Astrology in the aftermarth – a Paris retrospective

It’s been a couple of weeks now since the Paris attacks – enough time for the dust and drama to settle, to get perspective, analyze what is coming out and a view into the road ahead. The terror meme however still continues and will do as we get closer and closer to the Neptune Saturn square of the 25th November. What I want to do in this post is to look some more at the astrology chart for France as a country, to measure this against the current French reaction and policies and to touch in more detail about the some major transits coming up for the nation – the Pluto Mercury square, Uranus crossing the Ascendant and the Saturn Return.

Different narratives are being constructed as to the who, what, why and how of the Paris attacks. All options are on the table really. One can believe the corporate media narrative which focuses solely on Isis, Is or Daesh as it is now also called, as a terrorist group that suddenly we have to do something about, of course forgetting that not long ago they were allies and no mention that IS has largely been funded by the West and their gulf Arab allies. Then there is the false flag narrative that these attacks were orchestrated via special ops forces, together with a degree of faked up news and crisis actors thrown in. The third option  is the in-between narrative of ‘they’ knew it would happen but let it happen. It is interesting anyway that once again we have the magic passport narrative and the drill preparations for a potential attack just hours before the same attack actually unfolds. Also, top level security agency meetings happened weeks before and warnings  were seemingly ignored as well. We have been down this road before with 911, the London 7/7 bombings and Madrid etc. It seems anyway that whoever is scripting this game seriously lacks any kind of imagination. There was Alqeda and then Isis, Bin Laden then Jihad John. At least Jihad John was vaporized with a missile. The Bin Laden story actually become quite embarrassing after a while and finally in the end season he is captured, killed and his body dumped in the ocean. Quite B grade actually. Of course we are dealing with our reality here and very real consequences, but it seems that the programmed script is very repetitive, very mechanical, somewhat Archon like or perhaps Reptilian or some influence not entirely of this planet – Planet of the Apes third rock for the Sun. Real human beings, even the more psychopathic type, are actually a lot more random, chaotic and imaginative.

Regardless of what narrative you wish to believe or live as your reality, the fact of the matter is these attacks will be taken advantage of by all and sundry for whatever political or personal gain can be gotten, for whatever agendas can be pushed. Never let a good crisis go to waste as once said! The politics is about to become as contentious as it was around 911, which is no surprise astrologically because 911 was Pluto at 12 Sagittarius opposed to Saturn in the deceptive sign of Gemini. Gemini the twins, the twin towers, the foreign religiously motivated terrorist (Pluto, Sagittarius),  and 11 for Aquarius and all the meanings that can be extrapolated from that. I did mention in an earlier post that as we come into this Saturn in Sagittarius season, Saturn will visit that 12 degree Pluto point of 911. For this recent Paris attack Saturn was at 5 degrees Sagittarius, thus within a good 7 degree orb, and Saturn will reach 12 degrees Sagittarius by 10th January  until  19th January 2016. We have come a long way since 911 though, awakened from our nativity, innocence and trust in certain hopes and ideals that we in the West live in a democracy, protect human rights and our media strives for objectivity and that elusive truth. We are well into the post democratic age and the global reality is a lot more sinister and complex than it ever was. In terms of the Sagittarian truth, the story, the narrative, we are in the age of open source journalism, where all concerned citizens can contribute their knowledge and examine the evidence. One such source is the Japan based Corbett Report. However, the transcended elite have created a self contained paradigm where they will entertain only what their corporate propaganda media say. Any contradictions to their story just simply do not exist. Even when Putin, arguably the most powerful and important political global leader of our time, revealed that certain G20 nations are funding of IS and international terrorism, the Western media all but ignored it. With Saturn in Sagittarius perhaps ignorance is not enough, perhaps the alternative narrative needs to be completely controlled if not eliminated.

With Saturn through Sagittarius, sign of the truth teller, perhaps we can expect the narrative to change. Already that seems to be happening with the UN approving a resolution against IS. The past, however, has shown how these resolutions can be totally twisted around but this may make it increasingly difficult for those who have been supporting IS to continue in the same vein. 

