The September Event and 2015 Crash 

So here we are hurdling our way through the Jupiter Saturn square. It started with the Chinese market mini crash, now it has morphed into the Chinese currency devaluation, currency wars, the Japanese economic turndown in the back ground of the tripling  of its money supply as well as falterings in the developing economies. It appears as events unfold day to day now that things are falling into place for a major crisis or crises into the remainder of 2015. Most of the alternative commentators on the economic front are hedging for some crash scenario by the end of 2015. Well known enough names such as Gerald Celente, Mark Faber, Peter Schiff, Robert Kiyosaki and even the boss Warren Buffet are piping a similar tune.  Analyst Larry Edleson as one example points to a major collapse coming to play by November 7th  – which ties into the Saturn Neptune square which is exact on November 25th – so the 7th would be when this aspect starts to apply within orb. The currency wars, banking liquidity crises were already indicated way back in 2000 when the present Jupiter Saturn cycle seeded in Taurus (banks, currency) square to Uranus (shocks, instabilities, crisis). For a more blow by blow account of the mini crashes, sell offs and tale telling graphs one could just follow the postings and daily tweets at  Zero Hedge .

In the previous post to this,  Saturn Neptune and the New Socialism, I touched upon the Saturn Neptune square which is tuning into the myriad of crash predictions and  forecasts for the month of November. What we are witnessing here is basically the death of capitalism, or at least what the ideal has degenerated into. The triumph of capitalism happened at the conjunct of Saturn and Neptune at the end of the Cold War, when the Western capitalist system was to be the saviour of humanity. Now those illusions (Neptune) are squarely being dealt a fatal blow (square Saturn). Indeed, as I noted before, all the major points of this Saturn Neptune cycle have mapped to one crisis or another which suddenly morphed into reality when in hindsight all the warning signs were clearly visible – such as the Asian Tiger crash at the first Saturn Neptune square and the 2008 crash which came shortly after the Saturn Neptune opposition point.

Presently, the worst and most pessimistic of predictions point to a sustained and protracted systematic collapse from 2015 until possibly 2020. The upcoming astrological transits do seem to back this up very well. The main reason for this is that we have only just passed the first Jupiter Saturn square which also formed a weak T-square  involving the Jupiter Neptune opposition now closing in. Two closing major square cycles are now coming together – the Jupiter Saturn square and the Saturn Neptune square.  Both of these cycles have correlated to major crises along the previous square and opposition points precisely because the conjunction points of both cycles were aspected by Uranus – indicating sudden changes, upsets, crisis and trauma. By November 25th the first Saturn Neptune square will be exact and then into March and May next year,  the finale of the Jupiter Saturn squares will close in with the second Saturn Neptune square which translates in a Jupiter Neptune opposition in a T-square to Saturn. Basically, from hereon into 2016 at least is going to be quite a ride!

Currently there is a strong meme going around the net concerning a major September event. Some of these are the usual apocalypse, end of times, other memes concern the crash of the dollar or some kind of major natural calamity including of course the perennial comet.  Of course there is a lot of paranoia around in September ever since the mass death ritual of the 911 Twin Towers attack. Usually a month preceding  this date it is typical to see news stories of crashes, plane dramas etc.  pushed to the fore of the media such as the recent plane debris possibly shedding light on the Air Malaysia crash. The purpose of all this is to resurface the suppressed trauma or to reinstall the fear based mind control program of 911. It is as if ever since the date of September 11, 2001 that some collective entity hijacked our reality and we’ve been on some twisted perverse timeline. The 911 event was our initiation into the negative polarity of the Aquarian age (the age of Saturn), a new order of the ages brought into being through a continued cycle of crisis, shock and trauma. 911 happened under the Pluto Saturn opposition of that time, so in terms of any truth coming out about that event, Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius (the truth teller) may prove quite revealing because by  January 10, 2016 Saturn will come to conjunct the Pluto point of September 11, 2001 at 12 degrees of Sagittarius.

