Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter ingress Libra : 9th/10th September 2016 – 10 October 2017

Jupiter, the planetary lord of expansion, growth, opportunity, hope, generosity and divine inspiration is about to enter the domain of Libra. Jupiter is intuitive, connects the dots, brings into purview a new potential, the belief and hope in achieving it, and in so doing takes us to the next level. Jupiter is the big gang banger, the great benefic and the protector against rogue comets. Hail Jupiter!

Jupiter and planet

Coming out of the restrictive and puritanical earthy world of  Miss Virgo, Jupiter is looking to get up to all sorts of horny nonsense in that delectable realm of Venus’ house of Libra. Jupiter, after all, is good old Zeus, who certainly wasn’t shy about his excesses and foibles.

The cosmic energies are really shifting now that we are passing through the eclipses and the equinox beckons by September 21st. We do, however, still have that Mercury Virgo retrograde to go through before the cosmic gears stop grating and the friction smoothens out a little.

This Jupiter ingress through the suave lady’s house is going to be quite a dynamic affair and not short of a few scandals along the way. Jupiter’s passage will be augmented by some major aspects.

Currently we have Uranus in opposite Aries around 23 degrees retrograding to the 20 degree third decan point by the year’s end. This of course means that the incredibly dynamic, over the top and explosive opposition of Uranus and Jupiter is going to define this transit most of the way  – especially when Jupiter hits around 7 degrees Libra by mid October activating the 15 degree orb. Venus, the lady of the house,  and Jupiter are wanting to have a private party, but Uranus, the scoundrel, is going to keep gate crashing!

Up first, however, we have Pluto (the secret, psycho, jealous lover)  midway at 15 degrees in Capricorn , so pretty soon we will already be meeting the first of three Jupiter Pluto squares! We hit the 15 degree orb here as soon as Jupiter enters Libra. Jupiter square Pluto is all about power, massive power, hidden powers and deep subconscious drives for power, domination and control. One of the Jupiter in Libra themes we will see is the formation of alliances. Happening right now behind closed doors (square) are some massive power struggles (Jupiter/Pluto) and realignments. Of course, this speaks to the US elections, but also the situation in Brazil, South Africa (rallying against Zuma), Turkey and the U.K. with JC (No! – not that one!)

This square will also set off social activist groups around issues of  inequality (Libra needs balance) and corruption (Pluto/ Capricorn).  There are also big (Jupiter) secrets (Pluto) here waiting to be revealed and huge social scandals about to rock the house!  – this will tie into the Saturn Neptune square (barriers break) of 11th September (!)  (Wikileaks?). This square tightens all the way to the US elections and reaches the first exact degree by 24 November all the time as the Uranus Jupiter opposition is building in the background. Leaks, scandals, protests and plenty of drama.

On a personal level this square can be about forging your power (Pluto) through social formations (Libra) and community building (square Capricorn). Positive change and transformation (Pluto) comes from being able to maintain mental equilibrium and cooperation with others (Libra).

The last 7 years has really been a Saturn period defined by the Saturn square to Pluto, the square to Uranus, then Jupiter and now the square to Neptune in Pisces. The Saturn Uranus Pluto period was the start of the 2008/2010 economic collapse, the bail outs, the Occupy Movement, then to the so called Arab Spring moving onto the wars in Syria and the Ukraine.

We did have some Jupiter action though with the Uranus trine which was quite happy and jubilant typically around gay rights and the rise of more radical cultural memes such as the  Rhodes campaigns and BLM. Things since then progressed into the Jupiter Neptune opposition (massive flood) with the migrant crisis, social justice movements with accompanying victim hysteria (Neptune/Pisces).

Presently  we are still a little stuck in the Saturn square Neptune malaise with a little Jupiter hangover – further economic unraveling, political instability, leaks, endless demoralizing corruption, breakdown and the toss up of not really knowing what is truth or lies, reality or illusion, or whether it is worth hoping for anything better.