Saturn through Sagittarius is proving to be a real bomber. As a fire sign, so much of what falls within the gambit of the Sagittarian archetype is so ego sensitive. Sagittarius is about our collective identities as communities, groups, nations as well as religions and political affiliations. The race and culture memes, especially at higher institutes of education have already exploded, not only as I wrote here about South Africa, but also in America. Seismic cultural shifts beckon with the flood of refugees and migrants into Europe, and now once again, like with Pluto in Sagittarius, we will be facing major legal and constitutional changes. I talked about this in a previous post and already such shifts have happened in Japan at the behest of the American fascists, but now the news is coming out that France may rush through constitutional and legal changes, probably as draconian as the US Patriot Act. Sagittarius is the domain of all our laws and what is going to happen hereon will be in the nature of Saturn representing the interests of Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn is partly about restriction and delimitation, but Sagittarius is also about broadcasting and publishing. Essentially, as the collective fire sign, Sagittarius is about how the creative essence or manifestations of the individual self are entered into and disseminated through the collective body. For this reason Sagittarius is about publishing as well as copy righting. We could expect now, especially in France and other Eurozone countries, press and privacy restriction to come in. There will be a major attempt to control the narrative and Sagittarius is the real story teller. It is through this sign, opposed to Gemini, that the dots are connected and where we individually and collectively seek to derive meaning. Already there are rumours that the French authorities even want to make ‘conspiracy theories’ a crime! Thou shalt not oppose the narrative of the state, the corporations and those in authority. So much for democracy and freedom of expression, but that was born and died in Greece.  Everyone is in on the game now. Everything that possibly can will be scapegoated. Two prime suspects here will be an attack against as many forms of encryption  as possible as well as crypto currencies. Of course terrorists use these things, not the dollar, and certainly not Facebook and Twitter which is why Anonymous had to take it upon themselves to shut down IS affiliated accounts.

But let’s get back to France here. Let’s have a look at the nation chart for the French Republic of 1958.

France Nation Chart
National chart of the French Republic of 1958
France is a nation with Aries rising. Aries rising tends not to be necessarily aggressive, that depends where Mars is and what Mars is doing, but definitely this is a competitive nation, assertive and somewhat reactive and defensive. The interesting point is that the South Node is exactly conjunct to the Ascendant and Mars is the first planet rising and leading the chart. So far this indicates a nation that is inherently (South Node) self centered (1st house) and very much conditioned towards acting in their own selfish interests (Mars 2nd house) . Because Mars in Gemini trines to Venus in Libra, this indicates a nation which is quite diplomatic and smooth talking and fairly efficient in getting what they want. This placement and aspect relates to the historic intellectual resources (South Node ruler in 2nd house)  of the nation as well its resources in terms of art and cultural assets (trine Venus, Taurus 2nd ) . Of course this also points to the notion of France as a nation of passionate (Mars) lovers (Venus), diplomats and refined culture (Venus in Libra). This is a passionate nation and people, but with some complications.

