The conflagration of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus

Conflagration : ”A very intense and uncontrolled fire”

All is well under the Vernal Sun

Over the last couple of weeks we passed through a few key astrological weather patterns. Firstly, we had the exact square of Jupiter in retrograde to Saturn basically to the exact timing of the spring or Vernal Equinox. Shortly after that, on 24 March, Saturn turned stationary to retrograde. Traditionally, the spring equinox used to mark the new year, and it starts the astrological new year with the Sun crossing over into Aries. Aries is the Lamb of God and the new year is celebrated  by the shedding of new blood, killing of the innocent and ritual sacrifice in order to usher in the new cycle. Around this time is also Easter as well as Pass Over. Supposedly the time around the equinox sets the tone more or less for the next three months to the Summer Solstice as well as the general under pattern for the next year.

There certainly has been a lot going on leading up the end of the previous astrological year. We have the ongoing hysteria around the Donald Trump election campaign in the US primaries, the ongoing migrant crisis and a big swing to the right against Merkel in local German elections, upheaval in Brazil and economic woes here and there to name a few.  Then of course came the Belgium terror attacks and other Easter attacks in Iraq and Pakistan. The Brussels attacks came right after the actual equinox on 22nd day of the 3rd month and there are a lot of conspiracy memes going around concerning 322 Skull and Bones as well as suspicions about possible false flag elements. They say IS or Daesh were behind the attacks, but  IS is really a front for the CIA, the Sunni axis and Israel so a lot of questions do abound. Here is the chart for the Brussels’ suicide attacks.

Brussels bombing (2) 160322
Astrology chart to the Brussels terror attacks 22 March 2016

It happened almost to the exact queue of the Jupiter Saturn square, with the Moon conjunct Jupiter as the trigger. The attack also correlated to a Venus in Pisces opposition to Jupiter in Virgo thus setting up a T-square aspect to Saturn. Venus was also ruling the ascendant of Taurus at the time with a powerful Mars to Sun trine as well as  a Jupiter Pluto trine. The tension of the T-square flowing along the easier Jupiter trine to Pluto correlating to mass (Jupiter) deaths (Pluto) amidst destruction of infrastructure (Capricorn) and specifically the airport (Jupiter/Sagittarius) with a Sagittarius Mars trine the blood Sun in Aries. This Jupiter Pluto trine period has correlated to quite a few mass casualty events. The last time we saw this aspect in action was the Haj stampede in Saudi. Stressful aspects occurring in the signs of Pisces and Sagittarius also correlate to the Middle East, religions and foreign forces. The triggering Moon also brought into tighter effect the inconjunct between Uranus and Jupiter at a time when the fading Pluto Uranus square is still only two degrees out. The attacks against Christian women and children in Pakistan on March 28th was under the same aspect patterns, with the opposition and trines a little weaker,  but triggered by the exact entry of the Moon into Sagittarius and forming a broad conjunct to Mars and Saturn! It certainly was a blood drenched Easter. I hope the gods were satiated!

The Belgium attacks  have led to further increasing tensions over migrants, immigrants, multiculturalism within Europe as a whole. Only days after the attacks certain nationalist and anti-immigration groups doubled or even tripled their memberships and manged to gatecrash a memorial ceremony for the victims. The rise in tensions between different groups, both racial, religious as well as political, and  a general uneasiness as a whole  is self evident and there is increasing talk of a civil war like situation eventually developing in Europe as the Islamists threaten more attacks and the neo liberal, globalist governments try to hurriedly crack down on nationalist dissenters.

The Jupiter Saturn square has clearly laid bare the tensions (square) as well as cracks and  flaws (Virgo ) in the multicultural utopia (Saturn  in Sagittarius  square to Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces) and in general structural, economic,  social,  cultural, racial and religious tensions have come to the fore. Saturn is now thankfully retrograde in Sagittarius so this is a time for internal analysis and regrouping around policies and actions. All sides will be gathering their weapons.

