Uranus Saturn : The fate of the French Republic

“An ancient dictum says that when Zeus wanted to destroy someone, he would first drive him mad.”
―Jean-Marie Le Pen

So what exactly is going on in France? It would seem from the outside that the nation has been reeling from one crisis, drama and tragedy to the next. They have been hit by terrorist attacks from Paris to Nice to random brutal murders and assaults by migrants,  immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, Muslims, invaders, take your pick. On top of this is the long stand off and mass demonstrations around the new labour laws being pushed through by the socialist/globalist government. Then, there are incidences and things that don’t make the lame stream media such as numerous street fights and confrontations between indigenous French and migrant/immigrant communities or refugee/invader mobs. What struck me during the Nice attack was the Eiffel Tower simultaneously going up in smoke due to some accident and the impression created was that of a nation demoralized, traumatized and humiliated. And perhaps deliberately so.

eiffel riot

What is happening though is all part of the great game, staged and largely scripted, from the wars and destabilization of the Middle East, the collapse of Libya, destruction of Syria to the refugees crisis, terrorist attacks to the open border policy. There is reason and rhyme behind the chaos. Chaos and control, controlled chaos, control through chaos, ordo ab chaos. This is the archetypal pairing of Saturn/control/order and Uranus/chaos. The old order/Saturn and the new order/Uranus. The New Dawn of the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius the constellation of high magic, as opposed to Capricorn the dark magic, is channeled through two planetary lenses – Saturn and Uranus. These two planets are now fast approaching a trine period and what a perfect cosmic signature to boldly usher in the next phase of the grand project. The previous Uranus Saturn square was more in the shadows, under the radar, but now it is time for a more open unveiling.

My contention has always been that the first 1000 years of this Aquarian age will probably be an Age of Saturn, the hidden hand, prisms within prisms, deception in plain sight.  The fake ascension through technological enhancement; the virtual, augmented fake realities, eugenics, mass surveillance, mind control, micro-chipped populations, the rule by the transcended elites, the deep state and the break away civilization. This is the negative polarity of the the age of Aquarius. The ultimate goal is the complete transformation of this planet into a fourth density planet of the third dimension based on the reptilian worlds of Sirius and Orion where true consciousness and reality is completely faked through the technological matrix. Perhaps if we survive this, or get bored with it all, we will collectively aspire for some kind of higher ascension during the following 1000 years of the Age of Uranus, but there are no guarantees. The higher expression of Aquarius would be a more decentralized, interconnected society with like minded groups drawn together living with a higher consciousness where technology and nature function seamlessly together and where centralized moral and political control is unnecessary.

The game plan ahead of us now is that of continual, relentless change and upheaval through chaos and trauma (Uranus). Traumatized migrants and refugees traumatizing the invader invaded populations. Cultures, ways of life and traditions destroyed on both sides. People being deliberately set up against each other through clashes of values, religion, real and false flag terror attacks and the coming civil wars that will lead to an even greater imposition of the militarized police state such as Germany now moving no to deploy troops on the streets.  And what choices will the people have? The polarization and dissent is running deeper by the day and the people are being baited into one trap after another and distractions abound to thwart the collective rise of a higher, unified, consciousness.

In terms of the grand plan, Uranus is really interesting. Just when the transcended  elites may think they know it all,  have it all, control it all (Saturn);  Uranus flips his finger and their very human hubris before the Gods takes them down. Uranus represents that which is beyond Saturn (Lord of the 33 Degrees), that which is beyond the known and that which is outside of our control. Don’t open Pandora’s box, don’t invoke the Lord of Chaos, the Universal Jester thinking in your hubris and arrogance that His last laugh will not be at your own ironic expense and destruction.