The present Internet meme of the September event obviously concerns the first of the Jupiter Neptune oppositions which hits exactitude on September 16th, shortly after the glitched date of September the 11th. Jupiter and Neptune are somewhat similar in their archetypal natures and together they can inflate expectations, hopes and delusions to the extreme. As mentioned in a previous post, the history of the Jupiter Neptune opposition correlates to some major historical miscalculations and underestimations of the reality of the situation. The two most notable of these being Hitler’s invasion of Czekoslovakia and the Bay of Tonkin incident leading to the Vietnam War. Jupiter has now entered Virgo as of August 11 and is presently within a 5 degree active orb of opposition with Neptune in Pisces. Over the last few days we have seen an escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Of course, these flare ups happen frequently enough, but with Jupiter closing in on opposition to Neptune, it would be unwise to dismiss these latest tensions as crying wolf over war. Past correlations to present aspect patterns can only act as an exemplar of the nature of the archetypal energy, but in the larger context of what is unfolding globally, there is a lot more to all of this than meets the eye – which is very typical of the Neptunian archetype. Neptune, and especially Neptune in its own domain of Pisces, correlates to a major blind siding. Many people may be residing a little too comfortably in their delusions or their blissful or willful ignorance to see what is about the hit them. Neptune is not like Uranus. With Neptune, if you open your eyes you will see what the reality really is. The mist, the fog and the delusion can be penetrated. Uranus is more the classic cosmic trickster which always pulls the totally unsuspected. There is no point is crying innocence, or pretending victim hood after the flood gates of Neptune are let loose.

So what are the potential correlations to a ‘September Event’ – which according to the timing of the Jupiter Neptune opposition is set for sometime after September 11 , optimal dates being from September 16th through to the 28th. Below  is the chart for the September Jupiter-Neptune opposition. What follows are NOT predictions, but a consideration of potential events that correlate to the net and sum of the archetypal energies.

The chart for the exact Jupiter-Neptune opposition of 16th September. This Energy is partly already in effect and events can be trigger near to or shortly after the date :

Jupiter opposes Neptune 16 September 2015

As you can see, the energy for September is quite complex and highly integrated especially if one considers sign ‘rulerships’ or the refractors of the constellation energy. Jupiter and Neptune are sitting out by themselves at 7 degrees. Note how Jupiter is in orb of an approaching trine to Pluto. Whatever happens at this time, the events will flow into this trine towards the Equinox. This trine indicates the intensification (Pluto) and expansion of energy (Jupiter) – so this opposition is made all the more volatile and dramatic. Mercury, which is refracting the energy from Virgo where Jupiter is, is itself in opposition to Uranus in Aries where Uranus is in a trine to Venus the refractor of Mercury in Libra. So the energy of the opposition, intensified by the 5 degree orb trine to Pluto is now fed into the Uranus-Mercury opposition and Venus. Mercury at this time is now stationary moving into retrograde – so this energy itself is very volatile often related to stormy, windy weather and the association with miscommunication. Venus, in turn, is also in an approaching conjunct to Mars. This energy is very passive aggressive and unpredictable. Ever since Mars has entered Leo there have been a lot of severe accidents and explosions, Tianjin to mention one, because Uranus is already very volatile in Aries so we must keep an eye on where Mars is. Leo is fire, Mars is fire and the trine to Uranus in Aries fire is literally setting things off. Mars itself, however, is in an approaching square to Saturn on the 29th degree of Scorpio. Two days later as Saturn re-enters Sagittarius, the Moon will pass over Saturn and the Moon is always the trigger to the whole equation. Mars, remember, refracts two signs – Aries and Scorpio so we have Uranus and Saturn in the signs of Mars where Mars is square Saturn (on the critical 29th degree) and where in turn Mars is conjunct to Venus in a trine to Uranus. By the time of the Equinox on the 21-22 September the Moon will be on Pluto and Mars in an almost exact square to Saturn (now in Sagittarius) where Venus and Uranus will be in an exact trine too. The Equinox itself happens conjunct to the North Node indicating a crucial eclipse to happen by September 28th.

Here is the chart of the significant Equinox of 22-23 September showing how the energies of the first Jupiter-Neptune opposition flow into the unfolding story :

Fall equinox of 2015

For those who have basic literacy in astrological symbols, probably some kind of vision has been formed in the mind or there is a clear connection to the mood and energy of this period. Translating it into words is the challenging part!

First lets look at the Virgo – Pisces axis. Virgo represents logic, science, materiality,  functionality, practicality to mention the main. Jupiter is expanding these principles meaning we will get to see what the reality really is, especially as it pertains to the functionality and health (Virgo) of our systems.  Of course, oppositions can play not to balance but to extremes, meaning we can choose not to see what the reality is (Virgo) – the facts of the data – and instead we can believe the spin or illusion (Pisces). The opposite Pisces polarity then is faith, beliefs, ideals, dreams, illusions  and  the imperceptible or spiritual. This opposite pole represents what we are told to believe, what we are led to believe, the media spin, the deception, especially that of the mass media (Pisces).