Saturn retrograde also signals a downturn in economic optimism which will only pick up steam as Saturn coasts backwards to square to Neptune again in June (collapse of neo liberal capitalism) . In the mean time Jupiter and Saturn are now locked in together until the end of May when we reach the tightest period of the Jupiter Neptune T-square Saturn period with the second Neptune Saturn square set for 18 June and then , after Saturn turns direct in mid August, the final Saturn Neptune square will be around 11th  September this year.

It is highly probable that as this tightening T-square is continually triggered,  we will experience more such terror attacks. Although things have seemingly died down in Syria, there is much chatter about what kind of event is on the game card next. Israel and the US are currently pulling their people out of southern Turkey and something seems to be afoot, possible even a nuclear related false flag. In addition to this there is also the ever mystifying North Korean situation.  I have written at length about this T-square period, but now I want to look further ahead at to where this is all leading.

Victims, outrage and hysteria : The Piscean dilemma

First of all we need to do a bit of back tracking here. Ever since Neptune entered into Pisces (2012), there has been a continuous and increasing  out pour of extreme sensitivity, political correctness, social media hysteria, myriads of minority victim groups and ‘suppressed identities’.

There is something very primal about Neptune in Pisces which is continuously permeating the atmosphere. An almost  infantile, regressive, hysterical  state of mind.

Pisces isn’t really a progressive sign as it is in actual fact kind of regressive. We reach the end of a cycle and all things are drawn back into the matrix womb, amalgamated and the new incubation starts. Hence the hyper sensitivity and hysteria that is gripping much of our social discourse, the need for safe zones, emotional trigger warnings, and a heavy crack down on any kind of dissent or criticism. Do not disturb the womb!

University students in America have to a large extent been reduced to sniveling little cry babies requiring safe places and trigger warnings in case they have to experience anything that might offend or contradict their beliefs and the Pluto in Capricorn police have been visiting people posting anti-immigrant views or questioning views in places such as Germany and the Netherlands.

Despite appearing so caring, progressive, sensitive and concerned, most of the types of people caught up in the Neptune in Pisces web are actually just a bunch of intolerant cry bullies who actually turn very violent when they cannot get their own way. This paradigm is also very matriarchal and dominated by a vicious, radical feminist ideology. A brutal and subservient male slave class in the form of militarized police is generally deployed to defend the feminized social state.  In terms of the broader conspiracy we are witnessing the transformation of the planet into a fourth density world based on the Sirian Orion reptilian model

There seems also to be a throw back, or a regression to many old ideas and ideologies that just won’t work anymore. There is also a general intellectual and cultural regression and a regression in attitudes and behaviour and together with this primal state also comes new levels of violence and barbarity. It affects all sides and political wings, but more so the social left. It is the unconscious collective background that everyone is plugged into and feeding off.

Pisces is to blame!

The inherit problem with Pisces is expressed by its symbol – two fish tied together trying to swim in opposite directions!

The simple truth here is that oppositions can never be truly reconciled although some kind of balance can be achieved. The non duality expressed by Pisces and Neptune is a philosophical conceptual state or a state achieved through transcendence and this has its own value, but it is not something that can be made into a practical reality. We will always have to do a balancing act with difference, inequality and duality. Further more, a lie can never be made into a truth, the impossible can never be made possible, night cannot be called the day nor is black ever the colour of white. Any attempt to do so and claim victory is a decent into insanity. This is why Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house have an association with mental asylums, insanity, breakdown and incarceration.  That is why the leftists, the political extreme paradigm of Neptune and Pisces, is called the loony left and for good reason too.  This is why all socialist utopias, neo liberal play pens  etc. ultimately decent into a collective psychosis and we are fast approaching the breakout point.

