Cry the beloved rainbow

Jupiter in Virgo  square to Saturn in Sagittarius. Inflaming of racial and cultural tension. Extreme feelings of racial superiority or inferiority. What’s wrong with your culture? Obviously you have a problem with my culture! Multi cultural disfunctionality. Systematic cultural and ideological breakdown. Unconscious  attitudes break wind. You need to work on that attitude! Don’t cross the line with who and what I am. This is how we do things so get with the program. Just a few details to work out here and we will all be happily living together. Come on guys, like can’t we just work it out together here or something! Big punch up at a sports game!

It was interesting to see how, over the last week, once again, things in the beautiful homeland seemed to be teetering on some brink. With Saturn in Sagittarius tensions have been building, falling a little then  rising to a  pitch again at South African universities. Sagittarius : cultural identity, ethnic identity, higher learning and Saturn : getting down and dirty, dealing with reality and reaping the seeds of what was sown. The dramas have been quite varied. There was the #Rhodesmustfall campaign at the University of Cape Town which attracted a diversity of races in the gladiatorial efforts to topple dear Cecil of his concrete perch. That triggered various calls and campaigns for further structural (Saturn) and cultural (Sagittarius) transformation specifically at higher institutes of learning (Sagittarius). The next blow out was the #feesmustfall campaign and mass nation wide protests which stopped a major hike in tuition fees and started a wildly popular movement for the abolition of tertiary education fees. The #feesmustfall campaign then started to incorporate a fight against in-sourcing at universities and for the direct hire of campus workers like cleaners etc. The next drama to follow soon after was the #Afrikaansmustfall campaign which ended the official policy of Afrikaans language tuition at the traditionally Afrikaner and Afrikaans University of Stellenbosch just outside Cape Town city. This movement has now spread to the other former bastion of Afrikanerdom at the University of Pretoria in the nation’s capital. Finally, we come to the subject topic of this blog post which centers around racial clashes at the University of the Free State in the central city of Bloemfontein (another Afrikaner stronghold)  where black student protesters, protesting against in-sourcing and hoping to get some attention or support from their white counterparts, invaded an inter varsity rugby game which sparked an angry reaction from white students who, together with parent spectators and other possible outsiders, launched an attack against black protesters, beating the crap out of them and setting the police off as well.

It was all quite shocking and from a distance at least, seemed rather pointless, brainless and provocative on all sides. I don’t know why, but those people take their rugby seriously, so crashing the game is seriously taking the piss and reacting in a thuggish way and creating a race brawl in front of cameras and the world to see was really not the brightest kind of response. But then again, it was a rugby game! And setting the police off who were then accused of being heavy handed with the black side of the protest – haven’t South Africans  learned that some things never change, so it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie. Perhaps I’m trying to vindicate my self here having been born and grown up in the Free State province and knowing well its history as a place of conservatives, red necks, religionists, right wingers, farmers and mielies. I have cast a dark shadow and feel obliged to reposition the light.  The whole incident got me thinking. Immediately I could see the memes of Saturn in Sagittarius and wondered what could be sparking off such tension and drama? Jupiter perhaps?  Jupiter is now retrograde and moving backwards through Virgo and previously I had written much here about the coming Jupiter Saturn square set for this March and May, but why specifically this incident in South Africa now?

If one listens to the chatter, one can hear the voices of the heavens and the talk has been about the failed vision of the ‘Rainbow Nation’, the insurmountable lofty ideals of the constitution, the torn legacy of Nelson Mandela  and the road that should have been taken and never was because, because, because. Where did things go wrong and who is to blame because Neptune in Pisces really does need a scapegoat or a sacrifice of victims.  Yet again, as in very recent times, questions were raised as to whether Mandela was either short sighted, naive, compromised or willingly betrayed the struggle of the people. Yet another meme of Saturn in Sagittarius – questioning of the prevailing ideologies and the infallibility of historical ‘truths’.

Of course, in the background of this are certain failed policies of the ANC government,  the increasingly endemic corruption and economic mismanagement, the recent currency implosion and the nation fast approaching junk debt status. I had mentioned previously that for this  year South Africa will find itself in a place of deep crisis – especially with regards to Neptune conjunct to Saturn in the 1994 election chart and that a myriad of structural crises will emerge – politically, socially and culturally. Just like in any marriage, economic hard times bring out the best or the worst in people and a nation.

I choose here to look at the constitutional chart of South Africa, because I believe that this chart reflects the national dialogue at the moment concerning the vision of the ‘Rainbow Nation’. This chart is set at 10Dec.1996, Sharpeville 12:55pm. I believe this to be the chart that speaks to the New South Africa and any astrologer may question its validity as the timing is very sensitive with Aries rising at 00’59 degrees. I sourced this time from this time stamped photograph, which can be found on the Internet, of Mandela signing the final constitution.

