Finding oneself in the astrological universe.

 One of the most powerful tools of astrology is the capacity it provides for relatively objective and detailed self analysis. It acts too as a mirror and provides validation in times of doubt or uncertainty and insights especially with regards  to timing. The outerverse  provides a mirror and correlation to what is happening in the innerrverse. Otherwise expressed as macrocosm to microcosm,  as above so below or the heavens shadowed to the earth. In this way it can be understood that astrology is a science of archetypal correlation, and not so much a tool of prediction or predetermination. A relationship of correlation does not imply one of cause and effect. Archetypal correlations and how to decode these is the science of astrology, whereas prediction or the ability to intuit and extrapolate meaning is more the art. A large part of prediction itself is really just empirical forecasting. The cyclical nature of planetary astrology also lends itself to a certain degree of predictability where orbits and cycles repeat – not in exactly the same way, but very similar or in more of a spiraling pattern either going up or going down the vortex.

Questions of self 

Having said this, if one is to use astrology as a tool for self discovery, self development and for the  evolution or unveiling of consciousness, then one would need to locate the self in the astrological universe. The question of self inevitably leads to the question of consciousness. If we consider that consciousness itself is more or less synonymous with light, that the presence of consciousness is congruent to light, and if we consider the nature of light as it appears in the outerverse or the macrocosmos, then we can make certain conclusions as to what is the nature of the inner self. There are also the various theories of light to consider. Is light really a wave particle duality traveling at such and such a speed, does light not travel but reproduce itself or is light an effect of an electro magnetic field turbulation? 

Correlating the self 

Life here on this plane or planet is sustained by the Sun – the light and the life giver. The Sun is the soul or the prime consciousness of this Solar system. If we follow the logic of ‘as above, so below’, then it implies that we are a solar force, some kind of solar essence which is giving off light, life and consciousness. 

Soul <-> Sol

 The organ that  correlates to the Sun is the heart, sustainer of life. These correlations do not mean to say that we are the Sun, but rather it suggests that we are the projected essence of a particular star. We are incarnated or projected into this body, into this world, onto this plane from a sun, a star out there – and there are billions of them. In this way the Solar consciousness or Self is able to participate in various experiential fields, like we experience on this plane.  It is entirely possible that one Solar source may project itself into any number of bodies, even as an entire coherent tribal group. Perhaps this is why many native tribes have claimed to have been progenerated from such and such a star system, implying perhaps  not physical space travelers in ships, but more the idea of a projected incarnation. It may also be that projections happen on different time lines too. I would imagine that the plant life on this planet and maybe many other species too are all incarnated projections of this Earth’s own sun. Multiple incarnations often include dominant and subordination incarnations. The lion species on this planet is the dominant incarnation or physical representation of our Sun.


Stargates and portholes 

The Sun is the outer Stargate and the porthole that we must pass through in order to return to Self. This is the business of enLightenment, to realize our own Solar essence and origin and to pass through the porthole. To pass through the porthole however is not so easy. This would necessitate the complete balancing of all polarities and the raising of one’s vibration to match that of the solar  porthole or creating a vibration that is high enough to facilitate transportation. Useful techniques would be polarity therapy, meditation, a predominantly vegetarian and raw food diet, chi arts and also the chanting of the solar mantras and worship of the solar deity. 

Harvesting of souls

There are many traps however along the way for one who attempts the Hero’s journey – not least of all other entities on different dimensions of the game with different agendas. This is where reincarnation comes in. It appears that to the larger extent reincarnation is perhaps not necessary in the way that it happens. There seems to be a systematic program of soul harvesting going on here, where soul essence, the projected solar particles are deliberately kept in ignorance of themselves and origin in order to be harvested through advanced technologies – probably using the artificially constructed Moon through which souls are harvested to the planet Saturn, keeper of the dead and home of probably Archons and such like entities. In esoteric astrology the Moon is consider a negative, vampiric force.  I would speculate that many of the darker souls in this world, who run the show, are probably projected from the star systems of Sirius and Orion as these figure very prominently in the reptilian, extraterrestrial or innerterrestrial dialogue. There is a lot more to this story and in particularly what goes on around and connects to the planet Saturn.

