The labour of Jupiter in Virgo

Virgo is considered  a sign of work and labour. Virgos are always busy getting things done, either that or very busy not really doing anything! Coming after Leo, Virgo is where we work on and perfect the externalizations of the ego identifying with and entering into matter. Fire signs express identity, and the following earth sign establishes that identity in real, perceivable, material form so it is no surprise therefore that people are generally known for the work they do (Virgo after Leo) and what they accomplish in their careers (Capricorn after Sagittarius). We learn our mastery in Virgo and accomplish it in Capricorn or the 6th house to the 10th house. Virgo, before Libra, is also about unequal relationships so this includes workers, drones, ants and slaves. Virgo indicates also student to teacher, adept to master, disciple  to guru relationships.

With  Jupiter’s transit through Virgo all issues of workers, working styles, worker rights and trade unions are going to rise to social prominence in some way. Recently workers at the mega chain store Target announced the formation of their first workers’ union. A while back it was the minimum wage campaign especially for workers in the fast food industry. Recently in from Scandinavia, Sweden has announced the introduction of a 6 hour working day.

Maybe this sounds great for the slaves on the plantation, but it’s not going to be a company trip for all to Cancun next summer! The reason for this is that Saturn is in Sagittarius and there will be a restructuring of laws, so the rules of the game will change. In Sagittarius  laws and regulations are enacted and then enforced through Capricorn and these laws form the code and etiquette for our social structures and interactions. Many of these coming legal changes will concern workers and labour movements because Jupiter , the refractor of the energy of Sagittarius, is in Virgo. Saturn in turn is refracting the energy of Pluto in Capricorn correlating to the oligarchical plutocracy, so the struggle against exploration and oppression will not be an easy one.

It’s going to be six of one and half a dozen of the other. Ongoing in the the UK is the campaign against the trade union bill assailed as the biggest assault on workers’ rights in 30 years and this midst  more and more workers, ants, slaves and drones on insubstantial wages, zero hour contracts and temporary work. The working poor are on the rise like never before since the Victorian era. Here in Japan the government had first introduced labour laws to restrict the extended use of part time labour thus forcing companies to accept workers as permanent after 5 years of service. Upon winning an overwhelming majority in both houses, largely due to the inequities of the electoral system which hopefully Saturn in Sagittarius can reform, the government did a prompt about turn and are now attempting to throw the labour market open to terminal servitude under temporary worker status and unrestricted labour brokering on minimum wages. In South Africa a major labour reform bill, under discussion since 2010, is nearing completion;  but in this case we see the opposite side of actually strengthening the rights of vulnerable workers and restricting labour brokers. These are just a few examples from a few places that concern me. In short, the way we work is going to radically change for many within the next year and a half. We will also probably see the rise in more and more worker cooperatives as people energetically eschew the whole hierarchical feeding system as Neptune in Pisces is promoting a higher, more refined consciousness. Also, there will probably be significant and rapid advancements in automation technologies (Uranus in Aries) that will force people to find new ways of working and making a living. Added to this of course is the pending economic melt down or crises set for November this year and into mid 2016.

In classical astrology Jupiter is seen as the ‘ruler’ of both Pisces and Sagittarius, so Jupiter is now refracting both the energies of Saturn ( in Sagittarius) and Neptune (in Pisces) into the domain of Virgo. In other words Jupiter is coalescing these two opposite forces so this signifies a kind of break down and restructuring of all things within the Virgo paradigm. The other factor is that the nodal axis of the Moon will shift, as of November 13th, into South Node Pisces and North Node Virgo. This means of course that the eclipses for the next year and a half will be on the Virgo / Pisces axis. Jupiter is already half way through Virgo, but there is still a retrograde to happen and Jupiter and the North Node will be together around mid January and June 2016. The North Node, Rahu and the Dragon’s Head is an expansive as well as materialistic force. It promotes growth and opportunity especially on the external material plane, but outside the current paradigms of thinking indicating great opportunity for those who try to find  new ways of profiting from their skill and labour. At the same time this coalescence of energy in Virgo offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and development wherever the sign of Virgo may fall in a person’s astrological chart.

Jupiter in Virgo also wants to do things in the right way, is concerned about correct attitudes and moral behavior. Virgo to Pisces is also about service for the greater social good so there will be a big focus during this period on social justice and a reorientation of collective consciousness from purely individual interests to the interests of the greater social good. For as long as Pluto is in Capricorn, Saturn is strengthened and Saturn will attempt to represent the interests of Pluto so to speak, so many legal reformations will attempt to support the corporate elite. Saturn is weakened however in Sagittarius, while Jupiter on the other hand does not do too well in the earth sign of Virgo, and Jupiter is now carrying the weight of Saturn. However, Neptune is bolstering Jupiter with the opposition while their square aspects are weakening Saturn. I would say that for the time being the collective will have the upper hand over the ruling corrupt elite – so things will shift towards the will of the people, especially into March to May 2016 and into March of  2017 when we meet the Saturn trine Uranus period coinciding with the  Jupiter Uranus opposition once Jupiter has entered Libra. Virgo is also about the inequalities,but on the material platform – some people are just bigger or smaller or more intelligent or come from lesser or more privileged backgrounds. Pisces is about unity as a principle, on the level of consciousness or spirit. With the North Node shifting into Virgo soon, there will be a lot of focus on inequalities, especially in terms of wage gaps between the workers of capital and the controllers of capital and the morally obscene levels of wealth and corruption amongst the corporate and governing elite represented by Pluto in Capricorn. The North Node and Jupiter in Virgo may push the inequality gap even further bringing in more and more debate about how to rectify the imbalance.


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