Nelson Mandela signs the Constitution

Ironically the hope and dream in the creation of a new multicultural, non racial, peaceful, prosperous and reconciled new South Africa started with a rugby match where Mandela donned that famous jersey during the 1995 world cup and the seeming collapse of that vision has happened at the rugby match in question here. Here is what I call the ‘Rainbow Chart’ with the transits for February 22, 2016. The time would be towards dusk in the early evening.

Rugby brawl UFS_Feb 022216.png
Transits to UFS rugby race brawl 22 February ’16.

It is immediately noticeable what is going on in this chart. Highlighted in orange lines you can see how Saturn by transit is sitting exactly on the nation’s natal Moon in the 9th house in Sagittarius. Jupiter in retrograde, the ruler or refractor of Saturn and all energies in Sagittarius is also at a degree conjunct to Mars in the 6th house, which in this chart is the ruler of the 9th house! Mars is natally square to the Sun and Moon in the 9th. Quite a remarkable cosmic coincidence and it seems that it was the Moon crossing into Virgo that triggered things off with the transiting Midheaven in opposition to the natal Moon as well!

Essentially the new South Africa is a Sagittarian nation. Sagittarius is the domain of race and cultural identity as well as diversity through its proclivity to expand horizons. To state here again, fire signs have got to do with identity and as the 3rd fire sign in the third quadrant Sagittarius is about collective identity. The nation was also founded at a balsamic new Moon which symbolizes the throwing off of the old and the planting of seeds, desires and intentions for a new cycle. Pluto is also in the 9th house which indicates the process of cultural transformation and the idea of the ‘born free’ generations that came after the first 1994 elections which had Pluto still in Scorpio. The nation is heavily identified with issues of the 9th house and Sagittarius – this is includes not only race and culture, but also specifically institutes of higher education, the courts, the constitution and the press. Historically, student uprisings played a decisive roll in the ending of the previous Apartheid era and universities were hotbeds of political activity and also the first place where students of different races and cultural backgrounds mixed together. Since Saturn entered Sagittarius and this 9th house domain of the nation, there has been a lot of focus on all these issues : the curtailing of press freedoms, legal controversies surrounding the authority of the public protector, questions about constitution reform and the now all prevalent issue of transformation of universities. I think because South Africa has a balsamic Moon Sun conjunct in Sagittarius in the 9th house, that this country seems more so than others to be affected by the ingress of Saturn into Sagittarius.

There is a lot more juice here if we look at Jupiter conjunct to Mars. In this latest incident we saw students  (9th house, Sagittarius) breaking up a rugby game (Sagittarius/ sports as well as Mars) protesting for workers’ rights and this is correlated to transiting  Jupiter conjunct to Mars in the 6th house (workers).  Jupiter is now pretty close to the square again to Saturn (5 degrees) so the tension is increasing, but Mars itself is already just degrees away from entering the 9th house which is heating things up as well. The big brawl and the race fight is reflected by Jupiter conjunct to Mars (square the Moon/Saturn) where Mars is not only ruling the 9th house (Scorpio) about also the Ascendant well as the second house (values). The other issue which concerns Virgo is that Virgo is a sign of ingrained and habituated behaviour. We learn skill in Virgo by doing things again and again, but also our attitudes and acculturated behaviours are formed in the same way too. It seems disappointing that 20 years after Apartheid many people’s behaviour and attitudes have not changed at all. Significantly too, is that all the students involved would be in the ‘born free’ generations namely the tail end of Pluto in Scorpio and then Pluto in Sagittarius as such.

In a previous post I commented on how in this constitutional chart issues of student concerns are intimately tied up with workers rights because Mars, ruling the 9th house and also square to the Sun/Moon, is in the 6th house and in Virgo (workers/trade unions). I speculated that concerning the coming crises (more than one, multiple)  in South Africa this year that there may be another mass student uprising joining together with a mass worker uprising as well. I think another previous point that deserves some bearing out is how in this chart the sign of Sagittarius is intercepted in the 9th house – pointing to the difficulties in realizing the lofty visions of the new constitution as well as bringing about cultural transformation and moving on from the past of racism and racial conflict. In news and events that have transpired since this incident, a number of arson attacks on buildings at universities has taken place. The government has railed against this tendency to want to burn things down (fire/Aries rising where Mars squares Sun/Moon in 9th) and one government spokesperson alluded to a conspiracy or agenda to destroy South Africa’s institutes of higher education. This in itself is quite interesting because it correlates directly to Pluto (destruction) in Sagittarius (higher educational institutes). I feel  with this Pluto in Sagittarius generation now entering university – most second years would now mostly be in this generation – that if they feel the institutes are not serving their own personal and collective empowerment that they will indeed be the generation that will destroy these institutions or bring them into a state of crisis transformation. I would also speculate that it was the older students – Pluto in Scorpio crowd – that set off this whole conflagration. The Pluto in Scorpio generation are really not afraid of confrontation especially when they feel that there is some injustice being done to them. Revenge is a key word here. There is quite a complicated context to all of this, but one factor being that Afrikaners right now really feel that they have their backs to the wall and that things are being pushed too far especially with language issues at historically Afrikaans language universities as well as the recent racial flare ups and backbiting that have hit the nation as well. Blacks on the other hand feel that transformation hasn’t been effectively realized.

