Saturn in Sagittarius : Student Power

Saturn in Sagittarius is back at work. This time it is the meme of higher education. In South Africa recently, around mid October to October 23rd, a mass student movement amongst university students suddenly took hold  when universities attempted to raise tuition fees. Students nationwide eventually banded together and forced the universities to backtrack on their planned tuition fee hikes. The government was brought into the foray  and midst this ‘fees must fall’ movement, a student revolutionary campaign for free tertiary education for all has been born. The meme and hashtag ‘feesmustfall’ that dominated this protest was a take on the previous protests to erupt in South Africa concerning apartheid and colonial heritage with the ‘Rhodes must fall’ campaign, when students at the University of Cape Town brought down a statue of Cecil John Rhodes triggering a wider debate and movement for more social and cultural transformation (from the apartheid and colonial eras) . When I wrote about the latter story, Saturn had made its first ingress into Sagittarius before retrograding back into Scorpio. Now Saturn is direct again in Sagittarius, but the dynamics  are slightly changed.

Much has already been written about what Saturn in Sagittarius will correlate too. Among the main themes are higher educational, legal and constitutional reforms, copyright and piracy laws, migrants and refugees, cultural identity as well as religion and religious terrorism. With Jupiter in Virgo I suggested that legal reforms will for the time being focus on labour and trade unions, environmental and health laws.

Back in mid November and into December the UK saw mass student protests  concerning subsidy cuts which translated into an almost doubling of university fees. This happened with Saturn at the end degrees of Scorpio where the energies of the two signs mix together. Not much came of the protests in the UK where the youth for the time being must resign themselves to being debt slaves of one kind or another, although just the other day protests flared up again. In South Africa over the last few weeks, the swift and decisive victory of the students was quite remarkable. The students by and large had big support from various sectors of society as well as veteran anti apartheid figures. Of course, there was concern about police violence erupting, especially with the nation just coming out of the shadow of the Marikana Report on the Lonmin mine worker shootings. Not withstanding South Africa’s history around violent student uprisings and killings which were at the forefront of the struggle against the apartheid system, the ANC government found itself in a rather uncomfortable dejavu situation.

Astrologically, there are quite a number of colours painting the canvass here. The first of course is basically Saturn in Sagittarius. The other  is Neptune square to Saturn at the time of the fading Jupiter Neptune opposition. Added to this is the question of the youth generations particularly as it concerns the Pluto in Sagittarius as well as the Pluto in Scorpio generations. These two generations are now mixing together at universities. The last factor I see is also a crucial Neptune transit over the nation’s Saturn or Saturn conjuncting the nation’s Pluto  depending on what nation chart one looks at.

Back to the ‘new socialism

The ideal of free tertiary education for all, free meaning for the most part funded by public monies relates to the Neptune (Pisces) Saturn (Sagittarius) square which I have termed the new grassroots socialism – a cooperative trend towards greater community and social consciousness, equality and togetherness. Also, this Saturn Neptune closing square relates to the death of neo liberal capitalism and defines the present social and political movements rising up against the oligarchical, elitist and corrupt Pluto in Capricorn. Pisces as a sign correlates to social services and upliftment for the greater social good and Sagittarius of course is higher education. This social justice movement has predictably come from the grassroots. Neither the ANC government, originally a national socialist movement, nor its partner the Communist Party had ever put forward this ideal which indicates the extent to which Pluto in Capricorn has pushed the neo liberal corporate capitalist agenda.

We saw in this student movement a great collective wave taking force with a united sense of jubilation – which is very much the Jupiter Neptune opposition effect. White and black students joined in solidarity as well as black students crossing political lines between the ANC Youth League and the opposing EFF movement. In the previous post to this I drew upon the point that as long as Pluto is in Capricorn, Saturn will attempt to represent the interests of Pluto meaning the global elite Plutocracy. Here we saw this in action, or an attempt there at. There is no reason why tertiary education cannot be free for all, as a matter of social and class justice and equality. South Africa can afford this, and the students know this, not to mention that a country like the UK can afford it too. As things go, there is always money for war, Trident missiles, for bankers, for corporate bailouts, corporate tax exemptions,  for corrupt deals but when it comes to equal quality education for all, suddenly there is no money left in the kitty. Some countries have rightfully chosen the route of free or publicly funded education, but the present South African government is well subscribed to the globalist elite agenda. This agenda is the creation of a two tier society where those on the lower rung are controlled, manipulated and engineered through various economic, psychological, chemical and technological means as well as an inferior ‘education’. This is the negative polarity of the age of Aquarius. The age of the transcended elite – those who are above all social, national or mundane economic and class considerations. They are a group unto themselves, a culture unto themselves and a law unto themselves. The rules of their game is control through chaos and trauma.

