Mars in Scorpio Uranus in Aries : death, blood lust, shock and trauma

A short update on the last few days and weeks. Horrific violence and deadly attacks have been overwhelming the media reality right now. Most of these attacks have centered around supposedly unhinged individuals. Just out today, which motivated me to look at the stars,  was the news of the horrific knife attack where some 19 people were killed and 25 others injured at a disabled facility in Sagamihara near to Yokohama city not too far from Tokyo. This is not the first of these kinds of knife attacks in Japan though. In Germany on the 25th we had the Syrian blowing himself up near a music festival. He supposedly had a psychiatric history. On the 23rd was the teen shooting in a Munich McDonalds killing nine people. Also, on 19th July a women and her three daughters were stabbed by a Moroccan in an Alpine resort town in France. Another shooting at a club in Florida again, and on the 24th the other Syrian attacker that hacked a pregnant women to death in Germany. Just as I’m reviewing this for posting the news is of gun men storming a church in Normandy allegedly slitting the throat of a priest and taking nuns hostage. Most certainly there are going to be false flag elements coming out in some of these incidences.

So what’s going on? A number of things really. In the background is the lock in now with Saturn and Neptune in the square aspect and the forward motion of Mars out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius. I warned about this period in a previous post and suggested that violence and terror would be on the uptick. This Saturn Neptune square has correlated all the way with major terror attacks (Pisces/Sagittarius – religion/culture) and here we see the correlation to mental instability (Neptune/Pisces stressed) and an attack at a disabled care  facility and a chucrch(Pisces). The key here is Mars in Scorpio which can be particularly brutal, horrific and violent. There events are being triggered because, one, Mars is approaching the end of Scorpio (increased intensity), two, that Mars since going direct, has been locked in an inconjunct with Uranus in Aries and now Mars has moved with a 15 degree orb of conjunct to Saturn. Uranus is basically at the point now of going stationary retrograde so this is really going to  intensifying the violence that both Uranus and Aries are capable of manifesting.

Here is the chart so you can get a better visual :

2016-07-26_13- Mars madness
Global astrology for 26 July 2016

Astrologers have long identified and correlated Uranus in Aries to the rogue, lone wolf terrorist or the unhinged individual gone crazy or letting loose with a grudge. Specifically this phenomenon applies a lot more to young men seeing that Uranus is in Aries. Individuals, however, are not isolated entities – there are always contributing factors not just only the mental state, but social factors, experiences, upbringing or belief systems which have pushed the individual in some way or other to where they are now. As I have stated numerous times, with Uranus in Aries Mars  is very volatile much of the time, so we can expect an extended period of violent and traumatic events until Uranus at least gets into Taurus (May 2018).

The inconjunct aspect is a tense aspect and this inconjunct is between the two faces of Mars – Aries and Scorpio. Mars is not necessarily violent. Through Aries, Mars is wanting to assert identity and individuality, while through Scorpio Mars is seeking meaningful purpose with other people. When an individual cannot find meaning, purpose, connection and identity through or with other people (Scorpio), the tendency, as indicated by the inconjunct, is to strike out in violent ways or to become a maladjusted loner (negative Mars/Aries). Mars is also specifically associated with guns, knives and cars as well as being associated with the individual rather than the group. The other inconjunct between Aries and Virgo (transiting Jupiter) necessitates proper training, guidance and introspection in order to qualify for interpersonal relationships (Libra to Scorpio) – often in traditional societies this incurs some kind of ritualistic, elder guided  initiation into adulthood. Something that is sorely lacking in modern and especially western societies and also something that young adult men need more than women.

The final few degrees of the sign of Scorpio are particularly prone to high tension and drama. We have been through these degrees before and experienced similar things in recent times. Back in February 28th this year to March 7th Mars passed through these degrees before going retrograde and then again during the regrade phase from May 26th to June 5th. Saturn stirred up similar troubles when it started to exit Scorpio and blend into Sagittarius.

I’ve highlighted Jupiter too in the chart as a culprit. Jupiter is in a applying inconjunct to Uranus and therefore there is a Yod aspect still in effect with Uranus at the tip. Also, Jupiter is still in trine aspect to Pluto – 5 degrees in separation – the energy is now quite weak, but still the correlation is to mass (Jupiter) deaths (Pluto) or high drama, but to a lesser degree. In the chart you can see the Moon at 20 degrees exact to Jupiter (conjunct to Uranus) acting as a trigger for the timing of the Japanese knife attack – which was particularly brutal being an attack against disabled and vulnerable people. Jupiter of course expands the energies and things get out of control or over the top. It seems that many of these attacks have been against the weak and vulnerable or children – Mars can be quite cowardly when badly aspected.

I think from this point on we really need to keep an eye out for these aspects. Jupiter is moving into an exact inconjunct to Uranus by August 13th so this angle of tension is increasing, but the other inconjunct to Mars is now dissipating. From now until August 3rd Mars will be in the last three degrees of Scorpio with the inconjunct to Uranus still in effect. The conjunct to Saturn (still retrograde) all this while is getting closer and closer and Mars and Saturn together can be , like I said, particularly brutal and nasty.

I would be particularly concerned for around August 1st because this is when we will see a Moon Pluto opposition with the Sun in a trine to Saturn and Mars right at the 29 critical degree point! Maybe after the new Moon on August 3rd things will settle down a little. August 15th at the exact inconjunct between Jupiter and Uranus, the Moon will be conjunct to Pluto (with Mars always getting closer to Saturn). Then, as we hit the Mars Saturn conjunct by August 23rd, the Moon as the primary trigger,  will be transiting Uranus. Shortly after this, on 31 August/1st September we have the new Moon eclipse at 10 degrees Virgo in direct opposition to Neptune at 10 degrees Pisces. This eclipse forms a T-square to the Mars/Saturn conjunct – so this could potentially be a very disturbing time. I have come across other astrologers warning about the energies around this eclipse.

Suffice to say, this is not going to be a summer of love but I think most people have figured that out already! The critical theme that always comes up when Mars, or another planet,  hits that 29th degree of Scorpio, is the phenomenon of racial tension, communal and religious tension conflict and violence – if the aspects are in tension or disharmony. This is where the Scorpio energy (death, drama) is blending into the Sagittarius energy (race, religion).

So, we can expect these incidences of violence, death and brutality to continue for a while – at least throughout much of August. Getting closer to the end of July into August 1st I would not be surprised if racial and communal tensions and violence is inflamed. We’re looking at  deliberate terror attacks associated directly with some organization, lone attacks by individuals who are unhinged or ideologically associated with terror organizations, racial or religious tensions and conflicts along the lines of ‘black lives matter’, revenge attacks by groups or individuals, more targeted killings of police or more unsettling incidences of state violence (Saturn/Mars) directed against groups or individuals, and increased activity in conflict areas.  Where these incidences will happen is varied. There are the usual suspects out in the Middle East, Europe is aflame right now, racial tensions in America, and also in South Africa where there have been some serious incidences of violence around the local elections now under way.



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