Perspectives on the Jupiter Neptune T- Square Saturn

Planetary round-up

Outer planets augur great changes especially when three or more come together. From 2008 t0 2015 we passed through the great Pluto Uranus Saturn T-square period with the 2012 horizon point in the middle. Now we are merging into the next aspect pattern series involving Jupiter Saturn and Neptune which is largely defining current events and will continue to do so well into 2016.

Back in early August we passed into the first Jupiter Saturn square which on the world stage coincided with the great Chinese economic meltdown, then just recently on 16th September we came into first Jupiter Neptune opposition with Saturn coinciding with the election of Jeremy Corbyn as the UK Labour opposition leader and the fall of Tony Abbott in Australia. Both these events happened shortly after the Solar Eclipse, often indicating major leadership changes. Also, the Jupiter Neptune opposition correlated to being blind sided by the huge flood of migrants/refugees into Europe, as well as the mass (Jupiter)  euphoric compassion (Neptune), or self undoing sentimentality (other polarity), as this Reuters article  captured the theme of ‘Outbursts of compassion put a lid on far right – for now‘. Far right organizations are correlating to Uranus in Aries. These could strengthen when Saturn comes to trine Uranus.

During this first Jupiter Neptune opposition around 16 September, Saturn was some 8 degrees off from a T-square. As Jupiter and Saturn move forward we are presently closing in on the Jupiter trine Pluto mini period. I speculated that this Jupiter trine Pluto would correlate to major drama and mass casualty events. Just in the news the last few days was the Mecca stampede killing over 700 people with Saturn (Satan) in the religious oriented sign of Sagittarius. This happened just as Mars entered Virgo (!) energizing the whole dynamics of the Jupiter Neptune opposition and Jupiter trine Pluto effects. We can expect more of this kind of high drama and mass casualty, chaos, confusion stuff because Mars has only just gotten started. Mars is also ruling the coming eclipse. The other drama was concerning the UK leader David Cameron and the revelations that he porked a dead pig back in the day. Pluto/sex dramas concerning power elite (Capricorn) and some initiation ritual (Jupiter/Virgo and Saturn /Sagittarius). The Jupiter Neptune effect is still ongoing correlating to the huge enthusiastic crowds greeting the Pope after the equinox  and on the eve of the major eclipse, the Pope has addressed the American Congress and the UN. Typical uncritical, unthinking Neptune opposed by Jupiter masses gathering like sheep or all jumping on some trend, hash tag or emotional wave.

Significant earthquakes are on the up tick and apart from Chile, significant shakes have hit Indonesia and China so far. It appears that some time before or after this eclipse we could experience a sizable earthquake.  Supposedly the sky is showing planetary positions which parallel the time of the great Alaskan earthquake and this at the time of a major eclipse. The other concern being that the first aspect the Moon makes after this Aries eclipse will be to Uranus. Mars ruling the eclipse is locking into the Neptune Jupiter opposition with an extended trine to Pluto.  

The Jupiter Pluto drama, collapse, liquidity pumping, mass death  aspect, exacerbated by Mars is building to reach exactitude by Oct 12/13th. Then by November 25th we will hit the first Saturn Neptune square, which will probably correlated to major economic troubles and already we have seen the plunge in the Brazilian currency, followed by prompt intervention, and other outer edge developing economies taking major hits. We have to wait  for Jupiter to go retrograde before we can come fully into the Jupiter Neptune T-square Saturn aspect for the early half of 2016. This is a one off event. Jupiter goes retrograde on 9th January 2016, but by 3rd February there is an interesting minor pattern that comes into shape and that is Uranus and Pluto coming into a close 1 degree square with each other again as Saturn is within a close 2 degree trine to Uranus too. The image is of one running across a bridge while the bridge collapses from behind and the race is to reach the other end. Who will survive the collapse of the old paradigms? Apart from structural pressures at this time, there is also a lot of social and political tension building in the air.

By 23rd/24th March 2016 we will arrive at the second Jupiter square Saturn aspect with Neptune some 6 degrees out of the picture – so this is a weak T-square. This Jupiter Saturn square is very significant because Saturn will turn retrograde at this point – indicating the start of the major global economic melt down with developed nations,  and also from this period the economic, war migrant/refugee flood will start to peak again. Jupiter at this time will also be trine again to Pluto increasing systematic collapse pressures and amping up the drama effect.

