The great capitulus

Why did Greece capitulate and why have all the other  revolutions failed? 

The answer is basically this : 

Pluto is in Capricorn while Saturn is in Scorpio. In the main speak of astrological terminology this is called a sign exchange – the two planets are in each other’s signs thus the energies are synergized – like a planetary conjunct, but not as strong. 

Pluto and Saturn together are pretty much unstoppable, and this archetypal combination tends towards favoring those who are powerful such as the state, the corporations, the banks, the plutocracy, the troikas, the rich, the bullies etc. This combinations favours political conservatism, corporatism and different forms of totalitarianism.

Throw Uranus into the mix with a bit of Jupiter and then the game is on! Who will come out on top? The people, aspirations of freedom (Uranus/Jupiter) or the former? The dynamics of the Vietnam War and Arab ‘Spring’ played this out pretty well. The Vietnam War lasted throughout the extended Uranus / Pluto conjunct with on and off major aspects with Saturn and Jupiter.  The Arab ‘Fall’ was a Uranus / Jupiter conjunct opposing Saturn both square to Pluto – a bit more of an even game. 

a picture of the planet pluto
Pluto: the shadow of collective psyche.

Saturn and Pluto have some energetic similarities. They both tend to enjoy each other’s sign  – more precisely they share similar magnetic dipoles as both Capricorn and Scorpio are more magnetically charged constellations than electric. Both these signs and planets resonate with issues of power, wealth, control and the occult. The power of Saturn is systematic and institutional while with Pluto it’s more of a one to one power trip like Greece vs Germany.

picture of the planet saturn
Saturn: the power of structure and organization

What we have seen with Greece is very much what also happened with the Arab Fall. It didn’t take long for the Arab Fall to turn sour. As soon as Saturn had crossed into Scorpio by 6 Oct. 2012 it started to become clear that there were other agendas other than the holy grail of so called freedom, democracy and human rights. Under Saturn’s watch in Scorpio Morsi fell although he appeared to be  just an Islamo fascist engineered into power. 

The Greek government of Tsipras came to power under Saturn in Sagittarius where the power of Saturn is greatly diminished and where the sign exchange with Pluto had ended. There was hope and optimism (Sagittarius). The recent referendum happened with Jupiter still trine Uranus, but as this aspect became weaker the Greek government (Tsipras) capitulated and with Saturn still retrograde in Scorpio and the people were back stabbed  in true Scorpio  fashion with a deal the referendum went against. The banks were saved, not the people and the banks will go on to loot what is left of the people’s wealth while Germany and the crypto reich loot the rest of the country. 

So what happens here on ? 

Perhaps things are not over yet. There is still the key date towards 24 July and perhaps we will see the collapse of the Greek government and a forced election by that time and then we are moving closer to the Jupiter Saturn square for the first week of August – structural and economic pressures. Greece may renegade yet again! 

As Saturn progresses through Sagittarius over the next two years expect a little respite in the overt march of global totalitarianism (Pluto/Saturn matrix) – at least until 2020 when Saturn and Pluto join together.  However, there are some key planetary aspects coming up that will deserve some attention – particularly the Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces which will also form a complex T-square aspect when, at the same time, Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune and also squares Saturn. This is set for next year 2016 in March and May. 


astrology dial showing Jupiter Sa turn Neptune T  square aspect for May 2016.
Closest period of the Jupiter, Neptune -Saturn T-square. May 26, ’16.
The Saturn Neptune synodical cycle has a history of correlation to utopian ideals of various sorts including Communism  – the October 1917 revolution was a Neptune/Saturn conjunct (social idealism) opposed by Uranus (revolution) – and The German Workers Party, which preceded the National Socialist Party, formed around the same time and Adolf Hitler’s rise continued to map to the square and opposition cycle points (with Uranus in Aries).  
Spiraling down to a parallel reality

This is a similar parallel signature to what we see now with the upcoming Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune T-square in 2016. In 1936 Saturn opposed Neptune from Pisces both squared by Jupiter in Sagittarius. This time round we have Neptune in Pisces opposing Jupiter both squared by Saturn in Sagittarius. It’s almost like the same game players have taken on different personages and roles to settle an old score.  The crux here being that one needs to be wary of utopian ideologies or great sounding ideas although this time round with Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo the packaging and presentation will be a lot more slick, logical, practical sounding and more scientific. New age scientific pseudo spiritual utopian nonetheless social idealism. However, this is the closing square or waning  phase so if you’re wondering about having to tolerate the start of another genocidal social utopia you would have to wait until after 2020.

 The present Saturn Neptune cycle seeded in 1989 at the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of Apartheid in South Africa. This was a complex time because Saturn/Neptune was opposed by Jupiter and Uranus was also joining the conjunct. This was a peaceful, euphoric collapse of the Cold War barriers with much jubilation, hope and expectation. We envisioned a better world, at peace and largely more prosperous for all, we were young and naive.

Shortly after these events in 1989 Uranus (innovation, revolution, high technology) , Saturn (structure, systems) and Neptune (mass media, global dissemination) came closer together forming the key signature for the appearance of the Internet and information revolution. 

