Jupiter trine Pluto : High Drama at the Solstice

The past couple of weeks have been momentous, if not horrendous. High drama, intense emotions, much ugliness, mass killings, a brutal slaying and riots on the streets of Paris! All of this coming on the back of the Jupiter Neptune opposition T-square to Saturn, but there are two other layers of complexity which in previous posts I failed to address. The main being the Jupiter trine Pluto aspect at the time of the T-square configuration and of course the continuing retrograde of Mars maximum in deadly Scorpio. I should have picked up on the caveat of the Jupiter Pluto trine because this aspect as been around now a few times. 

Let’s start with the Orlando massacre.

A massacre is a mass slaughter or killing of people – quite clearly a correlation to Jupiter (mass) trine Pluto (death). Both the Paris and Belgium terror attacks had this same signature triggered by being part of a more complex aspect pattern. The Belgium attacks happened at an exact Jupiter Saturn square with Jupiter one degree exact to the trine with Pluto. The earlier Paris attacks were Saturn square Neptune with Jupiter trine to Pluto as the key pattern signature. Another mass death scenario that comes to mind for Jupiter trine Pluto was the stampede during the Mecca pilgrimage.

Here is the chart for the Orlando shooting which also serves as an illustration of the general energies still with us at the moment:

Orlando shootings 2016-06-12
Chart of the Orlando Pulse Club mass shooting – 12 June 2016, 02:09am
Here once again we can see the tight square forming between Saturn and Neptune and the final Jupiter square Saturn aspect starting to loosen – so the T-square is very much in effect. Interestingly the North Node of the Moon is also exactly trine to Pluto with Jupiter just two degrees off from a conjunct (and also trine to Pluto). Mars is retrograde with Aries rising! and the Moon is by Jupiter acting as the trigger. Further note that Uranus rising in the first house and actually inconjunct to Mars retrograde in Scorpio!  The Moon is also in an inconjunct to Uranus so a Yod is formed here with Uranus at the tip (yellow line). This is really quite a classic text book chart!

To briefly spell it out :

Mars (violence) is ruling the rising energies (Aries). Mars is retrograde in Scorpio (death) so there is an intense internalized or deadly passion. The Yod pushes this energy to a negative expression triggered by the Moon. Uranus takes the focus – shocking, traumatic violence as a typical Uranus signature – packed together with guns (Mars) along with the official lone gunman story, the lone wolf terrorist or unhinged individual (Aries being one, the loner). The attack happens at a gay night club (Uranus).  At the base of the Yod is Mars/Scorpio (violence, guns, drama, death, revenge) combining with Jupiter/Virgo (moral superiority, repression). 

Energy tends to bounce around hard aspect patterns looking for the easier path of less resistance so here the energy flows to Moon where is it fed into the tension of the T-square, where it doubles or triples, and then it flows along the easier trine to Pluto in Capricorn resulting in the mass death scenario. From Pluto in Capricorn the energy is disposited by Saturn in Sagittarius. The T-square across Pisces and Sagittarius alludes to the supposedly religious motivation or influence as in the shooter being a Muslim and with Virgo we have the allusion to self righteous moral disgust at the gays. With the influence of Neptune and Pisces we can clearly understand that there is much more below the surface and all is not as it seems. It appears that the shooter was some kind of a repressed, self loathing homosexual  – which correlates to the squares and the Virgo (Jupiter) energy too of religious and sexual uptightness.

 After the massacre everything spins over to Neptune in Pisces and the Jupiter opposition because, as I have mentioned previously, Neptune in Pisces is the prevailing unconscious energy we are all plugged into. Typically once again with the Jupiter Neptune opposition we get large groups of people spontaneously coming out to demonstrate support, comfort each other, express grief, light candles, declare that love and compassion will prevail, that everyone is united in diversity against hate, snap the selfies, update your social status, get likes and approvals and then go home because all our problems have now been solved, we’re feeling better and somehow or other the world is magically going to become a better place. Hugs!

