Saturn square Neptune : collapses of the political class and destabilization.

Sagittarius is quintessentially the sign of politics and ideology. Sagittarius is the archetypal realm of our laws, constitutions, judges, courts and also the politicians and law makers who bring these things into being. With Saturn in Sagittarius we are collectively in the midst of great political challenges, changes and restructuring. Saturn itself refracts the energies of the following sign of Capricorn (hosting Pluto)  within whose archetype rests the structures, the institutions and the bureaucracies of the state that the previous sign of Sagittarius underscores. Saturn as a planet broadly represents structures of all kinds and by transit loves to test stress all within the transiting sign for structural integrity and authenticity.

Over the past few weeks as we passed through the broad Jupiter Neptune T-square to Saturn, we have seen political meltdowns happening on a momentous scale especially in the UK over the Brexit fallout and now in Turkey, just over the weekend, with an attempted coup which  very interestingly has seen almost 3 000 judges and prosecutors arrested in the aftermath. It usually happens that for these great alignments of the outer planets the energies always focus on two or three major locations. Globally, Neptune in Pisces (power doubled) square to Saturn in Sagittarius augurs a time of fluidity, ‘unpredictability’, flux, change, and meltdown with regards to the structures represented by Saturn and especially those contained within the sign of Sagittarius. In previous posts I have focused a lot on the racial and cultural memes of Sagittarius (3rd fire sign, collective identity) , but here the shift is clearly into the political realm. What unfolded in the UK was actually quite extraordinary – the resignation of the PM, the still ongoing Labour coup against Corbyn, the stepping aside by Nigel Farage, the surprising ups and downs of Boris Johnson and the numerous intense power struggles – the truths of which are still emerging – very Neptune (illusion, deception, hidden) square Saturn in Sagittarius (politics) the sign of the truth teller! The other archetypal meme coming through with Pisces and Neptune is their correlation to self undoing. How the British totally undid themselves in all sorts of humiliating ways on the international stage is a testimony to the eternal truth of ‘as above so below’! All this reminded me of a similar archetypal circumstance recently in South Africa when the ANC governing party was under stress of Neptune and Saturn transits and all seemed to be coming apart and the nation was left feeling demoralized, adrift and lacking all sense of leadership, direction and hope! Oh, Sagittarius! Give a little hope will you!

Astrologically the answer as to why the UK should be going through what it is, is probably down to Pluto in Capricorn which has, since the time of the Brexit vote, been in a T-square to the nation’s nodal axis with Pluto in an opposition to the natal Moon in Cancer (retrograding off by 4 degrees). In the generally accepted chart, the Moon ruling the 10th house (state, government, PM)  is now  in a broad trine to transiting Neptune (retrograding out by 8 degrees). Also, at the time of the Brexit vote transiting Uranus was in an almost exact trine to the country’s natal Saturn in Leo with Uranus also putting square pressure onto the Moon.

Brexit vote - 19 June 2016
Transits to ‘Brexit’ – 19 June 2016
With the Moon ruling the 10th house of the nation and Pluto square to the Moon’s Nodes and broadly opposed to the Moon at the same time, we can understand how the destiny and true direction (North Node) of the nation was dramatically transformed (Pluto). I would suggest that the nation was re-orientated towards its true direction and potential. The North Node is in Aries suggesting that the nation is better off coursing their own direction by being as independent as possible (Aries). With Mars in Taurus, and in the 8th house, the nation could find hugely materially beneficial (Taurus) relationships with other partners (8th house). With the ruler of the South Node, Venus, in Aquarius in the 5th, the British national identity is rather quirky, individualistic and not given over to too much consensus and other people telling them what to do. The trine from transiting Uranus to natal Saturn also helped to shake things up and to speed the nation to a higher evolutionary path. The broad Uranus square to the Moon and the Pluto opposition are also testament to the emotional drama and contention around the vote and the fallout. As for when Article 50 will be triggered, it appears that this will happen in April 2017, next year, when Pluto comes to oppose the natal Moon!

In terms of how the transits play out from here on, the final square of Saturn to Neptune is oddly enough exact around 11th September, but in the UK chart we should keep an eye out for Uranus retrograde square to the nation’s Moon and as it turns out this is a highly significant transit. This is so because Uranus will go stationary direct at 20 degrees Aries and the UK Moon is at 19 degrees Cancer and Pluto will then be direct just 3 degrees in opposition to the nation’s Moon too (Article 50 trigger). This date of course, if you’ve been following previous posts, is the the exact time of the big  Jupiter Uranus opposition with Uranus trine to Saturn in Sagittarius – the air-fire triangle of the ‘great conflagration’. There is going to be a huge amount of social unrest over various issues as well as quite violent confrontations between leftist and nationalist groups as we hit the peak of this triangle. It will peak around Christmas time. The Moon representing the people, and the 10th house the government, the prime minister or monarch, as well as the nations reputation as well as issues involving employment and national trade are under intense pressure. In tandem to this, just across the water, this triangle will have Uranus exactly conjunct to the Ascendant of the French national chart at the time of a Saturn return! I’ve been promising a more comprehensive look at the French situation, but the people in both these countries should be prepared for huge social unrest building up all this summer and hitting a major peak by the end of this year.