Europe is now drowning in its own socialist Marxist neo liberal multicultural amalgamated cesspool. There is nothing in the religious tenants of Islam that can be reconciled with Western secular or liberal democracy. One cannot expect those of the Muslim faith to live side by side happily with openly flaunting it gays, women exercising their rights and liberties and the freedom of opinion on the stupidities of religion, or the freedom to quit one religion for another or just be an atheist. Certain religions and cultures have enough common characteristics and shared values to live in harmony side by side, others quite frankly, should live apart and that’s why we have a big planet. The Piscean dream of all and sundry living happily under the same roof is not a physical reality.

The problem with the Piscean mind and those who are gripped by this archetype’s political, social or religious ideals of non  differentiation is that they will never give sway. No matter what, the impossible has to be made into reality regardless of  the cost, the hundreds if not millions of lives, the destruction wrought and ultimately the final act of suicide. It is always the same from Soviet gulags, to Maoist cultural destruction to Pol Pot genocides to Jim Jones gurus to the cultural self annihilation of modern day Europe. Al these periods have had or have heavy Neptune/Pisces energy signatures.  People with badly aspected Piscean or Neptunian energies will stop at nothing to get what they want and they do so with little or no moral compunction and they feel completely justified in whatever action, no matter how insane, that they feel they need to take. There are no boundaries and limitations.

Let’s be ‘positive’

There is a silver lining though to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is subtle and it does foster a development of a higher state of consciousness, connectivity and awareness. It can create an increased connectivity between like minded people who are then drawn together in communal cooperation. Increasingly more people are switched on and the old bag of tricks with false flags and media propaganda for wars is not working as well as it used to. However, if this flux in conscious awareness is not balanced with the counterweight of Virgo with her grounding and discrimination, much of it is lost to empty sentimentalism or good intentions  and in lower consciousness types it manifests as a  collective hysteria, which is a good part of the current state of affairs. Also, with Neptune in Pisces there is a disintegration of all kinds of structures and barriers (exacerbated by Pluto in Capricorn)  which leads to a fair degree of chaos and uncertainty, but that allows for reconstruction or reformation of the status quo.

The typical Neptunian  disconnect with reality, the collective self denial,  the madness, stupidity and insanity simply eventually comes to the point where it all just collapses or enough people just see it for what it is and walk away.

We saw this with the collapse of the Soviet Union. People just stopped believing in the lies, the propaganda, and became immune to threats of violence and intimidation by the prevailing Saturn/Neptune ideology. The total farcical and fake reality could no longer sustain itself. That was the time of Neptune conjunct Saturn in Capricorn and the Bolshevik Revolution itself happened under a previous Saturn/Neptune conjunct in Leo!

We are now approaching the last square of that same cycle and we are now witnessing the collapse of neo liberal capitalism and the multicultural utopia is rapidly turning into an irreversible  dystopia. We still have some way to go though. If you think reality couldn’t get any worse or stranger, wait until Jupiter comes to trine Neptune – and still, Neptune doesn’t get out of Pisces until 2025 where the new  Saturn/Neptune cycle begins in Aries with Pluto shifted already into Aquarius. Those will be truly exciting years in terms of exploring new collective identities and a greater emphasis and development of true individuality. If there ever is to be a brave new world, it will be around 2025 and come to think of it – that’s only 10 years away!

As for the modern political concept and advancement of multiculturalism, astrologically I would date this to the early 1971 when Jupiter conjuncted Neptune at 2 degrees of Sagittarius. The ideology has a distinct Sagittarian and Pisces/Neptune signature and Jupiter is the principle planet of cultural development the conjunct is the start of a new cycle. The whole policy was greatly accelerated by 1996 when Pluto entered Sagittarius and presently we are witnessing the first Saturn ingress to this cycle’s archetype in a square to Neptune in Pisces!

