Viva ANC Viva!

This January 8th saw the 104th anniversary of the ruling African National Congress party in South Africa – the organization of which Nelson Mandela later become the global figure head and leader. On the 8th of January each year, the ruling party always holds a big national convention, this time being led by President Jacob Zuma. Ordinarily this event passes without too much fanfare, but this year emotions have been boiling over. The past few weeks has seen issues of race and racism blowing hatchets and seemingly the roof of national unity and reconciliation. The national dramas have included more than a couple of twitter storms along the racism meme with the worst being that of Penny Sparrow, a DA party member now just expelled who compared black beach goers to monkeys , also that of Chris Hart an economist, and then Gareth Cliff of the Idols team getting mercilessly embroiled in the whole Twitter storm, not only however the issue of white racism, but that of black racism and anger too with Velaphi Khumalo, an ANC government employee, tossing in that ‘blacks should do to whites what Hitler did to the Jews’. All quite over the top, drama, drama and sensation and now the analysis begins and questions and solutions will abound as what to do with the state of the nation, the state of the economy and the state of race relations.

Astrologically, the national atmosphere around this conference has all been about Saturn in Sagittarius. I have speculated that this Saturn through Sagittarius period is going to very contentious indeed – all those issues of race, racism, culture, religion, identity, colonialism, immigration  as well as the group and historic narratives that hold us together or tear us apart. It is not just South Africa where the racial memes are exploding, it is also America and Europe too with the migrant refugee influx and the recent storm around the New Year assaults on women throughout German cities through to Finland with fingers pointing at immigrants from Africa and Islamic countries. If we look at the global chart from just a few days ago to 6th January set for London as the GMT meridian, we can clearly see what has been triggering all of this :

London 6 Jan 2016.png
Global transits for 6th January 2016.

Pluto is of course in Capricorn and it is now the month of Capricorn, so we can see here the conjunct of the Sun to Pluto more or less coinciding with the peak of the dramas in South Africa. Not only that, we have had the Moon in Sagittarius with Venus there too setting off Saturn with the meme of race relationships and intense emotions on all sides. Significantly of course there is also that retrograde square from Uranus to Pluto just off by one degree and the Sun then moving to an exact square to Uranus with Mars in dramatic Scorpio. Things will blow over and thankfully there is a New Moon coming in by the 10th, albeit a Pluto one!

Getting back to the ANC however, many have accused the ruling party of crying racism on every corner and inflaming national tensions to deflect from the growing disillusionment with their governance, the ever more teetering economy and now the effects of drought and El Nino. The country is in some kind of a crisis, many pointing to a lack of proper leadership, both politically as well as on a populist level. There is no one to look to and the future seems directionless. Part of this story I picked up on in the previous post of #zumamustfall – specifically concerning the Neptune conjunct to Saturn in the national chart of Mandela’s inauguration, which I believe represents the fate of the nation under the government of the ANC. Right now this chart is proving very relevant as all structures that hold up the national body – economic, political, social etc. are hurdling deeper into some kind of a systemic crisis – Neptune / Saturn melt down. The positive side of this kind of transit though is Neptune makes things more fluid, the old and rigid of Saturn can be broken down, new inspiration and hope can appear. The dramas unfolding are not just around the ANC government, but also concerning the major opposition DA party, which I speculated may also face some kind of fracturing, especially around race issues. These recent Twitter race dramas have highlighted the ugly repressed racism within the DA, and it remains to be seen whether the party’s first black leader, Mmusi Maimane,  can lead the party out of its dark shadow.

