Saturn Neptune and the New Socialism 

The social collective meme

An interesting political and social meme has been emerging more and more recently. It’s got to do with the political left and progressive to radical  socialist movements, especially at the moment in the UK and the ongoing contest to elect a new Labour leader after the defeat of Ed Milband in the last election. In a previous post I had made some arbitrary references to the rise of a ‘new socialism’ or collective social force regarding the closing or waning Saturn to Neptune square which is set for the rest of this year and into mid 2016. Just these last few weeks as Jupiter squared Saturn, Neptune was brought into the equation via extended aspects to form a T-square. This offered a taste of what is to come, so it was no surprise that in the UK there was a lot in the media about one prospective Labour party leader namely Jeremy Corbyn. A similar 2016 Democratic contender in the US is Bernie Sanders, also with a strong Virgo theme (where Jupiter is opposing Neptune) of authenticity, honestly, policies against corporatism and redefining the social left.  Video Link.

The Corbyn campaign has really tapped into the Zeitgeist which is one of discontent and disillusionment especially with entire entrenched establishment from both of the fake wings. Bailouts, tax cuts, Swiss bank loopholes for the rich, austerity and social cuts for the rest, glorification of the rich, personal wealth bordering on moral obscenity and resentment for the poor and vulnerable has been the prevailing ruling class Tory ideology in the UK.  Now A populist ground swell is developing in perfect correlation to the Saturn Neptune square. Corbyn’s  press coverage has varied, but by enlarge he has been pilloried by he corporate media, the conservative fold and the Blairites with major donors threatening to pull funding if the people dare elect him as their leader. At the moment he stands as the firm front runner. 

Saturn Neptune and Jupiter

Historically, the conjuncts of Saturn and Neptune usually come at times when people have reached the limits of what they can bear in terms of social, structural oppressions, sufferings and deprivations (Saturn). The loss of humanity becomes overbearing and the collective mind and will seizes the moment, and the outcome is uncertain. The rise and fall of communism were both tied into complex aspect patterns involving a Saturn Neptune conjunct.  The rise of Adolf Hitler and national socialism in Germany also mapped to the Neptune Saturn cycle. The seed to this present cycle was the collapse of the Cold War systems in 1989.

Whereas the political pull is generally towards socialist, leftist or collective ideologies with Neptune cycles, the key is really some kind of trend, mass movement which often seemingly arises out of nothing, people unified in their masses around a vision, ideal or collective aspirations. It is typically a unified, collective emotion that sweeps people along, instinctual, even irrational and the worst of it has led to various types of mass psychoses. This is more exemplified with Jupiter Neptune cycles, whereas with Saturn people tend to seek salvation, or collective well being in systems. The root source of this is usually underlying discontent, disillusionment or severe deprivation (negative Neptune / Pisces) and  the squares and oppositions to this cycle generally correspond to different levels of  this. For this square it is particularly so because Neptune is in Pisces (strength doubled) and Jupiter (a lens of Pisces) will be thrown into the mix via an opposition to Neptune.

The Saturn Neptune cycle has a specific purpose which is designated  by their opposite natures. The Saturnian archetype concerns all structures including on the personal ego level and collectively;  especially governments and corporations but this also includes money systems and social structures. Structures imply barriers and the delimitation of space by time. Neptune expresses the desire and need to go beyond everything that is Saturn – to unify, not differentiate, to break down barriers and not erect them. Saturn focuses more on what is practical within the parameters of what is known while Neptune encapsulates more the collective yearnings for a more ideal and utopian word, a different world or ‘anything but this’ that is outside the current paradigm. Neptune is of course transcendence. In the more limited view of traditional astrology Jupiter shares some of the dharma of Neptune, but especially in terms of its dissolutionary correlation, Neptune is much more powerful. Traditionally Jupiter was associated with earthquakes or expansion leading to dislocation. Both Neptune and Jupiter try to exceed the present systematic limitations imposed by Saturn. Jupiter is more like the inflating balloon which then bursts its structural delimitations. Jupiter, as a lens of Sagittarius, is still within the delimitations of our world attempting to break out, whereas Neptune, as the lens of Pisces, is the outer unknown breaking the system from without. With Jupiter comes hope and optimism, with Neptune euphoric excitement. Jupiter has implicit faith that there is something more than what we are currently experiencing.

Neptune correlates to idealism, but not so much intellectual which is typically Jupiterian, but a much more contagious, social idealism leading to collective states of euphoria, great expectations or an inflated collective sense of possibility and supreme confidence in the power of the collective. Jupiter traditionally also has dominion in Pisces. The Virgo Pisces axis, which is now fully activated with Jupiter having just entered Virgo, is about work and service (Virgo) for the collective social good (Pisces).  The systems, structures and forms we caste ourselves in and which lend us a sense of security and stability, represented of course by Saturn, eventually become too rigid and limiting as we yearn for a greater space into which to evolve. It is during these peak moments of frustration , of feeling boxed in or suffocated that Neptune (or Jupiter) comes along all, within good timing, to loosen up things a little. The gestalt is a wave of collective social determinism. Our time has come our will be done. This unstoppable collective social force was last witnessed during end of the Apartheid years in South Africa and the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was not about socialism per se, but when Neptune and Jupiter come together, this wave of the collective mind, or rather the emotional collective will, becomes extremely powerful. With Saturn, there is concerted push to structuralize and systemize the same thing. With Jupiter it is more a collective mass trend, Saturn the force comes from people and organizations of power and influence and at times, like the present moment, they come together. 