The deception and the illusion:

With Neptune is Pisces in general and the square to Saturn, nothing right now is what it appears to be on the surface. Saturn in Sagittarius however, with some hard work, can get down to the truth! I want to focus here on the astrology rather than too much of the conspiracy, but the official story line to the Orlando shooting once again has many holes in it and false flag elements. There are striking parallels here with previous incidences like Sandy Hook and the V-tech shooting. For Orlando we have multiple eyewitness reports speaking of some kind of accomplice, the back doors being held shut and other things that raise a lot of questions. How the shooter managed to casually walk into club with an assault rifle and large rounds of ammunition is best answered in this video. The shooter was also a regular at the club so he may not have gotten searched properly. I have watched a lot of the survivor videos, and not all appear completely believable. Some have inconsistent stories which raises questions about the phenomenon known as ‘crisis actors’ which points to so some kind of heavily media manipulated reality or deception (Neptune/Pisces).  Once again, we see strange connections to the military security industry and also connections of the shooter’s father to the Obama administration. Sadly, with Neptune in Pisces and the prevailing emotional hysteria that comes along with it, the narrative quickly switches to purely emotional responses, victimizing and blaming usual scapegoats be it guns, Muslims or patriarchal white power structures.

In the case of a false flag or psyops, one needs to look for what the other hand is concealing? One thing would be the Clinton FBI investigations and threats by Wikileaks and supposedly Russia to leak details of the Clinton emails – Neptune coverups being revealed by Saturn in Sagittarius the truth teller and not to mention Mars retrograde in Scorpio digging up all sorts of secrets and other nasties! Other things could be major deals, laws being slipped through or worrying developments in the global financial and political arenas. Another question that begs is why would the shooter go to such lengths to smuggle an assault  rifle into a night club? 

The slaying of Jo Cox :

Equally shocking and under the same aspect pattern was the stabbing and shooting of a British Member of Parliament at the height of the highly charged, contentious and ugly campaign around Brexit. This kind of violence and especially the killing of a political figure is extremely rare in the UK. This attack came some 4 days after Orlando on June 16th at about 1pm. In the chart (not shown), Libra is rising with Venus conjunct to the Sun in Gemini – so a woman (Venus) is killed with two (Gemini)  weapons (Mars)! The Moon, the trigger, at the time was in Scorpio some 13 degrees out from Mars but trine to Neptune feeding into the T-square! 

Details are still emerging from this incident and the facts are slowly gathering around, but he is reported to have stated in court, ”My name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain”. Scorpio of course deals with all such things as lies, traitors, revenge and death. In the Solar theology Judas in the 8th disciple representing Scorpio and the betrayer of the Christ (Sun). With Uranus in Aries Mars is extremely volatile all the time and the Moon in Scorpio triggered Mars at the time of the retrograde! Uranus in Aries correlates to the rogue terrorist and random, shocking acts of violence – often centered around issues of male identity.

Facts emerging so far point to this killer, Thomas Mair, as having mental problems and links to far right extremist organizations. The Moon Neptune link trigger also suggests things to do with mental instability. There are conflicting reports as the whether or not he shouted ‘Britain first!’ or ‘Put Britain fist’ or whether he shouted anything at the time of the attack. Of course the liberal and establishment media immediately starter a political smear against the entire Brexit ‘Leave’ group and trying to link the killer to the (rather small) far right group actually called ‘Britain First’ and then link this to the ‘Leave’ campaign. It’s early days still, and the possibility of a psyops killing cannot be ruled out at this point. There still remain many questions around the Belgium and French attacks and these kinds of things have been going on ever since 911 anyway. Here are two videos I happened to watch on Youtube which are quite telling. This first video is by the well known web commentator  Stephan Molyneux, so called natural philosopher, logician, libertarian, leaning perhaps a little towards the alternative right these days. I think he does a good job on the analysis and questions. He is a bit of a big head and has one too so some people might find it hard listening to or watching him. Some people might feel he is defending the right in some way. However, this next video I picked was from the veteran leftist, socialist Ami Goodman from Democracy Now and the ‘War and Peace Report’. In this interview she is talking to a Mr. Cohen from the Southern Poverty Law Center who released the information that they, the center, have receipts of Thomas Mair confirming his involvement in far right organizations. Well, that might be true, but the Southern Poverty Law Center is a Zionist ran and controlled organization and they have their own agendas, and may very well be using this story to oil their grudges against the white nationalist groups. I would suggest that their claim of having these receipts should be investigated by a independent third party or I guess the receipts would become scrutinized as evidence in court if this case ever gets that far!

