Jupiter in Virgo score card

With Jupiter now direct at 20 degrees Virgo and ingressing Libra by 11 September, it is time to reflect on the past Jupiter in Virgo year and what grand old Zeus has been up to for this phase of the Jupiter cycle.

Jupiter expands potential, brings hope and vision, conceptualizes and collectivizes. Jupiter, as  it were, can take one personally, and people collectively, to the next level.  Jupiter is therefore the primary archetype of cultural development and economic expansion.  Saturn is still needed though, after the Jupiter phase, to establish and solidify things for the longer term. We have also just come out of an important Saturn square Jupiter phase cycle where Saturn reminds us of the limitations and current field of actuality while Jupiter’s reigns are tugged in a bit and Saturn’s rigidity is questioned. While in the general sense, Jupiter’s ingress into a sign  expands potential, opportunity or offers  growth within the archetypal domain of the sign, Jupiter’s passage does not always bode for the good. Jupiter is prone to excess, over indulgence, extremism,  blind faith, and a certain lack of perspective especially with regards to the detail. Jupiter, through its magnetic dipole, is also related to Pisces, the archetype of deception and illusion.

The global score card :

Jupiter’s passage through Virgo potentially (now that’s a Jupiter word) should have contributed  to areas such as  health care and health food industries, fitness and wellness, pet care, environmental protection, personal development,  labourers/workers, servants and slaves to mention the main.  Off hand it seems to have been a big year that turned the tide against Monsanto, especially with Russia adding itself to the ‘Monsanto Banned’ list and positioning itself once again as a major food producer, especially with wheat grains. Also, this report suggests that so far 2016 has been a huge year for the organic health food industry in the US.  On the other hand Obama care just turned out to be a gigantic rip off and bloated whale. In the UK the national health care system has significantly been ripped up and sold off for profit and there  was much focus on nurses and junior doctor (Pisces/Neptune) strikes (Virgo). Of course, the biggest Jupiter in Virgo story is probably the still ongoing situation of protests and riots in France surrounding the new labour laws which really hit off when Jupiter turned direct. Major changes in labour law happened elsewhere as in South Africa and Japan. While the changes in South Africa seemed to benefit workers, the changes in Japan under the Neptune opposition effect saw new but rather very opaque labour laws.

No planet can be seen out of context or in separation from the major aspects of its transit. With Saturn, the lord of struggle, restrictions and barriers in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius, perhaps it’s not so surprising that Jupiter did not bring so many of his blessings to his little people. Indeed with Pluto in turn in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, we can follow the chain of command and see how and why much of Jupiter’s activities through Virgo resulted in restrictive laws (Saturn/Sagittarius) and  more corporate empowerment (Pluto/Capricorn) . We can expect this dialectic to continue with Jupiter in Libra.

Perhaps an example of the Jupiter Neptune opposition T-square to Saturn was the TTP agreement. This agreement completely overhauled regulations (Virgo) in international trade (Jupiter/Sagittarius) and not to mention that the TTP agreement was ushered through well under the radar of proper public scrutiny and discussion and general opaqueness surrounds the agreement too (opposition Neptune). This article critiquing the TTP, specifically focuses on negative issues to do with jobs, pharmaceuticals, food and the environment (Virgo/Pisces).

Other interesting correlations have been things like the four day working week which has partly been expanded in Sweden. Another thing to mention is the whole idea of a social salary – or people being paid a monthly stipend for just being alive – that’s all Virgo opposed by Neptune in Pisces correlating to the socialist paradise and people becoming pets and wards of the state more so than ever. Interestingly, hard working Swiss people actually voted in a referendum to reject this utopian dream (Neptune/Pisces), while Canada is trying to push through a test phase. Of course, once this kind of universal payment gets pushed through and accepted, it will then be tied to all sorts of conditions such as the pilot program in China to give people a social approval score depending on the degree to which  they conform to consensus opinion or encourage the herd along through social media participation.

Perhaps the biggest play out so far has been mass immigration and huge cultural shifts (Saturn/Sagittarius and Neptune/Pisces square) and the affect this has had on social support services including health services (square Jupiter in Virgo) – in European countries of course. In terms of Jupiter bringing awareness to bigger issues, I would say this passage has also seen a bigger focus on the question of inequalities, especially the wealth of the  transcended elite compared to the other 93%.

The personal score card :

It is always good to do personal score cards too. Locate the house or houses that Jupiter has transited for the last 10 months or so in your natal chart. The major aspect pattern during this time was of course the Neptune opposition and the Saturn square. Put it together and see what has transpired in your life!

For myself, I think I score pretty okay. Because I have Sagittarius rising, Jupiter for the main has been in my 9th house. It was during this transit that I started this blog and the 9th house is  publishing and Jupiter as my ruling planet is a key expression of my identity. With Jupiter ruling my 4th house most of this has happened from my home area. Also, the T-square would place Saturn in my 12th and Neptune in my 3rd. The 3rd is about speaking, writing and communicating and Pisces and the 12th connects to the archetypal realms! My struggle has been to communicate  and write more concisely and coherently.

With Saturn though, there is always struggle, blockages and general crap to deal with. With Saturn in my 12th  and Jupiter in Virgo, health wise it has been very challenging for me. Intestinal, digestive, elimination issues have been and still are the main problem (Saturn opposition 6th house square Jupiter in Virgo/digestion, elimination). Indeed, at one point it seemed as if my digestive system had just collapsed or shut down (Saturn T-square Neptune/Jupiter). I had several hospital visits (12th house), but slowly things seem to be setting right with lots of juicing with cayenne pepper added plus probiotics and apple cider vinegar routines.  I expect that with Saturn in my 12th health issues will persists but I can only hope for some break through when Uranus comes to trine Saturn – of course, it could just turn out to be a major health crisis and a sudden hospitalization. Now is the time to take action!

