Paris Terror Attacks

It has been a busy few weeks on planet human drama. From the taking down of the Russian airliner over Egypt, to numerous deadly bombs across various Middle East conflict zones and now the Paris terror attacks on Friday 13th. Ironic date – especially considering that it was in France, under the rule of rule of Phillip IV that the terror against the Knights Templar was enacted on the same numerical day on October 13th 1307. But it is now 2015, so let’s get into the astrology!

First, what is happening up in the sky right now that would correlate to the recent upsurge in violence and terror? Here is the global chart for the Paris terror events, set for Paris at 21:30 when the attacks started to unfold.

Paris terror _oct 13 2015
Paris, Friday 13th 2015; 21:30
Highlighted are a couple of suspects. The main culprit here appears to be the correlation to the Saturn Neptune square. Here we are just two degrees away, meaning about 10 days before the exact first square between these two set for 25th November. Squares tend to push energy of course to negative extremes. Neptune in Pisces has already been correlating to issues of religious extremism and deluded Utopias. Neptune through Pisces brings about a dissolution of correlations to the archetype, but in the process many negative factors are exacerbated. Somewhat like a cyst gathering puss and poison and then bursting when it reaches it limitations. Saturn then is in Sagittarius. With Saturn in Sagittarius religious ideology and politics becomes a lot more urgent to the state of mankind. What has been festering below the surface is now brought into reality and manifestation. Of course, you put these two together and in a square aspect , you have the perfect correlation to serious issues around religion, political ideologies and extremists with Utopian ideals. Sagittarius also correlates to tourism, international concerns, foreigners and Paris is actually the world’s top tourist destination and Neptune has a powerful influence over the Middle Eastern region. Thus the two have been brought together in a rather uncompromising way.

An event like this would require at least two main correlations to outer planets. This other outer planet concern, marked in black, as you can see, is Jupiter in a trine to Pluto. This trine at this time is still operative and within a five degree orb. I have previously linked this trine to mass (Jupiter) death (Pluto) scenarios, which we saw at its peak with the stampede in Mecca which killed some 700 or so people, and also the Russian plain incident this aspect was still strong. Jupiter at this time is of course refracting the energies of Saturn because Saturn is in Jupiter’s home sign of Sagittarius.

If we look at the time line of this event, it started at about 21:30 in the evening and we can see that at that time Cancer, the sign of the Moon is rising –  so the Moon is of double importance. The Moon in the chart, however, is also within conjunct to Saturn, within a 10 degree orb, and the Moon is notably in a square to Jupiter as well as to Neptune.  Also, the Moon at the same time is trine to Uranus in Aries. This of course means the tension build up around the Moon as the focal point of the Neptune and Jupiter square is deflected along the easier flowing trine to Uranus (shock, surprise, chaos, trauma). Jupiter in Virgo indicates the precision and organization of this attack.

Saturn is still out of an orb of influence to Uranus, but the Moon here by extended aspect is partly linking the energies of Saturn to Uranus. Basically the entire crew is involved! More importantly though is that Mars, refracting the energy of Uranus which is trine the Moon, had at that time crossed over into Libra. Mars in turn is conjunct to the North Node, and the North Node has the tendency to also push things to extremes. Mars conjunct the North Node can be quite dangerous. Mars here is riding the Dragon’s  Head and the dragon warriors were let loose over Paris. It is interesting that Mars is in Libra and conjunct to Venus too. Venus has a double sided nature and her other aspect is that of an extremely deadly warrior. Venus to some brought terror and violence. Venus retrograde is generally associated with this side of Venus, although I am unsure as to how these two aspects relate to Venus as the morning or evening star. At the moment Venus is actually the morning star and this to me would correlate to a more passionate and forceful kind of Venus. Also, Libra is about balancing the scales. What goes around comes around and this principle can be applied here too; relating to terror in the west and terror in the east with Venus as the eastern or western star.

Because the Moon is always a trigger in these events, I would say that it starts from the Moon conjunct to Saturn  and square to Neptune and Jupiter. A blockage of energy at the square would seek an easier outlet, so here is flows along the trine aspect to Uranus, where in turn it is picked up by Mars on the North Node and Venus. Behind this Jupiter is square to the Moon so the energy will also flow to the  trine to Pluto where Saturn is refracting the energy of Pluto as Pluto is in Saturn’s home sign and this too is then fed into the whole cycle. The last factor of course would be the Sun and Mercury, refracting the energy of Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, and the Sun is in deadly Scorpio conjunct to Mercury. As news of the even came through, the Ascendant had crossed in Leo and the crowds were waving French flags and singing the national anthem with pride mixed in with a dose of shock and awe.

A little more insight can be gained if you compare the above chart to that of the national chart of France, which is generally accepted to by the Republic of 6 October 1958 :

France terror transits _ 13 Oct 2015

As always with these kinds of events the immediate suspects tend to be Pluto and Saturn and also Uranus. Globally the Pluto Saturn square is over, but we will see how Pluto and Saturn in the transit chart are strongly  activated.

