The September Eclipse : 2016

The Annular Eclipse for this year is at hand,  September 1st, a week away. It seems to be that a witch’s brew is bubbling. Not be an alarmist, however, but it does appear that the energies gathering around this eclipse are indeed something to be concerned about, or at least to be  aware, on the look out, or simply prepared. Just days ago the German government made an appeal for its citizens to stockpile food and water in case of a disaster or major attack of some kind. Other governments, so far Czech and Finland,  have followed suit and at this point I am not too sure of what practice, preparation ‘drills’ are underfoot in the US and elsewhere. Also, the militarization of key countries like France and Germany with troops now being deployed on the streets may very well be some kind of stealth preparation for something much bigger over the horizon of this eclipse.

Perhaps this call for preparation is just long overdue common sense, but it does seem to be somewhat unprecedented for the location of Germany. What kind of terrorist attack to date has resulted in the need for people to sustain themselves for a period of 10 days to two weeks? What could this possible attack/disaster be? One of those infamous dirty nukes? Perhaps a  biological attack correlating to the Neptune opposition with Mars, the ruler of Uranus in Aries, in the Saturn mix?  It might not be a terrorist attack (Saturn square Neptune), but it could concern rumours that have been abounding about the imminent collapse of the Deutsche Bank, and this would indeed create a period of chaos, panic, confusion an shortage of goods as well as social disruption and possible street level violence. Could it be an expansion of the theater of war (Mars/Saturn/Sagittarius)  resulting from escalations of the situations in Syria, Turkey and Ukraine and tensions with Russia and China? Then again, it could concern some kind of weather or environmental disaster (Mercury retrograde), probably flooding like we have seen in Louisiana and elsewhere in the US. This ties in very much with the ongoing themes of Neptune in Pisces with destruction/dissolution  through water and general confusion, lack of clarity and uncertainty.

So let’s have a look at the eclipse chart and see what is going on. I have chosen a zero Aries degree chart set for the global GMT location just for convenience :

September 01 eclipse

The eclipse is exact as per degree at about 09’21 Virgo. This is three degrees off from the lunar nodes, so it is a tight eclipse. The eclipsed Sun at the New Moon conjoins opposed to Neptune on the South Node and this is in a T-square to Saturn in Sagittarius (still in conjunct to Mars). The exact Saturn Neptune square is to happen by 10/11 September. The eclipse is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, so notice how Mercury has just turned from stationary to retrograde at the critical degree point of Virgo at 28/29 degrees – technically the critical, anorectic degree is 29. Notice how Jupiter is conjunct to this Mercury and Jupiter will continue direct into Libra also by 11 September tying into the Saturn Neptune square. The caveat is that the (T-square) eclipse is in a trine to Pluto in Capricorn (orb 5 degrees).

I’m drawn straight away to the Mercury retrograde conjunct to Jupiter. Forget about technical glitches, miscommunications, breakdowns and whatever which are supposed to happen at Mercury retrogrades, the key change at a Mercury retrograde is always the weather. This is something I have observed time and time again – at the start of the stationary retrograde the winds pick up and storms break out. The conjunct to Jupiter suggests that this retrograde’s weather patterns or anomalies are going to be big. So watch all the weather systems around the globe as we approach the eclipse date and the weeks after.

Just in recent days was the earthquake in Italy, and there have been significant point 6 earthquakes around the globe so there is a pattern of instability arising. One can only hope that by this major eclipse enough pressure will have been released. An eclipse square to Saturn and Mars, where a major quake has coincided with the actual Mars/Saturn exact conjunct, and where the eclipse is also opposed by Neptune in Pisces, could see not only a possible major earthquake but also a tsunami. To keep updated with accurate earthquake forecasts, keep a link to this Youtube channel. This channel has a highly accurate prediction rate. He not only predicted the Italian earthquake down to the location, but also subsequent pressure release quakes and many other quakes in multiple global locations.

Jupiter of course rules Sagittarius where we have Saturn and Saturn is T-squared in this eclipse, so I think the storms that are brewing are more than just the weather. The earthquakes and tsunamis may actually just turn out to be more metaphorical. We are looking at Sagittarian storms, meaning political storms, cultural storms and bigger storms gathering around religious issues, migrants and refugees.

In mundane astrology, eclipses of the Sun often signal the fall, or death of a prominent person or leader of a nation. An alternative media story also just broke about a supposed assassination attempt on Angela Merkel in the Czech republic. Tensions are building.  Also, an eclipse indicates something that is hidden (eclipsed) and then revealed. The sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury, indicates critical facts and information because in Virgo what is known matters more than just simply  knowing, which is more Gemini.  It appears that critical, game changing information may become revealed around this eclipse. Could this be the next data dump from Julian Assange and bye bye Hillary? This relates also to the Saturn Neptune square – secrets and truths revealed under pressure, leaks cannot be stopped. Mercury at the critical degree just intensifies everything which is in turn expanded by Jupiter (publication). Saturn, the reality that can’t be escaped is now in the sign of the truth seeker! A while back, there was also the story of someone caught trying to break into Assange’s embassy home triggering speculation of an assassination attempt at a time when the Clinton dead list added a couple of newly deceased names.


