September! September !

There’s a little ditty thing that goes something like, ‘September, September, a month to remember!’ and I think it is living up to its rhyme. These first two weeks of September have been defined by the closing in of the Jupiter Neptune opposition and the Jupiter Neptune effect – the rising of a huge ground swell of collective euphoria and emotion.

Hot of the press yesterday was the victory of Jeremy Corbyn for the UK Labour Party leadership. As you probably well know, he won by a huge majority with a big public mandate and thousands of people coming out to celebrate. One would think that he had just been elected the Prime Minister and his victory has confounded his detractors and the huge public emotional euphoria has baffled and spleened the ire of many more. But, if you understand the nature of the cosmic mind and the correlations of the above to the  below, there is no cause to be not so vexed.  Corbyn’s victory came to the exact timing of the Neptune Jupiter opposition coinciding with a partial eclipse of the Sun at the time of course of a New Moon in Virgo. I’m sure pretty soon there will be some great astrological articles out examining this and the transits to Corbyn’s chart, but I will not be doing that here. Solar eclipses have a strong correlation to leadership and political changes and the partial eclipse correlates to a major victory in the leading opposition party as well as the fall of the Blairite ideology. Also, at times of Solar eclipses the emotional energies run stronger which have amplified the Jupiter Neptune effect especially with Jupiter now in the sign of the eclipse and Neptune in emotional water Pisces.

Initially, in a previous posting, I was not so confident that Corby would do it, based largely on my cynicism for any change from within the political establishment rather than any detailed astrological examination. As Corbyn’s popularity grew with the closing in of the Jupiter Neptune opposition, so did the vitriol, scare mongering and hate campaign from the corporate whore media as well the establishment press. Here and there a few good journalistic articles did appear, but not for the most part, and the only British publication generally in support of him was the socialist paper The New Statesman which hardly has a huge mainstream readership. Unlike America, the UK does have a state funded broadcasting namely the BBC which is supposed to give balanced coverage in the general public interest. The last interview to be aired with Corbyn received many complaints accusing the broadcaster of trying to do a hatchet job and also there were revelations that the BBC had ditched other interviews and programs because they were unable to skew them to their anti Corbyn rhetoric.  It seems to be clear anyway that Corbyn is not what the establishment wanted and that he may be more genuine than a straw man put out there to appease the people. The significance of all this is that the corporate and establishment media have really fallen on their faces. The people did not care for what they had to say. The people have spoken and so shall it be, or shall it?

Let’s not forget what happened to Greece here, and how the people, after they had spoken, were stabbed in the back and kicked in the face. Our democracies have been dead or near dead for some time now and Greece just seemed to be the final acknowledgement thereof. Jupiter is  leaving Neptune for now so the euphoria will die down a little, but Mars will excite things soon enough, and Corbyn will be facing a massive challenge. We have the Mercury retrograde coming up by the end of this week, then the Super Moon  Eclipse on the 28th and then it’s all down hill to the Saturn Neptune square by end November. Corbyn’s leadership position may not be fully secured yet. The Moon is a symbol of the public and the next eclipse comes as Jupiter trines to Pluto expanding the power of the entrenched Capricorn power elite. There could be a putsch in the making and this brings me to this very astute article which I linked to before, but just to quote the main here, ”There is a possibility that Jeremy Corbyn could win the vote. If so there could be a challenge to this result during the conference and Saturn’s opposition to Corbyn’s Sun in November could bring a fresh election, possibly under new rules, designed to reduce the influence of Daily Telegraph readers”. November!? Yes, and that would coincide with the general Saturn square Neptune aspect (the new socialism) exact by November 25th and from now on we could see the power surge of Jupiter trine to Pluto (power) and the full might of the corporate fascist political elite (Capricorn) coming down to ‘screw the people!’. On the other side of the pond as they say, the Jupiter Neptune effect has also seen Bernie Sanders, the mirror reflection of Corbyn, surge ahead against Hillary Clinton in the Iowa polls and his statement of support to Corbyn reads, ‘We need leadership in every country which tells the billionaire class they cannot have it all” – quite audacious! The strategy there has been largely to ignore (Neptune) Sanders in the mainstream media.