First of all, the Ascendant of the event is conjunct to the natal Moon of France in the 4th house – home and security. We also saw how the Moon in the global chart was more than just a trigger –  the conjunct to Saturn of course and creating a bridge to Uranus,  then the square to Neptune deflected along the trine to Uranus and the Square to Jupiter deflected along the trine to Pluto.

The focal point of the event was Saturn and the conjunct to the Moon (orb 10 degrees). In the transit chart we can see how transiting Saturn (Sagittarius/8th house) is opposing Natal Mars in Gemini where Aries is rising in the natal chart and transiting Mars was riding the North Node in the global chart! The natal chart also has a Mars square Pluto aspect. Transiting Saturn is also the the 8th house (death,drama) with Scorpio on the cusp and in a square to natal Pluto! So what we have here is a T-square formed between transiting Saturn (focus of event)  and natal Mars and Pluto. So we see here the typical Pluto / Saturn / Mars correlations to violence, horror, death and brutality. Transiting Pluto is still square to the nation’s Sun and Mercury in Libra, so both natal Pluto and transiting Pluto are big players here.

The North Node, Mars, Venus conjunct is encapsulating the nation’s Venus (peace, harmony) and conjunct to the Sun, basically at the time of a Venus return. The other culprit Jupiter is square to the nation’s Saturn. Once again,  the transiting Moon is linking transiting Saturn to Natal Saturn (20 degrees) meaning France of course has a Saturn return soon and this Moon bridge indicates a kind of premature Saturn return. The chickens come home to roost.

Transiting Uranus, which is also coming to conjunct the Ascendant of the nation soon is in a broad opposition to the nation’s Sun, from the other side of the North Node, Mars and Venus conjunct and also transiting Uranus (shock, trauma) is square to the nation’s Moon and the rising point of that time.

All in all, France is  for a big shake up with a Saturn return this years as well as Uranus crossing over the Ascendant. Not to mention that transiting Pluto has just passed a square to the nation’s Sun and at the time of the event was square to degree to the nation’s Mercury.The Saturn return for France will not be until 25th/26th  December 2016, which will coincidence with retrograde pass of Uranus over the Ascendant. The first pass of Uranus over the rising point will be 11th April 2016. From the viewpoint of mundane astrology the 12th house relates to hidden enemies and in the natal chart the 12th house of France is in Aquarius. Uranus by transit is now in the 12th house 3 degrees from the rising point – Uranus of course relating to sudden, shocking and traumatic events. The first house can also represent the mental psychological state of the nation, now badly shaken up. As Uranus crosses the Ascendant we can expect France to take a radically new approach to dealing with these kinds of global issues. Looking to what is coming up next in terms of transits, when we hit November 25th with the global Neptune Saturn square, Pluto will on that same day come to an exact square with the nation’s Mercury. This suggests a lot to do with media and privacy concerns, transportation systems (Mercury/3rd house) as well as the military (Mercury in 6th house).

As we globally head into the Saturn Neptune square for 25th November, it is highly possible that there will be more such terrorist events. November 25th is actually a full Moon in Gemini in opposition to Saturn /Sun and Mars will be square to Pluto,  sextile Sun / Saturn and trine the Moon . Of course from here on for a while there will be a heightened sense of vigilance and extra efforts to subvert such attacks. France has now declared ‘war’ so to speak against Isis but of course with Mars in Gemini,  France is usually more big talk than any kind of action. However, if Isis is to be defeated, then that would probably require ground troops in Syria. There are already signs appearing of some degree of false flag terror. Isis itself is rather dubious, as is the ‘war on terror’. Isis is largely the creation of American intelligence agencies, funded largely through Saudi Arabia and also trained by Israel. Only Putin and Russia have really done anything to curtail this hydra of a monster. This terror event in France, may be used to legitimate a ground force going to Syria, not to do anything against Isis, but rather to bring down Bashir and oust Russia from the territory. The game has just been taken to a new level! Let’s see how the end of November will play out at the Full .


The above video is a very good illustration of what is to come under the very important Pluto square to natal Mercury aspect this November 25th. The natal Mercury in Libra in the French chart suggests an open minded and balanced intellect capable of looking at all sides of the story. This also reflects of course Mars in Gemini in the 2nd house which shows the vigorous intellectual resources of the country. Mercury also concerns the media and opinion of the nation and also rules the 3rd house. The square coming soon from Pluto in Capricorn indicates how the French state is going to stifle decent and open opinion as well as trampling over privacy laws in the wake of the so called terror attacks. Announcements to this effect and intended policies would come out by 25th November. In part the Mars in Gemini square Pluto in Virgo aspect indicates an aggressive tendency. The nation tends to take ill considered aggressive actions and in a sense feel that they are strengthened and validated through trauma, conflict and violence. Acts of aggression and war (Mars/ Pluto) are often based on false information and deceptive lies (square to Gemini). Mercury rules both Mars and Pluto (Gemini / Virgo) here and Mercury in Libra (disposing of Mars and Pluto) indicates a kind of passive aggressive belligerence affecting the nation’s pysche. 


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