Were we not ‘born free’ ? 

This brings us to the next astrological consideration here – the present youth generations at our tertiary institutes. In the new, post apartheid democratic South Africa, those born after that historic date of 27April 1994 are called the born free generations or the ‘born frees’. An interesting nomenclature. What sign of the zodiac would encapsulate this expression? Would it not be Sagittarius? As an ideal Sagittarius clings tightly to the concept of  freedom – free to roam, to explore and to broaden one’s horizons, both physically and intellectually. Aquarius is also about freedom, but a different kind of freedom. Aquarius is a more detached kind of freedom, a freedom from the demands of the ego and social norms and expectations. Aquarius is also more about principles whereas Sagittarius is about ideals and beliefs.  Aquarius is about the individuation of the self, while Sagittarius is still quite egotistic, personally and culturally,  as a fire sign.

There are always different views when it comes to selecting the correct time for the foundation of a nation. Generally the accepted date and time for the astrological birth of the new South Africa tends to be the date and time of the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as the first democratically elected president. This was the 10 May 1994, Pretoria at 12:20EET. Personally, I think the chart for the official signing and acceptance of South Africa’s ground breaking constitution as the true date for the birth of the ‘rainbow nation’. This was 10 December 1996, Sharpeville, Soweto at 12:55EET. This period also saw the winding down of the interim constitution and government. The two charts can be seen juxtaposed below.

Astrology charts side by side of Nelson Mandela's inauguration and that of the signing of the new constitutue of 1996.
(Lt) Mandela Inauguration chart VS (Rt)1996 Constitutional chart

The constitutional chart of 10 December 1996 clearly has Pluto in Sagittarius (born free)  whereas the latter chart still has Pluto in Scorpio. Most strikingly the constitutional chart is signed at a balsamic new Moon in Sagittarius while the inauguration chart is the same Moon but in Taurus. I think the inaugural chart shows more elements of the old South Africa. There is a heavy preponderance of Scorpio energy with Pluto / North Node and Jupiter in Scorpio where the old South Africa of 31 May 1964, also had Pluto conjunct the North Node but in Virgo. The constitutional chart reflects more the birth of a nation orientated more towards the Sagittarian ideal – Pluto is transformation and Sagittarius is about race and cultural identity. Interestingly if you compare the constitutional chart to that of the Apartheid South Africa of  1964, one can see how the Sun in Gemini of 1964 resolves to the Sun in Sagittarius of 1996. The nation seems to keep a Sagittarian Moon, although the old South Africa may have had a Capricorn Moon (more conservative)  if the Republic had been validated in the evening.

Old South African chart
The old Apartheid South Africa

Aries rising conjunct to Saturn of the constitutional chart shows more the burden of leadership that South Africa must carry for the continent as well as lessons to be learned with regards to aggression and violence and with Mars in Virgo in the 6th house (square the Sun)  showing the challenges with health (AIDS), employment and the predominance of trade union influence especially as a partner in the tripartite government. Also, Capricorn on the 10th cusp shows a determined will to succeed the odds and the Jupiter, Neptune conjunct in Capricorn with Uranus in Aquarius is much more reflective of a nation building project based on perhaps the most generous, progressive and socially orientated constitutions. Another interesting point is that the very dominant Uranus in Aquarius of the constitutional chart, conjuncts, or smashes as it were, the old Saturn in Capricorn of apartheid South Africa. As I will demonstrate in this article, I believe the constitutional chart represents more the nation as a whole whereas the chart for Mandela’s inauguration represents more the fate and character of the ANC movement as the first democratically elected ruling party of South Africa.