Second Jupiter Saturn square of 24 march 2016.
Second Jupiter Saturn square of 24 March 2016.
With Jupiter and Saturn at this point in retrograde, we start our decent to the great mutable T-square. The second Jupiter Neptune opposition will not be exact because Jupiter will go stationary direct by 9th May just two degrees off from Neptune. The tightest this aspect pattern gets is on 26th May with the final Jupiter Saturn square with these two planets at 13’41 degrees and Neptune at 11’56 degrees.As Jupiter moves forward and Saturn is still retrograde, the second Saturn (retrograde) square Neptune aspect will happen by 18th June 2016. The final direct Saturn square Neptune will be on 10th September during a Mars/Saturn conjunct period. Things are going to be quite turbulent and intense from now right on through to say the end of September 2016.

Third Jupiter Saturn square and Neptune T-square of 26 May 2016
Third Jupiter Saturn square and Neptune T-square of 26 May 2016
That is the background, the update and context. So far I have looked at these from the angles of economic crises (Jupiter square Saturn), the new socialism and collapse of liberal capitalism (Saturn square Neptune), systematic structural collapse (Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn square Jupiter/Neptune) and the wave of usually mindless collective emotionality (Jupiter opposed Neptune). What I really want to get into hereon is a  more individually oriented perspectives on the Jupiter Neptune T-Square Saturn pattern.

Neptune in Pisces; Jupiter in Virgo; and Saturn in Sagittarius.


 The Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and end of all things is Pisces. It is said that Pisces is an amalgamation of all the other signs of the zodiac. This would imply that there are only 11 truly unique signs of the Zodiac. The sum of the whole, Pisces, is greater than the parts that constitute it. There is more to Pisces than meets the eye. Pisces is the mother father matrix of creation. In esoteric astrology, Pisces is seen as the first sign of the Zodiac. Aries is the first visible manifestation on the physical plain, symbolized by the  rising Sun at Dawn and the Spring Equinox. The Rams horns, its symbol, can also be seen as the two fronds of a leaf breaking through the ground. However, before the first shoot makes its determined appearance, there is another reality going on beneath. The seeds of manifestation are waiting their time, maturing, feeling the change in seasons and temperature. The earth is nourishing the seeds as they grew protected beneath the soil or hard outer rocks. This is the realm of Pisces. Pisces is a well spring of potential and creative, visionary imagination.  Pisces is that which precedes the dynamic, physical manifestation of Aries. Things that accumulate and stew at the back of our minds, in our subconscious, and collectively too, are also Pisces and the e-motion to action or manifestation is Aries. With Uranus still in Aries, the manifestation of things is also speeding up and the changes and events that come in are quite unpredictable.

Neptune Jupiter porthole 

Neptune, the primary lens that refracts the energy of Pisces is also in Pisces. Neptune by transit has some kind of dissolutionary effect, mass dispersion or inflation, and the potential to exacerbate negative Piscean correlations is very high.Trends become more powerful, collective emotionality, social breakdowns, religious delusions and sensitivities abound. Not only are we getting a double dose of this Piscean energy, but Jupiter, the other planet that refracts this constellations energy is opposing Neptune from opposite Virgo. Pisces is where it all ends and begins and Neptune is the lens and porthole into worlds beyond this, what we perceive as the unmanifest or imperceptible. The porthole is open and its not one way. All things are brought to an end at their time of completion. The devil, they say, is in the detail and Virgo is that detail. Virgo is the key to Pisces. Jupiter in Virgo will fit the last pieces of the puzzle together, and the pace is being quickened. The game is nearing a completion. We are in a time of endings, but the new horizon of the new dawn is nearing too and that Aries moment is beckoning.

The score

We can think of this as a three part symphony – the first movement being 2012 midst the Saturn Uranus Pluto T-square, we are now in the period of the second movement and the grand finale comes in 2020 with the Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn conjuncts in Capricorn.