Solar archetypes

Keeping this basic picture in mind, we need to examine the astrological chart for clues on how to get out of here and avoid the traps. There are two primary solar archetypes in the chart – the Sun and the Ascendant point which marks the horizon and where the dawn would be for the location of the birth. The Sun represents the inner essence of who we are, our vitality and anchor. The Ascendant is often interpreted as the projection of the self, or even the mask of the persona. The Ascendant point is more than this however, as it symbolizes the light, the dawn and the rise of consciousness. This is why it is so beneficial to know one’s time of birth. The Ascendant is in actual fact the solar expression that we grow into more and more over time just as the Sun rises from dawn to its peak at midday. The Ascendant  hints at the path of life we should follow, the ascension of light and consciousness, and the Ascendant ruler so to speak shows us the direction.

Ascendant <-> Ascension

The electromagnetic universe 

Personally I do not like terminology such as ruler or governor of a constellation or sign, but English here seems to lack any other suitable terminology. We are essentially (polarized) electro magnetic vehicles of light and consciousness. Everything in this cosmos is based on electromagnetism. The different constellations also have a predominantly electro negative (fire – air) or a magnetic positive (earth – water) charge. Planets are bodies too and therefore they have an electric dipole and a magnetic dipole. Each planet dipole, either electric or magnetic, corresponds energetically to a particular constellation cluster and therefore refracts the constellations light onto this plane much more coherently than any other planet. The electric dipole of Mercury for example vibrates to the electric constellation of Gemini while the magnetic dipole vibrates to magnetic constellation of Virgo. In this way the traditional twin rulerships of the classical planets in a system of 12 constellations makes a lot of sense. Mars electric corresponds to Aries, Mars magnetic to Scorpio. Venus electric to Libra and magnetic to Taurus. Jupiter electric to Sagittarius, magnetic to Pisces. Saturn electric to Aquarius and magnetic to Capricorn. The Moon and the Sun as a pair correspond to Cancer and Leo in opposition to the two ruled by Saturn – Capricorn and Aquarius. The opposition of Saturn also hints at the diametrically opposed agendas of the Solar Lunar cults and the Saturn cults.

Doorways and loops 

It is said that souls or the light projections  enter this plane through the gateway of Cancer (the Moon) and pass out through the gateway of Capricorn (Saturn). Perhaps it is that when souls are harvested for reincarnation or manipulated like a piece brought back onto a  Shogi board, they are returned to the Saturn cube matrix . Saturn in a sense is a kind of double doorway, like some kind of trick door that one may find in a fairground mystery house. If we truly work on the self, on self development and realization, do the labour of Saturn in this world, pay our dues to Lord Satan, then this solar self, which corresponds to the Sun and the sign of Leo, is actualized through the sign of Aquarius opposing the Sun and  we can pass through the other doorway of Saturn (Saturn’s electric  dipole refracts Aquarius). This is also where Chiron comes in. Chiron is an archetype associated with polarity imbalance and lies in obit between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron is called the rainbow bridge to self realization or actualization. The unrealized self or the non actualized self gets caught up the Lunar Saturn cycle. The Moon/Cancer to Saturn/Capricorn opposition relates to incarnation and reincarnation while the Sun/Leo to Saturn / Aquarius opposition relates to enlightenment, liberation and self actualization with the bridge crossing part of the journey associated with Chiron.  Every great hero story has an impossible  bridge crossing! The Nodal Axis in a chart, which is that of the Moon (birth), shows the principle imbalance in the make up of the chart. It shows where we need to recalibrate the system from focus on the South Node to focus on the North Node – to balance out the polarities. The Lunar Nodes are also figured as a Dragon which guards the bridge that must be crossed. 

Finding balance 

The Sun is a self generating electromagnetic dynamo which is in a perfect state of balance between the two forces of electromagnetic polarity, which is why we need to achieve the same. Our bodies or field vehicles are more skewed towards one polarity than the other, but technically we are of both. This understanding of electromagnetism is also the perfect substitute for the problematic and loaded terminology of masculine (Electric) and feminine (Magnetic) or the rather esoteric version of yin and yang. The work of Saturn (manifestation on the earthly plane) is to harmonize and balance these two forces. That is why the symbol of Saturn is two interposed triangles – the male, phallus or elctric force points upwards whereas the female, cuntus or magnetic force points downwards.  This is also why Saturn is said to be exalted in Libra, the sign of harmony and balance.

On the soul level we really are hermaphroditic, but the nature of our physical vehicle and the field charge it produces is not. Those who manipulate this reality know these principles very well, and we often see them projecting this on the physical plane especially in pop art and music with gender bending imagery and icons thrown out there as a distraction, or actually as a mockery of those who do not know or who are entertained or morally outraged by it. David Bowie is an example of such a cultural magician and his last album which took the name Black Star was a reference, on one level, to Saturn and his last few  videos are loaded with esoteric Saturnalia.