So what could possibly happen next ?

Like I said, the nation is going to be plunged, or is plunging  into a multi layered crisis. The signs are all there and the national economy is at the root at a time when the global economy is going to hit a major crisis point this March through into May with the effective T-square of Neptune and Jupiter to Saturn  – the Jupiter Saturn square being the main and then later mid year comes the exact Saturn Neptune square again. Just within days to posting this there seems to be another crisis brewing with the Minister of Finance again and some serious factionalization of the ANC. I wrote about this in the second to previous post looking at the transits to the ANC charts as well as Mr. Zuma’s upcoming transit crisis! On top of this is the major drought,  warnings of major food price hikes when significant numbers of people are going hungry, the problems at universities, and not to mention the national municipal elections which are going to be hotly contested with the gas being turned on high.

If we look at the transits to the above chart, the nation has just gone through a very emotional Saturn conjunct to natal Moon conjunct where the Moon rules the 4th house of national well being and security. Of course with Mars and Jupiter having come into this transit, the whole identity of the nation and its direction and purpose is now being severely affected. This isn’t helped by the Neptune Saturn transits that are going on in the ANC election victory chart of 1994. There is a severe lack of leadership, direction and hope. We can see in this chart how Saturn is going to come to conjunct the Sun! However, this won’t happen right yet because Saturn will go retrograde soon – so there is now a chance to try to put things right BEFORE Saturn comes to conjunct the Sun by the beginning of December. Before this happens the next key transit will be Mars coming into the 9th house proper and its conjunct to Pluto. Mars is the chart ruler and Mars and Pluto are both connected to rulership of the 9th house. By 5 March Mars will enter the 9th house and by 16 March will come to conjunct Pluto. Saturn will turn stationary retrograde by 26 March at 16’24 (natal Sun is 18’40). A few weeks later around 16 April Mars will also go retrograde while Saturn approaches the Moon again and the exact retrograde over the nations Moon will be 17 April to 7 May.  The next global closest Jupiter Saturn T-square will be on 26 May at the 13 degree point (Jupiter / Saturn) and 11 degree point (Neptune).

In a sense these retrogrades are good because although things can intensify, the energy is directed more internally to find resolution to the problem, rather than things blowing completely out of control. When Mars enters the 9th house we can expect an intense concerted effort to remedy the situation at various universities. Pluto and Mars can be extremely intense, so it can be expected that there may be further clashes and conflicts. Mars will intensify the transformational energy of Pluto and perhaps even destructive energy through the use of fire, but passions will also run high on both sides. There will be a lot of focus I think too on constitutional values. Mars and Saturn don’t catch up with each other until 23 August and this conjunct is a very powerful force for change, but it can also manifest an ugly kind of brutality and violence.  Saturn Mars conjuncts also have a high correlation of state brutality and state violence. This energy seems to speak more about the results of the national municipal elections. There may be some violent confrontations concerning disputed outcomes.  9Nov. will be the next and last Saturn to natal  Moon transit and then the all important Saturn Sun conjunct transit will be around a month later when globally we all face the exact  Jupiter Uranus opposition soon after.

I think issues at universities will largely sort themselves out for now, but these issues will be over taken by mounting economic concerns and some scandal or other coming out of the ruling party. The Saturn  conjunct Sun transit suggests that the nation will finally see the end of the Jacob Zuma reign. There will be a major shift in the nation’s leadership, identity and direction. What is key also to the Saturn conjunct to the natal Sun is that at the same time transiting Uranus, now approaching opposition to Jupiter, will be exactly square to natal Jupiter in the 10th house. It is difficult to make ‘predictions’ at this stage – it depends on how the present crisis and crises to come are handled as well as what transpires during this election period and how the nation will be further affected economically by coming melt down. There is serious cause for concern however as this is going to be a global  Jupiter Uranus opposition T-square to the nation’s Jupiter in the 10th house. This suggests some kind of national, constitutional and governmental crisis. There is a high potential for violent conflict and clashes of various kinds and universities seem to be one focus. Jupiter Uranus oppositions can really inflame social tensions and political uprisings. If a new and better leadership is not found, if the people are unable to unite around the higher ideals of their constitution, then this will be a time when the nation seriously comes apart. This will come to a head by the beginning of December this year. In this final transit chart of 9 Dec. 2016 one can see Jupiter as the focus of the Uranus Jupiter opposition. Jupiter is disposing of the Sagittarius energy with the Saturn Sun conjunct in the 9th. Uranus is ruling the 11th house. There is potential here for the complete collapse of the ANC government and its ability to maintain social order. This would result in typical Uranus unpredictable consequences. People would be wise to use this time now, through collective action, to effect a more positive outcome and to prepare for a possible outcome of a period of social chaos, extreme political instability and economic deprivation.

ZA_Saturn Sun Jupiter square_091216.png
Saturn conjuncts Sun , Jupiter T-squared : ZA Constitutional Chart : 9 Dec’16




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