Lunar Eclipse Update

This Friday or Saturday, depending where you are located, will be the final eclipse for this year. The full moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces coming two weeks after the new moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Eclipses are in a sense just super lunations, so they follow the lunation pattern meaning that after the new seed energies are planted at the New Moon, they are released at the Full Moon two weeks later and then the first harvests come in six months later with the Full Moon in the sign of the original Solar new Moon eclipse.

Eclipses happen every year and bring about necessary renewals in our energy grids, but these eclipses I feel are really quite significant. It appears that we are on the brink of major global changes, potentially massive in scale, chaotic for some, opportunistic for others and these changes  will affect us all to varying degrees depending on our location, circumstances and karma. Karma is a bitch, I know, but at the end of the day we reap what we sow and get lucky or we don’t.

The Solar   Eclipse of September 1st, with the square to Saturn, offered us all an opportunity to bring far reaching change, restructuring and realignment in one or more areas of our lives – shown by house placements (especially Saturn and the Sun) and aspects to birth planets in our natal charts. This Lunar eclipse is going to indicate how those energies will be released and what lies ahead for us to realize the  promise of  renewal offered by the Solar eclipse.

We saw with the Solar Eclipse that the tension was flowing off in a trine to Pluto in Capricorn (earth structures), indicating that  positive energy of change and transformation was being offered to those who wanted it. Part of this energy off flow resulted in that major 7.4 or so earthquake off the coast of New Zealand as well as a big up tick in larger quakes above 5.5 and significant new activity on the US mainland. Fortunately, the NZ quake was off shore and damage was minimal. In my Solar Eclipse post, I neglected to note the inconjunct to Uranus in Aries for that eclipse – which undoubtedly was a major correlation to the quake activity.

The Lunar eclipse also presents some very challenging energies. This time there is a T-square to the planet Mars, and significantly there is a tight trine from Mars in Sagittarius to Uranus in Aries at the 23 degree point. We can also factor in the Venus opposition now forming to Uranus.

Lunar Eclipse, September 2016
From the mundane point of view, the main consideration here in terms of immediate effects will be earthquakes or some other kind of shocking or sudden release of violent energy. This is indicated by the trine to Uranus, and even a trine can set Uranus off in a powerful way. The tense T-square energies will take the path of least resistance (trine) and right now Mars is out of bounds and at a max phase. At the end of this post there will be an excellent video on this eclipse and this eclipse’s cycle history by the astrologer Olga Morales. Of all the other presentations and articles I have read on this eclipse, all issue a similar level of concern and alert. Lunar eclipses I feel generally have a higher correlation to major earthquakes which may happen up to a day before, during or immediate after the eclipse. With Solar eclipses, any major earth movements tend to happen a day or so after, as we saw with this last eclipse. When you watch the video you will see how this particular cycle has a long history with major such events. Locations with astro cartography are also detailed. 

Zones of concern noted in this video presentation are for England through the French/Spanish border region for the Uranus Venus opposition line as well as China, Taiwan into Indonesia; central France and Paris for the Pluto line; middle east Iran for the Mars/Saturn line ; Japan (Tokyo) for the Saturn line;  Neptune for LA and Mars for the central to southern States.  If any one reading this is in an earthquake zone, then I recommend you keep updated with these excellent earthquake forecasts. Yes, earthquakes can be forecasted and predicted, although a major strike out of the blue is also sometimes a possibility. We have also just been through the Saturn Neptune square, so this trine run off from Mars in religious Sagittarius to Uranus in dangerous Aries, could also correlate to a major terror strike, which has been a pattern with the square cycle, but perhaps the trine may result in something not so bad or at least a major disaster being averted (Mercury retrograde considering).

On the personal level, I think this eclipse is quite promising. The T-square to Mars on the mutable cross, could  bring to each of us some kind of crucial information (Sun/Virgo), some key realizations, the lights coming on, that getting the picture break through (Mars/Sagittarius), as well as the vision (Moon/Pisces) and the hope, inspiration, enthusiasm, courage and get-go (Mars/Sagittarius) in letting go and achieving what the Solar eclipse promised to us. The off flow, the trine to Uranus, tells us to just to do it and trust in our higher wisdom and intuition. Those who have the courage to take radical steps  into the unknown will be benefited. Perhaps some of us, after this eclipse, will be setting off on some kind of an exciting journey in one way or another. The opposition to Venus in Libra suggests we should go on this journey together with our closest love or in the quest to find them.


Looking at my own chart for these two eclipses, I can see the wisdom of astrology. The Solar eclipse didn’t aspect any planets in my chart, but significantly it was between my south Node (Virgo/9th house) and my 10th house cusp. I’m coming up for a Lunar Node inversion  next year – an important mid 18 year cycle point. This eclipse clearly showed that some major life reorienting changes were ahead which involved my career (10th), this includes the Mercury retrograde happening there too, and something to do with my 9th house and most of my work involves some form of higher education in a foreign country. 

As things sit with my life, even before this eclipse, I have been planning to leave Japan and to relocate to Vietnam. Things are almost in place, except that there is some major delay with some necessary documentation I need for changing borders and countries – which popped up just as Mercury went retrograde! This change will require me to give up my life, friends and abode I have had for almost 15 years. A big change indicated by the Mercury retrograde (eclipse ruler)  in the 10th opposing my 4th and my Uranus in early Libra (10th) was caught up in the retrograde as well. Saturn, eclipse T- point,  in my 12th house indicates tying up loose ends to one cycle and planting the seeds to a new cycle. As it so happens, I will probably have everything together and enough money for the move by the time Saturn comes to cross my Ascendant!

The Lunar eclipse basically confirms these changes. The Sun of the eclipse will be exactly conjunct to my Pluto in the 10th house – so this shows how things will probably end in my current job – perhaps sooner that I anticipate. Perhaps the Moon in Pisces in my 4th will bring some clarity to where exactly I will be living. I expect there may be some upsets with this. The trippy thing is that I will actually be going to live on my North Node (Pisces) rising line at a time when my Nodes have been eclipsed and a nodal reversal will be in effect more or less as I finalize things.

Presently I live on the intersection of my Uranus/Chiron line across the 10th and 4th – it was only when I moved to this line  (when Uranus transited my North Node) that I seriously got into astrology about 10 years ago . I live in a major earthquake zone and with this eclipse happening on my birth Pluto and eclipsed Moon in the 4th house, I am concerned and am taking  all the precautions that I can – especially since earthquakes are really up ticking again as I write this! This eclipse also sets up a T-square to my natal Moon and Mercury, so I can anticipate that these changes will not be easy, but the trine to Uranus transiting in my 5th house suggests that there will be a lot of exciting fun along the way and that these changes will bring about some positive shifts in my personality and character development. It’s a gamble that could pay off.

Just adding this in – some breaking news is  Hilary Clinton’s ‘health episode’ at the 911 memorial (just as I was finishing this)!  The eclipse energies are really come into the foray now. I can also recommend Joni Patry’s site for good forecast videos. She is a leading voice in Sidereal and Vedic astrology, so don’t get confused by the shift in the zodiac. She predicted serious health issues for Hilary as well as some danger for Trump. She has expressed doubt in a number of videos as to whether this US election will actually happen!



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