The archetype of Uranus is threatening. Donald Trump really imbues this archetype. Nobody knows what he is really about, what he is or if he is elected what will transpire. Is he an insider, is he a set up or is he playing the game against the game masters? This terrifies people yet sets up a strange relationship of attraction and repulsion. Donald Trump’s ascension (and coming apotheosis) has been correlating to ebbs and flows of the coming Saturn Uranus trine. Trump does imbue Saturn. He is established, part of the establishment, successful, elite, well connected; yet at the same time he is anti-establishment, unpredictable, unknown, eccentric, potentially dangerous yet potentially a liberating game changer.  By the 15th August this year, when Saturn turns direct with Mars in conjunct, and the Moon is transiting Pluto, and Uranus having turned retrograde weeks earlier,  these two forces will be merging together and peaking through the US election time to reach a precipice by 25th December when we meet the exact Uranus Jupiter opposition tied into the Saturn Uranus trine effecting an Air-Fire triangle which I have dubbed the ‘great conflagration’.

Uranus and Aquarius :

Concerning Aquarius, Uranus and the general 11th archetype there is a mature and immature manifestation. The immature manifestation is simply change, rebellion, revolution, chaos and rioting for the sake of some spurious ideal or frustration with the status quo. The mature expression understands that true individuation stems from the maturation of the individual within society, rooted in the social body yet able to stand above it to embrace what is outside of it. True attainment, enlightenment or liberation (Aquarius) does not come from the complete destruction of the underlying (social) bedrock foundation (Capricorn). From this point of view it can be argued that the liberal individualism of the elite classes and their eschewing of fundamental values and culture rooted in tradition is a failure. Each ascending archetype is a continuation of the preceding  archetype and not a denial of it.  The so called progressive leftists (Pisces/Neptune) suffer from much the same malaise. When the preceding 11th archetype is not integrated or properly matured, then the collective denies the validity of individual self expression (11th archetype)  through political correctness, and instead of being infused with divine inspiration (positive Neptune/Pisces) for the regeneration of society, there is a collective insanity, hysteria and push for complete cultural destruction and suicide – which we are now witnessing in Western civilizations.

France : The children of Uranus

I have always felt that France has a special place in the world and tableaux of astrology. The nation itself was born at the time of the discovery of Uranus and this archetype of revolution, rebellion, individuation, freedom, liberty, egalitarianism and fraternity was indelibly impressed on and imbued through the French nation. As the archetype of Uranus emerged from the unconscious to the conscious it was birthed into this world through the nation of France and later the torch was carried to the Americas. Some say that the art of astrology rests within the archetypal realm of Aquarius and Uranus. In part this is true, but there are two types of astrologers – the traditionalists and occultists that function within the energetic realms of Capricorn and Saturn and the Uranian astrologers who take a more radical, independent, individualistic, innovative approach to achieve true enlightenment, individuation and open source spirituality.

Tumultuous times are now upon us and how could it not be that the French nation  will once again be in a position to course the tide of history?  If you compare the three great nations and peoples of Europe – the British , the Germans and the French – they are quite different. The British have one of the longest, most stable and organically evolved democracies in the world. They have done their bit with things like the Magna Carta and the ending of slavery, yet in their quixotic ways, they love their royalty, their classist society and their ordered institutionalization. In many ways the British are rather complacent and not so given to creating too much chaos and disorder – at least not within their green and pleasant pastures. The British are not so much the radical game changers that people are looking and hoping for. Then you have the Germans – the greatest and most industrious nation of Europe. The problem with the Germans is that they like to follow orders and are unlikely to do anything too radical unless they have a leader to unite behind and the mighty German people are laden with guilt and self denial as the tomes of history are written against them.  Don’t expect them to lead the way out the quagmire.

Then we have the French! And how the French love to demonstrate and protest. It’s kind of like a national pastime, a necessary display of national pride and character. Although the French are often mocked as being pompous and buffoonish, easily invaded and forever having to play second fiddle to their German maestro, they are the children of Uranus. Uranus in all His capricious foolishness chose to incarnate his spirit through the French people and nation. So, if there is going to be a game changer at this late hour, then look towards France and what is about to unfold there!