Soon, however,  it will be full on Jupiter season so what can be guaranteed is ‘never a dull moment’. Forget that Chinese crap about living in interesting times – let’s just  party on baby,  Libra style, until we drop!

When we hit the Jupiter Uranus opposition by the end of this year, Uranus will reach 20 degrees at the end of its retrograde with Pluto at 16 degrees Capricorn, so technically this can be called out as a T-square. A  T-square of Jupiter Uranus to Pluto linking in with a Saturn-Jupiter-Uranus  and an additional Uranus-Venus-Jupiter trine sextile triangle. A very colourful, complex end to an action packed year! I call this one the Bat Trap :

Bat Trap triangles for Xmas 2016

There are massive geopolitical, cultural and social shifts over the event horizon which will be marked by the final eclipse come 16th September. There will be three major planets in Cardinal signs – Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn – so things are going to manifest big time on the world stage (and in our little lives).

Here are my  extrapolated speculations about what Jupiter in Libra will see :

Libra scale and planets

 1. General Libra stuff :

With Jupiter’s  gaseous energies of growth and expansion,  we can expect significant developments, or general flatulence around all things Libran, or  in short, it is going to be a big year for :

Fine arts, new art movements, high fashion, beauticians, new concepts of interior design, feng shui, social media, social media technologies and platforms, business entrepreneurs,  marriage and divorce, said marriage and divorce lawyers, advisors, counselors and legal professionals, alliances and agreements, business and trade agreements, international diplomacy, gender issues, social justice movements, public readings of Tolstoy’s  War and Peace.

   2. A massive cock down on social media freedom of expression :

Libra is an Air sign so it’s about intellect, information and connections. Trine from Gemini (thinking, information) , it is in Cardinal Libra that we go out there and seek to make contact and develop relationships with like minded individuals. Libra is about social networking while Aquarius (next trine) is more about the groups that coalesce around this or that we join. Uranus and Aquarius are also about high technology and the Internet, and we have the Uranus opposition, but  how did I arrive at the idea of a massive crack! down on freedom of expression?

No you can’t!

What I see here is a similar pattern observed during the Jupiter in Virgo period and it concerns issues of rulerships and disposition. Simply put, Saturn in Sagittarius indicates complex and comprehension restructuring (Saturn) of legal codes (Sagittarius) . However, Saturn rules Capricorn where we have Pluto – so for the most part these changes in law are only favoring the corporate ruling class elite – the Plutocracy. In turn, Jupiter is for now ruling the energies of Saturn in Sagittarius which are then disposed  into Libra which indicates the new flavor of the totalitarian crack down.

Expressed in another way, more draconian measures (Pluto) and laws (Saturn/Sagittarius) regulating how we interact with other people (Jupiter/Libra), especially on social media networks. Expect a general, broad opaqueness around these laws (Neptune in Pisces, another Jupiter abode).   FaceBook, as a main culprit here, is a complete CIA front organization, data mining and profiling individuals ultimately for deciding who is going to get guillotined in the FEMA camps in the US – Jupiter/Scorpio trine Neptune/Pisces, starting December 2017.

This legal crackdown is a no brainer because it’s already happening and will really start happening big (Jupiter) time very, very soon. I’m just really pointing out the astrological correlations. The diversity Muslim major of London has already set up a troll police force to deal with online discontent.  Are we living in the new communism? Kind of – we’re in third movement now  – thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis as the band plays on with a great crescendo.

Uranus in Aries represents the opposition to this.  Saturn in Sagittarius correlates to a restriction in freedom of expression and media. The trine to  Uranus in Aries wants to curtail the unbridled expression of individual rights – something that does not sit well with the US 1st Amendment and where Saturn also correlates to legal as well as constitutional changes.  It will, however, be framed in the ideological context of freedom (Sagittarius) with responsibility (Saturn) which is fair enough but here it will be twisted to pander to self censorship of unpopular views and opinions (non leftist/anti globalist), or legitimate criticism of religion, specifically the unnamed religion of peace. The legal aspect of Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries could also correlate to gun control and if Hillary gets in, that is going to happen.