In short, coming up very soon, and intensifying towards November 25th this year, is a serious challenge to the encumbered elite represented by Saturn and Pluto, especially with having Pluto in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn. A recent trends forecast by Gerald Celente opines that there will be serious economic melt downs by the end of this year- which is a call to the November 25th first of three Saturn squares to Neptune. This pressure on Saturn increases exponentially when it is also squared by Jupiter while Saturn is in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius – this happens into March and May of 2016 and into June.

This chart shows the first Saturn Neptune square of 25-26 November 2015. Jupiter is already at 20 degrees of Virgo – later to retrograde while Saturn and Neptune are at 7 degrees.

Astrological dial showing the first Saturn Neptune square of 25 November 2015. This is the chart for 16 September 2015 when Jupiter in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces at 7 degrees with Saturn at 29 degrees Scorpio. This aspect is around for the time of the Labour party leadership announcement set for 12 September. Saturn is but 7 degrees out of a square, so in fact this can be considered a weak T-square and it will set the tone and reveal the mood for what is to develop hereon into 2016.

Astrological dial showing the Jupiter Neptune opposition of 16 Spetember 2015. Corbyn appears a simple, down to earth kind of politician, dedicated to workers rights and he has been billed as bringing compassion, morality and rightful principles back into the political stream – and that’s all very Jupiter in Virgo and the euphoria and mass movement behind him is Neptune in Pisces. Apart from a throwback to various types of old state sponsored socialism, the Corbyn campaign has caught onto a collective mind stream of hope, expectation and idealism. That Jeremy Corbyn should be the man chosen for this moment is not surprising. He has Saturn (career) at 29” Leo so he is in a key moment of his career cycle at a Saturn square Saturn period and the Jupiter Neptune opposition will be on his Saturn by 8 degrees. Whether he wins the party leadership or not, and probably he won’t , that is besides the point because at this stage of the game no one from inside the system can upset the status quo. He is at the present time an expression of a greater social movement that is coming to take shape throughout this year and reach a peak in March and May of 2016 and again in December 2016. This astrological article  has a very good breakdown of the astrology behind the British Labour Party and also a commentary on Jeremy Corbyn.

What happens around the end of this year concerning the global economy and the collective socio political mood is a foreshadow into a more powerful period of especially around 26 May for the final Jupiter Saturn square which ties into the Neptune opposition T-square whose effect lasts well into 17 June 2016 when Saturn in retrograde will square Neptune a second time. This second square is shown in the chart below. The final pass of Saturn to Neptune will be less powerful and around the time of 9 September 2016. Bear in mind that by this time we could potentially be in a period of widespread systematic breakdown and economic turmoil.

Saturn Neptune - Square 2 rx

The end of a cycle

If we look at the history of the present cycle, it started off in 1989 with the collapse of the cold war era and the Soviet communist system. Now we are at the closing square of Saturn in this cycle. The great hopes, expectations and ideals that the global collective had back in 1989 have largely failed to fully manifest. Ironically the West stands once again on the brink of another cold war with Russia. Global peace and prosperity has been overshadowed by the so called war on terror (Terra!?), the deliberate chaos spread throughout North Africa and Syria and the creation of the IS.  In the other key country of that time, South Africa, there is a growing disappointment in what the post apartheid governments have achieved and the political system is in a state of crisis. Ever since that time, the Capitalist ideology has ruled supreme and unquestioned until the Asian bubble collapse in 1997 to 1998 which timed into the first opening square of Saturn to Neptune which lasted well into 1999 during the systematic readjustments – and this should act as an advisory on the weather to come up later this year! The opposition came in 2006 to 2007 and the writing should have been on the wall with the 2008 Lehman collapse and 2010 bailouts looming just a few years away under the Pluto Uranus Saturn T-square. The prevailing ideology has been one of unrestricted markets, lack of fundamental regulation and an economic free for all for banks and major corporations and when they fail they must be given hands outs while a gun is put the the heads of the populace. It is no surprise therefore that at this closing Saturn square to Neptune that a major ground swell should arise to challenge this ideology of corporatism and neo liberal capitalism.

