Tea on the square: Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn

We are now midway through May heading towards the tightest period of the Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn T-square aspect pattern. We passed the exact Jupiter Neptune opposition back in mid September 2015 and the second last of the Jupiter Saturn squares which happened on the equinox of 21 March 2016. Jupiter is now direct in Virgo heading to see what is up in Libra by the end of this year, while Saturn is taking a retrograde back seat for now until mid August. Along the way of this retrograde Saturn will come square Jupiter one last time at the tightest period of this Jupiter Neptune T-square Saturn period on 26 May :

Jupiter Neptune Saturn T-square 26 May 2016
Jupiter Neptune Saturn T-square 26 May 2016
We are well into this last Jupiter Saturn square getting tighter and tighter day by day and then we spin out of this aspect early June straight into the 
Saturn square Neptune aspect exact as of 17/18 June by which time Neptune will also just have turned retrograde:

Jupiter Neptune square of 17 June 2016.
Jupiter Neptune square of 17 June 2016.
Funny enough, more or less as Jupiter meanders into Libra so Saturn, 
at this point direct, will square Neptune for the last time around 9 September :

Saturn square Neptune Jupiter enters Libra 9 Spetember 2016
Saturn square Neptune Jupiter enters Libra 9 September 2016
The dynamics of this tropical zodiacal summer are already taking shape and the players are sizing up against each other.

The global economy :

I think right now this is the most important factor. Hardly anywhere you care to look, the numbers and graphs are not painting a pretty picture. Of course it depends what so called media pundits you want to believe – mainstream, lame stream or so called alternative media. However, major think tanks and big investors have already sounded some sober warnings for what lies ahead. Catching up these last few days with the voices on Youtube and the alternative Net radio shows, many are saying that a major collapse will happen by the Summer rather than the Fall. They say it will be a sudden collapse as opposed to a crash which we saw in 2008/2010. Summer echoes to the second Saturn Neptune square which runs straight off from the last Jupiter Saturn square and the T-square of 26 May. Fall is more the period of the after effect of the final Saturn Neptune square of 9 September. The idea of a sudden, unsuspecting collapse is correlating to the Neptune Jupiter T-square to Saturn. Jupiter and Neptune are similar archetypes of expansion and dissolution. Neptune in Pisces points to a major blind siding or denial of reality as does the square from Jupiter in Virgo as in failing to look at the basic fundamentals and details. The T-square to Saturn is a metaphor for collapsing structures like an earthquake followed by a Tsunami. The Saturn Neptune square period which extends from now through till the Fall points to a major reality check from all angles – Saturn reality, Neptune/Pisces illusion and denial. It is also difficult to find hope and optimism with Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptunian delusions are not going to escape the challenge. Various ways out suggested by the astrology include major political and legal changes to the system especially in regards to rooting out corruption, a shift in cultural attitudes to include more holistic and spiritual rather than material aspirations, a returning (with Saturn retrograde) to cultural roots and national purpose and identification to mention a few.

The dominoes fall :

Not only is it the economy, but the effects of what a major economic collapse will bring. It is difficult to say what exactly will give first and where, but undeniably something major somewhere will erupt and the dominoes will fall. How far, how wide and who will escape it and who will take the major hits is for the universe to sort out. As per the news coming out we can see some more obvious suspects – the turmoil in Brazil, the pains in Venezuela, another turn of the barrel in South Africa, and the start perhaps of another China crash that happened under the first squares back in Fall of 2015. It could be a blind shot coming out the US or Europe or more probably Japan as Abenomics fails and QE 3 whatever grinds to a halt. There is a lot of talk about the Deutsche Bank possibly hitting a major crisis which could unfold within the next 4o days. Also a domino fall by dumping treasuries could come out of Saudi Arabia, who have been threatening the US over any further probing of the 911 issue.  Options for keeping everything afloat are running out faster than it is possible to prepare for a major storm. The T-squares to Saturn suggest a potential collapse of social cohesion and structures, the rapid melt down of the veneer of civilized culture and behaviour (Sagittarius)  and the  potential for widespread chaos and panic (Neptune/Pisces).  We will have to wait and see;   which brings us to the next consideration.

Laws, protests and political bombshells:

Whenever we have Uranus and Neptune in aspect or being aspected by Pluto or Saturn or excited by Jupiter the masses start surging together in either protest or jubilation. France of course just had huge demonstrations against changes in their labour laws. Not so surprising because Jupiter is now direct in Virgo (unions/workers) and Sagittarius with Saturn is the domain of laws. With a square to Saturn we can see that these protests have a significant degree of organization rather than people just spilling out into the streets. Saturn in Sagittarius anyway will have a continued correlation to major legal and constitutional changes. In most instances the laws will be more draconian than ever before because of Pluto in Capricorn. Some places may see better and more equitable laws, but not for the most part and for this period we can also expect more and more nanny state laws or the introduction of laws pertaining to the ‘moral control’ of society with more than a dash of authoritarian self righteousness (Virgo and Sagittarius). Especially keep an eye out for mass media (Neptune) and social media regulations and restrictions. You can read here a previous post about Jupiter in Virgo. 

Political bombshells are going off right, left and center too. Midst much media hype and denial we saw the sudden collapse of Trump rivals with all of them quitting, and leaving the nomination race within immanent grasp of the Donald. Interesting how secrets revealed seem to have led to the fall of Cruz and here I am talking about the revelations of his father’s connection to the Bush criminal clan and the JFK assassination. The blogger who broke that story has now committed suicide. Saturn square Neptune in Pisces – secrets revealed, reality can no longer be denied. Other examples of the entrenched establishment (Saturn) being railed against at whatever cost is the election of a populist, militant  leader in the Philippines. Also in the UK is the cultural political bombshell of London electing its first Mayor of ethnic minority, a Muslim of Pakistani descent  and a gentleman of suspect associations and links to radical Islamic groups and individuals.