Jupiter Neptune cycles progress fairly smoothly with each successive cycle in the following sign. The Jupiter Neptune cycle would, through its seeding archetype, represent an expanded cultural collective seeking of transcendence, often mark by the blind pursuit of a particular political or social trend or ideal which is meant to put everything ‘right’. This will start with an ideation, an intensification, a blinded faith and persistence followed by an eventual  systematic problems and weaknesses  if the expansion is unchecked. We can see the effects of this in this closing square.

The coming cultural political shift

If we go back to the start of the migrant crisis that was Jupiter opposed to Neptune. Neptune as the bigger planet in its own sign of Pisces won out in the opposition tussle and we saw the heights of self congratulatory moral superiority, out pourings of unfathomable sympathy and compassion as migrants, mostly aggressive young men with a few women and children scattered here and there, were welcomed with open arms. Jupiter in Virgo attempting to ask the hard analytical questions was all but ignored. It didn’t take long though before the big liberal Neptune/Pisces delusion hit a rock with the first Saturn  Neptune square (reality meets delusion)  coinciding with the mass rape and molestation epidemic as Mars crossed over into Scorpio! Since then various stories  about how the mass prevalence of violent crimes and sex crimes by Middle Eastern and third world immigrants was systematically covered up by authorities across European countries in order not to offend the liberal politically correct narrative. With Jupiter now square to Saturn and then Saturn to square  Neptune again, more and more of the reality of the situation in Europe is going to be revealed.

These two squares, especially to Neptune, all denote some serious reality checks that we will all need to do collectively – meaning economically, politically, ideologically and culturally –  as well as on the  personal and spiritual levels. It is going to be a challenging six months, perhaps quite strange,  right on through past the Summer Solstice. Then, as we head out of the northern summer, two major shifts occur. Jupiter direct heads off into Libra while Saturn also picks up speed with Uranus going retrograde. This means that we are heading this year for a Jupiter Uranus opposition (Libra-Aries)  coinciding with a Saturn Uranus trine! Basically an air-fire triangle with Jupiter in Libra air exactly sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius fire and Jupiter opposed to Uranus in Aries fire.

Fire and fire to air.  The great conflagration.

In one of those cosmic coincidences, this aspect pattern locks into shape from the Winter solstice through Christmas into the New Year. This aspect pattern is going to be a major game changer and the winds of change are already blowing swiftly. It could also be a devastating year in terms of natural disasters around fire and earthquakes. The Autumn equinox of this year, although not a banger like the Spring equinox, will see an opposition between Venus in Libra and Uranus in Aries indicating a rather dramatic and sudden change in the balance of the scales. Here is the chart for the closest line up of the fire air opposition  triangle with the planets all at 20 degrees. This happens on 26 December 2016.

Air Fire triangle_161226
Jupiter Uranus opposition Fire-Air triangle 26 December 2016

Fire signs are about identity, Sagittarius about collective cultural and religious identity, Leo is a more personal ego identity and Aries is about the assertion and protection of that identity. Uranus in Aries more specifically impinges upon male identity and Uranus is also about group identity,  particularly concerning political and social activist groups. Across all spectrum Uranus in Aries tends to correlate to the rise of various kinds of extremism or typically radical (Uranus)  identity (Aries) – raw,  primary identity rather than the more intellectually constructed  identity of Sagittarius as we see with global multiculturalism. It questions as to what constitutes the basic fundamental aspect of a person’s identity. Do I first and foremost stand by identity as an member of the human race, an individual, as a European, an American or as a Muslim, an Arab or an Caucasian, a Caucasian or a black African?

What we see in Europe right now, and also in America, is a growing trend towards the political right or  the new or alt right  and a growing sense of a new kind of national and racial reidentification including concepts such as  white pride or positive white identity assertion. This is correlating to Saturn trine Uranus. This is happening in backlash not only to multiculturalism (for majority European populated countries only) but also to the white self hate and white privilege agenda and demonization of especially white heterosexual men pushed by the radical liberals of the left, the Zionist media and their Marxist ‘social justice’ movements. Neptune in Pisces is always  looking for the ultimate scapegoat that can be blamed for everything.