Ideally Saturn in aspect to Neptune should be about giving concrete structure to social visions and ideals. Saturn and Neptune together could potentially create heaven or earth so to speak. This archetypal coupling also represents ideals  meeting reality, and where spirit meets matter. Neptune allows for fluidity where Saturn is often overly rigid. Saturn is limited to this world, while Neptune operates outside of the known and limiting paradigms. With the mastery of these two archetypes, so much good can be achieved. Neptune, however,  is also tied into the saviour complex, dependency and a lack of will to take in personally the manifestations of such hopes and visions. Surrender, leave it to the parent, to those who rule over us.  Back in 1989, it appeared that capitalism and the free market were the saviours of the world and all we had to do was to trust in them. 2015 is where this dream has ended.

Looking in the four square directions

There always is a polarity and the archetypes play these out at different times or at the same time. Pluto in Capricorn right now could collapse the old systems and even out the tables, but at the same time it could intensify the power of those at the top even more. Both could of course happen at the same time – systematic collapse in the face of sever authoritarian repression. It is all a question of timing, how the planetary energies balance each other out and what below the surface has reached its time of manifestation. The Occupy Movement which began shortly after one of those 2010 Pluto Uranus Saturn T-squares, offered a new kind of political and social resistance. The masses had come to realize that protests didn’t work and that protest movements and particularly the leaders thereof were easily bought out and in other cases so called activist leaders were being paid for and implanted by those who wished to create a totally fake opposition that was to work as a kind of pressure release point, while not affecting the continued accumulation of wealth and power by the elites. So with Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces these kinds of leaderless revolutions and protest movements appeared. The one spoke for the all and the all represented the one. This was an evolutionary realization, yet still, not much really changed and many of these protests were once again brutally crushed with Saturn in Scorpio in a sign exchange with Pluto in Capricorn; Pluto and Saturn together being the ultimate power trip.
We are now reaching the second wave of this social evolution with the Saturn to Neptune square and the Jupiter opposition T-square. A new global social consciousness in arising very quickly. This will quicken with Jupiter in Virgo and the Virgo-Pisces axis is fully activated. This is the dynamics of the new socialism or social conscious. It will be a global movement of grass roots social activism encompassing practicality, workable solutions, care and compassion with a sense of virtue or morality. It will arise from the bottom and will not be a copy of some kind of old hat, state imposed socialism which is partly represented by Jeremy Corbyn and manufactured Fabian types like Russel Brand. This will be in stark contrast to the elitist paradigm of amassing power and vast amounts of morally questionable wealth and the pursuit of selfish individualism that has long been promoted by crony capitalism and the neo liberal movements.

Things are going to change.

With Uranus in Aries we still have the phenomenon of self organizing collectives and the spread of alternative systems via high technology such as Bitcoin. Uranus in Aries has also motivated many of the spontaneous protest movements which have flair up and then lost direction. With Jupiter coming to oppose Neptune a greater inter-connectivity is happening, a potentially huge ground swell of collective social consciousness is developing. Intense pressures (T-square Neptune/Jupiter) will come to bear down the systems and structures of Saturn, but next key is that soon after this Saturn Neptune Jupiter T-square we will move into the Saturn in Sagittarius trine to Uranus in Aries. The positive polarity of Saturn brings stability, structure, control and direction. This third wave – the Saturn Uranus trine- is when the grass roots movements and the popular resistance to the status quo finds itself some serious leadership or structural organization. The reason why the Occupy Movement largely failed is because it offered no solutions, no alternative structures. The only way out of the structures that are suffocating us now is to build alternative structures and systems. Change will not happen from within the current paradigm. The Saturn trine to Uranus period which kicks of briefly in April 2016 after the Jupiter Neptune opposition T-square to Saturn and then builds to a powerful momentum by 24 December 2016 with an exact opposition of Jupiter to Uranus (exuberant, tense uprisings) with Saturn trine Uranus and sextile to Jupiter (directed, coordinated grassroots action) . This is where the hopes, ideals and visions of the Neptune Jupiter Saturn period come to be greatly realized or not.

Jupiter Uranus Saturn - 24 Dec. 16

The last of these Saturn Uranus trines of building new systems and creating a bridge to the future happens on 10 November 2017 when Jupiter is also in a trine to Neptune and the same two patterns occur again on 10 August of 2018. The Jupiter Neptune trine shows how this new grass roots social consciousness is not going to be a brief fad that will fade or can be dampened out. The game up until now has been divide and rule by Plutocracies, but Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in aspect is a powerful force for bringing peoples together to act as one mind and as one collective force. The second date in August is when the exact Saturn Uranus trine links into an almost exact Jupiter Neptune trine. While from November this year and into 2016 will be quite severe and challenging, 2017 into 2018 is looking to be a very dynamic, hopeful and inspiring time. But then again, the shadow of our past includes things like Stalin death camps, Maoist collective hoards and Pol Pot madness and this should be kept in mind because the Jupiter trine to Neptune will be from the sign of Scorpio, holding the repressed traumas and psychological shadow of humanity.

These are in essence extremely  pivotal years – the make or break between and better world for all or one just for the chosen few. Crunch time is 2020 and the great show down is now getting on the road.


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