New horizons of the Dark Lord

Pluto Horizons

Recently Pluto has been making it into the mundane news with the very spectacular Horizon flyby. Perhaps Pluto, banished to the cold, dark edges of our solar system, is not appreciating these intrusions into his secret world. The timing however has been quite interesting. We have just passed through the long extended Uranus Pluto square with Uranus, as always, trying to take us beyond the known into new and refreshing paradigms and with Pluto progressing through the sign of Capricorn, we are getting to see the more complex reality of his world.  Perhaps this outer intrusion will lead to a collective  intrusion into the same inner space that this archetype prevails over – the deeper, darker, inner workings of the human psyche. Obsessions, repressions, taboos, psychopathic behaviors, power trips, blood lust, possessiveness to name the usual suspects. Maybe this discovery will also sync in with us getting closer to uncovering the true origins of the human species (Pluto / genetics) and where and how this strange, disturbing and destructive species came to be genetically sequenced.

On the brighter side of the polarity, Pluto correlates to origins and is therefore  also a solar archetype; probably why Pluto takes to the sign of Scorpio associated with the magnetic polarity of Mars where Mars represents also the externalization of the solar force. Pluto is more the deeper, inner recesses of human consciousness. Ultimately mastery of the Pluto archetype correlates to personal authenticity and self empowerment. Scorpios tend to have a knack for that – just being very real and genuine people.

Pluto *Full Moon*

There is a lot more though to this synchro-mystical event unfolding because Pluto is now almost at the full moon phase of its first cycle! Back in 1930, Pluto was discovered at 17’47” degrees of Cancer so when Pluto reaches the same degree in opposite Capricorn, this will be the full phase opposition point. Pluto will reach the 17th degree of Capricorn on 18 March 2016! – not long to go and timing into the Saturn Jupiter Neptune T-square set for March 21 and May 26. Then it will go stationary retrograde at 17’29” on 18 April, reach 17 degrees again in direct motion through its retrograde shadow on 2nd January 2017, and finally Pluto will reach discovery opposition point around 25 January 2017. There will be another  retrograde entry to the 17th degree on 15 July 2017, exact retrograde opposition on 23 July and the  final direct motion  pass on 30 November 2017. Most of 2017 will be marked by the Pluto ‘full moon’ opposition cycle. Considering the time it takes for the Horizon images to be transmitted back to Earth, the processing time and then the debate about what the images say, this whole process will probably take us well into 2017. The synchrony of the galactic mind is always such a remarkable thing!

Planet rising to an opposing light.The opposition point carries all the symbolism of the full Moon. The darkness of the night is at its brightest and this indicates fruition and flowering. This opposition point also correlates to the Libra phase – reflection of the self in the other, balance, objectivity, clarity and harmonization. From this point on Pluto descends into its waning phase. In terms of the evolution of human consciousness, this is indeed a rare opportunity, as valuable if not more so than when Pluto was discovered because our understanding of archetypal consciousness and hyper dimensional cosmology is so much more advanced than in 1930.

astrological dial showing the Pluto opposed to Pluto discovery point in 2017
Pluto reaches its first full opposition point January, 2017.
Pluto and pals

In mundane worldly astrology, the outer planets play the leading role, Jupiter and Saturn the supporting roles and the inner planets are really the backstage actors.  However, the outer planets have only recently been rediscovered or birthed into our conscious awareness. These discoveries from the 18th century onwards correlate to humanity evolving to a situation where we personally have more power over the destiny and direction of our lives, but this also correlates to much more rapid change and evolution. Uranus (individuation) being discovered in 1781 shortly before the French revolution, Neptune (transcendence) later in 1846 and Pluto (authenticity) in 1930. The capacity of collective, radical, revolutionary change from the grassroots (Uranus), the pursuit of personal spiritual ideals and global inter connectivity (Neptune), as well as the ability to radically transform personal and collective situations (Pluto) has only really only come about in an accelerated fashion since the time of the discovery of Uranus. So far, of these younguns, only Uranus and Neptune have completed a zodiac cycle at least one time or more. Uranus, discovered at 24’27” Gemini has completed 2.7 revolutions and Neptune, revealed at 25’54” Aquarius, had its first birthday back in April 2009. Essentially it would take one complete zodiac revolution for the power and potential of an archetype to be integrated superficially into human consciousness. It would take twelve revolutionary cycles – twelve times around the circle of twelve for the archetype of a recently discovered body to be completely integrated and available to those who have accomplished personal self mastery, or one who is in a completely balanced state between the polarities.