On the threshold 

One meaning of this second movement is that we are reaching a major threshold, the physical (Saturn) threshold whereas 2012 was more of an etheric threshold. The stress is all on  structures as indicated by Saturn taking all the square stress for this time and also Pluto in Saturn’s domain of Capricorn. Saturn also indicates structures of the ego and personality and in Sagittarius it is all about how culture, society and media construct for us a completely fake identity – but Saturn wants it real! On a personal level there is a call for us to make a leap in consciousness and to arrive at a higher concept of self. We need to balance the physical, logical, earthly realm of Virgo with the more etheric, spiritual, imperceptible realm of Pisces and we need to redefine our identities as well as the cultures that partly define these identities (Saturn in Sagittarius). Saturn now transiting in the belief orientated sign of Sagittarius does not favour the old belief systems and will challenge much of the fundamentalist mentality. Fundamentalism can be defined as accepting religious texts on a literal level and not being open to the primary figurative and symbolic interpretations. The opportunity here is to formulate a new kind of scientifically based spirituality and belief set  based on a reinterpretation of ancient belief systems, or these system rendered and understood in modern scientific terms. The structure of the body and the mind and the internal energy systems playing an important role in this, also the understanding of the innerverse reflected to the outerverse, concepts of hyper dimensional reality, archetypal realities and of science coming to discover things that were considered to be in the realm of the esoteric etc. All these ideas have been around for a long time, developing within different groups and online communities, but now their time of greater manifestation and dispersion has arrived. The old monarch will continue to rule until the young blood has the strength, knowledge, power and collective force to bring in the new reign. An opportunity is being given for a philosophical and culture marriage between religion, spirituality and science.

The ideal

Another potential this presents is the opportunity to achieve some kind of personal ideal represented by Neptune in Pisces – however, this can only be achieved by focusing on the details of what that vision is and systematically working to manifest it (Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn). The T-square to Saturn implying that we can achieve a better place in the future for ourselves if we are willing to change our mindset and seriously consider what the self, the ego and our personal identity are really all about. The Virgo/Pisces axis is also suggesting that we need to focus more on service to others than service to self. By focusing on community and cooperation with others, by creating a grassroots social consciousness, we will achieve more easily what we aspire for individually. The selfish, socially divorced individuality of liberal capitalism is not going to survive the day.

Virgo – Pisces

There is much to be said about the Virgo/Pisces axis. Virgo is the second earth sign after Taurus.Taurus symbolizes resources, those of the earth, that what was here before we came along to claim it all as mine. What our family, society and culture bequeath us is also within the paradigm of Taurus. Virgo is also the second human symbol after Gemini, the other Mercurial sign. After Aries, symbolizing the birth of consciousness, comes Taurus, that which sustains us and then Gemini, the archetype through which we process data and learn about our environment. Information is paramount to our survival. With our Aries will to survive, the resources of Taurus and the intelligence of Gemini, we can make a Cancerian place for ourselves in this world. Coming after Leo, the rising of the individual self and the need to self expression, Virgo then shows how to make what we wish to become and what we become is shown in the final earth sign of Capricorn, where Pluto now resides. In short, there is a massive potential building up for personal growth and transformation.

Virgo is the business of a work in progress.That which is not functional is useless. That which is useless is thrown away in the dustbin of Pisces where it will be recycled once again. The work of Virgo is on all levels of body, mind and spirit. A water container flawed in some way is not going to see us through a long trek in the desert. In order to reach the end of the journey at the Pisces oasis we need to attend to all details of perfection, or at least those that will get us there. Virgo is in part the dedication to work, to perfection, to the attention to detail. A lot of work is mundane, it is repetitious and habit forming. The slow deliberate movements of a Thai-Chi student done again and again to perfection (Virgo) until it is deeply embedded in the subconscious (Pisces) will one day prove to be a life saver. There are certain things that also drive us blindly and relentlessly like a machine, unconsciously either to where, or away from where,  we are  wanting to go. It is worth remembering these things about Virgo. Habits;  physical, mental, emotional and attitudes, both constructive and destructive,  that are formed over time. Many of these things are patterns of behaviour that we learned way back when in the Cancerian phase of family life.  It is not just about doing the work, getting it done, but also the attitude that we bring to bear with it. Life is short, death is certain and this is a survival game. Virgo takes us to the next level of survival. The one where we can stand on our own two feet. Virgo represents our teenage years, the student before the master, the apprentice, the spiritualist seeking purification to reach  the gates of paradise, or the practical skills we develop to survive this game.

