#Zuma still won’t fall

With the exact Jupiter to Saturn square happening over the equinox and the warming up to the Jupiter Neptune opposition T-square to Saturn, a lot has been going on. The focus is on Saturn in terms of structures, governments and stability. Pending meltdowns, collapses, populist surges, or just good old fashioned middle eastern terrorism. South Africa as a Sagittarian Sun nation is certainly taking a hit. This time it is President Zuma take three or four of his own take down. Rape charges, arms scandals, Guptagates and a retake two on the Nkandla saga. For those who don’t follow the dramas of some minor Brics nation, the constitutional court just upheld that the president, and indeed I believe the entire parliament, were in breach of the constitution regarding the president’s refusal to respect the findings and recommendations of the Public Protector and pay back the money!

I do regular postings on South Africa, and this was something in the coming that I wrote about, so this is really an astro update and check on the transits again, the timings and the possible play out scenarios.

Let’s start with Zuma because he’s the guy who is always stirring up all the trouble. In a previous post post I picked up on Zuma’s crucial Uranus conjunct to his Aries Sun. Zuma was born 12 April 1942 in Nkandla in Kwazulu province. I don’t know his birth date so I will just use a sun sign chart. Here are his transits for 31 March when the story broke with the constitutional court ruling :

Zuma Nkhandla 20160331
31 March 2016 transits to Jacob Zuma’s chart

Exciting stuff! As you can see in the red line, Uranus is within three  degrees from conjunct to his Sun. Uranus in the Sun chart is ruling the 11th house of political office and service. Natal Uranus conjuncts his Saturn in the second house – so this indicates money and wealth he accrues from political office. He rose to power as a populist president and Saturn rules his 10th house of career and reputation. The natal Uranus Saturn conjunct shows the instability, sudden surprises and shocks he brings to the office. Circled in grey you can see how the story broke with a Pluto Moon conjunct passage in his 10th house – so all a very public drama about his illegal state spending on his personal residence.

The key or trigger transit to this event is seen in orange and that is transiting Saturn in the 9th house directly opposed to his Jupiter and Mars conjunct. Saturn, just a few days before had gone stationary retrograde only a degree away from a perfect opposition. Talk about Zuma being the luckiest of bastards around on this planet! This is indicated too by natal Jupiter (good luck) conjunct his Mars where Mars is the ruler of his Aries Sun. Natal Jupiter rules the 9th house where Saturn is and the 9th house represents legal affairs and the constitution ! This suggests that when Saturn returns he may be facing another legal challenge. Saturn being authority and the opposition indicating a turn of his luck.

The other key transits I have noted are in green. It is interesting here how Neptune is two degrees to conjunct with his South Node in Pisces and two degrees is key to a nodal transit. Neptune, and more specifically the South Node, correlates to personal undoing. Pisces is very opaque and shady and his natal North Node in Virgo is urging Mr. President to be more principled or else! Well, he did apologize kind of and said that he had learned a valuable lesson like a naughty boy, but that was probably natal Jupiter conjunct Mars in Gemini in his third house indicating his oratory skills, gift of the gab and expertise in lying, spinning, talking around or exaggerating the truth. But have a look at transiting Jupiter – still retrograde and going back to conjunct his North Node so his angel of luck is still with him!

What to say? I guess I should just say happy birthday Mr. President for the 12th!

The opposition to Zuma has been building from all quarters, even within the ANC and from old anti apartheid stalwarts. Parliament descended into a raucous of course as the opposition parties tabled for a recall vote meaning an impeachment. Of course, it was highly unlikely that a ruling (sorry governing! – South Africans are ruled by the Guptas I believe or maybe Oppenheimers?) party members  would join with an opposition movement to bring down the president.

The question here with the chart is, how are the transits going to play out – especially regarding the timing of the exact Uranus conjunct to Zuma’s Sun and the retrograde periods too. Will Zuma go, slip out the back door, will he be pushed or purged? Uranus conjunct the Sun is big – big shifts and changes in a person’s direction in life, sudden, surprising, exciting even earth moving events, an intense restlessness and the urge to really be living one’s life to the max or perhaps just chaos and truama. I had speculated previously that Zuma may fall due to some scandal or that his departure would be through the courts or that he would have an actual or pretend health crisis as the Sun and Moon are involved.