Also, with Jupiter in my 9th house, I have over the past year undergone a huge ideological and conceptual shift. Many of my previously held socio-political views have been completely washed away (Neptune opposition) and a new set of beliefs and values has been emerging – no surprise with Saturn also ruling my 2nd house of values! My shift has definitely been towards a more critical and conservative Jupiter in Virgo.

I have come in many ways come to despise the liberal social left, politics correctness, the hysteria, the cry bullying, the name calling, the lack of any critical argument,  the shut down of any kind of dissent, the denial of reality, the lack of any kind of discipline or discrimination, endless minority or micro identity victimization, and the mental psychopathy of  self hatred and the push towards what I see as cultural destruction and suicide – and here I am speaking specifically of what is happening in Europe and America.  Regarding the global situation, with Saturn coming to trine Uranus this year there is a growing ground swell against the social and political left. There will be a rebalancing of sorts, but when we hit the Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune period the hysterical backlash is only going to get even more insane and nasty.

All this tiresome stuff has much to do with Neptune in Pisces and the victim agenda is being heavily pushed by the corporate, globalist media (Neptune/ Pisces as well as Pluto/Capricorn). I have found much relief in the matter by just googling and researching ‘liberalism mental disorder study’. Astrologically, there is a lot of support for this argument because the sign of Pisces and the planet Neptune,  together with any related hard aspects, correlates to mental illness, disease, break down, hysteria and  institutionalization. Neptune in Pisces really just exacerbates this all especially at times of major alignments – like we have been passing through for the last 6 months or so.

It is interesting that I really don’t appreciate Neptune in Pisces that much – considering that I have a Pisces North Node (3rd house) with Neptune in Scorpio into the 12th. The value I guess of an often over critical and analytical South Node in Virgo is that it brings forth a more balanced Piscean perception , rather than the overbearing emotional hysteria the present Neptune in Pisces grips the collective with. It seems to be that with me Jupiter won out more in the opposition to Neptune – Ascendant ruler versus North Node ruler. The other good was that when Jupiter entered my 10th house, I found myself with more work than I could really handle and the last couple of months have been the best earning months I’ve had in many years.

I think Saturn has been extra tough on everyone really. There is probably some area in everyone’s life where there has been some kind of collapse, ending, giving up, losing hope, vision, direction or general disorientation. A good outer metaphor of this would be what happened in the UK after Brexit. However, with the Saturn trine Uranus period coming up we can look forward to some new radical break throughs in these Saturn areas. Saturn trine Uranus can potentially see incredibly far reaching and practical realignments to personal goals. Keep an eye out for the houses that Saturn and Uranus are in in your personal chart.  Especially with Uranus being in Aries, we could see some radical changes in certain life areas and some courageous leaps into the unknown. You are either going to go it alone (Aries) or find some truly like minded people to take with you.  Saturn in Sagittarius at this phase is going to correlate to the ‘gathering of tribes’ – whatever you see your tribe as. In the background of all this will be the unfolding global social, economic, environmental chaos that will force many to take drastic steps and measures in order to thrive, survive or stay alive!

Take away task :

So, to end off here, if you take your astrology chart and meditate on this Jupiter in Virgo end period you will be able to see how the house with Jupiter has probably seen some major changes, and some kind of positive growth or reconstruction even from the base up (Saturn square/ Neptune opposition). I would suspect that for most people, the house with Saturn has seen some major problems – more so than the usual kind of Saturn transit. Perhaps for some maybe not so much trouble per se, but rather some kind of archetypal melt down, collapse and reordering. I noticed this kind of collapse and/or reordering happening in the houses of both Saturn and Jupiter.

If Saturn is in your 7th house, perhaps it has all been about difficulties, blockages in your marriage, alliances and friendships, perhaps with some of them just melting away or collapsing, maybe just a drifting apart but now new people are around in your life. Probably job and home areas of your life have been greatly affected.  If Saturn has been in your 2nd house, generally Libra rising, probably this period has been about your values, self esteem and financial matters (Saturn 2nd). Perhaps things were set off by problems and issues (squares) with certain friendships or group alliances you have had (11th house). Perhaps you even realigned yourself in a very positive way with creative and spiritual people (Neptune/5th) as you went through some kind subtle transformation in who you really feel yourself to be. Shifts in ideological values (Sagittarius/2nd) could have resulted in old friendships falling apart and new ones arising (11th house). If you have been suffering financially (Saturn, 2nd), things will take a turn for the better towards the end of this year (Uranus trine).

Using astrology as a practical and living art, it always helps to sit down and meditate and visualize the planets at crucial junctions. As one phase ends, we can sit down and meditate on how we passed through that phase and in doing so we can take realizations, structuring, ordering and consolidation to a deeper level. Now that Jupiter is going to enter Libra, we should take some time to visualize the transit and envision what our personal aspects and transits will be and to open up as it were, and allow the archetypal expressions to enter into your universal being. In this phase I find it more useful not to engage too much in interpretation, but rather to allow the planet energies to enter, or to align and realizations be left to manifest spontaneously from within. We are after all, walking, breathing manifestations of the universe coded slightly differently for the hour and second of our birth.


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