Whether or not South Africa has really experienced its born free moment is questionable considering the occult influences and those of the hidden hand and brotherhood which are well demonstrated in the symbolism of the new South Africa. A cursory look at the coat of arms reveals typical Atonist symbols and those of the Saturnian, Sirius cult. One can see the typical uncapped pyramid, although here the cap is colored red – the Egyptian Atonist color of Saturn or Seth. There is also the hidden triquetra within the pyramid and the rising Sun which could also be a crown? – none of these symbols anything to do with the native symbols of the land. Besides, why stick a stupid, funny coloured  pyramid in the middle anyway?

Hidde symbols in the South African coat of arms
Suspicious coat of arms of the new South Africa

Further more, one can speculate as to why both Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, the second president, as well as Desmond Tutu, were all inducted into the Jesuit, Masonic cult of the Knights of Malta? Perhaps it was just the thing  one does in such a position, some boring formality, perhaps harmlessly symbolic?  Perhaps Mandela refused to serve a second term in office precisely because he did not want be part of the betrayal and deception that was the ‘new’ South Africa. Perhaps he did what he could in the hope that someone else would come along to finish what had been started. Regardless of the conspiracy, there is still an

untold and unknown story here.

Mandela and Tutu serving Jesuit masters?
ThaboMbeki NOM 2
Thabo Mbeki also joins the white brotherhood.







The ‘Born Frees’

The ‘born frees’ in South Africa are the final degrees of the Pluto in Scorpio generation and the Pluto in Sagittarius generation. Pluto is the true generational marker as it is a solar archetype deeply concerned with issues of identity, origin and survival. Neptune and Uranus are more sub generational markers and Jupiter, Saturn and the Nodes are more peer markers. One thing the Pluto in Scorpio and Sagittarius generations have in common in their ability to see the truth for what it is. The Scorpios see clearly what the reality of the situation is and where they stand especially in terms of the power game and power dynamics. Scorpios instinctively know what they need to do in order to survive the game. They don’t speak their truth however if it is not to their advantage. Scorpios are a lot more expedient with the truth. As a generation they are particularly thick skinned, fearless and tenacious. We saw this with the Hong Kong Umbrella student movement where the students pushed as far as they could go knowing very well what kind of deadly consequences opposing the Beijing Communist Party could bring down on them. This is not a group of young adults who fear death or a big stick being wielded against them and they are also known as the ‘death wish’ generation. The darker side of this generation are the mass school and college shooters as well as the current head hackers leading the front lines of the IS or ISIS. Leave this generation with a sense of disempowerment, hopelessness, lack of purpose or a feeling of being wronged or betrayed and they will strike back with deadly force.

On the other hand are the true born frees of the Sagittarius generation. This generation do not want to be held down by anything, most of all the heavy yoke of student debt that the bankers and the transcended elite are attempting to sling around them. They are not in the mood for having their wings clipped or being controlled or manipulated. These young people know what freedom a quality education can bring to them, but they are nor going to trade this off for a yoke of debt like an animal on the farm. Many in this generation may very well eschew elitist institutes of  higher education to pursue other ways and paths to success. This in itself will force a redefinition of what a real education actually implies. The hallowed names of ivory towers will not survive the passage of this generation. Traditionally,  passing through the ivory towers of Sagittarian institutes would then confer on one the great social status promised in Capricorn – which is why on graduation day students perform a Saturnalian, Masonic ritual ceremony in their Darth Veda black cloaks (like priests and judges) tossing up to starry heavens their square, black cube, mortar hats. In the past all one needed to succeed was the name and of course the money that enabled one to get such and such a name printed on said piece of paper.