For as long as we have Neptune in Pisces, we will have this pervading mainstream collective intolerance of any criticism or dissent (opposition Virgo) against the agenda to amalgamate everything (Pisces) and suppression of any unapproved, differentiated expression of identity. Welcome to the matriarchy! Can’t wait for this birthing  to get done with!

3. New social media platforms as people dump on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube :

This is really just a corollary of the above. During the last six months there have been on and off dramas specifically around Twitter and FaceBook concerning alleged censorship of conservative views. Facebook actually had a meeting  with establishment conservatives where nothing happened and which the ‘alt right’ (non ‘cuckservatives’) pilloried and the censorship of views continues. Then the leftist media ran a widely distributed hit story saying that white nationalists use Twitter more than IS (OMG!) in the face of continual allegations that Twitter and FaceBook offer a free and open platform to IS as well as anti white hate speech too. White nationalists here seem to have conveniently gotten conflated with white supremacists and IS in typical Neptune in Pisces fashion. Twitter also recently banned a popular so called alt right personality Milo Yiannopoulos (probably a decoy shill) over alleged abusive behavior regarding his Lesley Jones spat.  Now Youtube is actively demonetizing videos with ‘controversial’ (code non leftist) views.  The mainstream, globalist press  and the dominant Internet platforms (Neptune) are now totally leftists/globalist/ controlled (no surprise) and sold out to an increasingly anti democratic, hypocritical PC, hysterical agenda (Neptune/Pisces). The symbol of Pisces is two fish tied together swimming in opposite directions which indicates how Pisces is so capable of maintaining blatant hypocrisy with a straight face and in total denial. Sorry Pisces !

More and more news services have also shut off their opinion comments sections, largely citing hate comments and racial abuse etc. Those kinds of bottom feeders are really just the scapegoats, but the real reason is that  ordinary people are sticking it to the controlled narrative and politically correct agendas. What has happened is that commenters have been driven, or rather herded, onto FaceBook where of course they can be more easily identified and profiled (for homeland security) and FaceBook feeds are working so as only to expose people to similar points of view. People are being censored into their little boxes.

face trash

The sheeple so to speak know what’s going on here are they will break away. Already this is happening and new experimental platforms are starting to emerge. The Uranus/Jupiter cycle is the technology cycle. All technological innovations map to the conjuncts, squares and oppositions of this cycle. Uranus is high technology and Jupiter is expansion and growth. Aries is the sign of the entrepreneur, the innovator and the trail blazer. So, we can expect at this time of the Uranus/Aries to Jupiter/Libra opposition that some really exciting technological developments and break throughs will happen especially concerning social media. It is interesting to note that  FaceBook was launched 12 years ago during the very last Jupiter Libra ingress. This time round however Jupiter has to deal with the Uranus opposition in Aries meaning upsets, shocks, surprises, sudden reversals etc. If they do not change and innovate quickly, they will fail and fall hard.

Aries is about assertion of individuality and independence while Libra is about consensus and compromise. Zuckerberg as a true Millennial was born with Pluto in Libra. Librans don’t  really like dissent, conflicts and arguments  and they always strive to attain some kind of balance, compromise and cooperation. Pluto forces this with the will to power, yet is drawn the polar opposite in that typical Pluto love/hate attraction/repulsion  dynamics. The evolutionary need is to learn how to be more independent (evolutionary point Aries) , not so consensus driven and coercing  others to ones own standards and points of view (Libra). Typically Pluto intensifies the archetype of its placement resulting such an imbalance that the pendulum is forced to swing to the opposite side. We see this happening with FB in particular – censoring conservative opinions, censoring people’s feeds, herding people into consensus boxes so no one is exposed to a contradictory opinion. What will Jupiter in all His self righteousness bring to this I wonder?