Cartoon showing the rejection of Pluto as a planet. It matters not whether Pluto is now classified as a dwarf planet or whatever because ultimately astrology is not about planets. The Sun is not a planet and nor is the Moon and Saturn is debatable too. Astrology is about how star light and energy is refracted via electromagnetic bodies in space that correlate to inner psychological impulses and drives. As within so without, as above so below. Any object out there which is large enough will refract star light energy and this will impinge upon us individually and collectively; electronically and magnetically too, and ultimately we are electromagnetic vibrating beings of light, albeit it in imbalanced constitution in relationship to either magnetic or electric polarities.

Pluto and Capricorn

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. Pluto in Capricorn intensifies systematic pressures. Unsupportable structures collapse as did the economy when Pluto entered Capricorn with the Lehman collapse in 2008 and the 2010 bailouts. On the other hand though, we have seen an intensification (Pluto) and exponential growth of corporate power, profits and the wealth of the ruling oligarchs and elites (Capricorn). This has created and continues to create huge societal (Capricorn) disparities in terms of wealth, power and privilege. This will continue until the system gets too top heavy and collapses (Pluto) – but this may or may not be in our lifetime nor within Pluto’s transit through Capricorn .

Pluto can also dig out what lies hidden beneath, so we have seen many corporate scandals and increased exposure of government corruption. Running parallel to this, governments (Capricorn) have become increasingly despotic, corrupt and abusive (Pluto) with very little shame or concern about how the public perceive them. Basically corporations and governments have increased their power exponentially while ordinary people are left feeling dis-empowered (Pluto is individual power, Capricorn the power of systems and groups). Pluto’s transit so far has seen more of a state of imbalance than anything else – which largely questions the collective inner state of humanity. We have a clear picture anyway of how dysfunctional our systems are, but this outer reality points to the same mirrored internally – individually and collectively. At least it can be said that Pluto has been surfacing a lot of poison – the boils are everywhere, but whose going to take a knife to them?

Since its discovery in 1930, Pluto’s transits have wrought much destruction through the zodiac signs. Sometimes the old systems collapse for the better, but most other times it has just been meaningless death and destruction as with the Pluto, Uranus opposed to Saturn Vietnam War, the Pluto Saturn opposition Dessert Storm and ‘war on terror’ and the more recent Pluto Saturn square war in Ukraine, Libya and Syria. The collapse of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet and Apartheid systems in 1989 was a peaceful (Venus), euphoric (Neptune), sudden (Uranus) collapse of systems (Saturn) because these planets were in Capricorn opposed by Jupiter (expanded effect) in the compassionate sign of Cancer and the effect of Pluto was more favorable – trine Cancer sextile Capricorn from Scorpio. Clearly Pluto and Saturn, the refractor of Capricorn, don’t get up to a lot of good together – but these planets aren’t gods or masters of anything, they just show outer to inner correlations. It will probably take at least one complete zodiac cycle, which is another 162 years, before the Pluto archetype starts to correlate to a more balanced polarity and less to pointless death and destruction.