With the Jupiter Neptune opposition, Jupiter can inflate the feel good nature of Neptune. Everything is totally okay. Reality is whatever you believe it to be. Jupiter in turn tends towards exuberance and over confidence and Neptune in opposition can push this to the extreme too. In this way, this opposition often leads to fool hardy decisions and major miscalculations based on over inflated confidence, too much trust in what you believe or having faith in skewered facts. The other twist is to be too focused on the day to day details (Virgo) and ups and downs of say the markets and thus miss the bigger picture – distraction via details. In a sense this opposition also implies to be blind sided by what is directly in front of you. A recent tweet come in from Gerald Celente says :  ”A World In Denial, Headed For Full-Blown Panic As The Global Economy And Stock Markets Crash” – is a perfect reflection of this opposition energy. People just don’t really want to know.

Here are some of the scenarios that I have accordingly dreamed up contemplating this Jupiter Neptune opposition :

A fateful act of war or aggression :

Partly this is drawing upon the historical correlations to this aspect. However, here we need to consider deeper the nature of Virgo. The energy of Virgo can be quite militaristic and intolerant. Virgo can be quite the little Nazi actually. Virgo is obsessed with systems. The system isn’t working because of this and that – the social system, global system or whatever system is failing because of this type of person and that type of country – so they need to be gotten rid of or fixed. War requires organization and precision and this is where Virgo comes in too. In this equation, Mercury in retrograde, the refractor of the Virgo energy, is opposing Uranus in volatile Aries with Uranus trine to Venus / Mars (extreme passive aggressiveness) where Mars is square to Saturn. Mars is the god of war and Saturn / Mars conjuncts have a high correlation to acts of war and state brutality, cop killings and violence against citizenry. The square is not as powerful as the conjunct or opposition, but Saturn is in deadly Scorpio on the 29th critical degree.

The location of such as event could quite possibly be the Korean peninsula. A recent Russia Today report states most of the North Korean submarines are now out to sea. North Korea anyway is the joker card which is being kept for the end game. It could be an Israeli strike against an Iranian nuclear facility considering their growing frustration with the American Iranian deal. It could be a sudden flaring up in the Ukraine conflict or a South China Sea incident. Take your pick. The Jupiter trine Pluto aspect also plays into this. Pluto is destruction in Capricorn (structures, systems) Jupiter is expansion. Pluto is also an archetype of death and the Jupiter trine correlation could imply a situation of mass casualties.

Of course, wars don’t just happen. There is always the underlying economics to the whole scam. Considering the inevitability of the collapse of global markets and major currencies, it would be most fortuitous to precede this with either a major terrorist incident or an incident to push for war as a cover for the impending financial catastrophe.

Another September terror attack :

Neptune in its own sign of Pisces correlates to a general rise in religious extremism and religious delusions running rampant. Not just Islamic extremists, but also frustrations of the Christian right in America as well as Jewish extremists and Zionists. The Jupiter opposition could potentially push any of these into some kind of desperate act. No sooner had the fearful specter of Osama Ladin been swallowed up by the ocean, along came IS /Isis and we have been warned about this group and their impending attacks against the western lands. Isis is largely the brain child and vehicle of the CIA, British Intelligence, Mosad and the Saudis anyway, so in terms of a terror event, let’s just mark this as false flag from the get go.  A terror event with mass casualities seems less likely than the fateful act of war scenario. The main reason being that the Jupiter Pluto trine at this time is somewhat weak as is the Mars Saturn square. Wars tend to take time to build up causalities and this would fit more into the Jupiter trine to Pluto as we move forward through the eclipse to the exact Jupiter Pluto trine by October 13th. But in the mean time before the Equinox Mars will square Saturn in Scorpio (death/drama) and then we have to deal with the Mars / Jupiter conjunct in opposition to Neptune which correlates to increased levels of aggression (or armies amassing). With Saturn on the cusp of Sagittarius and Scorpio, any attack would be connected to religious extremists, and the target would probably be something related to places of worship, higher educational institutes, tourism or international, long distance travel such as planes and trains.

Market melt downs :

