Polarization and Dissent

The Jupiter Neptune Saturn T-square certainly ended with something like a shit storm going down. I’m talking here of course about Brexit and the seismic shock waves it sent through Europe and global financial markets. It was all followed by much waling, crying, tantrums and general ugliness and bitter attacks breaking out. Well, the point here is Saturn as the focus of this now dissipating T-square. Saturn as in structures, the Jupiter square as in an earthquake and the Neptune square as in a meltdown. The future of the the EU seemingly hangs in the balance and here we see the correlations to the ideal of a multi-national, multi cultural (Sagittarius) super state (Saturn/Jupiter complex). Interestingly the result came through with Mercury coming to oppose Saturn to effect a mutable grand cross with Jupiter also conjunct to the  North Node and Neptune conjunct to the South. Gemini of course being the twins and a referendum having two basic choices, but I think it was also Mercury opposing Saturn, where Mercury in addition rules the energies of Virgo with Jupiter and the North Node, that tipped the scales towards the Leave camp, as will become clearer further down.

Brexit of course isn’t a done deal by a very long stretch and there is a lot more going on below the surface as always with this Neptune Saturn square period. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect to align with the stars, especially the economic fall out (Saturn square cycle to Jupiter/Neptune) and it remains to be seen what is going to unfold as a new week breaks wind.  There is a lot of scare mongering going on (Saturn squared) and the lies, hype and doomsday threats of the corporate media (Neptune opposed by Jupiter).  Astrologically the correlation of the Remainers is basically Neptune in Pisces square to Saturn in Sagittarius and that of the Leavers is Saturn square to Jupiter in Virgo. The other energies coming through here are a clear intimation of Jupiter’s ingress into Libra, now that Jupiter is fast forwarding out of Virgo and the air fire triangle of Jupiter opposed to Uranus and Saturn trine to Uranus is coming up for the end of this year.

Neptune in Pisces of course is the general leftist agenda. We’re all united in our diversity, everything and everyone amalgamated into the universalized hodgepodge. The idealism, the utopian hope and the intolerant fanaticism or religious type zeal (Neptune/Pisces) that goes hand in hand with this – do not disturb the womb – the incubation is incomplete! Both Sagittarius and Pisces can be somewhat idealistic and fanatical. Square to Saturn in Sagittarius is the grand project of fusing all and sundry together, variegated nations, cultures and religions including all the foreign enrichment from general Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. As soon as the Leave vote was announced, we saw the typical hysterical outbursts from the Neptune in Pisces mobs. Wailing, screaming, tantrum throwing like cry bullies tossing their toys out of the crib. The leftist anarchy mobs soon came onto the streets to demand ‘social justice’ and some rather vicious attacks and mobbings occurred.  Of course they love democracy but only when it doesn’t vote against them – and then it isn’t acceptable, kind of like a third world ‘democracy’ which is probably why they need to increase their poll numbers with general third world mass immigration. The other side of the argument was really Jupiter in Virgo. Earth signs are by nature a lot more conservative and skeptical in their outlook. From the more critical and realistic perspective of Jupiter in Virgo opposed to the idealism of Neptune in Pisces, the superstate and the multi whatever diversity model is just not working.

It is telling to examine some of the reasons and demographics for the Leave vote, but in general there seems to be a clear cut between metropolitan areas and the rest of England, generally between ethnic whites and non white ethnic groups, between impoverished areas and more prosperous and of course between the younger and the older voters. For a lot of the Leavers immigration and cultural identity was a big factor, but certainly not for all nor the only one. Key themes to come out in street interviews were statements about freedom and independence. Of course this is Saturn in Sagittarius asking hard questions about what does ‘freedom’ really mean, but the other angle is an echo to the coming Saturn trine Uranus aspect – striking out for a new radical (Uranus) direction in terms of independence (Aries) freedom (Sagittarius) and identity (fire signs). Another aspect I think, as betrayed by Jupiter (mass) in Virgo (systems, regulations) , is the fact that the EU has become quintessentially non democratic and suffocating under its myriad of Byzantine rules and regulations; and Sagittarius with Saturn is about laws and constitutionality.

Another angle is really that the EU project has been a big lie and deception right from the very beginning. The EU, even in its present shape, was set up long before Neptune arrived in Pisces, but it is telling that this grand lie and deception, hidden behind the veil of free markets,  a unified Europe, open borders, freedom of opportunity and movement etc. has had its day of reckoning with Neptune in Pisces (deception) square Saturn in Sagittarius (hard truths).  Of all zodiac signs, Pisces is probably the most deceptive in its manipulative underhandedness. At the end of the day the EU is just a manifestation of another totalitarian superstate. It leaves very little in the way of independence and self determination, which is what the warm up period now of the Saturn Uranus trine is all about, and suffocates everything in its Neptune in Pisces social, political correctness and matriarchal nanny state hyper supervision. Its multi layer bureaucracy, rules and regulations favours the big business of globalist corporations, not entrepreneurial or SME businesses, and is basically a bankers and elitists  wet dream.  It was kind of funny to watch the leftist ‘anarchists’ protesting ironically on behalf of banksters and global corporations, and Scotland now wanting independence from the UK in order to remain in the EU which is completely antithetical to independent states. Well, Neptune in Pisces!  – trying to make the mutually exclusive compatible and living in denial of the absurdity of it all! If anyone is in doubt of the wisdom of the Brexit vote, then you may watch, ‘Brexit the Movie’ here. Actually, if you do watch this movie, you will notice all the archetypal correlations to Neptune/Pisces (opaque, deceptive, unfathomable) and Jupiter/Virgo (bloated regulations and systems) and Saturn in Sagittarius (states, laws, control).