4. New horizons in space, technology and spirituality :

This is just following the logic of the Jupiter Uranus technology  cycle adding in Uranus as in space,  aeronautics and individuation of higher consciousness. There has been much talk about completely resigning the concept of air travel and air craft design and this should finally be seen manifesting into reality.  This present Jupiter Uranus cycle was seeded (2010) at 29 degrees Pisces and the conjunct straddled over into Aries. So this seed contains the spiritual, dreamy, fantasy energy of Neptune and the dynamic fire starter energy of Aries. We could speculate here about ‘spiritual technologies’ or technologies that can help lead to a new spiritually based society of higher consciousness (Uranus/Jupiter/Libra-balance) along side high technology (Saturn/Sagittarius/culture sextile Jupiter trine Uranus). We can also expect that technology will be incorporating new levels of aesthetic design, adding convenience, comfort and greater sophistication to our designed life styles (Libra).

Imagination becomes reality.

This Pisces/Aries seed to the cycle, which is now progressing to a ‘full moon’ fruition phase with Jupiter in Libra, suggests that the new (Aries) technologies seeded at that time (2010) and consequentially developed, will now be expanded (Jupiter) into the social body through the cardinal sign of Libra. One other item that could be added here is quantum computing.

5. Surprising bed fellas and unexpected alliances :

Libra is the sign of contracts, agreements, alliances, coalitions and partnerships. The history of Jupiter in Libra correlates to times of large political and economic consolidations as well as the rise  or significant expansion of political movements. For example, major expansion of the EEC, the EU and NATO all coincided with this ingress of Jupiter into Libra as did the rapid expansion of National Socialism before World War Two.

We can expect the same or similar this time too, but with the added twist of the Uranus opposition.  New power alliances will happen in the shadows of the Jupiter Pluto square and then come to light (full Moon) during the Uranus Jupiter opposition. Expect to see sudden, unforeseen, surprising or even shocking (Uranus) break ups  (opposition) of previous alliances (Libra). Already this is in the air with the possibility of a further EU break up and Trump questioning the need for a NATO alliance. Interesting, new and dynamic alliances will be formed.Turkey was an intimation of this – a staunch US ally, a shady coup, a break down of a relationship and some very devious underhanded politicking so typical of Neptune square to Saturn. I am still left wondering what exactly that one was about and who is screwing who and who is about to get screwed by Jupiter square to Pluto?

I guess I pinked your panther!

Jupiter will also be in a sextile to Saturn in His own abode of political Sagittarius, so so we can also foresee major developments within political moments. By the end of the year when Saturn trines to Uranus – a correlation to the rise of the alt right, identitarianism and racial nationalism –  we can expect some kind of radical shake up (Uranus opposition) to the status quo (Jupiter in Libra). Following on the legal theme of Saturn in Sagittarius, perhaps we should also expect draconian legislation (Pluto/Capricorn connection) to be quickly unfolded to deal with this rising political and social opposition (right wing, nationalist forces). Also, we will see people grouping and alliances being formed around singular issues which is very typically Aries. People are going to narrow their focus to what they see as the key to the survival (Aries) of their group, their community, their nation, their culture or their race (Uranus trine to Saturn/Sagittarius).

New trade alliances also deserve a mention here. Jupiter and Venus are the main planets of trade and commerce and Jupiter is in the sign of Venus. Partly this relates to Brexit, which I previously blogged would be triggered early next year when Pluto conjuncts the UK’s Sun, because of course the UK (big player) will now have to negotiate all sorts of separate trade deals with other nations. As the global economy further worsens under the Saturn square Neptune malaise and the run off from this into next year, we can expect to see various countries around the world taking independent action to secure their own well being and survival (Uranus in Aries) by either breaking current agreements  or re/negotiating new ones (opposition to Jupiter in Libra).