The other symbolism of an eclipse is that the Sun (consciousness, knowing) is temporarily obscured before a new revelation. This suggests that for the 6 month period after this eclipse there is going to be an extended period of disorientation and confusion (opposition Neptune)  which would correlate to a necessary realignment to the new facts and reality revealed (Saturn reforming the bigger story in Sagittarius). The Mercury retrograde conjunct to Jupiter clearly suggests that this eclipse is all about information and reality perception.

I noted the caveat as being the trine to Pluto. The eclipse itself is not only in a tension T-square (Sun/Moon, Neptune to Saturn), but the ruler of the eclipse Mercury, conjuncted by Jupiter, is  in a tension opposition to Chiron. This indicates that the build up of  energy at difficult angles is ultimately going to flow along the path of less resistance which is towards Pluto in Capricorn. This suggests that things are going to be big (Jupiter) and dramatic (Pluto) and in Capricorn this indicates further structural collapse of some kind  possibly accompanied by the  deployment of the force of the state and the law (Mars Saturn conjunct/Sagittarius). This trine also hearkens back to the recent Jupiter trine Pluto aspect which correlated to mass deaths and destruction in disasters that happened at that time as well as the French and Belgium terror attacks. Because Jupiter in brought into the eclipse through conjunct to the eclipse ruler , this eclipse trine to Pluto suggests strongly that there could be deadly,  powerful and dramatic forces at play, 

Deadly forces often  prevail at a Mercury retrograde and in terms of a terror attack, this could correlated to someone not receiving or reacting to critical information at the time. Of course, we have to also factor in the reality of false flag terror and engineered social, economic and structural collapse – correlating to the up coming Saturn (order) trine Uranus (chaos) aspect which could be dubbed the ’33’ degree aspect. Just looking at the Saturn Neptune square itself, this aspect has all the way correlated to further economic malaise as well as all the major recent terror attacks. As mentioned in many previous posts, this Saturn Neptune cycle was seeded in 1989 at the collapse of the Berlin wall and communism (seeded under a previous Saturn Neptune cycle) and since then the unfolding cycle has correlated to the collapse of the then triumphant liberal capitalist system. A major eclipse with a trine to Pluto  (Capricorn) and T-square to Saturn just weeks before the exact and final square in this Saturn Neptune cycle should be enough to raise eyebrows.

Mars  just conjuncted Saturn on August 23rd. This conjunct and the warm up to it witnessed the lone stabbings by supposedly crazy individuals not motivated by religion  continuing across Europe (Mars is ruling Uranus in Aries at the moment, hence lone wolf terror, knife attacks). Maybe Saturn can give a bit of control and direction to the anger and frustration while Mars could uplift the lack of hope and vision that many may be feeling at this time of Neptune square Saturn malaise. Saturn and Mars together can be extremely productive and fruitful so maybe this has helped to pull many individuals out of their Saturn rut.

Considering the Mercury retrograde conjunct to Jupiter (the General), this would be a critical time for sane people and leaders to do everything to avoid at all costs the need for another war break out or some other ongoing conflict over heating. Saturn conjunct to Mars in Sagittarius squared by  an eclipse, could correlate to the start of a major conflict. Eclipses also function as reset, clearing points, so perhaps we can pull ourselves away from the brink as Mercury retrogrades at the critical degree. Hope always springs eternal, but the push for global war and further conflict with Russia and China is unrelenting and when the economy collapses, that will be the trigger to war.

Virgo (gone wrong) is also a sign of breakdown. Sometimes in Virgo things just become completely dysfunctional as the health of underlying systems fail and then we have the flip over to Pisces as in collapse, chaos and confusion. Perhaps at this eclipse what is going to be revealed is the true extent of our collective mental as well as  economic, political and environmental psychopathic disorders. The opposition to Chiron however, suggests that this is indeed a major time of healing, cleansing, rebalancing and going through the necessary pain in order to arrive somehow or other at a better place.

Other mundane perspectives suggest this eclipse has a lot to do with not only systems and environments (Virgo) but also about attitudes, discernment, differentiation (other Virgo) and beliefs (square Sagittarius). In Virgo things are not equal, there is a need to differentiate, discriminate and to focus and specialize. This happens in opposition to Neptune in Pisces which correlates to the social Marxist, leftists, globalist, regressive ideology of  we’re all one , the same, a united and undifferentiated humanity and whatever difference you see is a social construct in need of deconstruction or hierarchical inversion whatever. It’s a grand Orwellian deception where they speak unity while dividing people into ever conflicting sub identity groupings, where they preach ‘diversity is strength’ where it is actually a weakness because the weakened and diluted are more easily controlled and that ‘multi multiculturalism is enrichment’ where in fact it is cultural destruction to be replaced with a top down corporate consumer identity.

