Economic cycle update

In a previous post I talked about the Grexit melodrama where I mentioned the crucial date of around 4 August when we reach exactitude with the first of three Jupiter Saturn squares. As we entered into this Jupiter/Saturn square period some 10 days ago or so, market troubles were  brewing around the world. The Chinese market of course lost up to 30% of its value, the Nikkei falling 3% in one day, but since then things have been somewhat ‘stabilized’ with mostly interventionist measures.  Also, days ago the metal markets nosedived and Forbes ran an article speculating if this heralded the next big market shakeup or crisis. All these events are the warm up the the closing square of this cycle in early August and then into March and May next year. Why Chinese stocks at this time would take a hit probably correlates partly to the North Node transiting in Libra and China is a Libra nation. 

Jupiter, Saturn and their synodic cycle define the general course of economic affairs.  In traditional astrology they had dominion over last four signs of the zodiac or the collective signs from Sagittarius to Pisces . Jupiter is the principle of expansion, also intuition, faith, trust, speculation, forecasting and plain good luck. Saturn is earth and grounding, consolidation, circumspection, the reality of the data, good management, sound systems, structure and three dimensionality. Jupiter without Saturn is the bubble economy, a lack of perspective and sound fundamentals while Saturn without Jupiter is too much rigidity, fear, caution and mistrust. 

Generally, the best economic times are when Saturn and Jupiter are both direct and not in stressful aspect. Saturn retrograde generally correlates to negative quarters. The best periods of real, positive, fundamental growth would be the Jupiter sextile and trine Saturn periods. 

It is no surprise therefore that major market corrections would come with a Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. Stock markets, shared assets and shared resources are the archetypal realm of Scorpio, and Saturn always correlates to a reality check or correction. The Chinese market has long been due for a major correction and probably the Nikkei too which has recently seen record highs of 18 years – correlating in part to Jupiter’s transit through Leo over the last year, but Jupiter crossing soon into Virgo heralds leaner and more frugal times. Undoubtedly there will be more financial instability and upsetting news as we head closer and closer to the August date, be it Greece, China, Japan or elsewhere. 

For now  it appears anyway that direct intervention and market manipulation will again be the order of the day to temporarily stabilize the markets.  Behind the facade of stock markets, none of the fundamentals are good with developed economies burdened by debt, austerity, bail outs, money printing, corporatism and  growing divide between the 1%, 3%, 10% and the rest. 

Basically the system is extremely polarized, top heavy and sooner or later there will have to be a correction, collapse or a global management system that increasingly relies on manipulation, deception, coercion  or increasingly  brutal, totalitarian measures. The question that has been for a long time now is, How far down the road can the can be kicked – in terms QE what ever number, bailouts, ‘austerity’ cuts and the rest of it?

Astrologically, the answer is when Pluto meets Saturn (and Jupiter) in Capricorn  in 2020. This date heralds the possible massive (Pluto) and global (Jupiter) collapse of systems (Saturn in Capricorn). The Jupiter Saturn conjunct at this is quite unusual as it will first happen at 29 degrees Capricorn, and then the two planets in conjunct will straddle each other over to conjunct at 0 degrees Aquarius. Before this happens Saturn will conjunct Pluto – therefore 2020 marks the seeding of two extremely important cycles – Jupiter to Saturn and Saturn to Pluto (and also Jupiter/Pluto). 
This chart for 17 Dec. 2020 shows the closest conjunct of Jupiter to Saturn in the sign of Capricorn at 29 degrees.  


As the beautiful language of the cosmos would have it, the exact conjunct happens at the Solstice on 21 Dec. 2020 at 00’29 degrees Aquarius! 


This ‘straddle conjunct’ indicates the shifting and bridging to a new paradigm – from the earth to the air elements.  (The bridge building period is between late 2016 into 2018 with the Saturn / Uranus trine.) This will be the first seeding of this cycle in the air signs (second actually, but more about that later) and this marks the beginning of a new economic and cultural paradigm that is based on the air element – indicating a economic paradigm to do with information (Gemini) social networks and creativity (Libra) and high technology and communities (Aquarius). The Bitcoin revolution is an intimation of this. Virtual, digital, community currency which is not under the control of a central banking system (Taurus). This conjunct indicates a further shift into the Aquarian Age which will be followed shortly after by Pluto’s entry into Aquarius in November 2024. The 2040 Jupiter/Saturn cycle will be in Libra again and the 2060 in Gemini in anti clockwise fashion. 

However, to arrive into the time space of the new paradigm we must pass through the Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunct warming up January 2019 with the first exact conjunct on the 11th. The  Jupiter/Pluto conjunct will be 5th April that year with the maximum effect of Jupiter extending through May 2020. The only question is how many will survive this period? From a more multi dimensional perspective 2020-2012 =8! 

The Jupiter Saturn cycle is itself quite fascinating. The cycle is approximately 20 years in length and each cycle meets in the same element in a rotating fashion for an extended period of time. The earth element cycle started in 1840 during the early industrial revolution when we started intense exploitation of physical earth resources and money became more tightly linked to some kind of gold standard. 

In 1980 the cycle however started in Libra – the social air sign of peers with Venus, as the refractor, passing over Uranus and conjuncting Neptune for the exact joining thus foreshadowing a high tech (Uranus) global (Sagittarius) mass media (Neptune) network that would emerge at the end of the cycle . This harkened to the seeding of a new paradigm because by the next cycle in 2000, the Internet has been established and peer to peer networking came into being. 