6. Radical  ideological reversals :

This one relates to the  psychology of Jupiter in Libra. Librans are often, generally wrongly, seen as fence sitters and hypocrites. This is due to not realizing how the Libran dynamics work. Libra is about finding balance and they require information (air sign) in order to weigh up the different angles, opinions and to come up with a reasonable response. Unless and until they feel that they have gathered all the different angles, finished the consultations, they will not really make a commitment, but when they do, they are really very committed to what they do (opposition Aries). Intellectually, they do the same thing. Librans are actually quite open minded in that they are always open to considering the opposite point of view. Slowly they mull over other views of the world, and then seemingly all of a sudden they flip points of view. This flipping is not capricious, but was going on under the surface for quite some time. There is a calmness about Libra which covers over this underlying dynamic tension.

Jupiter in Libra really expands this dynamics. Something really cool about natal Jupiter in Libra, is that these people never really take offense to anything (Libra expanded). They are the perfect advisors. No matter what is said, no matter how shocking, bigoted, racists, perverse, whatever, they will always endeavor to understand why someone may think in such a way and whether or not their point of view is actually valid. So, when Jupiter comes into Libra, collectively, more and more people are going to be expanding their purview, stretching their limitations as to what is supposedly socially acceptable or not. Librans are quite sensitive to what other people think of them and like their views to be respected and to be considered reasonable. The reasonable is going to be radicalized (Uranus opposition).

Sorry, I got it wrong!

Saturn trine Uranus is also going to cut into the politically, socially correct crap. This dynamics is not going to go down well with the Neptune in Pisces politically correct agenda. Shouting racist, bigot, supremacist, sexist, homophobe, islamaphobe, hater etc. is not going to cut it any more as a coercive tactic.  In terms of social justice (Libra), the problem with the justice of Libra is that it is still more personal than objective. Jupiter in Libra is more about my truth or the truth with a small ‘t’. Sagittarius is more consensus, collective truth and the final air sign of Aquarius is  a higher objective truth. Further to this, because Jupiter also rules Pisces with Neptune, the leftist hysteria, victim groups and SJW’s are going to get rather out of hand and severely agitated by growing opposition and derision (Uranus) – hence also the media crackdown. Thus the great divide will begin and the polarization will become more pronounced and intensified during the two trines period of late 2017 into 2019;  possibly leading to leftist witch hunts and bloody mass hysteria as Jupiter in Scorpio comes to trine Neptune in Pisces (that one again!?).

7. Finding answers to difficult questions :

As the inspirations for writing this comes through, I keep coming back to a central theme. Not to say that I feel pessimistic about this transit, but perhaps to say that things are going to be very challenging. When I try to get the whole picture together, what I see is the conundrum of Jupiter coalescing the energies of Saturn  (Sagittarius) and Neptune (Pisces) – polar opposites through sign rulership. This  is not as powerful as a conjunct or a sign exchange, but the next level down. If anyone can find a compromise it would be Libra and Jupiter is willing to give it a try.

The present square of Neptune to Saturn represents a destabilization of structure and tradition, or the fundamental basis of our reality as we perceive it. Neptune in Pisces wants to bring everything together which is problematic on the material platform of duality, differentiation and distinction. These two represent a tension between the spiritual (Neptune) and the material (Saturn), also the utopian and the realistic, the collectivists and the separatists. Neptune in Pisces can offer either divine inspiration for a new cycle or phase of development or the easy way out of complete nihilism and suicidal mass destruction.

Saturn in Sagittarius is wondering what can be preserved in terms of current ideology and concepts of race, culture and religion. Jupiter into Libra represents how this continuing  struggle can be resolved, if it can, but now the Uranus opposition will have to come up with some original solution because if something cannot be worked out (Libra), then war (Aries) is the only solution.


8. A global mental health crisis :

Libra is an Air sign and therefore we are looking at issues of mental equilibrium and how to find that and maintain it. Librans are delicate creatures and the best of them are quite sensitive. An evolved Libra can walk into a room, feel something is amiss,  then move just one object into place and the balance is restored. Libra is like walking a tight rope.  If Virgo is about seeking perfection, cardinal Libra is about manifesting that perfect. When we’re going through that neurotic Virgo  breakdown, who do we call? Who do we go to when our shit breaks down?  – next door to our Libra therapist! The other option is don’t pass ‘Go’ don’t collect $200, go straight to the Pisces, 12th house loony bin – it’s just across the road!