The eclipse in Virgo, with the ruler Mercury in retrograde conjunct to Jupiter (collectivization, race, culture) suggests a pivotal point of rethinking (mutable sign/Mercury retrograde) as well as cultural and ideological realignment to concepts of race , culture and how these relate also to spirituality (Pisces opposition). This eclipse is square to Saturn in Sagittarius and shortly after this eclipse Saturn will head into the first exact trine of Saturn to Uranus and this aspect is correlating to the rise of a new tribalism, or racial cultural identity. This relates to so called identity movements in Europe and the rise of support for nationalist parties as well as what is termed the alt right and fears of a rise in right wing racists, extremist, supremacists with spooky spooky stuff about Hitler and Nazis. Serendipitously, as I had left this article to stew over night, Hillary Clinton came out with her attack and smear of the alt. right and by broad association all alternative and free none corporate  media in response to Trump having hired a top media guy to head up his campaign. She has basically walked in to a right hornets nest which either demonstrates a high degree of desperation or plain stupidity. The game plan is really being upped right now. The gloves are coming off and as Jupiter enters into Libra there will be a massive and broad  crack down on social media and freedom of expression – something I will detail the dynamics of in my next post dealing with the Jupiter Libra ingress.

Clinton tim hat

Getting away from all the mundane angles of this eclipse, which are never really that inspiring, the personal dynamics offer something much better. To set an example, let’s place the eclipse of Virgo in the 10th house. This would be the dynamics for anyone with Sagittarius rising (1- 15 degrees) and ruling the 1st house or from the Sun Sign perspective of a Sagittarius born Sun.

Let’s focus on the 10th aspect of career. The eclipse suggest that below the surface all is not well with your career. Perhaps already, or it will dawn on you after the eclipse, that your job is not really as perfect as you thought or satisfying anymore (upset Virgo). Six months or so down the line you are going to completely reset things in this area of your life. The square to Saturn in the first says that you may lack (Saturn)  faith, hope and trust (Sagittarius) in yourself (1st house) or may fear (Saturn) taking independent action or stepping off the cliff (Mars/1st house) into a completely new direction. Mars conjunct to Saturn may create hesitation or may spur you to ‘just do it’. One thing holding you back is Neptune in the 4th house. Here you may not feel that you have the support of your family (4th house). In order to avoid making that necessary change you may even be blaming or using your family as an excuse (Neptune/Pisces/victimization ). Alternatively, you may feel that you don’t have enough financial or other kind of support or foundation – you feel you are standing on very shaky ground (Neptune/4th). The Change that you need to bring in your career, or the opportunity being offered (eclipse/10th), may also require that you change your place of residence and this is also proving an emotional hurdle (opposition to the 4th). One way around this would be to seek help by the opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius which would be Gemini in the 7th. This suggests that you should speak (Gemini) openly and freely (1st opposition) about your feelings and situation with your partner, or with a close friend (7th house) who could inspire you to have more faith in yourself (opposition to Sagittarius). Another way forward would be to seek professional advice as in a counselor, therapist or financial, business consultant (7th house). The opposition to the 7th may also indicate that things may have to end with a partner or certain significant people.  If you can pull this off, the trine to Pluto in Capricorn promises some long term riches. In this example the trine will be to the 2nd house, so this indicates that this change, if accomplished, will do wonders for improving your own self esteem, self worth as well as significant financial gains ( all 2nd house). The entire structure of your life and being (Capricorn) can within the the next six months at least (minimum eclipse window) be totally transformed (Pluto).

So basically, the house of the eclipse shows where something needs to change or where an opportunity comes as the Solar New Moon  eclipse represents endings and new beginnings. The square to Saturn indicates barriers and fears  which you need to overcome or integrate into the equation. The opposition to Neptune indicates things that can undermine you, things that you seriously need to clarify or things that you need to give up (moving away from the past/ South Node). Help can come from the Saturn opposition point in Gemini. The promise of what you can achieve and the area of your life that will receive the greatest residual benefit is the trine to Pluto. The Mercury (eclipse ruler) retrograde conjunct to Jupiter also indicates that what lies at hand may be very challenging and there will be many twists and turns or ups and downs , but the key is to stay calm, maintain clear and objective thinking, balance the bigger and smaller pictures out, aim for clear open communications, focus on the facts, the reality and not the emotions involved. The opposition to Chiron also indicates a severe personal challenge but that this is a process that could bring about some much needed  inner healing and greater balance and harmony to your life. It would probably be better to stave off any major decisions at least until Mercury has turned direct again and has moved out of its shadow. Of course, further detail and the personal magnitude of this eclipse can be known by looking to what planets are directly aligned to this eclipse. Obviously any planets from 5 to 15 degrees (even a bigger orb can be used) of the mutable signs (Gemini – Virgo – Sagittarius -Pisces) and especially if you have a Virgo Sun or Moon. People with planets within 7 to 17 degrees of Capricorn could  in for a free give away or may get swept along an unsuspecting tide or momentum.


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