By Zeus they did it! 

All good people of the world and particularly in Europe are celebrating the Greek people and their stand against bullies, bureaucrats, international financial terrorists and the looting corrupt banking class. Today’s victory came as the Sun in Cancer (nationhood) opposed Pluto in Capricorn (corporate oligarchs, plutocrats) while Uranus in Aries (bold rebellion, collective independence) still trines Jupiter in Leo (pride and sovereignty) . Notwithstanding Saturn still retrograde in Scorpio (austerity and debt), and in a sign exchange with Pluto in Capricorn (state and corporations), the people triumphed!  

Greeks celebrate referendum 2015
Jupiter trines Uranus : The people are jubilant and victorious in the land where Prometheus brought fire to the minds of men!

So what now? Who knows what the game plan is, but hopefully Greece can follow a similar course to Iceland, perhaps dump the (German) Euro and renegade against the central bank money debt scam. 

From the view point of planetary transits there are two key dates for this decisive period of July into early August. Key events may happen a few days before or after! 

1. 25th July 

On this day Uranus in Aries will square Mars in Cancer at 20 degrees – a need for radical and decisive action. The Moon will pass over Saturn Rx in Scorpio as a trigger to issues related to the debt crisis. This date is really quite a cosmic trip because it was on 24th July 1974 that the Greek Military junta fell and a modern democratic state was reborn!  

Modern Geeek State of 24/07/’74 inner wheeel . Transits 06/07/’15 outer wheel

Significantly this makes Greece a Leo country and here we can see how the nation has salvaged its pride, sovereignty and self respect under Jupiter/Zeus in Leo! trine to the harbinger of light and liberation – Uranus the Prometheus!  

Zeus/Jupiter stikes his bolt at Chronos/Saturn who now transverses the debt realm of Hades/Pluto /Scorpio

Presently  the transiting North Node  is passing over the post 1974 natal Moon/Pluto conjunct of Greece (obviously a nation with balls!) – so the path now (North Node) is to deal with issues of power and control (Pluto).  Greece is also still in the midst of a Uranus opposed to Uranus transit point (crisis of indepenence)!  Incidentally, the past few years leading to this point have seen Greece under a Pluto opposed to Natal Saturn transit – a collapse of structures and systems.


As we come to the date of the 25th Jupiter/Zeus, whose abode rises above Athens , will be conjunct to the natal Mars of Greece – come what may, this nation will rise with great gusto and courage! Natal Mars in Leo would die rather than be enslaved and humiated. 

2. August 3rd and 4th : 

This day is the globally important date of the first of three Jupiter Saturn squares and this is the closing square before Jupiter will conjunct Saturn again in 2020 at 0 degrees Aquarius on the winter Solstice ! For Greece, this transit of August will see transiting Jupiter still conjunct to Mars – Zeus and Ares do battle together! Mars will be approaching the nation’s Sun and there will be no mood for retreat. Saturn will square the nation’s Mars, so the enemy (Saturn in Scorpio, the debt Lord of Hades) will try to circumvent the path, and Greece may take some bold and seemingly reckless action. 


Mars/Ares in battle with the shield of Athene behind the symbol of Libra where the North Node now lies!
The Saturn/Jupiter cycle is the principle financial cycle. This cycle started on May 28, 2000 in Taurus (banks, money) with the conjunct squared by Uranus in its own sign of Aquarius (extreme crisis)! This last of the cycles of Jupiter /Saturn in the physical resource earth signs has been fated with one crisis after the next. The first financial crisis starting after the 911 attacks when Pluto opposed Saturn. This was followed by the 2010 crash when Jupiter and Saturn opposed each other at the time of the Uranus/ Saturn to Pluto T-square (same signature as the Great Depression). The 90 degree angles are key and by this August we will be at the first of three closing squares! For this August date however, there is no direct action from the other outer planets, but still,  Saturn squared by Jupiter will essentially be in a sign exchange with Pluto in Capricorn. 

The last of these Jupiter/Saturn squares will be around 21-23rd March next year at the time of the northern spring equinox!! This square will be a lot more dynamic with Uranus in a trine to Saturn and Jupiter riding the North Node or Dragon’s Head. 


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