One of the more likely scenarios as this is already happening. However, in terms of significant structural collapse, I would still look towards the end of November with the Saturn Neptune square. This opposition would give clarity as to how perilously close we are to a major full scale global melt down. Market melt downs and currency crashes will be a good thing anyway  in the longer term. The real economy of goods and services will always be there, but it cannot deliver equal prosperity because of the over riding weight of the vampiric casino economy of manipulated markets, monetary value debasement, high frequency algorithmic trading, all sorts of esoteric derivatives, free rides, bailouts for the rich and the corporate elite. What we could see at this time though is another round of massive bailouts and quantitative easing or monetary diarrhea – indicated by Jupiter trine to Pluto. This is already happening with China’s announcement of liquidity pumping. Jupiter indicating wealth and trine indicating a big flow of it into the corporate structures indicated by Pluto in Capricorn. This of course won’t help anything and will only exacerbate the pending melt down by the end of November. In terms of economic and structural meltdowns, November is only the beginning.  The real pointer to systematic dissolution is March and May of 2016 with the Jupiter Neptune opposition T-square to Saturn closing in. Pluto in Capricorn has correlated to two main themes – collapsing structures and empowerment of the oligarchical elite. Jupiter trine Pluto could signify an acceleration of structural collapse, which in turn leads to an increase in authoritarianism. This trine builds up gradually to October 13 – so there are two similar energies of structural collapse, this and the end of November with the Saturn Neptune square. With Neptune, things tend to start as a  gradual melt down, like a block of ice, so we will see mini melt downs, crashes here and there, running around trying to plug the holes, but things accelerate mid October and then we hit the first tsunami wave in November.

One of those acts of God :

Well,  we all know how much god hates the world he created! I would be concerned here about another massive sea quake. Traditionally, Jupiter was the archetype of earthquakes and this date is quite close to the eclipse as well. Two key trigger dates are September 19 when the Moon passes over Saturn and again on the Equinox when the Moon passes over Pluto. The big sea quake that led to the Japan tsunamis happened when Uranus was on the cusp of Pisces to Aries and the nuclear explosion at Fukushima happened to the exact timing of Uranus crossing into Aries proper. A massive sea quake along the Nankai trench off western Japan is high on the list. It is estimated that up to 18 000 people could lose their lives in and around the Osaka Bay area and Wakayama coastline. Such an event could be the straw that breaks the camels back in terms of the Japanese economy and currency situation. Of course it could be a quake of the Pacific coast of America or even the Atlantic Ridge, but the flow of Jupiter into the trine to Pluto once again suggest that a September event would lead to some kind of major structural collapse later as indicated by Pluto in Capricorn. Other than that, we can’t do much about meteorites!

Social unrest :

The peak periods of Jupiter Neptune combinations tend to give rise to collective mass emotional unity. Certain cultural trends take on quite a force, people instinctively gather around some kind of cause, gripe, ideal or movement.  This could correlate to mass social movements, but perhaps not as volatile as the Pluto Uranus ones that we saw with the Uranus Saturn Pluto T-square period. The force of Neptune is like a tsunami wave – nothing can really get in its way or stop it. Like the tidal wave of mass demonstrations that brought down the apartheid system in South Africa. Jupiter also opposed Neptune at that time. Uranus (freedom, revolution) was conjunct Neptune back then, but here we do see a very active Uranus and Mars. Probably in the more unstable developing nations, as the fragile economies falter, and also in China, this would result in mass protest movements and some governments may very well fall. Mars square to Saturn in the equation suggests a less than friendly response from the keepers of the rabble. ‘Chaos and panic on the streets from New York to Shanghai’ – this is how some economic and social commentators have described what could unfold. Neptune in opposition to Jupiter could certainly correlate to confusion, panic and chaos. Hopefully with Jupiter in practical and level headed Virgo, enough people will be able to keep it together. 

With Saturn at 29 degrees Scorpio and with Mars square to Saturn (state brutality), we are looking again at the meme of ‘Black lives matter’ – it was with Saturn at this degree that the cop shootings and Furguson riots took place. The 29th degree of Scorpio is blending into the racial identity theme of Sagittarius. Another fateful incident leading to race riots is also quite possible. The last time some white dude tried to start a race war in Charleston with Saturn on the 29th degree, it had the opposite effect.

Political bombshells :

As mentioned in the previous post, the Jupiter Neptune opposition is coming at the time of the Labour Party leader election results in the UK. It has been very interesting to follow the media clout and reactions to the Jeremy Corbyn campaign. It seems that the ruling elite of the corporate state, the neo liberal capitalists, the oligarchs (Pluto in Capricorn) are all in a tizz as they begin to realize how they have underestimated the mood and feelings of the public – and this is a very Neptune aspect situation – misreading and misjudging the situation, not seeing the reality for what it is but rather as what you want it to be. The ‘anything but Corbyn’ campaign seems to be hitting new heights of desperation and hysteria, with vapid celebrities like Beckam and Bono being dragged into the foray. Jeremy Corbyn can translate into JC and his livered opponents have described his supports as being not unlike members of a cult. If the real JC were around, I wonder who he would be voting for?