These two overlapping generations now at our higher institutes of education could be quite a formidable force. Sagittarians  can be real foot in the mouth, splabbing out the truth as they see it. They want to live for some kind of higher ideal and do not like it when they are fed a great story which later turns out to be a lie. They see straight through hypocrisy and double standards and like the little boy they call the emperor out on his foolish nakedness. They are not at all expedient  with their truth as the Scorpio generation, perhaps they are somewhat naive and idealistic, but at the moment they are being led by their elders of the Scorpio generation. The Scorpio generation would instinctive know how to harness their enthusiasm and eagerness. Each Pluto generation answers the question, ‘What will I die for?’ For Scorpio the answer is personal autonomy, a sense of purpose and effectiveness in life. For Sagittarius it is a belief, an ideal or simply put – give me freedom or give me death. The darker side of the Scorpio generation as I mentioned is very much encapsulated by the IS or ISIS movement, yet it is interesting to note that an increasing number of late teens of the early Pluto in Sagittarius generation are giving up everything to join this Pluto in Scorpio group. Those of lower consciousness will run off to join a religion or a crusade, but many have come running back with a sense of betrayal and shock at the horror that Scorpio is capable of.

The astrology of the student protests

I found that the constitutional chart of South Africa showed some very accurate correlating transits to the time period of the student uprising. This drama unfolded around mid October and by October 23rd the universities and the government capitulated to the student’s demands – at least no fee increases for 2016, but the students will now take up the challenge for universal free education. Here is the chart set for 23rd of October 2015 :

Astrology chart of student protests in South Africa 23 October 2015.
Students triumph 23 October 2015.

We can see clearly in this chart how Saturn comes to conjunct Pluto to the 3rd degree of Sagittarius in the 9th house. An almost exact conjunct! The 9th house represents higher institutes of education and the 9th house is ruled by Pluto. Saturn is ruling the 10th house and coming from the 12th. Mars was also at a return basically coming to square the Sun. Also, Uranus trines the Sun! The 9th house shows Sagittarius to be intercepted which shows the difficulties the nation will have in living up to its constitutional ideals.

Pluto ruling the 9th house and in the same house represents the historic power and influence that students in South Africa have had and the pivotal role many of these institutes played in the struggle against the apartheid system. Saturn here by conjunct transit represents once again the manifestation (Saturn) of student power (Pluto / 9th) . Saturn comes from the 12th house (and in Pisces) which concerns social welfare and state funded causes. Mars is also the primary ruler of the Scorpio 9th house and is basically at a return and square to the Sun. Mars in the 6th house deals with issues of inequality and the Sun representing the purposeful destiny of the nation. The Uranus trine ensured the victory of the student protest together with the force of Mars as Mars is refracting the energy of Uranus in Aries at this time. The Sun can also represent the ruling power of the presidency. This square aspect indicated the short, sharp and swift victory of a Mars like warrior. The natal Mars square Sun aspect represents the ongoing struggle and purpose of the nation to undo racial (Sagittarius / 9th) inequalities (Mars / Virgo 6th). Mars is the chart ruler (Aries rising) as the identity represented to the world, which includes historic issues of crime and violence (Ascendant conjunct Saturn Pisces /South Node Aries) which are currently proving a constant threat to the self undoing of the nation (Saturn 12th). Saturn in the 12th ruling the 10th as well as Jupiter and Neptune represents much of the essentially liberal socialist elements of the constitution.  Pluto in Sagittarius in the 9th also correlates to historic issues of racial conflict, racism, xenophobia and the nation’s struggle to transform these issues ( Sagittarius intercepted).

Et tu Zuma? 

Personally, I think this short lived student power moment heralds a major change and shift in the political  dynamics in South Africa. The irony of the situation couldn’t have been more apparent. Initially, the first arrests happened at a parliamentary  protest in the mother city of Cape Town. News later came out that while in detention the students were threatened with charges of treason for gate crashing a site of ‘national interest’. The government also tried to pass the buck onto the university vice chancellors. All in all the ANC did much to lose the respect and support of a very important generation and it remains to be seen what can be recovered from this fallout. South Africa has one of the largest youth populations in the world and many students held placards saying akin to  ‘Remember we vote!’ The Pluto in Sagittarius as well as the Pluto in Scorpio generations will not stand for hypocrisy , duplicitous agendas nor betrayals.

If one looks at the chart for the Inauguration of Nelson Mandela, which I believe represents the fate of the ANC has it currently stands as the ruling party, an interesting story emerges. For the student protests ending 23 October we don’t see any tale telling exact aspects like we saw with Saturn conjunct to Pluto and Uranus trine the Sun with the constitution chart. There is significant Uranus in retrograde (protests) almost conjunct to Mars ruling the 9th house (universities) as well as a broad stellium opposition of Venus, Jupiter and Mars (equality, higher education) to Saturn in Pisces in the 7th (social equality).