Our task on earth is to realize our soul/solar nature and to do this through the astrological dial or Horus-scope (view) is to understand the balanced harmonized  nature of the Sun, the negative pull of the Lunar force, to follow the path of the Ascendant and its ‘ruler’ and to balance out the vehicle field by focusing on the North Node. Planets and asteroids refract star light and this impinges  on our consciousness as well as physical reality. The identified planets are primary refractors or lenses and they represent different aspects of our limited manifestation – how we think, feel, react, conceptualize etc. Basically the major perturbations to our field. Everything ultimately needs  to find balance if we are to open the porthole of the inner Sun and simultaneously pass through the gateway of the outer Sun. The planetary forces need to be balanced out as well, so if one is born with a Scorpio Venus then the opposite point in Taurus shows what complementary Venetian qualities we need to appreciate and develop. This I would say should start to happen in earnest around the time of the second Saturn opposition at about 35 years of age. The age of 33 would actually be a good symbolic age to start.

The outer players

The outer planets add more depth and dimensionality. Pluto is actually a kind of solar archetype related to genetics, tribe, blood alliances and the shadows of previous solar projections – both personally and collectively. Uranus tends more towards a collective conscious energy through which we gain higher often intellectual realizations of our deeper purpose and nature as well as greater cosmic group identity and affiliation. Some would say Uranus is a higher octave of Mercury and Neptune is that of Venus. Neptune certainly sensitizes and connects to feelings and sympathies. Venus is how we connect to others, Pluto how we merge with others and Neptune how we lose ourselves in that which is considered as other. Neptune is kind of anti solar , the denial of separate self whereas Uranus is more the definer of the self as one yet simultaneously different from the other as in the number 11. Uranus and its correlation to Aquarius also opposes the Sun and Leo. Neptune I feel is a doorway NOT out of this reality or manifest plane, that would only be the Sun, but Neptune is a porthole into the insubstantial worlds of the 4th dimension. Some people, especially religionists, would call these places ‘home’ – the heavens where devotees get to play with Krishna, fist bump with Jesus or enjoy Virgin brides or Adonis hunks. Compared to this reality, those of the 4th dimension are very insubstantial, etheric and have no real fundamental basis. These heavenly worlds can be created and manifested by advanced yogis and tantric masters and their ‘reality’ and appearance of substance is fed and sustained through belief projections from this world. This is why an almost not so dead Mormon will go to a ‘Mormon’ heaven and see his fellow clan there and report back on the matter. We can enter these realms also in the dream.  Neptune has a dual correlation to transcendence, deception and illusion. There is nothing real, permanent nor eternal about the God or gods of the 4th dimensional Neptunian planes. Other ‘gods’ worshipped in this world may very well be extra-terrestrials or inner-terrestrials.

The corresponding hell realms of judgment such as the Christian Satanic world, the Bhuddist hells or the Vedic realm of Yamaraj are actually a dimension of the Saturn plane. You can get a free pass to Neptune or face the music on Saturn, but either way eventually you will have to come back here again. There is only one door way and that is the Sun! or as someone’s sun said, ”I am the way, the truth and the light. No one comes to the father (returns to origin) except through me.” Also, the Neptune/Jupiter correlation to the Piscean matrix is opposed to Mercury of Virgo. Mercury is the lower aspect of the mind. The implication here is that Uranus (higher mind)  as the opposition the Sun is a key to unlocking the solar porthole. Chiron can be seen as the key to the door and Uranus as the key turner.  The sign and house placement as well as aspects of Uranus deserve special attention, especially when Uranus is in aspect the Sun. Sun Chiron aspects are also very important as are Chiron Uranus aspects as well as transits of course. If you are a person of perfectly realized  balance and harmony between electric and magnetic forces , then you can fold this manifested life into itself, into the inner Sun, and transverse through the porthole of the outer Sun – the Star Gate. Such a person is no longer under the influence so to speak of planetary forces. They  graduate from the school of planetary astrology to that of stellar astrology.