The attacks in the corporate whore media are relentless, but insightful. Here in this quote from an article in The Economist : “The sudden vogue for populist leftists like Mr Corbyn echoes the earlier rise of parties such as Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain. Similar enthused crowds have been greeting another grizzled old socialist, Bernie Sanders, in America”  – Neptune is all about vogue and that feeling of something sudden and unsuspecting, and all these lefties again! – definitely the rise of  a new socialism is upon us. The Jupiter Neptune opposition will ignite this in a big way and Mars trine Uranus will get people up and moving while the liberal capitalist are about to implode themselves with debt and currency wars.  In South Africa as the economy of that developing nation falters in a big way, the EFF or Economic Freedom Fighters movement is on the ever up and rise. They will go far and much further as we hurdle down the road to a very bumpy 2016. The EFF arose precisely because the ANC party of Nelson Mandela, essentially a nationalist-socialist movement together with the Communist party,  failed to deliver on their social promises and instead pandered to international bankers and the global corporate oligarchs. The political spectrum anyway has been shifted so far to the right that any candidate that speaks about social good, support of the less fortunate, labour rights, a minimum wage, fairer distribution of profits and against corporatism in general is a radical and a danger to the entire world. The gods of capital rule supreme, we shall worship them, bow down before the market idols, offer our sweat and blood as the gods demand bail outs and tax breaks, thou shalt not question the corporate dictates – however, the consensus is now blown and  the dialectic is opening up again.

The road to 2020 :

I have for some time had my eye on the astrology of 2020. It represents the greatest turning point we will witness in this 21st century. The year of the great conjuncts in the sign of Capricorn – Saturn Pluto and Jupiter all meet up together – the start of three major new cycles with Jupiter and Saturn dancing with each other over the hedge way into Aquarius. If by some miracle or other the pending crises can be staved off, 2020 is clearly the time when we meet the brick wall. However, with recent events and contemplating the upcoming aspects more deeply, I have done some reconsidering.

It is quite possible and it seems more likely now, that the global systematic collapse will be with us sooner than suspected – oh that Neptune thing again! If not 2020, it would have to be May to March 2016 with the Jupiter- Neptune opposition T-square to Saturn. Saturn is of course systems and structures and Saturn takes the apex of the T-square with Jupiter and Neptune with their similarities forging quite a unified force. The image of Jupiter and Neptune together, especially with Neptune in Pisces, is that of a huge tsunami, an unstoppable force of dissolution, break down and all resistance just being swept away. Economic tsunami, political tsunami, mass uprising tsunami – all just crashing in on Saturn – and then the aftermath is the fight for what will take its place.

It’s not all that bad actually, if you can keep your head while everyone else is losing theirs! If you look at the flow of the aspects, we start with the Jupiter Neptune opposition flowing into the Jupiter Pluto trine, then the Saturn Neptune square followed by the big crunch with the Jupiter Neptune opposition T-square to Saturn of early 2016 into June of that year. After this period of the big crash we head into the Saturn Uranus trine which indicates the building of new structures and the battle to define the new paradigm. The Jupiter will, in 2018,  come to trine Neptune  – these two trines of Saturn to Uranus and Jupiter to Neptune happen at the same time on two occasions. This indicates some kind of great cooperative effort (Jupiter/Neptune) in building new structures (Saturn/Uranus), yet at the same time there are some quite disconcerting energies around which happen with mass social movements. Depending how bad the initial crash is, this  would determine how this Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces works out. In some places it would be great, in other places perhaps we will go down the road of mass executions all over again. Finally by 2020 we come to the great conjuncts in Capricorn – at least by this time the new turf and game players will emerge.

In recent times we have been experiencing some very interesting parallels to the astrology of the period before and after World War Two. The Pluto Saturn Uranus T-square of 2008 to 2015 was a parallel aspect to the great depression. The rise and fall of Communism correlated to two Saturn Neptune cycles. The rise and fall of Adolf Hitler and German National Socialism mapped to the Saturn Neptune cycle. Presently we are nearing the closing Saturn Neptune square which is correlating to the fall of liberal Capitalism. Uranus was in Aries during much of WW2 correlating to extremist ideologies on both spectrums and a rapid development of military technologies and we see similar things happening now. The key aspect to WW2 was a Jupiter Saturn Uranus conjunct trine Neptune and it was only after the war by 1946 into 1947 that Saturn came to conjunct Pluto, which indicated a period of intense rebuilding. We could be following a similar pattern here with the collapse of structures and systems to come by 2016 and therefore 2020, with the great conjuncts in the structural sign of Capricorn, correlating to the building of a new global society.

How these aspects will play out exactly is yet unknown. As more unfolds,  the more we can get a vision of the road ahead. What I am sure of though, is that this Jupiter Neptune opposition is the beginning of something big. We are on the brink and the game is on again.


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