stripped away and we are left standing bare naked. Our theories about reality and our beliefs are formulated in Sagittarius, then tested in reality in Capricorn, validated through Aquarius and it is in Pisces that we have to learn how to give up what isn’t real or true any more.

Sagittarius is still not ‘the truth’ although he likes to think so. Jupiter tends to inflate and distort, and also he likes to form his party political partisan groups. In terms of a more objective truth, this emerges more when we get into the crystal clear waters of Aquarius. The reality of Aquarius is the truth that is hard to swallow. The truth  and clarity that will set you free. Julian Assange  (Cancer boy) is also a Scorpio nemesis with his Scorpio Moon and Jupiter there too conjunct to Neptune in Sagittarius (leaks and publications) and his Mars in Aquarius conjunct to the North Node. Serendipitously, as we head into election night, Mars will be at the 29th critical degree of Capricorn heading into Aquarius and we should be fore warned to expect the unexpected.

In terms of who is gong to take the election, even astrologically, it is a difficult and contentious call. Astrologers are not necessarily neutral and the nature of this election makes it difficult for personal prejudices not to come through. Most astrologers tend to default towards the so called progressive left, the globalist ideology and most articles I have read for the most part predict a win for Clinton. There are notable exceptions though and I am not going to list them all here. Personally, I think Joni Patri’s commentaries from are the most interesting. She does Vedic or Sidereal astrology, and she does admit at least favouring Hillary from her own prejudicial point of view. However, she predicts that Hillary will take the election, but will not take office because something else is going to come down the line. Also, even if Trump does win, she also predicts that he is going to be overtaken by some kind of a huge personal tragedy – either the death of a close person be it his wife or son or some kind of scandal will break out around him. She does not see the election coming to fruition so to speak – so no inauguration for either candidate.

John Hogue, who has been very accurate with previous presidential calls, has written an excellent book on the astrology of Trump, and he personally seems to favour Trump, however, in his astrological analysis, he basically says that Hillary should win, but Trump has a chance of taking it from her at the last minute. I feel that Clinton is going to be installed by the elite, unless something really big happens prior to the election. Even still, if Trump wins, then it can be assured that the Soros rioting and looting mobs will be let loose. There is no guarantee that Trump will make it past inauguration and there is a very real possibility of either an assassination or a major false flag event that will happen before the January inauguration.

Astrologically, the signature to this would correlate to a close period of the Jupiter square to Pluto (mass death aspect) because Jupiter is ruling the deceptive energies of Neptune in Pisces on the South Node and also Jupiter is coming to oppose Uranus in Aries. The Jupiter Pluto square is tight from 23 November onward with Neptune still on the South Node. Mars hits Aquarius right after the election day and this effect a sign exchange with Uranus in Aries. Basically, right up until 19 December when the Jupiter Uranus opposition is getting tighter and tighter, there is effectively a conjoining of Uranus and Mars through the sign exchange (although not as strong as a conjunct but the time period is a whole month). Things are going to be very volatile and some huge shocks and  surprises are  awaiting. There are ample significations here that could correlate to a major false flag event – the next 911. The worst of these in the conspiracy realm relates to multiple submarine nuke attacks on cities along the east coast that will be blamed on Russia  – and the hyped up hysteria around Russia has been building up all along the way now.If it is not a home based false flag, the Obama administration and Clinton will be doing the bidding of the globalists and getting a major war started with Russia over Syria.

The pervasive corruption and criminality now be revealed from various sources about Clinton (and Obama) is absolutely unprecedented in American history. It’s difficult to know where to start! The reopening of the FBI investigation (now closed again), the Podesta emails from Wikileaks, the moneys and support for ISIS through Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the truth about the Libyan invasion and destruction, the sex scandals around Wiener, her long term aid, confidant and supposed lover Huma Abedin and her connection to the Islamic Brotherhood, radical Islamists, the Saudis and the funding of the 911 terror event. If you don’t know about any of this, refuse to believe it or choose to ignore it then you are clearly sitting comfy with Neptune and the South Node. Even if it’s after her winning this election, she is going down. She is going to be locked up or she and her pedophile husband will be escaping to Qatar. Maybe it’s true she has a 12th house Sun and Venus (birth time unknown!)  – she would love either prison or exile!


With Neptune conjunct to the South Node, it is fair to say that these election are completely rigged and corrupted (not that this is the first time). There have been multiple reports of vote changing and rigging happening already with early voters on the Soros machines. It’s the entire system basically. How can a Secretary of State run a private email server, illegally delete thousands of emails, destroy evidence under investigation and nothing is done about it!?  The Neptune in Pisces mass corporate, globalist media are completely rigging the information too, although some of them are now slowly back pedaling and admitting some hard truths about the Clintons – that Neptune effect of melting away all the illusions – but the key is to surrender the ego that is so attached  to personal belief systems (Sagittarius square Pisces). A very hard thing to do with Neptune in Pisces. In the most recent interview with Julian Assange by John Pilger , Assange clearly states the elite, the system managers, will not allow Trump to take the election. Trump I feel clearly has the popular vote and by a huge margin if you search out the real polls.