The point here is not to do a detailed analysis of the French chart, but to get to some key points relevant to the current situation. The problem with Mars in this chart is that Mars is square to Pluto! This aspect creates a sub conscious desire (square) for power, influence and control (Pluto). Because Mars is ruling the first house (as a squared planet), this signifies an underlying sense of inferiority (Pluto in Virgo – not good enough, unequal) coupled with an overcompensation which often surfaces as ruthless aggression. The nation may at times appears unsure and indecisive, but then reacts erratically and aggressively.  Aries rising has a tendency to act before thinking, although often their reactions can be intuitive, instinctual and on cue. The square of Mars in the 2nd house is to Pluto in the 6th in Virgo. The 6th house signifies the nations military and Mars and Pluto are both ruling Scorpio of course which sits on the 8th house. For one this indicates that much of the nations resources go into the military. Indeed France is fifth in military spending after the USA, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Pluto in Virgo indicates that this is a very well trained and disciplined military, not a bunch of gung ho hotheads like US marines.  The problem with the French military is that the sign of Virgo is intercepted in the 6th house. An interception is like a house without a door so it is difficult for the French to realize practically their potential military effectiveness. Also, where Mars is square to Pluto, Mars is also trine to Venus. This indicates a kind of passive aggressive tension which is covered by the veil of diplomacy. While the French are sweet talking their allies or even enemies face to face they have their own more sinister agenda waiting to the side. We saw this in the pivotal role that the French played during the Sarkozy regime in their romancing of Gadaffi followed by his brutal murder and betrayal midst allegations and revelations that Sarkozy sent an assassin to make sure that Gadaffi was killed in order to cover up all sorts of dirty financial and other dealings he, Sarkozy,  had going on. Venus in the chart also conjuncts the Sun which represents the head of state. Pluto in turn also trines to the Midheaven (State authorities) and this indicates how desperate France always is to prove their military prowess to the rest of the world. Saturn in turn, which will face a return next year, is just over the 9th cusp in Sagittarius of course. Here we see how France just loves to get involved in foreign  entanglements (Sagittarius, 9th house) . It is in foreign lands and foreign concerns that they attempt to compensate for their sense of inferiority and these entanglements will always prove to be the nation’s downfall. One reason is that Saturn is trine to the nation’s South Node and the South Node in Aries does not serve those who seek the path of aggression, brutality and violence, the other of course being the South Node ruler Mars squared by Pluto. Saturn ruling the 10th (power of the state, leadership, global reputation)  in the 9th house (foreign lands) shows how France still harbours neo colonial ambitions. They simply cannot keep their noses out of their former colonial ‘possessions’ and are constantly attempting to recolonize these nations and assert their deluded imperialism in one way or another – especially through financial extraction . The Jupiter Neptune conjunct in the 7th house also indicates that they are often blinded and deluded in their assessment of the situation and that they often get involved with dangerous partners that cannot be trusted. The interesting thing about the Jupiter Neptune conjunct, both rulers of Pisces, is that this conjunct pair make no other aspects except a sextile to Pluto, which is intercepted in Virgo while Pisces is intercepted in the 12th house. Once again this points to difficulties in realizing aggressive and military ambitions and the results more often than not are failure resulting in deadly consequences. If we go back to Saturn, we saw that it is trine to the South Node, therefore sextile to the North, but more importantly Saturn is trine to Uranus. Uranus also trines to the South Node so this is a grand trine between the South Node, Uranus and Saturn. Uranus rules the 12th house which is the house of secret groups, terrorists, hidden enemies, covert aggression and ultimately self undoing and defeat. Uranus right now is in the process of conjuncting the nation’s Ascendant and South Node as the present terrorist drama is unfolding. Uranus is rather erratic and unpredictable in the fruits and results that it brings.

Essentially the key extraction here is that if France takes an aggressive or belligerent stance and engages in ill considered acts of aggression, especially in regards to foreign entanglements, they will bring deadly consequences upon themselves. The path that the nation should consider is clearly laid out as always by the placement of the North Node. This is in Libra in the 7th house where the North Node is in broad conjunct to Mercury and the Sun and also by extended conjunct to Venus. The ideal path for France is to seek the path of diplomacy, of the peace maker amongst nations. To do this they have to of course get off their South Node and seek something more, something greater than their own self serving interests (South Node ruler, 2nd house). Ideally their military should be a peace keeping military in service to the greater good of global peace and security. Neptune is a higher octave of Venus, the peace maker, and Neptune conjunct to Jupiter is about peace, unity, togetherness and the realization of a greater humanity based on justice and compassion. We have just passed through the Jupiter Neptune opposition with the collection coming together of compassion, unity and support for refugees. By focusing on these ideals France will come also to realize in a positive way the interceptions of Virgo and Pisces – service to the greater whole of humanity in a practical and disciplined way motivated by higher ideals and compassion for all. Unfortunately, the recent reactive, impulsive and ill considered bombing of Syria as well as other recent engagements in Libya and Mali, are all clearly a nation reacting from their South Node and the results of this will have deadly consequences. Disney has already proven beyond all doubt that a dragon should be ridden on the head and not the tail. France in all their hubris and bravado are taking a ride on their dragon’s tail! Uranus in Leo in the 5th house (trine Aries Ascendant) also shows how the nation tends to make reckless decisions and to act independently often motivated through pride and aggressive nationalism.

Historically we can understand the origin of this passive aggressive sense of insecurity which translates into rash decisions, ruthless actions and ill fated entanglements abroad which is portrayed in this Mars square Pluto aspect – with Pluto trine the Midheaven of Capricorn where Saturn is in Sagittarius in the 9th house. We only have to go back to the previous defeats of France in both world wars, the great defeat of Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam, the losses in the Algerian independence war, not to mention the murder of Gadaffi and the destruction of Libya as well as the controversial intervention in Mali and issues of human rights abuses and atrocities by French forces. Reacting from their ego centered South Node in Aries, the French state is constantly trying assert themselves militarily often recklessly taking independent action. They compare well to the death armies of US and there tends to be a rivalry of periodic love and hate between the two. These two countries at least have one thing in common – they are both sore losers.