With Jupiter coming into Libra, this signals a Jupiter 1st house ingress for the UK. This is very good news for the UK to chart a new direction with new partnerships (Libra) in the after glow of post Brexit. This opposition square to the Moon though also suggests that there might be some very surprising changes in leadership. This could relate to challenges to Tersa May’s power or maybe an abdication of the Queen? The other things may be be some very surprising shifts in partnerships, relationships and alliances- a big theme for the the coming year of the Jupiter Uranus opposition and it is already being felt.  

 Here is the chart for the UK for Christmas day 2016 and note how the Jupiter Uranus opposition of course forms a T-square to the nation’s Moon :

UK - 25 December 2016 - Jupiter Uranus Saturn
Jupiter Uranus opposition (outer wheel) T-square UK natal Moon, 25 Dec ’16

Not all hope is lost though!  With Saturn in Sagittarius the idea is to just hang in, do what needs to be done, have faith  and a  lamp bearer will appear through the misty veils of Neptune in Pisces – perhaps. By 15 August Saturn will be direct again, and the exact square to Neptune will be, as mentioned above, around 11th September. This really means that the chaos and confusion we have been passing through, depending how it affects you, is going to take a different course. Don’t forget that the global economy has been in a right spin too and this will unfold further and faster as soon as Saturn turns direct – unless the stop gap patch up measures work. When we come near and to 23 August, Mars, then in Sagittarius, will conjunct Saturn in a square to Neptune. Once again, red flags are going up here and we could be in for some more terrible violence, drama, terrorism as well as much panic and confusion. Saturn conjunct to Mars can be particularly brutal, especially with regards to state force and power. Watch for issues around guns, shootings, police killings or killings of police! The sign of the conjunct is Sagittarius and the square is to Neptune and Pisces so there is a very high potential for some more very deadly  fundamentalist terrorism as well as some more very tense and dramatic racial and cultural conflicts brewing. Mars will enter Sagittarius as of 3 August, so we can expect racial tension memes, BLM etc. to pick up steam from that time.

The situation right now, as we saw with the Turkey attempted coup, is very fluid and the other extreme risk at this Mars/Saturn time is the start of another major global conflict and war situation. Saturn conjunct Mars (the commander) in the Sagittarius is a perfect time to start a war and especially one by deception and false flag (square to Neptune). Existing conflicts may sharply escalate at this time.  Keep an eye on the Turkey situation and, not surprising with the Saturn square Neptune period, accusations are flying that Erdogan set the coup up himself, and in the process caught many  opponents in a honey trap. Here is the chart for the Mars/Saturn conjunct square Neptune on 23 August which we will need to be cautious around :

Global - 23 August 2016 - Saturn Mars conjunct
Global Mars conjunct Saturn square to Neptune : 23 August, 2016
Essentially, the Saturn square Neptune period is part of a natural cycle where from one angle Neptune brings fluidity and even melt down to the structures of Saturn so that these structures can then be more easily changed and modified. The structures of Saturn are stress tested so to speak. This is neither a positive nor a negative thing, it just simple is and part of a natural cycle. What comes out of this shake up and destabilization is yet to be determined completely. The square from Neptune in Pisces suggest problems in part due to the globalist agenda of concentration of power through deception. Also implied here is the amalgamation of European cultures into the enforced multicultural mode – Neptune/Pisces fusing and molding all together, breaking down barriers (Saturn) of culture, national and racial identity (Sagittarius). This of course is only applicable to European nations and white cultures. Nothing of the like is happening here in Asia!  Multiculturalism is in actual fact the destruction of the cultures it concerns and globally this push by the transcended elites for broader  national and cultural destruction is to ferment their power through chaos and destruction, destroying traditional modes of collective identity (Sagittarius) to replace them with something that is not organic, grassroots and self sustaining, but a global corporate identity which is enforced from the top down (Pluto in Capricorn). The social, political and economical  destabilization we are witnessing in certain locations now is going to be severe, but perhaps there will not be a complete breakdown as we witnessed with the Saturn Neptune conjunct back in 1989 with the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

There are positives to be had, which largely tend to manifest more on a personal level, depending on the awareness of the individual,  rather than on a collective one. Neptune can sensitize and bring in subtle elements of higher consciousness and program key evolutionary codes into the structures of Saturn, which include our individual ego  structures and as well as conception and ideological structures as suggested by Sagittarius. Neptune doesn’t necessarily translate into increased spirituality or higher levels of consciousness – sometimes it is just chaos, confusion, destruction and madness. Collectively, it depends a lot on where the collective unconscious is really at. I would suggest though that if anyone were to look at where Saturn is in their chart, according to the house position as well as planets aspected by Saturn at this time, they will realize how there has been a gradual, subtle, yet now clearly discernible change in some major aspect of their lives.  Saturn square Neptune does suggest that with a fair degree of effort, application and conscious awareness, that one can effect some fusion of the material (Saturn) and the spiritual (Neptune) in their lives. If it happens that there is some kind of a complete melt down, then it is recommended to go with the flow and accept where the new unfolding leads to, of course having faith (Sagittarius) that the outcome will be for the better.


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