Saturn trine Uranus is the main aspect which is building up very strongly now and will be at its first exact hit by the end of this year. This aspect encapsulates Trump and it correlates to the rise of the so called alt right, populism, anti globalism and a resurgence of nationalist parties and sovereignty movements. The aspect is in the air so to speak as people head to the polls. With Clinton this aspect sets up a Uranus trine to her Saturn (Leo) and a grand trine with Saturn transiting in Sagittarius, powerful, but I would be wary about what exactly Uranus will manifest here. With Trump Saturn will be closing in on his Moon (Sagittarius) opposed to his Sun (tough period) – but this aspect is only coming exact in January around what would be more inauguration time . Uranus in Aries was square to his natal Saturn (Cancer) but retrograding out from a the previous direct hit while Jupiter is gearing up for a return which will hit around early December. It could be that Trump takes the election, but once again there are questions around whether or not there will be an inauguration. Trump, anyway, is in for a career change with Uranus coming back to square Saturn, even if it is not becoming president. The information in suggests that he is using the election platform to lay the base for him launching his own media empire (Jupiter return) and his campaign, and the prejudice surrounding it, has all but decimated support for the mainstream media. His campaign manager is also the Bretibart media guy. positions itself as some guardian of the alt right, however, it is really a controlled opposition gate keeper and Trump is by no measure alt right in his politics.


But is Trump really against the elites, and the corruption or is he just playing his script as he has been directed to on the public stage? The answer to that is, ‘I don’t know, I remain vigilant and hold my doubts and suspicions’. We are all being played by the Great Game. However, what I like about Trump is that he really is the Joker in the pack or he is the Tarot card of the Fool stepping  gaily off the cliff. Trump is truly that Uranian spirit as indicated by his Gemini Sun conjunct to Uranus in his natal chart. Trump is the unpredictable, the unkown and for many that is a risk worth taking because the alternative path offers nothing more than complete enslavement, continued wars and destruction anyway. Will you take the red pill to go down the rabbit’s hole? Also, if anyone has what it takes to play the system and the game against itself, it would be Trump. Geminis are tricky and very changeable. We see numerous pictures of Trump from the past being so buddy buddy with the Clintons and statements eulogizing them to the high heavens, but being a Uranus Gemini, Trump very easily throws off ideas and people that he no longer thinks are worth it. In all fairness, Trump has his dark side too – suspect financial affairs, ruthless business dealings, supposed assaults on women, more undeniable aggressive verbal outbursts and denigrations . His way of talking is also rather glib and he always praises people in that cheap fashion like he is emulating some ‘How to get people to like you’ book or just being a cheap salesman (Libra Neptune square Mercury) . And when he repeatedly says, ”No one respects women more than I do”, it  kind of makes one cringe. Saturn conjunct to Venus in Cancer clearly shows that he has problems with women and connecting to them emotionally. Over time though, Saturn in Cancer can learn to develop empathy for other people and true care and emotionality. With Venus and Saturn in Cancer he does love and care for his country, however that is to be interpreted. Both he and Hillary have Mars and Pluto in Leo, so both formidable egos although Hillary masks hers with a Pisces Moon.

As I have brought up before, with Uranus in Aries trine to Saturn in political Sagittarius, people are going to be swayed by one point issues which they consider to be vital to their personal prosperity or survival be it immigration, the need to vote for a women, be it because Trump is a ‘racist’ and a ‘sexist’, ‘social justice’,  or the economy , or for national sovereignty whatever. For those who need to vote for a women just because ‘it is time’, then at least there is Jill Stein from the Greens and then there is also the Libetarian candidate Gary Johnson The biggest rig anyway in the American system is the across board collusion to exclude third party candidates, especially at debates and in the media, because the two party system is the easiest swiz to maintain and control.

Essentially this election is not really about Trump or Clinton, it is really a referendum on Globalism versus National Sovereignty, or The Empire vs The People. This election is America’s ‘brexit’ vote. Clinton is the selected candidate for the ‘globalists’, the ‘internationalists’, the ‘financiers’ and she is pushing the free trade policies and open borders etc. in line with her backers such as George Soros, Goldman Sachs and the Rothschilds. Trump is about securing national borders, stricter immigration vetting and redefining trade agreements in America’s interests. Apart from the corruption, the lies, the deception and systematic breakdown that is happening around the Neptune South Node conjunct, there other issues here as well.