We’re in a brief window period to this aspect as Saturn was  some three degrees off from the trine when Saturn went retrograde and this resulted in big shifts to the anti-immigration and nationalist parties or movements in Europe shortly before and then after the Brussels bombings. This trine aspect is also tracking the the Trump effect. The energies start warming up some 15 to 10 degrees before the exact conjunct.

A closer look at the opposition triangle :

With Saturn in Sagittarius we have ongoing issues of changing cultural identity. Jupiter coming into Libra will expand the neo liberal paradigm as Libra always tries to accommodate everyone. Venus, the refractor of Libra, is also exalted in Pisces where we have Neptune. Duality is found everywhere and all signs express it in a different way. The duality of Libra is that Libra attempts to hold the mutually exclusive as a state of mind. As a result Libra can be quite hypocritical as their internally held point of view may not accrue with their outer expression and they are prone to sudden shifts in attitude. Pisces as a water sign coalesces everything that comes before it and here we see an attempt to force disparate peoples and points of view to amalgamate. Jupiter in Libra is like Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall trying to include more and more until the wall collapses under his fat arse. Sooner or later hard choices have to made and the sextile from Saturn to Jupiter can assist in this. The duality of Capricorn and  Saturn is their ability to recognize which oppositions can fit together and for this reason Saturn is exacted in Libra. Libra will sit and contemplate the dilemma of the round hole and the square peg eventually choosing one or the other. Capricorn will know either to reject the whole concept or  to reform the hole or the peg. Pisces see no problem here at all as duality and difference is inconsequential.

From one point of view, the Saturn sextile to Jupiter and trine to Uranus correlates to an attempt to create social harmony, justice and cooperation (Jupiter/Libra)  in trying time of major cultural shifts and how how these transformations in cultural identity (Saturn/Sagittarius) and social groups can positively affect the embracing of this new identity on an individual level (Uranus/Aries). The opposition to Uranus in Aries shows how many individuals will may not be willing to concur or adjust to the social expectation of going along to get along with Jupiter in Libra or not necessarily internally accepting these changes.

Saturn trine to Uranus can play out in different ways. Essentially, Saturn and Uranus are opposites in that Saturn represents the old, what is known, tried, tested and established. Uranus on the other hand represents all that is unknown and lies beyond the Saturnian paradigm. In a trine together the image is of building a bridge over a ravine to an unknown land. Uranus trine to Saturn can also be seen as violently smashing the old order. As we have seen, Saturn trine to Uranus can effect a reassertion of a lost or eroding sense of primary identity because the unkown is feared. The electric dipole of Saturn also refracts the sign of Aquarius like Uranus in terms of classical sign rulership.  Saturn acts as a kind of double doorway so while some people will go with the agenda and walk into the unknown, others will resist the pressure to completely transform their ideas of culture and identity.

The Jupiter Uranus cycle tends to correlate to more exciting and dynamic changes in culture and society. New social, political movements are formed and this cycle also correlates to technological innovations and revolutions. Recently the jubilation around equal marriage rights and the Rhode Must Fall campaign in South Africa correlated to the Jupiter Uranus trine which effects a kind of unstoppable social wave of where an ideal has reached its time and space. This triangle, however, is not a Jupiter Uranus trine but an opposition implying a more dynamically tense situation of conflict and difference. The Jupiter Uranus opposition is a time of radical social conflict of various kinds of uprisings where the potential for violence is quite high and especially so with Uranus in Aries.

Winners and losers :

It’s complicated! For one Saturn and Jupiter are completely opposite, yet opposites can give support and balance. Saturn and Uranus are opposites yet they have a similar electric dipole nature. Jupiter and Uranus are more dissimilar than totally opposite. Jupiter expands and includes, while Uranus tends to want to separate and individuate, on a group and individual level. Both exert a collective force on the general populace, although Uranus more powerfully so.