It’s all about Saturn in Sagittarius:

The real contention here is Saturn in Sagittarius. We see this with Muslim terrorist killings in the name of Allah, enacting revenge against their enemies or white males (Charleston shootings)  incensed over issues of immigration, race, religion and culture – all the domain of Sagittarius. The pace of cultural change across the face of Europe, mass immigration, Islamization and now the migrant crisis is fast pushing the continent towards a very dangerous precipice. The issue here is identity and the fire signs. Identity is primary as with Aries being the first sign of the zodiac. Leo is the identity we accrue as a member of a family (after Cancer) and our early environments (Gemini) and what we inherit from our parents (Leo 10 derived signs from Scorpio/sex, genetics). Sagittarius is our shared identity as a society, a community or a religion etc. Different people construct and manage their identification in different ways, but when you mess with people’s sense of identity, sense of self, as well as their perceived purpose and place in the world as a member of a group, a society, a nation or a culture, it is advisable to do so wisely and considerately.

The whole multi cultural, diversity, immigration issue is largely a Western and European phenomenon. Where I reside in Japan, and in East Asia at least, the huge contention and debate around immigration and cultural diversity is largely off the table or deftly skirted around.  However, in Europe, within the prevailing leftist, globalist (cultural Marxist) ideology there has been a relentless pushing of this agenda. Astrologically we see Neptune in Pisces at work with the melting pot of everything and the fanatical idealism that it is right and just and obviously going to work, has to work and must be made to work! With the Neptune square to Saturn we are seeing severe fault line cracks to the multicultural diversity model breaking out right, left and center.

On top of this there has been no consensus or consideration of any opinions opposed to this grand project. The debate has largely been shut down with the hysterical, emotional Neptune in Pisces groups simply shouting slogans like racist, bigot, hater, Nazi, white supremacist, patriarchy etc. etc. Nobody is allowed to address the elephant in the room which is religion and Islam in particular and not to mention the ideological conundrum or cognitive dissonance of reconciling Islam with gay rights, women rights or even democracy for that matter.  There is also a general pandering towards extreme emotionality and simplistic focusing on victims, migrants or refugees with so called compassion and mob emotionality and little on factual details or logical arguments (Neptune in Pisces at the expense of Jupiter in Virgo).  Even recently the EU admitted that probably 80% of migrants have no legitimate claim to asylum but they must just be accommodated and ‘integrated’ anyway!  In terms of democratic processes the EU body has made it quite clear that no political group, election result or decision that they disapprove of will be allowed. Even in terms of the Brexit vote, this is not the first EU vote test. The Belgiums and Irish went through this and they had to just vote again until they got it right and even if the British choose to Brexit, still, it  remains to be seen whether the English parliament will approve the vote or  whether the Gordian knot will truly be cut at all.