When dealing with issues relating to South Africa there are three charts that I like to use. The first one is that mentioned above, that of Mandela’s inauguration on 27 April 1994, Pretoria 10:59EET. This is the chart that most astrologers seems to use. Personally I view the chart of the signing of the new constitution of 10 December 1996, Sharpville 12:55EET as the true national chart representative of all the people. The third chart, and the one I want to look at here, concerns the African National Congress and its foundation. The ANC will probably always endure as an organization, but may not endure as the ruling national party – or not at least until Jesus returns! (to quote Mr. Zuma). Ahead of its 104th anniversary assembly, the ANC has at least admitted that it is facing the toughest test so far in its popularity and continued success at the polls. Major local elections are looming and the fight to remain on top my prove to be a bitter battle. If we look at the current transits to the chart of the foundation of the ANC, all this is reflected in a very telling way. The ANC was founded on 8th January 1912 in the city of Bloemfontein.

ANC 104.png
2016 Transits to the ANC movement.

One can immediately see here what is going on. As the ANC celebrates its 104th year as one of the oldest native political movements in Africa, Pluto is but one degree away from conjuncting its foundation Sun, where transiting Uranus is exactly square to that Sun! Also, Saturn has just deflected a square to its Moon.

Pluto conjunct to the Sun represents a turning point in terms of the identity, purpose and leadership of the ANC as a political movement. Things need to change if the ANC is to survive and continue in a stronger form than before. The square from Uranus in Aries represents a period of crisis, especially in terms of the structure, direction and leadership of the organization. Radical reform (Uranus square Pluto) is needed, if not there is the possibility of some degree of breakdown and collapse (Pluto). Saturn square to the Moon (populace, popularity) indicates the severe challenges in terms of the movement’s enduring popularity. Saturn in Sagittarius suggesting that there needs to be some kind of an ideological shift. For too long the movement, especially under Zuma’s leadership, has increasingly relied on its ‘struggle credentials’, as if they were the only anti apartheid organization, continuously blaming apartheid for all the nation’s current problems as well as strategically playing the race card. There is also another ‘hidden’ transit which is the Neptune opposition to the natal Moon which will kick in later on this year (typical Neptune blind siding) – popularity slips away, supporters are confused and disillusioned. This opposition represents not only a potential loss of popularity, but also a  breakdown of discipline, erasing of principles (Virgo Moon) if the ANC cannot deliver on its social promises or socialist ideals (Neptune) or in some way actually serve the people.

The enduring strength and popularity of the ANC can be seen in the grand earth trine between the Sun, the Moon and Saturn (green triangle, inner wheel). Saturn in Taurus showing its stubborn persistence in getting to the top (Capricorn Sun), its well resourced base (Taurus) and the Sun Moon trine also indicating its popularity amongst the people even in these trying times.  The Virgo Moon indicates the internal discipline and high principles that the organization has or had more of in the past. Their socialist, revolutionary cause can be seen in the broad opposition of Uranus and Neptune with these two planets in aspect to Mars. The Jupiter Venus conjunct in Sagittarius also denotes its popularity, commitment to non racialism, ability to form broad (and international) alliances, its military nature as well as its intellectual and ideological  strength. Venus conjunct to Jupiter is also very generous and foregoing, however there can be a tendency towards excess and corruption here too.

In terms of the above testing transits, the Uranus transit is coming to an end as this is the last of the Uranus Pluto squares and as of 28th December Uranus turned direct anyway at 16 degrees square to the natal Sun. This aspect has been stressing the ANC for the last couple of years. The Saturn square the Moon transit will come back when Saturn goes retrograde and the all important Pluto Sun conjunct is still to happen. The Uranus square has indicated what needs to be radically re-envisioned, where the problems lie and the inspired solutions. If this is not acted on then the Pluto transit will do enduring damage, if  the hints from Uranus have been taken to heart by the party, then the Pluto transit will transform and strengthen the organization. The Saturn square will show what needs to be done to regain the massive popular support the movement once had under the tutelage of Nelson Mandela. Of course the general undertone of the grand trine (foundational strength)  is being affected, but with these outer planet transits, it is more important to look at the exact individual transits.

Here is the timing of the key transits :

  • 24th February is the first exact Pluto to Sun conjunct where Pluto first enters the 16 degree Capricorn point on 29th January.