More protests, social upheavals and subterfuge:

The storm clouds are gathering around now for major civil conflicts and protests especially in the Western world of Europe and America. We saw the violence and outrage breaking out at various Trump rallies in the US, and in Europe an increasing number of anti-immigration protests by the alternative and/or far right groups or new merging nationalist groups which are have been squared off by the leftists and their Antifa kinds of groups. A huge cultural rift and social political as well as gender polarization is taking shape and the polarization is only going to increase, and later it will lead to major civil unrest and clashes between different groups.  With Saturn in Sagittarius racial, cultural and political tensions are running high. With Jupiter in Virgo the focus is more on workers rights or systematic failings and corruption for now.  Virgo is very principled and the idea is that for a society to work (trine Capricorn) what is necessary and good for one should be so for all.

The release of the so-called Panama Papers happened shortly after the Jupiter Saturn square and the still mysterious John Doe who leaked the documents made claims to inequality (square Virgo) and injustice (square Sagittarius) as his reasons. The whole story and operation though is very suspect  – subterfuge, sabotage, hidden hand of Neptune in Pisces. Supposedly they had been leaked over a year ago to a Western (German) media outlet and of course we all know how much not to trust the Western mainstream media! All the hysteria has died down for now, but it appears that to the larger extent this operation is a false flag particularly aimed at destabilizing Bricsa nations and other nations such as Iceland trying to pursue a third way.  Russia was the first nation attacked, then the Iceland leader fell, followed by shots at China and the continuing ramifications in Brazil. There was a little feather ruffling going on with Cameron in the UK, but that just seems to have been a ploy to make it all the more believable.

The protests here and there are going to continue, but this is all leading up to a major period of protests and social upheaval which will be upon us by the end of the year! Bear in mind that these protests and social upheavals could come on the back of a major economic collapse situation. This concerns the approaching Jupiter Uranus opposition that will start to make itself known at the time of the last Saturn Neptune square when Jupiter crosses into Libra – 9 September – and then to oppose Uranus by Christmas time. I have touched on this a little bit in previous posts. Basically as Saturn starts to trine Uranus again we will see the continued strengthening of nationalist groups and memes of racial  and cultural reidentification and a growing polarization of the left and right wing factions. Leftist parties, groups and governments and taking huge hits right now and with Neptune in Pisces the reaction will be increased hysteria and outrage from the so called progressives, liberals and social justice warriors – many of these groups are basically just a rehash of neo Bolshevik Marxist commie agitators garbed in more modern clothing. As I discussed before, Jupiter into Libra is going to fire up the leftists in a big way and the opposition to Uranus in Aires (war, anger, conflict) at the time of the Saturn trine correlating to the powerful rise of a much invigorated alternative as well as radical right and nationalist voices and groups against the global hegemony of the multicultural (Saturn Sagittarius) dystopia (square Neptune) ,  is going to set off  violent clashes with Uranus in Aries as Jupiter struggles to maintain the peace in Libra. This is only the first clash of the great polarization. As we head off into 2017 and 2018 there will be the water trine of Jupiter in Scorpio to Neptune in Pisces set off against the fire trine of Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. Thus the coming civil, national, racial, religious, political, ideological and gender polarizations are only going to get more and more intense. This will all lead into the great conjuncts of 2020 in Capricorn of Jupiter Saturn and Pluto which could very well correlate to a massive collapse or comprehensive destruction and then rebuilding of major nations and societies. There have been rumours around that police in especially the US and Germany are preparing for major social disturbances. The Republican convention and the now seemingly undeniable Trump card for the Presidency will be a major turning point as to which way the winds are going to blow.

The perfect storm scenario :

As is the usual case with these great planetary alignments, there tends to be a whole series of issues that unfold. We have just gone through a major period of unprecedented earthquake activity – the huge quakes in Kyushu in Japan and also in Ecuador. I am no expert in predicting quakes, but it seems that apart from what the accepted sciences can provide, that the big 7 magnitude and above earthquakes show a pattern of coinciding with Solar output and magnetic field changes, major planetary alignments, especially the Jupiter Saturn cycles and movements of Uranus as well as the correlation to these quakes often happening at either the new or full Moon periods. The great Fukushima quake of 2011 happened at the Solar peak and major magnetic flux with Jupiter and Saturn in opposition by 5 degrees. The typical Moon correlation was not there, but the quake also happened with Uranus (sudden shock, release of energy) leaving Pisces (deep ocean trench quake) and the explosion at the nuclear plant happened to the exact timing hours later of Uranus crossing into Aries! The recent Kumamoto quakes happened once again at the Jupiter Saturn square, so it may be  that some more major activity could be coming very soon and lasting into June. A major quake in the Osaka or Tokyo regions could be the straw that breaks the camels back in terms of what shocks the Japanese economy can handle. A big quake on the west coast of the US or New Madrid fault line could also be an event  with a major economic player that has major global ramifications.

Other possibilities here also include major terror events especially with the signs of Pisces and Sagittarius involved. This could of course also be the timing of the next major false flag event that coincides with the economic collapse and is set up as the fall guy like the 911 scenario and the stock market collapse that came shortly after that. To end off here though, just a reminder that the present Jupiter Saturn cycled has correlated at all its major points to banking, currency and stock market crises and the Saturn Neptune cycle has been correlating also to major market crashes as well as the collapse of neo liberal capitalism. This is the final act so to speak as both these squares are now closing squares. After the curtain comes down, the party will come out onto the streets.



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