Inauguration chart of student protests
Student protests 23 Oct ’15 transits to Constitutional Chart

However, there is something more  in this transit chart – something quite significant.  Uranus will conjunct natal Mars of course after coming out of retrograde at the same time that Neptune is approaching a conjunct to natal Saturn which at the time of the protests was a little bit out of the picture. This is happening  during the present ongoing Neptune Saturn square warm up. If we forward the dial here, fate would just so have it that the Neptune Saturn conjunct and the Uranus Mars conjunct will happen at the same time. Here is the chart for the symbolic equinox date of 21March 2016:

Inauguration chart transits of 2016 March equinox
Transits to Constitutional Chart, 21 March 2016

At this point we can see that Neptune is conjunct by degree to Saturn with Uranus in degree conjunct to natal Mars!  Transiting Saturn is at 16 degrees so we are a little out of the Saturn Neptune square but we are close enough into a Saturn Uranus trine. Transiting Saturn is also opposing Venus, the ruler of the 10th house in Taurus, so both Saturn and the 10th house ruler are under heavy transit. This is just the first pass of Neptune over natal Saturn. The strongest period will be when we reach the final Neptune Jupiter T-square Saturn period around May 26 when Jupiter and Saturn will be at 13 degrees ad Neptune at 11 degrees.

Neptune conjunct to Saturn augers a period of great instability, flux and change. Structures of all kinds – social, political and economical, those of power and control are severely weakened and threatened. Natal Saturn in Pisces in the 7th rules the 6th house (in/equality, workers. social contracts) and is being conjuncted by  Neptune which comes from the 6th house (workers) and rules the 8th house (power struggles, transformation) as well as Saturn. The 7th house is also very active with Uranus as its ruler conjuncting Mars (equality and social rankings). I interpret this as a major labour movement uprising, possible mass strikes and severe economic unrest. Uranus is striking up a volatile relationship with natal Mars which rules the 9th house. This suggests that a worker uprising will be joined by another mass student uprising. Mars also rules the military and police and with Mars in the 8th house that may not end so nicely – as we saw with Marikana.The other potential here may relate to xenophobia as well because the 9th house is also race and cultural identity.

It could  also be that President Zuma at this time may be deposed midst the social chaos or some scandal or other. The time of Zuma’s birth is not known so I’m using a Sun Chart of his upcoming Uranus conjunct the Sun transit which happens in the midst of the upcoming social, economic unrest period of March and into May of 2016 :

Jacob Zuma Uranus Sun conjunct
5 May 2016 transits to Jacob Zuma’s Sun Chart

Uranus conjunct the Sun indicates a period of personal upheaval and instability. One’s direction or position in life may suddenly and unexpectedly change. Uranus is also ruling the 11th which is the house of politicians and political service. Saturn is interestingly also exactly square to his Moon for the Uranus conjunct to his Sun! – a great personal challenge indeed  and Saturn is of course in Sagittarius and in the 9th house too. Zuma’s popularity (Moon) and personal appeal at this time would take a major dive. The Moon is the ruler of his 4th house of foundations and security. Saturn is also opposing his fabled Jupiter/Mars conjunct in Aries. This conjunct shows Zuma’s jovial and combative nature especially considering that Mars is ruling his Aries Sun and this conjunct also squares his Moon.  Gemini shows his great oratory skills as well as his ability to lie and talk his way out of any situation. This conjunct is also testament to his legendary penis and numerous off spring, legitimate or otherwise. Here Saturn is putting up a severe challenge (opposition) to his ego and his will to fight and remain on top. Saturn is in Sagittarius the truth teller so Gemini may not get away with his usual tricks and lies.  If Zuma survives this period, he will face another major challenge in November 2016 when Saturn is in direct opposition to his Jupiter during the second Uranus retrograde conjunct to his Sun.