Just following the myriad of Twitter Feeds or Facebook posts coming through have provided some really choice astrological bytes. This one saying that ‘establishment frozen with fear‘ – a quote attributed to Diane Abbott in the Guardian which echos to the Jupiter and Neptune (hope and faith) square Saturn (fear) aspect. And those buzz words such as ‘Corbyn cult’ , ‘Corbyn mania’, various shades of ‘hope’ including ‘false hope’ – all very Jupiter with the hope, great expectations and Neptune correlating to cult, mania, false and  euphoria. Just out in Counter Punch is the meme of ‘seismic victory’ which points to the correlation of an actual huge earthquake as this opposition runs into the Mercury retrograde and Lunar eclipse. Richard Nolle gives very good geophysical astrological forecasts and this month of September is going to be the most turbulent of this year and just in the last few days significant quakes have been on the up tick. And how could I leave this topic without posting the latest rant from the Artist Taxi Driver on Youtube? His videos have been capturing the language memes of these transits in such a succinct way :

On to the next big story – because big is what this Jupiter Neptune month is all about! Migrants, immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, invaders (Jupiter/Sagittarius/foreigners) – whatever you wish to call the stream of humanity flooding (Neptune) into Europe. Drama, human drama, tragedy and death (Saturn on 29th degree Scorpio), out pourings of compassion and emotion (Neptune), people flooding onto the streets to demonstrate for open (Neptune) borders (Saturn). How could I not have seen this one coming? Before, I looked at the phenomena of Saturn on the 29th critical degree of Scorpio (drama, death) where the archetypal energy of Scorpio bleeds into Sagittarius with the memes of race and cultural identity. During the previous Saturn direct and retrograde pass on this degree we saw the cop killing of Michael Brown, the black lives matter demonstrations and the Charleston church shooting. I wrote about the amping up of the immigration debate, cultural clashes and huge cultural shifts coming up when Saturn crosses back into Sagittarius, but I was totally blind sided by the Jupiter Neptune effect which ironically I described myself as ‘blind sided by what is directly in front of you’.

I don’t wish to take one side of the debate or the other here, but what is happening right now is absolutely huge! Germany has just thrown its borders wide open declaring that it will place no restrictions on migrant/refugee numbers and the latest news reports are saying that this is only the beginning of what is to come. Just as Jupiter opposed Neptune we witnesses mass demonstrations in support of this huge flood of humanity. The masses are caught up in the emotionality of it all. Like I described the Jupiter Neptune effect – a wave of collective mass emotionality which starts at one place and then spreads like a huge tsunami wave as people just hook onto this meme, trend or emotional wave. People coming out to welcome migrants, giving them gifts and the necessary poster child being the dead Syrian boy – pulling at hearts strings and those self righteous feel good moments as the masses congratulate themselves on their stand for humidity – we are all one, the same, we feel together and no borders can divide us (Neptune square Saturn). I don’t wish to be over cynical here, but there has been little critical examination of the situation – it has been all Neptune in Pisces inflated by Jupiter and very little Jupiter in Virgo doing the critical analysis and asking what will the consequences of this be? The flood of humanity could escalate into a tsunami and what then is the aftermath? How will society and social structures cope or will they? Who exactly are these people? Many of them are young men who may or may not have any kind of an education and many seem to have a hatred for Western culture, are already radicalized and it is doubtful how much they will care for the people who have welcomed them with open arms. At the same time however, there doesn’t seem to be any other kind of an alternative? Partly the West is getting what it deserves and it is a pity the people are not with equal measure going after the political criminal class who pushed for all the wars from Libya to Syria to Iraq. Europe is reaping the fruits of American foreign policy and good luck to them!

All this points to the Jupiter Neptune T-square Saturn aspect coming up next year – the complete melt down of social structures – cultural (Sagittarius) chaos (Neptune).  Also, any September event of the present Jupiter Neptune opposition will flow into the Jupiter trine to Pluto in Capricorn – the acceleration of structural collapse with Jupiter picking up on the dissolutionary energy of Neptune and sending it to Pluto (collapse) of structures (Capricorn). To recall the themes here of Jupiter trine Pluto, they are structural collapse, bailouts or liquidity pumping, increased authoritarianism, massive drama and high fatality events as in either war, terrorism or natural calamities.