Not long before the Nice attack, there was a report by some intelligence official warning that another major terror attack could push the French nation into a civil and cultural war. Since the Nice attack, there have been other attacks – most significantly the killing of an elderly priest by a radicalized teenager and similar knife, machete, panga attacks have happened in Germany and elsewhere. I think the point here is to focus on the result of these attacks rather that the how or why which is sometimes very murky. The result is that the French have continued their state of emergency, and  now they are re-instituting the national guard, which is being supported by Marine Le Pen of the National Front, and we see Germany too changing laws so that troops can be used domestically. All this translates as increased militarization, military on the streets, and also the radicalization and militarization of the youth too. Whose agenda does this serve and who is benefiting? If we look at the migrant, refugee ‘crisis;  not only were NATO interventionist policies directly behind this , but the governments seem to be either complicit with what  is happening in terms of the migrant invasion or deliberately complacent. Everything and everyone is being set up for a major game play.

Here’s the generally accepted chart of the current French Republic :


In these previous posts, which concerned the Paris terror attacks and the aftermath thereof, I delved into certain aspects of this chart, so you can click on the links and read those posts again if you wish. I think what is really key at this time is the grand trine in the national chart (blue triangle) between Saturn (Sagittarius/9th) , Uranus (Leo/5th)  and the South Node (Aries/ 1st). Because the nation has a natal Saturn Uranus trine, we can expect France to become the symbolic archetypal externalization of this global aspect. The transit we are going to be investigating is the second conjunct to the Ascendant by Uranus at the time of the Saturn trine and Jupiter opposition (25 Dec.). This coincides with the Saturn return of the national chart. Also, with Uranus by transit activating the South Node in the grand trine configuration, we will also need to take note of the natal position of Mars (Gemini/ 2nd) particularly in its square to Pluto intercepted in Virgo in the 6th house where Pluto also trines to the Midheaven.

I have titled this post, Saturn Uranus : The fate of the French Republic for a very specific reason. In astrology the Lunar rotational axis along which eclipses are formed is associated with notion of fate and destiny. The South Node, or Dragon’s Tail, is connected to the past, where the nation or person comes from, ingrained and often unconscious behavioural patterns and issues that need to be resolved or things that need to be avoided. There are strengths to be found on the South Node, but at the same time there are  dangerous karmas that could lead to one’s downfall or even tragedy and death. The idea is to embrace the North Node and follow the direction of the Dragon’s Head and this will lead to better outcomes and a healthy rebalancing of the entire system.

The fact is that  France is coming to reap what She has sown. This relates not just to the Uranus passage over the South Node, the Ascendant and the activation of the grand trine, but also , specifically, the Saturn Return. Just to rehash on some key observations I made previously on the French national chart – Saturn in the 9th house/Sagittarius trine to the South Node in the 1st house/Aries indicates a strong national, cultural pride (trine Uranus/Leo/5th to 9th house) and  identity as well as identity assertion linked into foreign lands and neo colonial ambitions. The South Node in Aries warns against the tendency towards self centredness,  aggression and belligerence (negative Aries) – especially since the emotional, nationalistic, sensitive Moon in Cancer is square to the South Node. The nation tends to react emotionally (square Moon) rather than rationally and from a selfish point of view, especially in terms of self defense (South Node/Ascendant/Aries). Mars, the South Node ruler, squares Pluto as well as trines Venus – so this indicates a passive aggressive mentality and a sub-conscious drive to domination. Because Pluto is in the 6th house, this indicates some kind of historic inferiority complex and because  Pluto trines the  Mid Heaven, the nation tries to assert itself or define itself as a powerful, strong and dominant nation.

Unfortunately, the lessons of the South Node say that entanglement in foreign nations and situations (trine Saturn/Sagittarius/9th)  leading to military or aggressive action (Aries/Mars) , especially when these action are based on pride (Uranus/Leo/5th) will lead to terrible results and the potential death or downfall of the nation (riding the South Node). Because the natal Moon in Cancer is actually square to the nodal axis this indicates a skipped step where the nation has failed to take care of its own  people (Moon/4th house) before engaging in foreign ambitions (grand trine to the 9th/Sagittarius).  Concerning the true destiny of the French nation , let me quote here what I wrote previously : ”The path that the nation should consider is clearly laid out as always by the placement of the North Node. This is in Libra in the 7th house where the North Node is in broad conjunct to Mercury and the Sun and also by extended conjunct to Venus. The ideal path for France is to seek the path of diplomacy, of the peace maker amongst nations. To do this they have to of course get off their South Node and seek something more, something greater than their own self serving interests (South Node ruler, 2nd house). Ideally their military should be a peace keeping military in service to the greater good of global peace and security.”