Julius and the rise of the EFF

Right now the momentum for what is to unfold into March through May and also in June 2016 is already taking shape in South Africa. No sooner had the revolting students been pacified, Julius Malema and his EFF – Economic Freedom Fighters – movement took the helm with inception of a national campaign against the banks (who profiteer of student loans)  and the mining corporations. His call is basically for the nationalization or the nation control of these key resource institutions. I see the EFF movement as something very similar to the indigenous peoples’ movements which have taken hold in various parts of Latin America over the last couple of decades – although the EFF is essentially Marxist in its economic viewpoint. You can read its constitution here. It is also the only sizable political movement in South Africa challenging the established hegemonic groups.

This EFF movement in every way encapsulates the spirit of the now shaping Saturn Neptune square which will be in  close conjunct to the natal Saturn of the Inauguration chart.  I have described this closing square cycle as the rise of the new grassroots socialism and the fall of liberal capitalism and with it Western democracy. The latter is already unfolding with the (organized) flood of migrants into Europe and the reassertion of Russia as a bipolar force. Already in South Africa the economic news is pretty bleak and President  Zuma has told people not to expect too much. Added onto this will be the (drought) effects of what is being called an epic El Nino. As we head into the first Saturn Neptune square by November 25th and then into March and May of 2016 we can expect, as I mentioned and previously blogged about,  a global economic crisis of some kind  or other. These transits suggest that this is going to have a major effect on South Africa, its social stability, the political direction ahead and huge power shifts may be in the offing. 7April 2016 will see the first Neptune Saturn conjunct in the inauguration chart timing in to the exact Uranus conjunct Mars transit. The first global Neptune Saturn square of 25-6 November will be at 7 degrees – just 3 degrees of from the inauguration chart’s Saturn at 10 degree Pisces. What’s notable here is that the nation, or the ANC rule thereof, is going through its first closing Saturn square! – which is timing in to a Neptune Conjunct Saturn transit! No wonder things for the ruling partly right now are not going so well and are starting to break down and fall apart more and more as the months go by. South Africa just celebrated 20 years of the new democracy so always around 20-21 years the closing Saturn square is preparing for the first Saturn return 7 years later. Here is the chart of 6 July 2016 for the Saturn and Neptune retrograde period where Saturn is exactly square Saturn and Neptune at 11 degrees :

Saturn square inauguration Saturn
Transits of 6 July 2016 to (ANC) Mandela Inauguration Chart

The ANC government will continue to face severe challenges through 2016 and into 2017 during this Saturn square Saturn period with Neptune conjuncting Saturn too. The good news is that if we look at this symbolic sample date of the equinox and compare it to the constitutional chart, things look much better :

constitutional chart 2016 march equinox
Transits to Constitutional Chart; 21 March Equinox. 2016

In this chart we immediately see that Saturn is conjunct the nation’s Sun and Moon in the 9th house in Sagittarius while Uranus transiting in the first house is trine to the nation’s Sun! So we can see here how the nation as a whole (Sun) is really going to mature radically (Saturn/ Uranus aspect) in terms of realizing its potential as well as its fundamental rights and freedoms (Sun in 9th , Uranus rules 11th) . In this constitutional chart Uranus is in Aquarius in the 11th and ruling the 11th. This reflects very much the true Aquarian nature of what has been hailed as one of the best constitutions ever written. The 9th house Sun also aspires the the born free ideal and here we see Uranus and Saturn coming together to realize this potential with Mars (chart ruler) conjuncting natal Pluto t00! With Saturn can also come change, but I think that any attempt at this stage by the Zuma government to change the constitution will not succeed because of the Uranus in Aries trine and the Mars Pluto conjunct. The ANC under Zuma has been accused of wanting to change the constitution and more often these days the government has been accused of ignoring and disregarding the constitution. What could come under review though would probably be aspects of the Codesa agreement. With Jupiter and the North Node in the 6th house and Virgo, this chart also affirms the advancement of workers’ rights and movements. I have mentioned the Uranus Saturn trine period,which comes in to weak effect (3 degrees orb) during this period, as the time when grassroots movements concerned with individual and collective freedom are going to make major gains especially in terms of how they unite, organize and push against the Pluto in Capricorn transcended elites, oligarchs, globalist, corporate fascists, banksters and the like. South Africa’s image in the eyes of the world and its present economic political status could be radically altered during these transits into and through the first half of 2016.


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