Making it right

Jupiter is now in Virgo and is  offering growth potential to all things under the archetype. This next year gives an opportunity to work on our craft, hone our skills and learn new ones that are going see us through the times ahead. Jupiter can exacerbate the negative too, and in Virgo opposed to Pisces, we could get some valuable insights into the unconsciousness habits and drives that lead to our undoing and failure (Pisces). Virgo allows for the elimination of waste and correlates to the intestinal systems. Only that which is necessary is needed and carried forward.  Perhaps it is important at this time to tend to this elimination of waste in our lives on a bodily level with healthier living, on a mental and psychic level as well as environmental before it is too late. With Neptune in Pisces the news is already out that our oceans are on the verge of ecological collapse; especially the Pacific with mass specie die offs related to the ongoing Fukushima disaster. The oceans are really just a correlation to the collective psyche of humanity. The poison on the land and in the atmosphere lands up in the oceans, just as physical and mental poisons in the body correlating to Virgo and the 6th house land up in Pisces and the 12th house. That’s why Pisces and the 12th house correlate to disease, hospitalization, incarceration, loss and self undoing. If we don’t attend to the health of our systems (Virgo) eventually it reflects back on us  (Pisces) and we face up to systematic collapse. This is what is happening right now. This is the message from Jupiter in Virgo opposed to Neptune in Pisces by May and March next year coming to T-square Saturn in Sagittarius. There is likely to be a rapid and comprehensive systematic (Jupiter/Virgo) collapse of structures (Saturn) brought on by our own doings (Pisces) to such an extent that our future (Sagittarius) is in peril.

The collapse 

Right now it is all about systems and structures. Our financial systems, politics systems, religious and belief systems, ecological systems, educational and social systems, you name it; are all facing up to some  kind of crisis or dysfunctionality or need for substantial change. In different parts of the world it’s a slightly different scenario, but it all connects together. The economic collapses in various parts of Africa due resource exploitation and war, the destruction of infrastructure and economies of the Middle East by the West and Israel now sees millions flooding into Europe and Europe facing huge systematic pressures (Jupiter/Virgo) , massive cultural shifts (Jupiter square Saturn in Sagittarius) and potential cultural and social chaos (Neptune square Saturn in Sagittarius). The gravity of the situation highlighted by Pluto (collapse) in Capricorn (structures).  

Finding answers

With questions of identity, belief and purpose highlighted during his period, a great opportunity to do some real soul searching has also presented itself. With the missing point of the T-square being the Gemini point opposed to Saturn in Sagittarius, the good observer will be favoured. Gemini is where we gather knowledge about our immediate environment and learn how to adapt and survive. People during this period who do a lot of research, learning, reading, information gathering and communicating will be favoured. Be open to new ideas and don’t dismiss new information and opportunities for growth just because it is outside of your belief system or the consensus reality.  Also, building networks and making connections with local people and working together to find local solutions is also indicated by making a connection to Jupiter in Virgo. Working for the greater social good, or the good of other is also indicated by Jupiter opposed to Neptune in Pisces. In this way many people will probably rediscover a greater shared cultural identity within their communities. In terms of its own self expression Jupiter does not fair so well in Virgo. Jupiter would rather forgo the detail, skip over some of the hard work, intuit what needs to be done and rely on faith and good luck. With Jupiter in Virgo perhaps this will not be a time of plenitude or even optimism, also with Saturn in Sagittarius, but both these suggest that luck and fortitude (Jupiter/Sagittarius) will come to those who work for it (Virgo/Saturn) over the next year or so. Jupiter Neptune T-square to Saturn also correlates to finding hope and vision in trying and difficult times midst rapid and chaotic social change.

If one looks at one’s own birth chart, then one will be able to decode how this period would  specifically apply to one’s own life in terms of life areas or houses. We will all, in some way or other, be applying ourselves to some kind of skill or personal self development, expanding our potential to reach some kind of ideal (Virgo to Pisces). Together this will push us to reevaluated and restructure our belief systems in whatever area we experience the Sagittarius paradigm. If one, for example, were to have Leo rising, then probably Jupiter will be in the second house, Neptune in the 8th and Saturn in the 5th house. Saturn taking the focus in the 5th would suggest that this is indeed a time of intense personal growth, working on your own personal philosophy of life. You would  need to curtail the ego for one and delve more deeply into personal spiritual growth. Perhaps this would be forced through contact with other people (8th house) or through your intimate partner. Jupiter in the second would suggest you would need to think more open mindedly about what you value. You would have be more willing to embrace things that your partner or others  value or to bring more spiritual values into your life. There would be ample opportunity for financial gain (Jupiter/2nd), but only if you focus on using your creativity or take the lead and responsibility for your own financial well being (Saturn/5th). There is a danger that if you are not clear about what you value, then your finances could be wasted away and you should be careful of of not falling victim to other people’s sad stories (Neptune opposition/8th) and doing too much to be the saviour. Focus on yourself, your needs (Saturn/5th)  and on those that you truly value.You could also create a more ideal bond with your partner (Neptune/8th) by focusing on what you both truly value (2nd), perhaps you would need to place more value on your own health and psychological well being first of all (Virgo) while also being more creative in how you can bring romance back into your relationship (5th). Maybe travel abroad with a partner might be good way to spark up your relationship or foster personal growth.There is a lot more juice to be gotten just out of this one example, but with a T-square we should also focus on the missing leg – which here is the Gemini point in the 11th house. This would suggest that this person should look into expanding their social network, perhaps becoming more community orientated as a means of finding opportunity, or focusing on specific friendships or finding like minded groups where you could grow personally and spiritually. A sports club, yoga group or meditation circle would probably be a good start.