The alternative narrative :

There are two narratives here.  The corporate media reality and the conspiratorial reality.  I think France has been purposely chosen at this time, purposely traumatized, attacked, demoralized and humiliated. This has been accomplished through elements of false flag terror, complicity or complacency towards a largely young male migration invasion, and an indifference towards the feelings and aspirations of indigenous people. The French, as I like to say, are the children of Uranus. If they can be taken down, the rest of Europe will go the same way. The French are the most likely European nation to rise up in rebellion, so the strategy appears to be the manifestation of the negative Uranian archetypal elements  against the French people – namely shock, surprise, chaos, trauma, instability and confusion. Whether the French will fall for this, give up their rights and liberties in the face of the terror agenda,  as well as the strategies of divide and rule through deployment of multi cultural division, subversion and invasion, will be interesting to see. What I love about Uranus though, is that unpredictable universal sense of irony and subversion – you may think you can ‘play’ Uranus, but you’ll never be able to second guess how Uranus is going to play you! The French are not so politically correct and have a great love and pride in their culture, history and language (Uranus/Leo trine Saturn/Sagittarius). In contrast, significant masses in the English speaking world have largely been co-opted already  into the liberal social-Marxist cult of self hatred, cultural relativism, moral debasement and ingratiating apologetic subservience to foreign cultural (Islamic) accommodation.

The irony of karmic retribution:

While preparing this article and post I serendipitously twittered into an article at The American Thinker entitled The New French Terror . I thought this article, written in response to the beheading of the  French priest,  really spoke to the fundamental nature of the French national chart. Basically, the author questions the morality of the historic  use of violence to establish the ideals of liberty, fraternity and equality. She critiques  the historical complicity of French intelligentsia, particularly Jean Paul Satre,  with support for Stalin, Mao, the Algerian FLN as well as Pol Pot. Also, how France paid host to the Ayatollah Khomeni before the export of bloody revolution to Iran.  French arm chair intellectuals have been exporting violent revolution around the world and at home have always supported a violent kind of secularism. She pits the coming confrontation as a confrontation between radical, leftist secularism and radical, fundamentalist Islam which the radical secularists themselves imported into France. The irony now is that the new reign of terror is being conducted by violent Jihadists against the French State and where Christian severed heads are a convenient buffer force.

She suggests that for France to survive this Jihadist onslaught, the French people will need to to find some kind of cultural succor and return to their  Christian values, roots and traditions. Her conclusion is a bit spurious, because (Roman, Talmudic) Christianity itself is a false imposition upon the people and spirit of Europe. The hoards now flooding into Europe care little about secularism, liberalism, political correctness, tolerance, diversity, universalism, gay rights, women’s equality, non racialism etc. In contrast, they are motivated and justified by a aggressive and violent religious ideology, racial hate and rule by religious decree or Sharia. Europe at this late hour cannot salvage itself by being ‘cucked for Jesus’, turning the other cheek, being meek and humble, showing simpering compassion to those who would sooner rape and behead them. The values of liberal humanism here are of little help. Instead, perhaps the people of Europe will have to reach much further into their mythic and heroic past, and collectively be stirred to fight not only for their culture and traditions, but for their very own racial and genetic survival.

If we look at the Saturn/Uranus /South Node grand trine in the French National chart, we can see how all this comes together. Saturn (the state) is in the 9th house in Sagittarius (religion) and trine to Uranus (radical, secular) from Leo in the 5th (pride, identity). State sponsored (Saturn)  secularism (Uranus) takes on its own kind of radical religious fervor (9th house)  in France. The South Node is in Aries is not necessarily violent, however, Mars the ruler is in Gemini in the 2nd house indicating the intellectual as well as duplicitous (Gemini) values (2nd)  at work here in broad opposition to the 9th house and Saturn in Sagittarius. The violent nature of French secularism is then indicated by Mars (Gemini) in a tense square to Pluto in the 6th house (proletariat) and trine to Venus conjunct the Sun in Libra (‘egalite’ through violence) . The export of violent ideology and violent intervention in foreign nations is also delineated by Saturn in the 9th house.

