Who votes for terror?

Here we go again – deja vu! The British parliament of course just last week voted, again, to drop bombs and the angry mass demonstrations appeared, again. Right now we are actually in a bit of a retro season as we are touching base once more with that Uranus Pluto square, hence the angry anti war mobs and death from the sky. Previously this square also coincided with all those fake Arab  ‘spring’ democracy uprisings and war in the Ukraine.  All of the aforesaid just leading to open neo Nazi  groups running amok in the Ukraine and Islamo fascists of IS everywhere from Tunisia, Libya, Syria to Iraq – except for Egypt where the military stepped in. With this retrograde square the Nato American interventionist ideology is offering a full basket of fruits indeed. Everything is a little tense too and souring the mood towards the end of another year.

Whenever we have mass demonstrations or groupings of some kind there will always be the Uranus factor or something to do with Jupiter or Neptune.  Uranus and Neptune correlate to trends or mass movements or groups coming together. With Uranus it tends to be more deliberate with a lot more conscious organization, while with Neptune it’s a lot more spontaneous, contagious or euphoric whereas Uranus tends more towards violent outbursts and stuff like riots, which we saw too with the COP climate demonstrations in Paris.  The climate ‘crisis’ is a major correlation to the Saturn Neptune square and at COP we saw these two aspect patterns coming together. Virgo points more to localized ecosystems  whereas Neptune and Pisces correlate more to the oceans and global systems. The recent Jupiter Uranus trine was the jubilant gay rights and equal marriage movement, while the Jupiter Neptune opposition was the mass euphoria over refugees. The Uranus Pluto square is obviously a lot more tense by comparison. Also, on cue with the Pluto square Mercury aspect in the French national chart, France just sped off down the road of increased state totalitarianism (Pluto) with emergency laws (Saturn/Sagittarius) and a big clamp down on alternative media and freedom of expression (square Mercury) – which has a direct connection to IS of course.

With Uranus retrograde  and Pluto still direct these two are closing in again and now Mars in Libra is coming to oppose Uranus and in doing so will reignite this square, creating a T-square – basically replacing Saturn with Pluto as the T-focus. Mars is not exactly opposite Uranus yet, but will be by the 10th of this month and by then the British war mongers will be raining austerity bombs on Syria.  The closest we get to this retro square is around 27 December, so it’s sure to be a merry Christmas. Jingle bombs, jingle bombs, bombing all the way…

Here is the chart for the 10 December:

10 Dec 15 - Uranus Mars opposition

Mars opposed to Uranus doesn’t really need too much explanation. The classic accident, explosion, shock and trauma transit. The focus on Pluto at the T-point – destruction (Pluto) of infrastructure (Capricorn) , death midst shock and awe (Uranus/Mars) in brown people land. Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces – the religious wars and terror continue with Cameron, the brave pig fucking Christian, leading another crusader charge. The fact that the terror vote was so overwhelming, also across partly lines,  and reports that 51% of the populace  (perhaps this poll is questionable) supporting more death and destruction , in reaction to false flag terror and Western spun terror groups, just goes to show the turpitude and spiritual, moral decrepitude of the English nation. Actually, the statistics show that more people will die from fuel poverty and benefit hunger in the UK (perhaps minus Scotland) than IS threats. Some 750 000 poor pensioners are waiting to be culled this season. Thanks for voting!

Uranus in Aries means that Mars is always on edge, ready to explode and trigger happy. One reason why it is active shooter season in the US, San Benadino, and then there was the London tube stabbing ‘terror’ attack. Who knows exactly what the truth or facts here are (Neptune square Saturn) . Uranus in Aries correlates to the phenomenon of rogue terrorism and individual off the hook acts of violence, especially now with the Mars opposition (and square Pluto) and Mars really loves guns and knives. In Israel we have also recently seen individual knife attacks by Palestinians correlating to this Uranus in Aries placement being activated.

The other story of Mars in peace loving Libra and Uranus in Aries is really the double speak of ‘war is peace’. In terms of the ‘truth’ the waters are very murky of late – lies are truth too! The classic ‘reality’ versus ‘illusion’, ‘truth’ versus ‘lies’ scenario would be a Saturn Neptune opposition. That would be a clear black and white polarity, but we are now at the closing Saturn Neptune square. Even though Saturn is in truth telling Sagittarius, the square from Neptune doubled in Pisces is creating a lot of confusion, subtle lies, obfuscation – around all issues actually.  We saw this with the downing of the Russian fighter over Syria / Turkey – what are the real facts? In fact, that latest ramping up of Russian tensions took place basically at the exact timing of the first Saturn Neptune square!

Steve Judd, the seasoned Youtube astrologer, has posted a succinct analysis of this Uranus Mars Pluto T-square which he describes as the ‘T-square from hell’. Very interestingly he says that this December will see the downfall of a number of significant political leaders. As I mentioned above with Saturn square to Neptune, it is really difficult to get to the truth and there is a lot of scullduggery going on. The light I see here is that Jupiter is in Virgo, a sign that likes to get to and stay to the facts, and Jupiter is controlling or refracting the energies of Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius – and we are coming to a new moon in Sagittarius as well. Jupiter basically coalesces this square aspect. Russia will not take the shooting of its plane laying down. No, they are on the up and  on the move and shifting the pieces on the board very strategically. Mars in Libra is not about open direct retaliation, this Mars or more diplomatic or underhanded. They are slowly putting out the information and the facts as to how Turkey is in an alliance with IS, not only Turkey, but Israel too. This could prove the undoing of some major players. It really does seem that from multiple angles Erdogan may soon be facing his Saddam moment. It may not only be Erdogan, but perhaps even an unexpected (Uranus) decapitation (Mars opposition) of Merkel.