The present cycle seeded in 2000 in Taurus and was squared by Uranus in Aquarius (host of the 2020 cycle! – and what a hand shake that was!!) indicating a radical transformationary period which we are currently witnessing. Already this cycle has been marked by the September 911 crash shortly after the conjunct (square Uranus) and the 2010 bailouts at the opposition point – Jupiter conjunced Uranus at that time and opposed Saturn in a T-square to Pluto.

But this is all jumping the gun because the point is really the here and now and what is coming up into next year. There may be some recovery as we progress into the second half of this year, especially with Saturn going direct into more optimistic Sagittarius, however, the last two of these square aspects, a month or so  apart in March to May 2016, suggest temporary relief for the most part and by the end of the first quarter and into the second of 2016, we will be facing some seriously dark and stormy financial weather. 

As we reach into 16 September this year we’ll be at the first Jupiter / Neptune opposition with Saturn at 29 Scorpio in orb of a T-square to that opposition. This is a prelim glimpse and this energy will shadow into 2016 March and May with the Jupiter / Saturn squares getting stronger with each run. Therefore there are two break points before March/May 2016 – one for around 4 August and this date of 16 September. 

Jupiter / Neptune oppositions have a history of major deluded mistakes and T-square to Saturn in Scorpio could correlate to a major kind of terror attack, another September event, or some military operation with grave extended consequences. Jupiter and Neptune together can lead to exaggerated states of egotistic  delusion and hubris. Neptune in Pisces indicates different types of extremism, either religious or those based on warped,  historic perspectives; Jupiter in Virgo can be quite a fundamentalist, bent on one course of corrective action and Saturn is on the cusp to Sagittarius; so in all likelihoods this could be either foreign extremists in the case of America or home grown fanatics bent on some kind of religious, historic or racial cause or gripe or perhaps an Israeli incident in the Middle East.  Interestingly the mirror opposition of 1939  with Jupiter in Pisces and Neptune in Virgo saw  Germany invaded Czechoslovakia and another such mistaken event was the Bay of Tonkin incident leading to the ill fated Vietnam War. 

Each of these Jupiter Saturn squares will involve a Neptune T-square which gets tighter for each one and the general mood of these Jupiter / Neptune opposition T-quarters to Saturn is one of uncertainty and mistrust. It can represent a major, fundamental misreading of the situation, economic or otherwise. It suggests a generally negative economic situation. Virgo is more about fundamentals, practicalities and the correct functioning of systems whereas Neptune in Pisces has little understanding of reality and boundaries. Also , Jupiter in Virgo can be so focused on the details, distractions and particulars resulting in  the bigger picture being missed altogether. 

The best word here would probably be ‘blind sided’. Other apt descriptions would be ‘between a rock and a hard place’ with a lack of vision and little idea of a way out. If anything, the Pisces to Virgo axis is a reminder that any higher (spiritual) ideal, or the greater social good (Pisces) need a fundamental basis in fact, practicality and honest principles  (Virgo) and the square to Saturn saying if not, then the future is like a balloon waiting to be popped. The attempts of Saturn in Sagittarius to draw in these two opposing forces suggests that the legal regulatory framework needs a serious overhauling. There is also more than a hint at this time of fear, hysteria and irrationality, especially towards end May. 

In terms of specific industries that could take a hit, these  could include petro chemical, insurance, social security welfare industries, shipping, TPP agreement, and specifically anything to do with tourism. High on the list would be terror attacks linked to tourism (September) or as we get into next year disease epidemics or dangerous influenza outbreaks.

Island nations of Japan and the UK would also be places of concern as well as Sagittarius Sun and Ascendant  nations such as the USA. The nation of Thailand will be of particular concern for the latter two T-square aspects with Saturn conjuncting the nation’s Sun and Jupiter at return conjunct Mars with Neptune riding the North Node in Pisces and Uranus just having passed a return point. This could point to major social and economic problems in the key SE Asian nation, it could concern the King and succession. Australia also comes under a lot of stress with Saturn as the point of the T-square conjunct to Uranus the nation’s 10th house planet and Mars, the Ascensant ruler being conjuncted  Jupiter. 

Bangkok, December 10, 1932, 10:15 AM :

astrology dial for Kingdom of Thailand
Nation chart of Thailand indicating major stress for the Jupiter / Neptune T-square Saturn period of March to June 2016.

By November 26th this year we progress to the exact Saturn square Neptune aspect – this will be a serious dampener to any economic optimism. Great expectations meet a more sobering reality. Continue the illusion or be responsible to the reality. It’s a period of adjusting to reality and foregoing some greater expectations. 

Then, as we head into the spring equinox of 2016, Jupiter closes its square to Saturn with Neptune some 6 degrees out, but Venus ( a secondary economic indicator to Jupiter) will be strengthening the T-square. Also at this time there is a hint and flavor of the Saturn trine Uranus aspect, which comes into play later in 2016. Here is the chart for the second Jupiter / Saturn conjunct of 21-23 March. 


Second Jupiter square Neptune : 21-23 March 2016


Jupiter will be retrograde at this point and from 7 April Saturn will also turn retrograde. This does not bode well economically to have both Saturn and Jupiter retrograde in a tough aspect pattern. So it appears that from March in May 2016 will see some seriously dark clouds overhead. 


26 May 2016: Final Jupiter / Neptune opposition T-square to Saturn
By May 11 Jupiter will be direct but coming out of its shadow. The final Jupiter / Saturn square is on May 26 and the Neptune T-square will be tighter by 3 degrees with Sarurn still retrograde. The Neptune Saturn exact square will be on 17 June still in close aspect to Jupiter – so this Jupiter/Saturn to Neptune T-square extends from May well in June 2016. 



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