The situation now is that France is facing a Saturn return and the pigeons are really coming home to roost. The Saturn return is truly about reaping what you have sown. This speaks to not only the broader historical period, but also the more recent times of treachery in Libya and Syria, and now we ironically see that a violent foreign  religious ideology is threatening the state and the nation in ways that are all too familiar with those of the violent past of the original French revolution itself.

Moon square the Nodes :  Is the antidote conservative nationalism? 

In terms of evolutionary astrology, a planet which is square to the nodal axis indicates, as mentioned previously,  a ‘skipped step’ – something neglected that must be attended to in order for the person or entity to evolve. What is really interesting and poignant in the French chart is that the national Moon is in Cancer is square to its own Nodal Axis with no major aspects to any other planet. It is not uncommon to see even successful people living their lives out through their South Node, but ultimately it leads either to a state of unfulfillment, depression or leads to a tragic personal downfall or self destruction initiated through transit.

The national Moon in Cancer means that the people need to attend to the nurturing and sustenance (Moon) of their own home, family, nation and traditions (4th house). The focus needs to be inward and not outward. Cancer as a sign is quite traditional and even nationalistic. This placement suggests that the French nation should first be attending to the protection of their own national, cultural and racial identity and not being fixated on the historic baggage of the South Node in the grand trine to Uranus and Saturn. They need to move away from violent, intellectual secularism and interference in the affairs of foreign nations. Because the Moon is unsuspected, it is difficult to do this and when the grand trine is an easier direction to flow. The general populace (Moon/4th) may have a strong  affiliation to family, culture and tradition, but the governing state and intelligentsia (Saturn/9th) has another agenda (grand trine; Mars square Pluto).


Out of all western European nations, it appears that France, in the form of the National Front party, has one of the strongest conservative nationalist political movements. This movement and party, led by Marine Le Pen the daughter of its (deposed) founder Jean Marie Le Pen, whom I quoted in the beginning of this article,  seems to correlate very much to this Moon in Cancer square to the Nodes. Apart from immigration reforms, her party also supports retracting itself from the EU and NATO and pursuing a more independent path in a multi polar world.  The next Presidential election in France is scheduled for April May of 2017 right on the heals of great upheavals which will beset the nation by the end of this year. Although comprehensive polls to date (wikipedia) suggest that a NF victory is unlikely at this point, recent opinion surveys show that the NF is the top favourite amongst the youth between 18 -30 years old. Of course, from the perspective of the entrenched globalist elites, from both fake wings, the rise of any populist outsider rings alarm bells of ‘far right’ with horrors of Nazis and Hitlers jumping out like Pokemon characters. People may tend to express more radical views in opinion polls, but it remains to be seen if this will translate into any kind of nationalist victory in the polls, or even if such a victory will ever be allowed. However, with Uranus to be conjunct to the nation’s South Node for the timing of the 2017 elections, there could be some radical surprises one way or the other.

The here and now :

With all this in mind, here is the present situation of where the nation stands  in the planetary line up:

2016-07-31_France chart for 3 Aug 2016

Shown in green is the main global aspect of the present time  which is the Neptune Saturn square with the South Node conjunct to Neptune.  The October  Friday 13th attack last year happened at a Neptune Saturn square as did the Belgium attacks and the most rest recent attack in Nice. With Neptune\Pisces is the correlation to Middle East extremism and the South Node (karmic gateway) making things even worse.  With Saturn transiting in Sagittarius  are the correlations to foreigners, religion and cultural, racial tensions. Neptune is in the 12th house of hidden enemies and also correlating to a blind siding and Saturn is transiting in the deathly 8th house corresponding to enemies in a situation of war. Neptune conjunct to the South Node in the 12th house further indicates opening up the gates to the demons that were spawned before (square to Saturn/8th). It also correlates to increased mental instability in the collective and increased spiritual awareness in more detached individuals.