For those who think the divisiveness, the division, the polarization and conflict is going to end after this election, the sad news is that it is only going to get worse. We’re only in Act I which is this Neptune South Node conjunct and the square to Saturn, where the ruler Jupiter in Libra is opposing Uranus in turn now trine to Saturn.  The Jupiter opposition to Uranus makes sure this political and social divide continues throughout 2017. The coming year is the year of the great social divide and polarization. 2018 is Act II when these two factions pair off against each other in the Jupiter trine Neptune and Saturn trine Uranus period into 2018. The finale Act III is the great conjuncts of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which will decide who and what is left on the stage and on the planet.

Neptune in Pisces represents the globalists, the internationalists, the multi culturalists, the social left,  the social justice warriors, the victims, the cultural Marxists, open borders, one world government etc. The great amalgamation of all races, nationalities and religions in the ever blissful happy world of coexistence in the same space. Everyone holding their sphincters tighter and tighter as the PC police rule and the panoptic state keeps it all under control. The destruction of cultural, national and racial identities to be supplanted by some kind of corporate manufactured suit for all the drones to wear. They are not going to go easily and nor is their present numero uno puppet Hillary Clinton.

Historically, we have been through this before as in the Maoist revolution in China. We see, here are there, hints of a growing collective hysteria which is going to turn very bloody, ugly and violent when Jupiter in Scorpio comes to trine Neptune in Pisces. Already we have seen Hillary Clinton whipping up a kind of McCarthy’esk hysteria around Putin and the Russians. Neptune in Pisces is very dangerous and hysterical so imagine what happens when you add Jupiter in Scorpio to the mix!  Pisces represents the womb, the incubation and it is a very feminine, matriarchal energy. It is very intolerant too because the womb must not be disturbed.  It is also the energy of the female gods of death and destruction like Kali which are released at the end of a cycle. The Podesta leaks revealed how the Hillary camp were directly behind the incitement of violence at Trump rallies and violence against Trump supporters has been on the rise in other public situations. Hillary with her Pisces Moon has been whipping up this violent, hysterical and reactionary energy and constantly playing the race card and the misogyny card. We see too with the social justice warrior movement how many of their rallies and attacks are headed up by very violent, irrational and hysterical women.

What we are witnessing here are the beginning stages of a culture frenzy, of a culture turning in on itself about to let loose in a bloody orgy of self righteous violence and destruction. This time round it is particularly prevalent in Western countries and culture – it is not happening any where here in the East this time. It is also interesting to note how across the board, women are increasingly taking political leadership roles. Not all these women though represent the feminine forces of chaos and destruction. Hillary Clinton does, as does Merkel in Germany. In France and Germany the nationalist parties are being headed by women and Britain now has Teresa May, who like most historical British women leaders, is more typically masculine rather than feminine. Partly this is so because in the hysterical realm of Neptunian identity and victim politics, men, and especially white men, are now identified as the culprit and represent the evil patriarchy that is the cause of all the problems and threats to whatever the hell in being incubated in that womb!

The opposition to all of this is of course Saturn trine Uranus. Also quite formidable as this is a fire trine. Fire and water against each other so lots and lots of steam coming up! Sagittarius is about race, culture and collective identity and the trine to Uranus is about the assertion of racial, cultural and national identities. It can also represent the emergence of radical new forms of collective identity. These two trines coming up deserve a lot more analysis and that will be for another time. This is an old conflict and perhaps some of the key players are reincarnated souls from before. It is a cultural, political, ideological and spiritual war for the future direction of this planet. Those who would prefer a more decentralized system of unique groups and identities forging their own alliances and levels of cooperation, versus those who would rather have a centralized, global system which can only work with the forced amalgamation of every one into the same slow cooking pot. The outcome is yet undecided, but as we head closer and closer to the great conjuncts in Capricorn for 2020, I think it will become more and more of a bloody conflict until one side is left standing on the smoldering ruins of 21st century civilization.

On a closing side note, there have been major developments in the country of South Africa. It’s president, Jacob Zuma, is facing a major no confidence vote as a damning corruption report is released. I wrote extensively about this in a previous post call #zuma still won’t fall. In closing I said, ” In summary, I would speculate that by 13th June Zuma faces his fall after intense developments in May. It is unlikely he will survive until the elections on 3 August, and if he does, it is almost certain he will be gone by the end of October”. It is now early November and we are still in the widow of the date mentioned for the end of October, so it will be interesting to see what transpires within the next week. This is all correlating of course to Neptune conjunct to the South Node (corruption) and Jupiter square to Pluto with Saturn in the legal, political, constitutional and publishing sign of Sagittarius. Also, with hints of the Jupiter trine Neptune aspect into 2018, we can see a growing hysteria towards colonial culture, such as  #sciencemustfall, and we can expect growing attacks and blame against white people, their symbols and European culture in that country.


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