The falling apart :

In the light of this atmosphere, it is hardly surprising that extremist groups and radicalized individuals are going to become more and more prominent.  We are also witnessing the beginnings of an extreme polarization within (western) societies. I wrote about this before, but in my next post I will be getting into the coming Jupiter Uranus opposition and what it means in terms of this radical polarization which is going to result in the severe stress and in many cases break downs in relationships on all levels – between individuals, groups, families, communities and nations. We can already see intimations of this – not just in the UK with the Brexit drama, but in the US with Trump and anti-Trump supporters, in Australia there have been violent clashes between leftist and nationalist groups and in Austria we saw a clear cut down the middle with the symbolic presidential elections – extreme left Greens or watermelon communists and the Freedom Party favouring conservative nationalism or protection of traditional Austrian culture and identity. These polarities are going to become more and more intense leading to a year of extreme social conflicts throughout 2017 and then, into 2018,  we will see blood flowing on the streets throughout Europe and possibly America during the tandem trines of Jupiter to Neptune (Scorpio / Pisces) and Saturn to Uranus (Sagittarius / Aries). By 2020 much of Europe will be in a state of social collapse as we head into the grand Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto conjuncts in Capricorn. There will be other things added to the mix. One will be the severe economic situation, another will be many shocking terrorist attacks and incidences and also the continued baiting of the Russian Bear possibly leading to a major global hot war of some kind. I’m not too sure if any of this is going to end very nicely!

Paris burning :

The other thing that has been happening under this Jupiter Pluto trine has been the situation of civil insurrection and rioting in Paris. This was triggered by the draconian changes to the labour laws (Jupiter/Virgo square Saturn/Sagittarius) and unfortunately I haven’t been following this situation very much. I think however there is a lot more to what is going on than what is being reported of course by the general mainstream media. I don’t watch television and CNN, BBC whatever so I really don’t know – anyway, the saying goes,  ‘Don’t wait around for the revolution to be televised’. It seems that this entire situation in Paris and France has been swept under the carpet as far as the global corporate media is concerned even though supposedly these are the  largest demonstrations in France for a very long time. The video scenes I watched of the riots and confrontations with the police showed another correlation to the Jupiter Pluto trine linked into the Neptune opposition. The Jupiter Neptune effect drawing out hundreds of people, the violence and high drama of the trine, Pluto in Capricorn the police state and Virgo, the source of labour demonstrations that the situation grew out of.

This took me back to things I noticed when I did a post on the Paris terror attacks and looked at some upcoming transits to the French national chart. These events now are happening with Uranus just having conjuncted the Ascendant point of the French Republic chart. The chart has Aries rising at 20 degree and now Uranus has progressed to 23 degrees, but by the end of the year, when we meet the first Jupiter Uranus opposition, Uranus will be back and conjunct to the Ascendant at exactly 20 degrees. Actually the ‘great conflagration’ of the air fire triangle of Jupiter Uranus and Saturn has Uranus (26 December ’16) on the Ascendant of 20 degrees Aries with Jupiter opposed of course,  and Saturn at an exact Saturn return! This, and a much closer examination of the situation in France, deserves a post of its own. Uranus was discovered at the time of the French revolution and its archetype is deeply imbued with their national consciousness, so my pointer here is: Keep an eye on France! Some very big things are about to go down there by the end of this year! (Come on guys! Lead the way!)

Where the hell to next?

Well, literally and figuratively its all down hill from now on! We sit on the brink of the Summer Solstice as the Sun enters Cancer at the time of the full Moon (earthquakes?). So the Sun has reached its Zenith before the fall and the mad dog days of Summer approach and it seems that global and emotional temperatures are going to hit new highs. In terms of the high drama of Jupiter trine Pluto, it is only after the Solstice that Jupiter actually reaches the exact trine point and then Jupiter and Pluto trine each other out at 16 degrees until the 1st of July. The Mars Max period has ended as of 18th June, but there could be some more drama to unfold as this present cycle wears itself out, and especially around 1st of July because that is when Mars turns stationary direct!  Of course, as we enter into the Jupiter Uranus opposition and the Jupiter in Libra ingress, we will also be hitting a Jupiter Pluto square period, but that’s something for another day.






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