Shown in black are three major square aspects that the nation has been undergoing – which explains why France seems to be under constant attack and crisis. Pluto is now retrograding in the 10th house backing to a tighter square to Mercury – this aspect was exact for and just after the Paris terror attack and correlated to the imposition of a state of emergency (now reimposition) , troops on the street (Pluto) and a massive media crack down (square Mercury). Then we have transiting Jupiter moving out of a square to natal Saturn – and this correlated in large to the demonstrations, anger  and riots (square) against new labour (Virgo/6th) laws (Sagittarius/9th). Finally, Uranus has also been retrograding closer to the square with the natal Moon. This indicates the national sense of insecurity, tension (Moon squared) and people feeling their homeland (4th) is under attack.

The march forward :

Jupiter is going to continue its course now into Libra and swiftly to the 20 degree point to oppose Uranus by 25 December 2016. Saturn will turn direct as of 15 August and head straight in for the Saturn return. The Uranus retrograde will continue all the way into December to conjunct the Ascendant for the second time on 25th December. Uranus will turn stationary direct again exactly on the Ascendant by 30 December and this is also highly significant and very powerful! Before we arrive at this global climax of the Uranus Jupiter opposition Air Fire triangle with Saturn, there is one important preceding step and that is the Saturn/ Mars conjunct at the time of the  New Moon Solar eclipse. This next major eclipse is but a few weeks  away , set for 1 September, and it is particularly powerful and potentially disturbing because it will be in a square to the global Saturn/Mars conjunct. A very weak  preceding Lunar eclipse will be with us by 18 August and a stronger one around 16 September.

The September 1st Solar eclipse :

This is how the French national chart sits for this coming eclipse :

2016-07-31 - France September eclipse

Solar New Moon eclipses are meant to be new and dynamic starting points. In a sense it indicates that a new threshold has been reached, a certain line or point is crossed after which there is no real turning back. In mundane astrology, major events may happen at the time of the eclipse, but the eclipse tends to foreshadow things that are not quite visible on the horizon. For France, with this eclipse in the 6th house, this probably marks the final implementation of the labour reform bill which was earlier in the month pushed through parliament by a rather undemocratic decree (Jupiter square Saturn/9th). The trine of this eclipse to transiting Pluto in the 10th indicates that more power has now shifted into the domain of the corporate elite and there may be some kind of major backlash. Sagittarius as  a sign is all about the laws that parliaments pass  and now that the act has been done, it’s not too sure what recourse the people have, but this eclipse will decide the issue one way or the other.

Globally, this eclipse is at an almost exact Saturn Neptune square and the added dynamics of Mars could see another major terror event because all points of this square cycle have coincided with major terror attacks in Europe and this eclipse is also trine to Pluto! – so any tension or build up of energies will flow in the Pluto direction. This trine to Pluto may also foreshadow an acceleration of structural, systematic or financial collapse (Capricorn).  If there is another major terror event at this time, either it will be of such a shocking magnitude that things will irreversible change, as with 911, or the event will be big enough to be the last straw that breaks the camels back, and especially in terms of what the French people are able and willing to tolerate. It would also not surprise me if a major ‘revenge’ attack were to take place by some supposed nationalist ‘terror’ group or lone wolf operative. A new relationship begins after this eclipse anyway, be it the relationship that the people have with their government, towards immigration, towards the tolerance of Islam, the multi-cultural project, between communities etc. In short, the society will be pushed along a new trajectory.

This eclipse also kind of hearkens back to the recent Jupiter Neptune opposition period during which Neptune generally won out with all the self delusional, self congratulatory, ecstatic moral high grounding over so called refugees. This time however, this eclipse signals the swinging of the pendulum back towards a more critical, practical, principled and conservative Virgo energy. The square to Mars and Saturn in the ideological sign of Sagittarius suggests that many more people are going to undergo dramatic political and ideological shifts and about turns within the next 6 months. This is foreshadowing the entry of Jupiter into Libra where may more people are going to be willing  to listen to and consider alternative points of view and views that are diametrically opposed to their presently held opinions. This is the time when deeper polarization and radicalization happens on all sides (Libra / Jupiter opposition to Uranus).