Please, give peace a chance! – Neptune calling.

And just these last couple of weeks in Japan, not where I reside on the western front, but in the eastern capital of Tokyo there were huge demonstrations against the new war legislation. Huge (Jupiter again) by Japanese standards relative to recent times, but hugely significant with half of the major national newspapers ignoring the demonstrations at least on their front papers. Neptune in Pisces – it doesn’t exist! These demonstrations were once again a perfect reflection of the Jupiter Neptune effect -an infectious emotional psychic and sympathetic connection between people. Hundreds more than expected turned out with ordinary people feeling that they really needed to do something and be part of something meaningful, purposeful and greater than their little lives. With the Uranus Pluto square period, the riots, mini revolutions, protests etc. tended to attract the more hard core radical crowd, mostly younger males; but here we could see all cross sections of society coming out. Although the policing of this big protest in Tokyo drew criticism as being excessive, still, the police reported that they were overwhelmed. Floods of people, generally more peaceful and euphoric, authority being overwhelmed – all very Neptunian and much more of this is on the way. However, a cautionary side note here is that as we enter the Mars period with Mars coming to square Saturn, expect the ugly appearance of some major state brutality and gut wrenching  Saturn Scorpio drama on the 29th degree. Also when Mars joins Jupiter in opposition to Neptune, this is when the collective masses may not be so peaceful either.

As we hit the 25th of September, just before the Super Moon eclipse on the 28th,  we come to the exact Mars square to Saturn (violence, brutality, authoritarianism, ugliness) period just as Saturn re-enters Sagittarius – so we can expect some major kind of drama at this time – things could turn ugly around the refugee situation. Already at this point Mercury is retrograde, Jupiter is two degrees off from Neptune and closing in on the trine to Pluto therefore amping up the drama effect.  By October 6th Mars will be exactly opposite to Neptune and almost conjunct to Jupiter. Mars of course energizes, activates and agitates. Mars is also violence, drama and conflict and Jupiter is expansion – Mars is picking up on the energy of Neptune in opposition and passing this energy through on to Jupiter and then the trine to Pluto. This is the period of the September event or events. In my previous post I had failed to pick up on how Mars is coming into the whole equation. With Uranus in Aries, we should keep note that Mars is refracting the energy of Uranus, so when Mars opposes Neptune, linking to Jupiter trine to Pluto, things could potentially become very volatile, nature too, and with Uranus there are often protests and uprising of various sorts.

Eclipse 28th September 2015The energies here are very complex and dynamic but perhaps there will be a massive break out of peace in the midst of some kind of tumultuous global event? With my Sagittarius rising at 29 degrees I am always trying to be the greatest optimist, with some Capricorn cynicism.  Perhaps we should not at this point rule out some kind of event related to the extraterrestrial phenomena, exopolitics as they call it, or even some kind of global woo woo Neptune spiritual event – also with Jupiter so active now in opposition to Neptune, we  have that Aquarian Pope of the Neptune religion heading to America. He may still be able to save America from sodomite marriage and get a few more converts – but Saturn next year in Sagittarius (beliefs) squared by Neptune and Jupiter heralds some major religious reforms. For another post, but Jupiter in Virgo opposed to Neptune in Pisces is the big conflict between faith, belief, theism and science, factuality, atheism.

Last of all, I would like to just comment on and post a video. Steve Judd is a great elder astrologer and I love to watch his general monthly forecasts which he posts up on Youtube. He has a lot of illuminating things to say about September and in this Video he picks up on something else I missed namely the Mercury retrograde square to Pluto in the midst of the Jupiter Neptune period. He frames some things in terms of lies, spin and deception – something to be very aware of during this month. Whatever happens, we may be surged with more than a few exaggerated half truths especially from government sources and the media. Also, his latest video is also well worth watching and he also picks up on the ‘we didn’t see it coming theme’. So little time, so much to keep abreast of!


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