The Saturn sextile to Jupiter is strengthening Jupiter especially since Saturn is in Jupiter’s sign, but the trine to Uranus in Aries is a lot more powerful. The opposition is setting off the tension between Libra compromise or Aries confrontation – war or peace? Saturn and Uranus have an affinity while Saturn and Jupiter are diametrically opposed and Uranus is the bigger planet – so Uranus wins out here I think in terms of the opposition to Jupiter. This means that the needs of Jupiter in Libra for inclusion and compromise will lose out in terms of a more aggressive and self assertive identity expressed by Uranus in Aries in the trine. Also, if the old cultural order is smashed down (Uranus trine Saturn) this will trigger extreme and violent reactions within certain groups (Jupiter opposition to Uranus). The energy however tends to flow from the faster moving planet, here Saturn, to the slower.

The position of Mars and Venus, especially when Jupiter and Uranus move with a 15 degree orb of one another, is going to be an additional factor and this will shift as Mars and Venus move through the signs.

This 15 degree orb will be reached by the middle of October this year with Mars in Capricorn conjunct to Pluto and Venus in Scorpio. Mars refracts Aries as well as Scorpio and for this month is controlling the energies of Uranus and Venus. Venus is representing the interests of Jupiter in Libra. Mid October seems to be a time when the authorities and security agencies are involved in an intense and brutal struggle to direct or contain the social conflicts gathering around the Jupiter Uranus opposition. Anti establishment groups will take a hit as the Saturn trine to Uranus brings more cohesion, structural organization and internal philosophical alignment within these groups and Pluto in Capricorn (ruling elites) will need to stamp this out. Towards the end of October around the 28th  an extremely volatile situation develops when Mars comes to square Uranus with Venus conjunct to Saturn and the Moon also coming to oppose Uranus. Mars in Capricorn square to Uranus in Aries talks of a tense stand off (square) between the establishment (Capricorn and Saturn) and radical groups or ideas (Uranus) that are against the established consensus (Jupiter in Libra).  If Trump is a presidential contender then this will be quite a highlight.

On 10th November we have all of this flowing into the America presidential election day with Mars crossing over into Aquarius and thus affecting a sign exchange with Uranus in Aries – a virtual conjunct! This will favour anything that is new, radical, extreme and against the establishment. This in itself speaks of a powerful energy in support of a candidate like Trump. Venus will be near the anaretic degree of Sagittarius really exciting the cultural and racial debate.

By 19 December Mars will shift into Pisces with Venus in Aquarius. For the exact Jupiter Uranus opposition by 26 December, Mars will be conjunct to Neptune so there might be quite a lot of social hysteria of some kind or other going down probably amongst the leftist groups. Inauguration day is always when the Sun shifts into Aquarius and Mars and Venus will be in Pisces at this time and all this time Jupiter and Uranus will be in tight opposition and the triangle will maintain its strength on all angles.

All in all, I see the rest of this year, especially after the Summer Solstice and into early next year as a major stand off between neo liberal and conservative nationalist factions of both European and American societies and also political and social divides coming to the fore in other countries and regions. It is going to be extremely difficult to find a new way forward (Saturn trine Uranus) and to also win significant social and group consensus (Uranus Jupiter opposition). The neo liberal side represented by Neptune in Pisces and also Jupiter in Libra and the conservative traditionalists by Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. A more assertive and radical right in new and old manifestations  is going to gain major traction very fast and the multicultural neo liberals are going to be going hysterical over it. The real hardcore conflict and polemic however doesn’t  take off until later 2017 and into 2018. Late 2017 and into 2018 is marked by a very interesting, potentially quite disturbing yet dynamic double trine which play tandem with one another. One is Jupiter in Scorpio nonetheless trine to Neptune in Pisces (the water trine) and the other is Saturn in Sagittarius trine again to Uranus in Aries (the fire trine)


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