So, Uranus is going to hit the 21 degree point of Aries by the 20th of this month and the exact Sun conjunct is 5 May which is the date I gave in a previous post. Neptune will be one degree closer to his South Node and the transiting Moon will join the Uranus Sun conjunct. Jupiter will also be one degree in retrograde to his North Node running back to save him so Zuma may just survive this day! But then perhaps not, because Jupiter will go stationary direct at 13 degrees just one degree off from the North Node – so maybe that is not enough, but then maybe he will actually live this one through. I almost feel like cheering for him!

If Zuma manages to survive this first Uranus transit, if he manages to do that funny laughy chuckle or do that little dance of his, then he may yet survive a while longer because he may or may not trip up on his South Node because Neptune will go stationary retrograde 12’02 degrees where the South Node is at 12’59 on 13 June! I’m being a little detailed here because the North Node is in Virgo after all. That could be close enough, it is to the degree point but then he really does have the luck of the devil!

Zuma is also at a Jupiter square Jupiter cycle point so that also does not count in his favour – he may just land up saying the wrong kind of thing and getting into the really hot waters! Also, Saturn is therefore transiting square to his nodal axis! The natal Jupiter/Mars square to the nodal axis indicates a skipped evolutionary step where he is learning an important lesson about factuality and truth and he is  being forced to move away from failings to do with deception and lies. Will he be humble and modest and embrace that principled Virgo on the North Node? Difficult, because he has such an inflated ego with Jupiter conjunct to Mars on top of being a Pluto in Leo baby boomer. Also, his natal Moon is conjunct the South Node meaning a Saturn square Moon period and the natal Moon on the South Node really shows how is he is stuck in his lying wicked ways (Jupiter:  Pisces ruler in Gemini).  Not to mention that the sign is Pisces so he really feels no compunction at all and there are no barriers and limitations to his excesses. The higher they fly the harder they fall – so what to do?  Natal Neptune, the other ruler of the South Node, is also in Virgo so that certainly does say how he really needs to learn those lessons. This entity that calls himself Jacob Zuma has actually been around quite a few times before playing at Mr. Bigwig.

The third calling for Zuma will around or on 31 October with the second Uranus retrograde conjunct over his Sun with Saturn again at 14 degrees in a tight square to the his Moon (popularity) and three degrees off from a direct opposition to Jupiter. However, he does come up to his exact nodal return a few months earlier on 2 August! Aah! How every man does meet his fate which in the heavens is made! As the nodes are subtle points I would say that some decent planetary action will be needed to really trigger them, so initially here I would go with the October date, if he survives 5 May, with something else happening around early August. His Saturn Jupiter opposition is 1 December and the final Uranus Sun pass around 23 February 2017 with Neptune one degree conjunct to the South Node. It has  been announced that August 3rd is the officially set date for the countrywide municipal elections. This ties in exactly to the nodal return so he might get pushed just before or the results of the election will seal his fate by end October for the retrograde Uranus Sun conjunct!

So these are the key dates so far – 5 May, 13 June, 2 August and 31 October.

The guy has a lot on his plate so we should feel for him! Uranus transit Aries Sun conjunct at the time of a Saturn opposition to his Jupiter, a square to the Nodes and his Moon with Neptune transiting his South Node and a Nodal return. With the Saturn Jupiter opposition at the time of a nodal return, basically he is being crucified on his own cross! Not many people live to talk about such times. Kind of ironic considering his comments about the good lord and the ANC!

To take this a little further, we should just check in again with the ANC foundation chart as this scandal  is really hammering the organization. I’ll skip a little over the Mandela Inauguration chart as the ANC will still remain in power, but I will pull up again the real nation chart which is the chart of the Rainbow constitution as this drama has been precipitated by a ruling from the constitutional court.

What the ANC foundation chart says :

If we look at the ANC foundation chart of 8 January 1912 for the city of Bloemfontein, the court ruling of 31 March actually saw transiting Neptune in the 3rd house  exactly opposed to the natal Moon in the 9th house of the sun chart! The 9th house represents legal affairs. Pluto direct was but one degree past the natal Sun which happened at their 104th anniversary earlier this year.