On a personal level, probably many people are already experience the spirit of this T-square. Some will be enthused to work on their skills, perfect their craft, or take up something new while others will be realizing their bad habits and the unconscious patterns that sabotage their dreams. Some may be inspired to take up body work like yoga, meditation, fasting and fitness routines all in the hope of bringing about a greater connection between the mind and body. Some may even be doing this in terms of traveling on some kind of a sacred or spiritual journey (Jupiter to Neptune connects to Saturn in Sagittarius) . For my self, I actually started this blog when Jupiter entered my 9th house of publications (Leo-Virgo) and Saturn conjuncted my Neptune, my North Node ruler, in my 12th house while my North Node itself is in the 3rd house or writing, speaking and communication in Pisces. Saturn in Sagittarius suggests that overall travel will take on a more practical and purposeful dimension. People will generally not be traveling for trivial fun, but to do, learn or accomplish something. As economic woes increase, there will not be a lot of extra money around anyway. Those working in the travel industry would be wise to think about how to market cheaper group tours centered around some kind of spiritual, physical or social work. People will also be re-examining their lifestyles and finding ways to live more frugally and conscientiously. Many will face serous challenges to their accepted belief systems and ideas of how this world works (Saturn in Sagittarius). There may be events and revelations that occur from here on that bring the consensus reality systems crashing down, not just in terms of religious beliefs, faith and trust in our political, economic and so-called democratic systems, but also in terms of our understanding of our history and place in the universe including the extraterrestrial phenomenon and the over riding influence and control of humanity by non human entities and groups. These are just some thoughts on the eve the coolest eclipse of the year.

September Harvest Moon over Osaka City, Japan

2 thoughts on “Perspectives on the Jupiter Neptune T- Square Saturn

  1. Thanks for these postings. They are honest and clear and therein very helpful.
    I might add that I understand the increasing elucidation worldwide, but in particular, within the postwar hegemonic establishment classes, of industrial scale seduction and sexual violence against the most vulnerable in our societies, is key. It is a visceral and ugly truth that reflects similar human abuses of our natural world. I believe that it will be the increasing flood of uncovering of terrible deeds done in the dark by our celebrated ‘leaders’ in all walks of life and its shocking destruction of faith in their personally plutocracy on the back of such abuses of power, that will jumpstart the revolution of 2021.

    1. Thanks for your feedback and taking time to read my posts. I appreciate it. Yes indeed and much of what you point to could become more unveiled as it were during this Saturn square Neptune period. I’m not too sure what will bring an end to it – it would require a massive collective leap and unification of consciousness, or mass uprisings of some sort, a massive shift to alternative structures, simultaneous collapse of the present ones . The ongoing very organized flood of refugees into Europe and the seemingly also organized rape, molestation gangs that appeared over new year appear to be a very sinister weapon of division and chaos now launched against the more elucidated European populations. Anyway, the economic tsunami of 2016 is upon us and the years ahead will be very decisive. I see some hope in the coming Saturn trine Uranus period with a more organized front and leadership to real change and alternative structures. Jupiter opposed to Uranus will also be very testing to the transcended elite – very dynamic period with major cultural and technological advancements. Then we move into the Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune phase – this will bring out a lot of nastiness – our humanity will be severely tested! Of course the real crunch is 2020 and the great conjuncts in Capricorn – I guess the run off from this is what you see as the 2021 revolution ?

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