Just when the people thought they had seen it all, Jacob Zuma pulls another one on the South African nation. For those who may not know, he set the record for taking it purely on himself to sack the finance minister, appoint a totally unknown replacement, and replace the replacement within days with a former finance minister – in the midst of it all the currency taking a major slide and the economy reeling more so than usual. Who knows the reasons why, but that should come out sooner or later. For the time being it seems to be all tied in to moneys etc. to do with the some national carrier SAA affair or the very suspect nuclear energy deal and the finance minister seems not to have been interested in playing along.

When the news came out it got me reviewing some of the stuff I wrote previously about the #feesmustfall student protest movement. At that time I picked up on the major Neptune transit, coming to conjunct Saturn, in the national chart of the ANC’s rise to power (Mandela takes the oath as 1st democratic president)  and also I peaked at some major transits coming up to President Zuma’s chart, both for 2016.

Concerning the national ANC chart I wrote:

“Neptune conjunct to Saturn augers a period of great instability, flux and change. Structures of all kinds – social, political and economical, those of power and control are severely weakened and threatened. Natal Saturn in Pisces in the 7th rules the 6th house (in/equality, workers, social contracts) and is being conjuncted by Neptune which comes from the 6th house (workers) and rules the 8th house (power struggles, transformation) as well as Saturn. The 7th house is also very active with Uranus as its ruler conjuncting Mars. I interpret this as a major labour movement uprising, possible mass strikes and severe economic unrest. Uranus is striking up a volatile relationship with natal Mars which rules the 9th house. This suggests that a worker uprising will be joined by another mass student uprising. “

The surprise this time around was Zuma’s sudden, erratic (Uranus) and seemingly totally independent action (Mars). This correlates to the Sun (head of state: Zuma) trine to Uranus on that day nearing conjunct to natal Mars. On the day that former Minister Nhlanhla Nene was fired, 9th December, the Moon was transiting over the national Pluto in Scorpio in the 4th house. In this chart Pluto and Mars are both ruling the 4th house, which relates to the well being and interests of the people. Natal Mars is in the 8th house near the 9th indicating the delicate relationship between the people (4th) and any changes in the financial, economic situation (8th house) and interests connected to foreign concerns (9th house). Mars in the chart is also ruling the 9th and the major effect of this rash decision was the plummeting of the currency value as international financial interests (9th and 8th houses) took flight at a time when the debt status (8th house) of the nation approached junk status. Zuma was accused of further destroying the fragile stability of the state – Sun in 4th where Saturn is also transiting. Considering that the Moon rules the 12th and was transiting Pluto at the time, this suggests that there were indeed many secret and hidden agendas concerning this firing and double replacement of a key minister. Also worth noting was how Mars was coming to oppose Mars at the time along the key 2nd to 8th axis which deals with all financial matters in their entirety. As the story unfolded over the following days, the nation was in the midst of an exact Mars opposition transit. Talk about drama!

Zuma fire Nele_09 Dec 15

In mundane astrology the 4th house also represents the land, land ownership and mining concerns as well as opposition parties which oppose the governing party of the 10th house. Therefore, we should keep an eye out for when tricky Uranus comes along to make an exact conjunct to Mars (4th house ruler). The nation can expect some big shake ups in this area. At the moment the whole debate about land owners, land redistribution, nationalization of the mines and banks is heating up again. This upcoming transit also indicates major and surprising developments concern the opposition parties in the parliament. Specifically here I would point towards to EFF.

The big furor and market melt down that ensued is really setting the tone for what I picked up on into March through May next year. Here is the chart again for the Neptune conjunct Saturn transit at the time of Uranus conjuncting Mars, which is coincidentally the March 21 equinox of 2016!  :

Inauguration chart transits of 2016 March equinox
Transit of March 21 Equinox – ANC national chart

It’s significant here that these two transits reach basically exact degree at the same while Saturn in the 4th (opposition parties) is also opposing Venus ruler of the 10th house (government, ruling party). Commenting in a little more detail, the 8th concerns the financial, economic and investment health of the nation. The 8th house is cusped by Pisces where the ruler Neptune is conjuncting Saturn in turn ruling the 6th (employment, trade unions). In terms of the typical dissolution of structures that Neptune conjunct to Saturn indicates, the house rulerships (Neptune rules 8th) here suggests that South Africa is heading for a major financial economic and stock market melt down and with Saturn ruling the 6th, jobs are under severe threat. Already the mining and resources industries are facing huge j0b losses and industrial unrest looms like a highvelt thunderstorm rolling in. Saturn opposes Venus, another economic indicator, where Venus rules the 10th house representing the state and the nation’s reputation.