Right now so many things are out of balance. The weather, the economy, communal relationships, the haves and the have nots and people are getting angry, polarized and more radical and extreme. Can Jupiter restore the balance, manifest some sanity and equilibrium? I’m not sure. I think that the coalescence of Pisces energy, Neptune (breakdown, confusion) and Saturn (depression, loss of h0pe in Sagittarius) opposed by Uranus in Aries (volatile, reactive)  is going to lead to same major collective mental breakdowns. There will be a context for this of course, something will trigger it. It could be economic, a mega disaster, some say it is related to magnetic instabilities around our planet. I guess this is why therapists, advisors, counselors and lawyers  will be doing so well!

9. Relationships break and new groups forge:

This is a kind of a run off from a couple of the the above. With Jupiter in Libra people are going to want to be living their potential through their relationships and to bring more quality and value into their lives. Relationships and friendships could become strained if one partner  takes on radically different political and social views. Relationships with too much codependency (Libra) or where one partner does not really respect the independence of the other  (Uranus opposition) will be strained. I have read some stories about relationships breaking up over the Trump effect, and this does not really surprise me.

The good news is that many people are going to forge new, exciting  and very dynamic relationships (Uranus opposition) . People are going to be finding their groups and their cliques. Much of this could very well be happening under severe economic, political and social situations. A new tribalism (Saturn Sagittarius) is forming, and this is not only racial on one level, but also spiritual on another so people are going to be drawn to partners (some after separation) to whom they are more spiritually attuned with greater like consciousness and this will expand into larger social groups and pockets. During this opposition, more and more people gather (Jupiter/Libra) around self organizing collectives (Aries/Uranus).

1o. Gender rebalancing  :

So, finally, women gain equal rights and feminism triumphs. Not exactly. Surprise, surprise – Uranus is in Aries. There will be a gender rebalancing, but it will be back towards to the masculine principle. It can be argued that much, if not most, of what feminists whine and wail about is basically a lie. Women, in the West at least, have had it just as good as men if not better nowadays. Feminism and so called women’s rights has really just become a power politics. It is not about the noble virtue of equality, but about taking as much as can be taken. Crying victim and inequality has become a convenient and easy way to the top. Feminism, especially third wave feminism, has become an ugly and vicious cult of hate against men, and especially so called white privileged men. A lot of women are waking up to to what a  lie feminism is – a kind of cult like a religion, which does not have the interests of women at heart.


Uranus in Aries has long been stoking up issues of male identity. Many articles and papers have appeared concerning the crisis (Uranus) of young male identity (Aries) and issues of alienation and radicalization. Saturn coming to trine Uranus is going to give more structure, direction, purpose and strength to the male principle – as well as more purpose, direction and organization to radicalized individuals! Basically, (western) men are going to be standing up for themselves (growing balls). A more disciplined and dynamic masculinity, is hopefully going to take shake, a reaction against the feminizing, gender warping agenda as more and more men refuse to be cucked and shamed by radical leftists and feminist man haters operating under the directives of the cult overlords. The divine male principle right now is in an even more warped and suppressed state than the female! Saturn trine to Uranus and in turn opposed to Jupiter in Libra may help to rectify this.

The issue of ‘gender imbalance’ really relates to the migrant crisis. This hoard invasion has also seriously tipped the gender scales (Libra vs Aries) towards a violent, alien, hyper masculine culture – Jupiter in Libra will see the consequences of this. Energetically it is not so difficult to see what is happening here. Through the feminist, feminizing agenda the male principle of courage, strength, nobility, virtue, self defense and protection has been suppressed. This has created a vacuum in the West which is being filled by a very negative and destructive male force. The white (European) male will be replaced, displaced unless he is  willing to fight back organized through a broader racial nationalism (Saturn/Sagittarius trine Uranus/Aries). It is also interesting to note how feminists have little to say or to protest regarding radical Islam. There is a hidden agenda to the feminist movement which ties into the Islamic conquest of the West. The contrived clash of civilizations but nature is what she is – kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, dominate or submit, the meek will not inherit this earth and the weak will be annihilated. The men will be pitched against each other and the women will stand by to see whom to mate and breed with.