It is noteworthy here that the 2016 South African municipal elections will be held between 18 May and 16 August 2016 for all districts and local municipalities in all 9 existing provinces. Warming up to this period until 8th May Jupiter will retrograde to within 3 degrees of the natal Moon in Virgo – indicating a chance to regain lost popularity and support.

  • 14th June is the exact retrograde conjunct of Pluto to the Sun where the Saturn retrograde square to the Moon is one degree off.
  • 7th July is when Saturn will exactly square to the Moon with Pluto still within 16 degrees Capricorn conjunct to the Sun. Actually, Neptune is retrograde at this point closing in for another opposition to the Moon!
  • By 15th of August Saturn will turn stationary direct 9’46” – so this this is quite one of those cosmic transits as this marks the end of the municipal elections in South Africa!
  • 11th September is the more or less the second global Neptune Saturn square and this square will exactly hit the ANC’s Moon which is also at the 10 degree point. This seems to suggest that the organization may loose much of its popular support at the municipal polls. Such polls are often used by voters to send warning shots to the ruling party regarding national elections.
  • As Pluto heads out of retrograde and then Neptune too, by the end of 2016 around 17 December Pluto will make its final pass over the ANC’s Sun while Neptune will oppose the Moon one last time on around 30 January 2017. Will the ANC at this point be able to redeem themselves?

So, as demonstrated here, the urgency that is now enveloping the African National Congress and the crises that are engulfing the nation are accurately reflected in the coming transits to the ANC foundation chart. Another level to this unfolding drama is also reflected in the transits the the national chart of Mandela’s inauguration which reflects the fate of the ANC as a ruling party rather than a separate political organization. Once again, here is this chart and the crucial transits which cue into the 21 March equinox, which is the prequel to the coming municipal elections :

Inauguration chart transits of 2016 March equinox

In this chart we can see the meme of Neptune (dissolution) conjuncting Saturn (structure) indicating the broad systemic structural crisis and transiting Saturn opposing Venus the ruler of the 10th (government) and Uranus (radical shakedown) conjuncting Mars ruler of the 4th house (opposition parties) and 9th (race memes). You can read the previous post to this for more detail, but Saturn ruling the 6th indicates the crisis of unemployment in the background of the global economic melt down cueing  into the Neptune, Jupiter Saturn T-square. This slow meltdown has been increasingly evident since the new year . The municipal elections start shortly after this global event which peaks around 26 May starting from also the Equinox point. My speculation all along has been that the biggest winners in these elections is going to be the EFF movement. My other speculation, detailed in the previous post, was that Jacob Zuma may face his ‘Et tu Julius’ (as in Malema) moment and may very well be deposed from his throne before the start of these elections in order to save the party and the organization from their very own Pluto reckoning. Zuma himself is facing major outer planet transits namely  Uranus coming soon to conjunct his Sun while Saturn squares his Moon this  5th May, just before the elections. This is his first key period of reckoning and an opportunity for him to radically reinvent himself or recast his image. Because his moon (general health) is squared by Saturn and His Sun is conjuncted by Uranus , he may also be forced to step down due to a sudden health crisis.


I have added this audio interview below because it perfectly reflects in its language and content the present transits, especially in terms of the Neptune transits i.e. Neptune conjuncts Saturn in the Inauguration chart and Neptune opposing the Moon in the ANC foundation chart. The interview also points to the issue of the Pluto in Leo generation ( power hunger, limitless egotism; Zuma et. al.) not willing to give up space to younger blood and a fresher vision.

Quotes : ”As a country right now we are moorless / There’s no focus .. sense of direction / We don’t have leadership that can give us hope / We don’t have a thing that will help us transcend / … there is no faith and trust / … there’s no authority /”

focus, direction, leadership, authority = Saturn.

moorless, no focus, no leadership, transcend, faith, trust = Neptune




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