Pluto the evolutionary

If one delves into the evolutionary school of astrology concerning Pluto, we learn that the rotational, ecliptic axis of Pluto is at South Node Capricorn and North Node Cancer and Pluto was discovered in Cancer on its own north node opposed to Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn’s transit through a sign is partly about bringing structural change through rebalancing the system. So we are trying to evolve AWAY from the impersonal, systematic, patriarchal nature of Capricorn to the more caring and compassionate mother matrix of Cancer. In a crab shell, we must realize the human family as one and with compassion for all, but in order to do that we have to balance, harmonize and integrate dualities –  which is what Capricorn is about – one reason why Saturn does well in the sign of Libra. Like the nodes of the Moon, all planets have a rotational axis following the principle of evolution from the south to the opposite north nodes. This is the all important principle of rebalancing or calibrating the system. However, apart from the duality of north to south there is also a localized polarity. So, without first rebalancing the polarity of Capricorn, the energy will remain blocked and the necessary evolutionary flow will be impeded. This is why in the general astrological chart, one needs to work with issues of the lunar south node in order to facilitate the evolution on the north node. We have a long way to go and much more poison will be extracted from the collective while the Capricorn systems of privilege, power and elitism will be pushed to further extremes as we move forward. As a sign Capricorn represents the integration of ALL polarities which appear polarized under the sign of Libra. Aquarius represents detachment from duality and the realization of simultaneous oneness and difference, a step further than Capricorn, and Pisces represents the transcendence of all duality and polarity. We will probably only manage the next major evolutionary jump when Pluto makes its first return to its place of discovery in Cancer. The full opposition phase, which is upon us, is a point of reflection and clarity, a time of recollection and circumspection which is then followed by the waning phase which will probably see a greater internal consolidation and integration of the archetype.

2015 to 2020

From here on out Pluto is not going to be a big player, not until 2020. Uranus and Pluto have moved out of aspect, and 2015 into 2016 will be more about Jupiter and Neptune in a T-square to Saturn, and in the background will be the Pluto opposition phase followed by the Jupiter Uranus opposition March 2017 and not to mention the Saturn Uranus trine from late 2016 through into 2018.  By 2020 however Saturn will be in Capricorn followed by Jupiter, so in 2020 we will see the seeding of the Pluto Jupiter cycle and also the Pluto Saturn cycled followed shortly thereafter by the Jupiter Saturn conjunct cycle in Aquarius and by 2024 Pluto will make its grand entry in Aquarius.

The great conjuncts in Capricorn of 2020 and Pluto’s entry into Aquarius will largely see how the Age of Aquarius is going to further manifest – the negative polarity of extreme high technology, fusion of technology and the human body, cyborgs, drone armies, genetically enhanced elites living in a bubble of privilege and protection against the hordes corralled into cities, micro chipped, socially engineered to all think the same, no differentiation – or the balanced polarity of a decentralized society promoting unity in diversity, high technology supporting higher consciousness, living in highly bio integrated environments or basically the dream stuff of the wonderful age of Aquarius. Perhaps I’m on the wrong time line here, but it appears the former is more likely with the latter being rather limited to certain remote or specialized areas. It is my personal view that it will take the human race much longer to evolve out of its current paradigm, largely another 1000 years which is the first half of the Aquarian age (taken to be 2160 years)  which is ruled by Saturn. It will be an Age of Saturn, 1000 years of super engineered elites (the 1000 year Reich) which will push the planet to the edge and only the second half the Aquarian age will be an Age of Uranus, which after the Saturnian rule, and with what is left,  will bring humanity into a unified collective based on higher principles of equanimity and equality. This will largely be so because the reality of what unfolds hereon cannot be based on the consensus perception alone, but has to also figure in as best as possible hidden agendas, powers and forces, the reality of a break away civilization which has long been underway as well as the fifth column of extraterrestrial directorship of the human race. 1000 years will equate to 4 Pluto cycles and a correlation to Cancer (also opening square), where Pluto was discovered,  and one processional age of 2160 years equates to approximately 8 (or 8.8) Pluto cycles – which is the number of Pluto anyway. By the time Pluto has completed 12 cycles needed for complete integration , we will be well into the Age of Capricorn where the current evolutionary blockages of humanity reside. Perhaps by this second Age of Saturn, we will be ready to build a truly great civilization once again.


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