It is not all together impossible that the government could fall by this equinox or at least the Zuma led government because Uranus is coming to conjunct the ruling planet of the opposition parties (Mars) with Saturn transiting in the 4th opposing Venus in the 10th. Saturn in the 7th being conjuncted by Neptune could also mean a breakdown in relationships and agreements with other parties. The 7th house also represents the general degree of peace and harmony of the nation as well as indicating national disputes. It certainly looks like a major storm is brewing.  It is quite interesting that only days before Zuma let off his latest fire cracker, that the EFF had called for a major movement to bring down the Zuma government in 2016! This was an official tweet as of Dec. 8th:

“Malema: We must remove ANC in 2016. You’ve been burning tyres saying you’re angry, not this is the most peaceful thing you can do in 2016”.

In the previous posting concerning the student fees uprising I also said this concerning transits to President Zuma’s chart for 5 May 2016:

“It could also be that President Zuma at this time may be deposed midst the social chaos or some scandal or other. “

In the meantime Julius Malema, firebrand leader of the rising EFF, which correlates to the Saturn Neptune square (rise of the new socialism), has recently been traveling abroad and wooing foreign forces. Here is a recent interview clip that he had on the BCC’s HARDtalk current affairs program, relating specifically to the nationalization of major corporations.

Malema has also been hacking at the legacy of one Nelson Mandela in short calling him a sellout and his legacy to be questionable. This is all got to do with Saturn right now in the sign of Sagittarius which correlates to much retelling and questioning of history as well as  national and global narratives. Right now there is a lot of historic revisionism happening on all socio political sides, racial narratives, religion, science and the questioning of basically everything. Here is a complete recent interview with Malema after coming back from his trip abroad.

Zuma’s time of birth is unknown, but if one looks at a Sun Sign chart (1st house whole sign of the Sun), then transiting Saturn is in Zuma’s 9th house – which relates to legal issues. Uranus rules his 11th – and this house is a house of political service and Uranus is conjuncting his Sun (sudden turns of fate). Saturn ruling the 10th (career) is square (unfavourable) to the Moon ruling the 4th (foundations) in the 12th(undoing). Saturn is also opposing Jupiter, ruler of the 9th – this all suggests that Zuma may be taken down through some kind of court or constitutional, legal proceedings. Here again is the chart for Zuma’s time of reckoning :

Jacob Zuma Uranus Sun conjunct
Transits to Jacob Zuma , 5 May 2016.

Summing up here with some global reminders – the next key date for the Jupiter Saturn square is 24 March 2016, just days after the key Equinox date for South Africa. The Jupiter Neptune Saturn T-square is closest on 26 May 2016 and the key transits for Jacob Zuma are 5 May 2016. In terms of the coming global economic meltdown concerning the Saturn Neptune square and the Jupiter Saturn square, Neptune is not like Uranus where events are sudden and swift as we saw  with the 2008 crash which started with the first exact Pluto Uranus Saturn T-square. With Neptune (and also Jupiter) it is more like a trickle at first, which then becomes a steady flow and then a wave and a tsunami. So, between now and the next exact Saturn Neptune square set for 17 June 2016 – with the effective T-square for 26 May – we can expect trickles of bad news here and there leading into an ‘unsuspecting’ tsunami.

Addendum :

More recent news coming in from the nation concerning the opposition parties (4th house) is the readmission into the Democratic Alliance (DA) of Ms. Kohler Barnard who got into hot waters over alleged racism when she harkened back to better days under Apartheid. This relates to one of my above points concerning Uranus conjunct to natal Mars ( ruling the 9th and 4th) in the 8th house (drama, power, secrets, exorcising ghosts)  and surprising developments around the opposition parties (4th house). Saturn in Sagittarius is transiting the nation’s 4th house – so the meme here is once again issues of race and racism also with Mars ruling the 9th. This incident is a hint at what could transpire when Uranus comes to conjunct Mars at the March Equinox next year. It may be that the hodgepodge DA could be heading for some internal fracturing (Uranus) which would change the political landscape in ZA. Apart from better local governance, the DA isn’t any kind of  national alternative – there are far too many apologetic racists and apartheid sympathizes in sheep’s clothing in the party. They are more bound to the interest of Anglo American corporate hegemony to serve the interests of the nation. I speculated that this Uranus conjunct Mars would be a key turning point for the rising power of the EFF – the only party opposition (4th house) party that wants to bring far reaching transformation keeping more to the ideals of the original Freedom Charter and the goals of the previous revolutionary struggle movements. Perhaps some fractured interests of the DA will join the EFF? However, the EFF is riding the wave of the Saturn Neptune square and look to reaching higher shores.


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