Finally, its time to get into what the coming transits to the French nation chart suggest.

  1. Pluto  10th house  (Capricorn) squares natal Mercury in Libra in the 6th house. This aspect is in strong effect and will reach exact conjunct as of 24/25 November. This is actually the final square pass. The first direct square was 21 January 2015 (timed to the Charlie Hebdo shootings!) and the retrograde 2nd pass was 23 July 2015.
  2. Uranus crosses the Ascendant on 12 April 2016. At this point Saturn is some 4 degrees to return and Pluto is now retrograde, but finished with Mercury.
  3. Uranus conjuncts the South Node – 14 May 2016. The retrograde pass is 19 October 2016.
  4. Saturn return – 25 December 2016! This happens with Uranus exactly conjunct the Ascendant in retrograde AND it coincides with the global Uranus / Jupiter opposition with Jupiter therefore conjunct the 7th house cusp.
  5. 2016 will be a busy year and Uranus will make the final pass over the Ascendant only around 5 January 2017 shortly after the first Saturn return. The second Saturn return will happen with Saturn going stationary direct at 21 degrees Sagittarius, one degree off natal Saturn and this happens around 22 August 2017.

Here is the earliest transit chart for this November 25th when the Pluto square Mercury transit coincides with the global Saturn Neptune square :

France transits_ 25 Nov 15
Transits to French nation chart: 25 November 2015
I touched upon this briefly in the previous post looking at the Friday 13th terror events. Generally, we know what Pluto in Capricorn is all about – the empowerment of the corporate and political corrupt elite, the oligarchs or the transcended elites. This translates into increased totalitarianism and increased concentrations of power within the state and the military industrial complex. The other correlation here is the collapse of structures of power. In a sense there’s a correlation here to how things get worse towards the end; how structures and systems fall so new ones can take their place, however the new order may not be any batter or even much worse than the one it replaces. Mercury in this chart rules its natural third house, so this indicates everything to do with the media, the flow of information, transportation infrastructure as well as relationships with neighboring countries. Mercury is in the 6th house which represents the military, service volunteers especially in times of emergencies, as well as aspects of the police forces as well as trade unions. Mercury is controlling both the energies of Mars (Gemini), the Ascendant and South Node ruler, and Pluto in Virgo (intercepted). The 10th house with transiting  Pluto represents the highest executive of the state as well as the country’s standing and reputation in the global community.

All these areas are going to undergo dramatic and contentious change. The square aspect denotes that things will not be easy, decisions devisive and unpopular, and we will see an overall more overtly totalitarian response and similar measures. We already know from statements and intimations in the press, that the French government will now go after stricter and more rigorous control over the press, freedom of expression as well as thought (‘conspiracy theories’ – Pluto square Mercury!), and specifically encrypted media and communications. This is all Mercury, Gemini, third house and Pluto concerns secrets and encryption. The bankers will have their two cents worth too and they will gun for crypto currencies as well as a war on cash to increase the tracking of all financial transactions. Mars is in Gemini, but in the 2nd house which indicates the liquidity of the nation. The time around or after the 25th may see some news of major policy decisions.

Of course we can expect major legal changes, Patriot Act type laws and trampling over individual rights – democracy is dead so get over it. An interesting article I read some time back was an interview with a Russian analyst, academic which discusses why the fall of communism in the East meant the death of democracy in the West. It’s worth a read. Legal and constitution changes concern the 9th house and globally Sagittarius. This is where Saturn is right now and the natal Saturn of the French chart is just over the cusp into the 9th house. We saw how in the terror attack chart the Moon created a bridge linking transiting Saturn to natal Saturn effecting what I called a premature Saturn return. During this period we will see Mercury, after the 25th, doing the same thing at the time of natal Mercury receiving the square from Pluto. I don’t know how strong the French constitution is or what power the executive (10th house / Pluto) have to change it. Saturn in the 9th suggests a strong constitutional and legal frame work, but this will come under duress especially for this Saturn return period and precisely because Pluto right now is in Capricorn! Keep your eyes on the news as things develop and the potential for more and wider spread terror attacks is now very high.