ANC transits 20160331
31 March 2016 transits to ANC foundation chart

The Moon also represents popularity and here we can see Neptune eroding away all of that. The natal Virgo Moon shows a more disciplined and principled ANC now being undermined (Neptune) by a leader with a dangerous South Node also in the sign of Pisces. Zuma’s nodal axis at 12 degreesmeaning his North Node is actually conjunct to the ANC Moon! If you  look at the red line then Saturn is retrograde coming to square the natal ANC Moon again from the 12th house of loss and self undoing.The ANC during
this time
has been criticized as being its won worse enemy and in this chart we see a natal Jupiter Venus conjunct in Sagittarius suggesting excess and indulgence in the 12th house meaning hidden enemies and secret affairs.We also see transiting Pluto retrograde (green line)  in the first house (image, purpose) coming to conjunct the Sun again (leadership, the President) – Pluto is finality, fatality, cutting off. It is typically common that in such crises that two key aspect patterns time in together and that is exactly the case here. By the 13th of June Pluto will conjunct the natal Sun and this date I think says it all because this is EXACTLY the same date that Neptune goes retrograde to a degree conjunct to Zuma’s South Node.  Then, a month later on 12 July, Saturn will square the Moon with Neptune also retrograde just one degree from opposition to the Moon – so a double Moon hard angle transit.

Let’s see how the other transits unfold, but so far 13th June is looking like the real key date!

Although right now the ANC is trying to play down the affair and insisting that they have apologized fair enough, however, these transits clearly suggest that this affair is not over or that there is another scandal waiting to break – perhaps a deepening of the Gupta Gate saga or something may transpire from the psycops Panama Papers. These transits do  suggest though that Zuma will fall before the municipal elections set for 3 August.What is for sure that the ANC’s  image and its popularity is going to be severely damaged by this affair and what is to come – much more so than the galvanized ranks are saying at the present time.  In 2017 Uranus will conjunct the North Node of the ANC suggesting, at that time, they will need to radically reinvent their image and reputation.

How will Zuma fall?

This of course could happen in a few ways. He is pushed out by an internal struggle, another crisis of the same magnitude takes him down, he is taken down by some legal proceedings but that would take a long time, he is deposed via a popular revolt and mass demonstrations or he takes the health crisis card.

In a previous post I had suggested legal proceedings which has partly happened. The internal struggle option seems to be now unfolding. The health issue is on the cards because of the heavy transits to his Sun and Moon.  A popular revolt is also highly possible and this would probably depend on what position, if any, that the major trade unions take. Right now the global energies correlating to popular revolts is very high and strengthening all the time as the Jupiter Neptune opposition T-square to Saturn closes in. Jupiter Neptune conjuncts, squares and oppositions often correlate to mass uprisings where unstoppable waves of people gather around a popular cause. This is happening now in Brazil, in France there have been big labour protests because Jupiter is in Virgo, and of course in Iceland the Panama Paper’s revelations brought down their president pretty swiftly indeed. Neptune revolts tend to typically be across boundary lines, where people across the usual divisions come together. Uranus revolts are more typically centered around specific groups with a high degree of organization whereas Neptune is more spontaneous and infectious.

What the Rainbow constitution says : 

To see how the people are standing we would have to look at the Rainbow constitutional chart  – 10 December 1996, Sharpeville Soweto, 12:55pm – which represents the nation as a unified whole. In this post I got the image that the nation would rise to defend its constitution against some kind of possible change and that there was a high probability of another mass student and worker uprising. Here the constitutional court has come to the defense of the people where the government blatantly thought it could ignore the constitution, so let’s see what the chart reveals :

Rainbow transits - 20160331
31 March 2016 transits to Rainbow Constitutional chart

The key here will be to track how the Jupiter Neptune opposition and the squares to Saturn play out and especially the timing of the closest time of the T-square aspect as this would be the most powerful energy to support any kind of mass uprising.

National key points in the constitutional chart :

Key to this chart is the 9th house. It represents the law and constitution. It contains the Sun and Moon as well as Pluto which are intercepted in the sign of Sagittarius. Scorpio is on the cusp whose energies are refracted by  Pluto and also Mars the ruler of Aries rising. Mars is in the 6th house square to the Balsamic  Moon / Sun conjunct.

The interception of Sagittarius and the Sun, Moon and Pluto in the 9th tells of the difficulty the nation has in realizing the lofty ideals of its constitutional democracy, said to be the most liberally social in the world, as well as realizing the vision of the nation in terms of racial and cultural (Sagittarius)  transformation (Pluto) towards a non racial, multicultural society. Pluto in the 9th indicates the past racial legacies and the current preponderance over race, culture and transformation. Key to the interception is Mars, as Pluto is intercepted, and aspects out of the house especially to Mars which as 9th and 1st ruler is square to the Sun/Moon conjunct.