 In other news 

WW3 also become a popular twitter meme after the Russian Turkey incident. It can be argued that this war is already well under way. It could be WW4 if you count the Cold War and the related regional hot proxy wars of that time. Wars and how they are fought do evolve. This one seems so far to in the realm of currency and financial war, stealth war, information war, terror war, proxy war and the never ending war on human consciousness. If we look at some correlations between now and the WW2 period, we have a similar Uranus in Aries signature, which preceded the war, and this correlates especially to the rapid advancement in military technologies and extreme right wing or nationalistic ideologies. The identity expressed by Aries is somewhat narrowly focused and Uranus in Aries fosters a kind of radicalization of identity especially amongst men. Progressively we have seen the steady rise of the extreme right namely the Islamo Fascists of the Islamic brotherhood (previous Egypt but now Turkey) and of course IS or Daesh and not to mention the Ukraine fascists as well as the Abe coup d’etat here in Japan. Across Europe more right wing and anti immigration parties are on the rise too. This ties in of course with Saturn in Sagittarius (immigration, changing cultural identity).  If one is to take an alternative view of the WW2 period, looking beyond the hysteria of Nazi scapegoating, getting more to the money and corporate power interests, it can be argued we are really deep in the criminal conspiracy of the global 4th Reich.

The signature of WW2 for the 1 September 1939 invasion of Poland was a Saturn Pluto square (usual suspects) in the background of a grand trine between Mars, Neptune and Uranus (exhilarating confidence, euphoric expectations, certainty in victory, no limits) quickly leading to a  Pluto Mars opposition and  Jupiter trine Pluto aspect (violent horror, mass death, ultimate power). We don’t have anything as complex  going on at the moment. The strength of the Mars Uranus opposition will dissipate quickly as Uranus and Pluto move closer to that retrograde square by the end of December. The ‘terror threat’ has been raised in the UK as we approach the exact opposition for the 10th of this month, and supposedly an IS attack in immanent in the UK – they would know wouldn’t they! It does seem though that tensions will dissipate for a while as we head into January.

The next period of major concern is into March through May of 2016 when the Jupiter Saturn square and the Saturn Neptune square come together. November of course didn’t see any kind of major economic collapse with the first Saturn Neptune square but nor was there any good news and the reality (Saturn) of the economic recovery is questionable (Neptune). The free for all in Iraq and Syria is largely about looting oil and politics over oil pipelines.  Turkey is economically in a desperate situation, tourism is well down with no Russians, sanctions and now investors fleeing,  and they need that free supply of gas from their IS buddies. Saudi Arabia it seems is also running low on cash. It will be the upcoming  period in the spring of 2016 that we come to face some major economic and environmental crises. Both Jupiter and Neptune correlate to bigger climate issues and both these two squares to Saturn have correlated to major economic crises during their cycle. Both of these are closing squares.

It seems to be that we will continue in a cat and mouse game with the Middle East proxy wars with some major revelations coming out soon and some large heads rolling. In terms of going nuclear with the big war, that could only potentially happen in 2020 with the Pluto Saturn Jupiter conjuncts in Capricorn. The game for now seems to be the goading of Russia. Some more radical, on the edge analysts propose this 2020 date too in terms of when the elite will go down into their underground bunkers and cities. The other thing happening right now is the news of the swing to the right (Uranus in Aries) with the National Front in France gaining major ground in the recent regional elections. This trend is a correlation to Saturn in Sagittarius (political shifts, race, immigration) and an early pointer to the Uranus trine. Uranus in Aries as mentioned promotes a more aggressive and pointed type of national identity and the trine from Saturn in Sagittarius (changes in collective cultural identity) is going to strengthen many of the more right wing, nationalistic parties and groups. This trine will be at its strongest towards the end of 2016. This trine also correlates to the strengthening of all opposition, alternative solutions groups to oligarchic Pluto in Capricorn.  Off the cuff, this  trine also suggests a victory for Donald Trump in the 2016 election, but this would need closer examination. Uranus trine Saturn here suggests that a strong, rather radically different and more uniquely individualistic kind of leadership is favoured. Trump in his latest outburst said that all Muslims should be barred from entering the US until the visa border situation can be sorted out  – and that’s Saturn talking in Sagittarius. Open borders for terrorists and radicals, in the US and Europe, is a kind of lower level false flag agenda. Allow them in, let it happen, respond with broad sweeping policies to erode civil rights, liberties and undermine constitutions.

All in all it seems that we will not be seeing another dull holiday season, but rather the stars portend that it will be quite an interesting end to the year with the next couple of weeks seeing an increase in volatility both nature wise and human unwise.


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