Transit number two concerns Uranus conjuncting the Ascendant and the South Node. It is worth noting that the only major aspect that Saturn makes in the natal chart is a trine to Uranus where Uranus is in Leo in the 5th house and ruling the 12th. This transit will happen by 12th April next year in the midst of the global Jupiter Neptune T-square to Saturn – more terror and deep in the time of potential major economic melt down.

France 12 April 16 - Uranus crosses first
French nation chart transits : 12 April 2016
Pluto will be well at 17 degrees at this point. Saturn and Jupiter are in retrograde tightening into Neptune at 14 degrees. The tightest point of this T-square is May 26th.  Uranus is ruling the 12th house and is nearing the end of its 12th house transit. In mundane astrology the 12 house once again is about hidden enemies, surprise attacks, it could include aspects of terror attacks, hidden agendas, security agencies as well as representing how loss of face, self undoing and defeat come about. So we saw how at the time of the attacks Uranus was some three degrees within conjunct of the Ascendant point – indicating enemies coming into the open. However, if we look at the natal Saturn Uranus trine we can see how foreign entanglements represented by Saturn in Sagittarius in the 9th, more often than not will have fatal consequences, will result in defeat and loss of face and humiliation . It just bears repetition here that Uranus in Leo in the 5th house (trine Saturn) shows how many of these entanglements, or neo colonialist endeavours, arise from an ego complex around national pride and self assertion.

Uranus conjuncting the Ascendant is of course activating the South Node and also squaring the Moon in the 4th house at the same time. Uranus square to the Moon indicates a period of great insecurity a midst change for the nation. The Moon represents the people and in Cancer suggests that French people are compassionate and caring by nature, and also somewhat insular with family and tradition being all important and it is fairly easy to rally this kind of Moon to defend the nation. Uranus (shock, trauma, explosives) was clearly involved in the attacks, but what comes from the 12th house is largely of ones own making. The 12th house is where everything negative accumulates, in a sense it is also a place of karmic retribution. These attacks are what the nation and the political elites have brought upon themselves. As explained, the nature of this retribution is related to the Saturn trine Uranus aspect in the natal chart relating to foreign entanglements.  If France continues to react from and follow the path of its South Node, then this period does not harbour any good, especially since Saturn will be in the 8th house. It appears too, that there may be a fair degree of civil unrest regarding foreign policies as well as immigration issues and probably also the economic situation by this time. Also note the position of the upcoming Jupiter Neptune opposition T-square to Saturn set for shortly after Uranus crosses the Ascendant. It happens in the intercepted signs along the 6th to 12th axis with Saturn in the 8th house. This too does not suggest a good ending to any kind of aggressive military or interventionist strategies. It is worth remembering too that Saturn also refracts the constellation of Aquarius or is considered the ruler of the sign, therefore Saturn is also connected to the 12th house here. This period could also see radical changes to the social security system. The Saturn – Uranus – Ascendant grand trine anyway is testament to the excellent and advanced educational opportunities in France and it also indicates how France leads in certain heavy industrial and technical fields, especially nuclear energy, engineering and transportation infrastructure with Mars in Gemini.

One will need to watch things carefully, especially with regards to what agendas are rolled out concerning the limiting of civil rights etc. It appears that policy announcements may happen around the end of this month and by the time Uranus crosses the Ascendant the debate and contention will increase around March to May. All this heads into some kind of a grand finale towards the end of 2016 with the Saturn return on the 25th of December which, in a neat cosmic way, tunes in perfectly to the Uranus retrograde over the Ascendant :

France - Saturn Return 25 Dec 2016

This chart is really interesting because the Saturn return of France happens at a very dynamic global astrological period. This period is the time to the Jupiter Uranus opposition with Saturn trine to Uranus and therefore sextile to Jupiter. Jupiter and Uranus together are periods of popular uprisings and revolts. We just recently passed through the Jupiter Uranus trine which saw triumphant gay rights marchers, marriage legalization in Ireland and America and also the triumphant Greek referendum before they just got kicked in the face again. That was the trine, but this is the opposition –  a lot more tension and conflict in the opposition and potentially quite explosive. The Saturn trine Uranus which coincides with this is the time when I see the protest movements, alternative solutions movements, the resistance against Pluto in Capricorn coming together in a big way, gaining ground, organizing, gaining leadership, strategy and direction. The 7th house of the nation potentially concerns international disputes, wars, treaties, open enemies and the like. If aggressive action and conflict  is the direction in which France wants to take its people, this is likely to be the period where such attempts will fail. 


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