Then Pluto went through Sagittarius dissemination vaste amounts of information and collectively we arrived at our teenage years – more wizened to the ways of the world, yet still under the authority of the paternalistic state.  After the millenial euphoria, with the 911 attacks  under the Pluto Saturn opposition, it soon became apparent that sinister conspiracies and evil agendas were more fact than fiction and that big brother was, and is, rather disturbed and psychopathic. 


So the curtain finale for this cycle is coming up, but the mood compared to 1989 is very much soured and the taste in the mouth is a rather bitter disillusionment (square aspect).  It is going to be a milestone to see which way the winds will blow. Sagittarius is legality/laws and Saturn through this sign will partly correlate to major legal reforms or more restrictive laws coming into place – keep an eye out for severe actions against trade unions, workers rights and more laws against protestors and strikers as well as the curtailment of religious organizations and their privileges, or strengthening of these depending on location.

The Saturn Neptune Jupiter T-square period could see an increased mood of disillusionment running parallel to an increased intolerance to any opposition to the  discourse of  global dystopianism. Virgo, where Jupiter will be soon, is often just a little fascist and Jupiter in Virgo likes to be a big fascist.Whether  hope can be reignited or more realistic and practical  ideals concretized is what this aspect pattern is also asking. Perhaps we will need to find some faith that the better world we envisioned is somewhere out there. 

The real destination point however is 2020 with the Jupter, Saturn, Pluto conjunct.  2020 sees the start of two important synods – Saturn/Pluto and then Jupiter/Saturn. 

We know what Pluto and Saturn can do together and in 2020 they are more enboldened in the sign of Capricorn  and expanded by Jupiter!  Pluto/ Saturn conjuncts and oppositions correlate to all major wars.  One reality stream to emerge from this 2020 time field could be the global (Jupiter) collapse (Pluto) of structures and systems (Saturn / Capricorn). This would be economic, political, social and environmental as Capricorn is the earth sign of the harvest – and harvest the fruits we will! Recent reports and theories suggest that we are also heading into a mini ice age – or maybe not – but Jupiter Saturn cycles have also been linked to climate variations. 

Any potential collapse and destruction at this time will not come from the revolting masses as Uranus is out of the picture at this point, nor will there be some miracle or divine intervention as Neptune is mute too, nor will a previously crucified hybrid extraterrestrial come back in a space craft. The very real potential for massive social, economic and political collapse will be from major structural and systematic disfunctionalities, including environmental systems. That and war with the possibility of nuclear incidences, although with Uranus out of the picture there may just be acculturated mass death and brutality rather than anything that will shock the system. Although September 911, which happened under a Pluto – Saturn opposition, did not see major action from Uranus (shock, trauma) , it was an opposition though and that has a lot more volatile tension in it than the square or conjunct.

There is little around this 2020 date to suggest that the collective aspirations for liberty, peace and fraternity will come into play as both Uranus and Neptune are out of the picture. The most probable  reality is that the totalitarian jack boot (Pluto /Saturn in their sign Capricorn) will come down hard and people will be swept along with the brutal course of history. 

Astrology is more about understanding the timing of events and double checking the archetypal correlations. Prediction is the business of understanding history and witnessing the current course of events. That something momentous is imminent can be smelt like the taste of salt on an approaching typhoon wind. The next major game play is afoot. The pieces are being moved into place by the master game designers. We are in the game! 

Syria, Ukraine, Crimea, the demonization of Russia, tensions with China, Isis, the perennial pariah states of Iran and North Korea, the constitutional misinterpretations happening in Japan and the relentless pushing of the new Japanese war legislation are all part of the game play as well as on and off nuclear  tensions.  

Between now and 2020, the only real hope is Saturn refracting some clarity and truth through the constellation of Sagittarius. That and the Uranus trine Saturn aspect which will come after the Saturn Neptune squares and the Jupiter Saturn squares and this will only be from 25 Dec. 2016. Saturn the despot is weakened in Sagittarius while Uranus the liberator and revolutionary is strengthened in Aries. This trine – the bridge between worlds – will happen after a year of some good Saturn in Sagittarius revelation and it will be a chance for those who want out of the game to build the structures and foundations to their own paradigms. Uranus in Aries as the self organizing collective with that breadth and vision of Sagittarius with Saturn the grand architect. 

What this way comes from 2020 is still somewhat uncertain. If it be a comprehension global totalitaria one thing is certain it will be enforced by two youth generations in particular – Pluto in Scorpio and Pluto in Sagittarius. The youth generations have been nicely ripened and all greater hopes and aspirations quietly dashed. Burdened by debt, uncertainty and insecurity the Pluto in Scorpio generations will do anything, kill anyone,  to compensate for their loss and disempowerment, while Pluto in Sagittarius, those now entering higher education, will be happy to die (Pluto) for some ideal and or religion (Sagittarius). These two generations are presently fueling the Isis phenomena with a number of young teens, both men and women, from quite disparate backgrounds having found Isis seeking meaning and status in the new distopia. 


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