Because of the position of Mars in Virgo in the 6th and its rulership of the 9th, workers rights, employment (Virgo/6th) and the interests and power of university students (Sagittarius/9th) is key, and these two groups will have a tendency to join together – as they did during the apartheid years. The square of Mars to the Sun/Moon in Sagittarius and the inflated 9th house indicates national issues of underlying anger, tension and violence, including sexual violence and crime, and one reason why strikes and demonstrations often end in violence, destruction and death (Mars square).

The transits :

As we go through the transits we will see how transiting Jupiter and the Nodal axis play an important role in this key judicial ruling. There are no doubts that this has been a fundamentally definitive moment in South Africa’s unfolding democracy and an example of the rule of the law underpinned by a sound constitution and respected institutions. This has been a watershed moment, not only for South Africa, but also for the entire continent. It is also worth noting that the judgement was passed down by a black African judge, and not a white Caucasian who would have a greater association with the past of discrimination, and whose judgement could more easily be dismissed.

So, on 31 March, we can see Saturn in the 9th house( law and constitution) in retrograde just one degree conjunct to the nation’s Moon – representing the people, the nation’s well being and the Moon rules the 4th house of foundations and stability. This happened at the time of the global Saturn Jupiter square and we can see how Jupiter, ruler of the intercepted planets, is now basically in conjunct to Mars, which rules the 9th. So here we see how Jupiter has come to expand and help Mars to realize the potential of the intercepted planets. Jupiter is law and also affords good will and protection. Saturn would represent the highest authority which is the constitutional court.

Notice too, quite remarkable, how the transiting North Node has just passed over the planet Mars. Obviously the Nodes were passing over Mars during the time that this judgment was under consideration. The natal nodal axis is in Libra in the 7th indicating an evolutionary intent to bring about peace and equality between all groups. Note how Zuma is also experiencing major nodal activity and how the nodes in this chart are opposite to those of the ANC national chart – Aries to Libra as war is to peace.

Previously, I had sensed that the South Africa may be heading towards some kind of a constitutional crisis and with the Jupiter, Neptune T-square Saturn focused on the Sun/ Moon I had speculated that the constitution may come under threat due to Zuma wishing to change it to suit his needs. I also speculated that because at this time Uranus transiting in the 1st house  would be trine to the natal Sun and Moon that the people would rally to the defense of their constitution. A kind of reverse logic happened  here where the president and parliament were all found guilty of violating the constitution and the constitution rallied to the defense of the people and realized its own  validity as an independent entity!

This is beautifully expressed by Uranus (individuation, actualization) in Aries in the first house (taking decisive steps to independence and self preservation, asserting identity) trine to the Sun and Moon (core identity, purpose and security of the people) – and Uranus, especially in the trine, liberates potential and brings about renewal or reinnovation. In the natal chart Uranus (in Aquarius) is actually conjunct to Neptune in the 10th indicating the kind of libertarian social  elements that the constitution of the 9th attempts to mature into the greater social body and government structures of the 10th. Equally relevant is how Neptune at this point is also broadly coming more and more into a square to the Sun / Moon conjunct (thus the national malaise, lack of leadership, loss of purpose, focus, direction). The Jupiter Neptune opposition T-square will be hitting the nation’s Sun/Moon conjunct soon – so there will be a lot to deal with. There is potential at least for the nation to mature into a more unified vision of its identity and even spiritual or manifest destiny. Neptune can dissolve divisions, Jupiter expand potential and bring good will and hope, while Saturn could reshape a stronger, national identity.  Neptune and Jupiter are conjunct in the 10th house in the natal chart and now they are in an opposition by transit.

Looking at the timing of the transits, on 2 May Saturn in retrograde will conjunct the Moon and this ties in with Zuma’s 5th May Uranus transit. The tightest of the T-square and the next Jupiter Saturn square happens around 25 May all with the focus of Saturn on the constitutional Moon. Jupiter will at this time be in conjunct to Mars and these two together are quite a force and the Neptune opposition could easily excite masses of people to gather. Mars is also in retrograde now going back to conjunct Pluto around 17 May  by 20 May will be at 0 degrees Sagittarius crossing into the 8th house. It certainly seems that this May period is going to see some highly significant developments.

25 July is the exact conjunct of Jupiter to Mars square the Sun/Moon and this ties in well with the August 3rd date. Also, what happens on 3 August, to the timing of the municipal elections, is it that Mars is direct having picked up a lot of speed and enters into the 9th house again in close conjunct to Pluto. In summary, I would speculate that by 13th June Zuma faces his fall after intense developments in May. It is unlikely he will survive until the elections on 3 August, and if he does, it is almost certain he will be gone by the end of October.

Hamba Gahle Mr. Zuma.





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