11. Protests, riots and violent civilian confrontations :


Whenever Uranus, and Neptune, come under aspect from planets from Jupiter outward, the hoards and groups gather around. Uranus relates more to the conscious gathering of groups around a particular purpose or ideal. Neptune is more a contagious grouping where people are not so consciously aware or even rational about why they are grouping together. With the Pluto Uranus square  (Arab Spring) we saw very purposefully focused groups of mostly young males (Aries) squaring off against government forces because Pluto was and still is in Capricorn.

We will see this with the Jupiter Uranus opposition, especially towards the end of this year; but the conflict, the opposition, is going to be between social groups (Libra) like I mentioned previously, nationalists (Saturn trine Uranus) and the leftist globalists (Neptune in Pisces). The energy of Neptune/Pisces is going to be taken up by Jupiter (rules Pisces) in opposition to Uranus. A civil war like situation (Libra opposed to Aries) is brewing in not only Europe, but also America and it will correlate to this opposition. There will probably be many other types of demonstrations and civil disturbances around a range of social issues regarding inequality and injustice. They say ‘blessed are the peace keepers’ when Jupiter (blessings) enters Libra.

12. Moral decay vs a new spiritual aesthetics :

Libra is always trying to find the balance and as such establishes new norms of acceptability. Ruled by Venus, Libra has a tendency to be quite materialistic, glib and sometimes pretty shallow. Low evolved Libran energies can be quite hedonistic dragging the individual down into a pig in the mud situation. Yet, to the opposite extreme, the Libran energy is also very elevated. Those of higher consciousness, who are enthused through this archetype, have an amazing ability to express the divine through beauty, harmony, balance and aesthetic sophistication.

With Jupiter in Libra,  both these dynamics will come into play, especially since Jupiter has this kind of duality as well – the choice between human or animal, the material or the divine. This, once again, is part of the great polarization taking place. Especially in Western countries we are going to see new levels of moral, cultural relativism and social decay and with the opposition to Uranus in Aries this could incorporate new (shocking) levels of physical and sexual violence. Once again, the dynamics here is Jupiter coalescing through rulership the energies of Saturn (Sagittarius)  and Neptune (Pisces).  Neptune is the great dissolver magnified in Pisces, and this energy is disposited into Libra which is the sign of social Values ad Norms. Well, let’s just party like there’s no tomorrow or 1999!  Saturn can also bring out the negative in an archetype and Sagittarius is quite lascivious and animalistic in its lower expression. In Virgo Jupiter was more restricted and contained, but now Jupiter is going to let it hang all out in Libra.

There will, however, be a developing counter balance to this process. Gradually more and more people will coalesce around an opposite energy which will be focused on a moral and spiritual renewal of more elevated values and spiritual principles correlating to the higher energetic levels of Pisces and Sagittarius.

In the face of Liberal decay and relativism, the West seriously needs to impose a new kind of spiritual and authoritarian discipline (Saturn/Sagittarius). If this is not done positively from within, it will be negatively imposed from without.  The master game plan in the West has been the continual moral, spiritual and cultural decay forwarded by the leftist cultural Marxist Zionist ideology and as this collapse takes place the same ideological group is pushing Islamic culture through political correctness, wars and mass invasion. If at this late hour, the West cannot embrace a new morality and spirituality, one that which is more indigenous and not based on the alien servility and cuckolded servitude of Judeo Christianity, a new dark age will descend and the passion and creativity of the Western mind will once again be blotted out.  No culture, race or civilization can survive without a spiritual, mythical, archetypal foundation.





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