The primary window of the effect of the eclipse is open for at least six months, so this eclipse and what happens leading up to it is a clear echo to what lies in store for the nation for its Saturn return! Labour reform laws aside, the suggestion here is there will be major legal and possible constitutional changes as the Saturn/Mars conjunct is in the 9th house. A new and more radical kind of France is going to emerge (Uranus 1st house transit), but what kind of ‘radical’ is uncertain, but we are probably looking here at some kind of major militarization of society and culture  (Mars/Saturn). This rapid militarization of western societies in particular is happening all over the globe right now, which seems to suggest that something very dark is just over the horizon of this coming eclipse.

December 25th and the Saturn Return :

2016-08-07_20-52-52 Saturn Return_France 2016


It seems quite remarkable that the exact Saturn return should coincide with such a significant date as Christmas Day, considering the recent attack and brutal murder of a Christian priest and the attempt to frame the narrative in terms of a clash of religions.  A Saturn Return is a time of culmination. A complete 33 year cycle needs to be integrated as the harvest of activity and manifestation is at hand. This may often translate as  a time of crisis, of break down and collapse, or a time of serious structural realignment or a more mature realization of the personal or national purpose.

With Uranus on the Ascendant and at a global trine to Saturn , the changes afoot are going to be far reaching and radical indeed. The natal placement of Saturn in Sagittarius in the 9th house, actually cusping into the 9th house, shows how the dramas to unfold are going to be legal, constitutional, and will revolve around religious, cultural and racial issues. There could be an attempt at this time to desperately push forward with more radical so-called ‘hate laws’, enforced political correctness and a crack down on social media views and opinions.

Is the nation going to descend into chaos and civil war? Jupiter opposed to Uranus augurs a period of of massive social unrest, Saturn in Sagittarius relates to racial and religious memes, and the square to the nation’s Moon (the people) suggests widespread unrest within the populace.  Saturn trine to Uranus also correlates to the rise of nationalist parties off set against the globalist of Neptune in Pisces.  Mars will be in Pisces conjoining Neptune and the South Node which is only going to fuel and exacerbate the chaos and confusion as well as violent clashes between leftists and nationalist. We have to watch closely what happens from now on, especially regarding the global economic meltdown scenario and the September eclipses.

There is a lot of positive promise though. For the UK with the Brexit vote, Pluto was square to the national nodal axis indicating a brutal, yet necessary realignment with the national purpose. Here with France we see a similar thing. Uranus on the South Node and Jupiter conjunct the North with the natal Moon of course being T-squared by these. Jupiter on the North Node is encouraging and suggests that somehow or other the nation can realize a more positive way forward. Notice too how the transiting North Node will almost come to conjunct natal Pluto as well, indicating a period of great national transformation. The key I feel is the focus with Uranus and Jupiter on the Moon as the evolutionary skipped step .

The caveat :

While writing this post, my intuition led me to have a look at the discovery of Uranus transit chart. What is really quite cosmic or synchro-mystical is that by 18 December, just before the Jupiter Uranus opposition of 25 December, Uranus will have a Saturn return!

2016-08-08_0-40-39_Discovery of Uranus 2016 Saturn Return

Uranus itself, as you can see, was discovered during a Saturn Mars conjunct in Sagittarius  (focus of the coming September eclipse!) in opposition to Uranus’s unveiling in Gemini. This affirms that the business of Uranus is largely going to be about cultural, religious and intellectual upheaval and transformation. Pluto was in Aquarius at the time and was square to the Nodal Axis indicating the continual transformation into the Aquarian age and a difficult, often violent and brutal (South Node/Scorpio)  road to peace and prosperity (Taurus North Node). The ruler of the South Node of Scorpio, is Pluto as well as Mars. At this time the ruler of the North Node, Venus, is by transit conjunct to Pluto T-square to the Nodes, with transiting Mars in turn in Aquarius 4 degrees conjunct to natal Venus and the transiting South Node is about to conjunct Venus as well! These transits indicate a major period in the conscious unfolding of the Uranus archetype just before the first nation to be born under Uranus is to undergo its own Saturn Return and major Uranus transit to its Ascendant!

Ladies and Gentlemen, ”The show is about to begin”.





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