Gender polarity 

It is through the male female attraction polarity  we desperately seek this harmony and balance, but more often than not people fail to realize this process on the energetic internal level and it is projected externally. The fusion of the polarized feminine magnetic and masculine electric  force on the outer plane can result in the creation of the third aspect of the child – that which is then innocent and undivided. The balancing of the polarity  internally between the electric and magnetic force results in the manifestation of the inner child and full activation of the life force. The life force is manifested from within rather than projected outwards. This is one reason why certain unbalanced people become obsessed with children and the need thereof. Some people manifest children as a need, others as an experience, some as  gifting a vehicle and opportunity to another consciousness or solar projection.

Those who follow the Solar path manifest a true inner love, beauty, harmony and radiance. We see this very much in old people who come from more tribal societies or ethnic cultures.  Many of these cultures also honored transsexuals, queers, gays and third genders or two spirits as the shamans, magicians and balancing force in society. They were responsible for the psychic cleansing of the tribe or community as well as the individuals who came to them. The third genders were the closest physical manifestation (more balanced electromagnetic polarity) to the true nature of ‘god’ or source being. Because the electromagnetic force is more in balance within these individuals they often show less signs of emotional and physical aging. People who find this balance or naturally have it, are more creative and individualistic as people.

The cube matrix 

If one fails to follow or know of this Solar path, then one is drawn into the Saturn matrix. This energy leads to a hardening and crystallization. The manifestations of this are excessive aging, excessive maturity, cold heartedness, lack of compassion, rigidity in all things, cynicism, lack of trust, compulsive authoritarianism. Basically these people like to dress up in black suits and Darth Veda robes. Their minions, neophytes or accolades often like to prance around in white garbs of pretentious innocence and purity. There is often a stony hatred and enviousness that stares out from their eyes which reflects the emptiness of their souls. The three Abrahamic cults and associated groups fit into this matrix and they aren’t going anywhere at the end of it. They also react violently to and repress any kind of non stereotypical gender expression or non dualistic gender identity. Those who love the duality imbalance also have certain practices to shape and form this spiritual decrepitude. Circumcision, both male and female, is one and institutionalized ritual sexual abuse by the black robes is another. In male genital mutilation the feminine aspect of the phallus is removed resulting in certain glandular and hormonal disturbances and imbalances which can leave very permanent spiritual and energetic scarring. It pushes the masculine electric force to extremes of physical violence, sexual obsession or violence,  excessive logical linear thinking, excessive egotism, authoritarianism or subservience to it, pointless rebellion,  to name a few. It is difficult for such men to find harmony and balance in their lives and to experience the true joy of inner unfolding. Female genital mutilation works in the same way but to cut out and deny women their inner masculine nature and to pacify  them to the extreme. These two practices are largely related to Abrahamic, Middle Eastern cultures stemming from Egypt and specifically the Atonist  cult and also they spread down into Southern Africa and other places too. These practices are essentially alien to our world, having been introduced by the  reptilian planes of the Sirius and Orion constellations. The Saturn cults generally have a strong connection to these two constellations.

Worshipping the light

In terms of the most authentic type of worship, I would suggest that it must be the worship of our Sun. Worship makes sense when it is done with an archetypal consciousness. External deification is a kind of objectification and the purpose of the worship should be to harmonize with the projected object. Many of the major religions of this world worship a solar deity of some kind such as Jesus, Krishna or Buddha as this can lead to the unveiling of self. Other forms of worship of course are directed towards Saturn (the Black Star, the Cube, the dark light) particularly within the Abrahamic religions including Christianity as it is derived from Romanism (the dark light). Other celestial deities have included the Moon, Venus, Jupiter etc. On top of this are the stellar religions worshiping various significant stars or star systems. The latter tends to revolve a lot around Sirius, Orion, the Pole star and the Pleiades etc. In the East, Buddhist temples and particularly the Shinto shrines of Japan are guarded by two lion or dog like protectors – which are indicative of Canis Major and Minor which would imply that the Solar object of worship is probably Sirius.

Game plan 

So in short the name of the game is to follow the Solar path, to balance the energetic field of the body vehicle and to avoid traps of those who would want to keep us here or keep us in a state where the energy of our electric magnetic capacitor  can be harvested for other means. We also need to deepen our understanding of the fundamental electromagnetic reality to our existence. There are gross and subtle requirements including physical, mental and energetic necessary to open the porthole of liberation. The mental, conceptual, belief and faith planes of Mercury and Neptune / Jupiter are not enough in themselves. Pluto can draw from our deeper experiential field and Uranus, helped by Chiron, acts as a key activator to the Solar porthole whereas the Nodes are the primary axis of polarity balance.




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