To go a little deeper down the rabbit whole, especially considering the misty veils of Neptune square Saturn, lets consider some alternative scenarios. Is the Brexit really just a set up for the global economic collapse?-  otherwise already dubbed ‘the Summer of chaos 2016’.  Is the UK being set up as a flogging horse to keep the rest of the dissenting EU house in order? What unfolds from here on is uncertain, however, just  Stay Clam and Brexit! If indeed this is a vote flying in the face of globalists and corporate totalitarians, then we can expect that they will make the English ( and Welsh) pay a heavy price. It’s quite easy for the money handlers and investors to shift funds and (temporarily) determine the fates of economies as they wish. Will the English come begging back to join? Will there be a second referendum? Already the old spiel of good cop bad cop is being played out with some EU headman saying Britain must negotiate its exit as soon as possible and then Merkel saying there really is no rush.

What is also really key around this Brexit vote is an ideological polarization which is spreading through the Western world. Sagittarius is about ideas and ideologies. The collective views, political, religious or otherwise that we have in order  to make sense and meaning of our world. Saturn indicates that major changes and developments are happening on this collective level. The T -square to Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces indicates the two polarities of the  ideological split.

Neptune in Pisces represents the left, the multicultural ideology, open borders, unquestioned welcoming of anyone who claims ‘refugees’ status or who can prove a certain kind of victimhood and the fanatical defense of what is essentially their utopian idealism. Then, not to mention, is the typical Piscean /Neptunian disconnect of trying to reconciled exclusive opposites like one currency for a country, economy and culture of Germany and that of Greece or the cohabitation of Western secularism with Islamic medieval religious ideology and minority identities like gays and Muslims who are going to get along just fabulously, not to mention women’s rights and the latter fabulously mentioned.

On the other side with Jupiter in Virgo there is a more conservative and practical examination of what the reality actually is, rather than clinging onto some ideological faith and belief at whatever the costs backed up with the self righteous anger over social justice and compassion (Pisces opposition) . Virgo wants things to be more simplistic, organized, functional, compatible and principled – square pegs in square holes and lets keep everything tidy and neat, no chaos and lets show a bit of moral discipline and discrimination and not anything goes, everybody welcome and  lets just lump it all together. Neptune in Pisces is also very symptomatic of the moral degradation that has taken hold in Western countries, now coming to fruition, as a result of the liberal ideology’s strangle hold over society for the last almost four decades.

There was a lot of hysterical spazzing out after the Brexit vote. Very nasty stuff and coming in the main part from the leftist Neptune in Pisces groups. I have read stories of people being called traitors at work, verbally attacked and even friendships ending because of this vote. This is the next level of the polarization. For the last year or so there has mainly been a huge ideological shift and polarization typical of the mutable signs, the nasty fall out from the vote is the forward motion now of Jupiter heading into Libra. In short, it’s all going to go cardinal baby! We are fast moving from the mutable opposition of Jupiter to Neptune to the cardinal opposition of Jupiter to Uranus – and once again in relationship to Saturn with a very tight air-fire triangle setting things off at the first Jupiter Uranus opposition by the year’s end.

Cardinal signs and energy are about manifesting things in the outer world. So this ideological split is going to become very manifest in the world around us. Libra is a very interesting sign – contained within it is a very dynamic tension. Libra is always trying to find the balance. Libran’s will always try to find some kind of workable solution, some compromise in order to promote harmony, understanding, diplomacy and cooperation.  Libra is also the archetypal domain of relationships, partnerships and agreements. With the opposition to Uranus in Aries (independence, sovereignty) , many relationships are going to come to sudden and even shocking (Uranus) endings – as it appears for now with the Brexit although I have my doubts it will be allowed to happen. Even if the Brexit is thwarted, it is bound to spark revolts and populist uprisings through Europe and by the end of this year we will meet the great air-fire conflagration of Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn.

Uranus opposed to Jupiter in Libra tells the story of sudden and unexpected break downs in relationships. Are yours in order? In the year to come, many relationships are going to be severely tested and the nastiness around Brexit is only just the beginning – socially, politically, communally and personally too. Jupiter is generous and in Libra hopefully something can be worked out – especially around Brexit. My analysis suggests that the greater pull is towards Uranus in Aries, so any compromise that does not recognize the principle of independence and integrity is not going to work in any relationship where one partner is feeling a strangle hold. Libra is only ever tolerant to a point and then one should watch out! Jupiter also has a strong military and martial energy to it – Jupiter is like the general of the armies while Mars is the  unit commander – which means the separation is on and the fight is going down if the buck is pushed too far.


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