The escape of Al Bashir on the 29th degree! 

Omar al Bashir, President of  Sudan, has an international arrest warrant out for his genocidal crimes against humanity concerning  Darfur courtesy of the  International Criminal Court – ICC , of which South Africa is a signatory. If one were to locate the ICC (or for that matter Interpol) on the astrological dial , where would it be? Would it not be 29 degrees Scorpio on the cusp with Sagittarius ? Scorpio resonates with the police and especially crimes like murder and genocide. Sagittarius resonates with the law, the courts, the judges as well as international affairs. 

So with Saturn retrograde back into Scorpio on this 29th degree,  al Bashir found himself  in South Africa to attend conference of the OAU or Organization of Africa Unity. Allegedly the South African government had conspired to guarantee his safety from arrest and did so in direct violation of a court order by arranging his escape. So some judge allured to the arrest of the whole cabinet who were the sworn co-conspirators, the duty president mocked that this would amount to a coup d’état , but the President, Mr. Zuma, went on to say that the judiciary and courts were getting out of hand and breaching their benches. 

All the makings of a great South African drama – corruption, collusion, abuse  of power, disregard of the law and an international genocidal criminal thrown in for the mix! But there is a heap of hypocrisy involved  too as no arrest warrants are out for any western leaders! 

But apart from the Scorpionic drama of the 29th degree and whatever political, legal, constitution drama will continue to unravel in the great republic during this summer’s Saturn in Scorpio sojourn, this incident sheds some light onto what will unfold after this summer when Saturn heads back into Sagittarius. 

Saturn through its transit of a sign always brings about some kind of structural reform. Limitations, barriers and restrictions become more evident and the work in progress is how to overcome these. Also, Saturn helps to deal with the elephant in the room. The reality is always there, but often there is no impetus to deal with it until Saturn comes along. 

So this Al Bashir incident has revealed a particular meme that is going to come up again when Saturn re-enters Sagittarius-at least as is the case with South Africa. This meme will be judicial reform, possible attacks against the constitution, restricting and delimiting the power of judges and to what extent the rule of law actually applies to government!?  Jupiter, the refractor of this Saturn/Sagittarius energy  will be in Virgo during part of this transit, so these attacks could be very petty, technical, yet effective.  It could be a year of various petty hacking at laws and rights. In the U.S. it seems  that the prime attack will be on trying to stop the practical implementation of equal marriage laws. 

On a side note ,  Virgo also resonates with workers, trade unions, working environments as well as health , so keep an eye out for health related legislation, much of which I think will be around the vaccination debate. Depending on location, the situation may not bode well for general workers rights and the power of trade unions  Ordinarily Jupiter positively promotes the archetypal concerns of where it is transiting depending on how planets will aspect it during its course, but with Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter will be refracting the cold, oppressive energy of Saturn. Already here in Japan the government is pushing forward laws to deregulate part time and temp workers thus allowing companies to employ such workers indefinitely with no obligations towards any kind of full time employment including rights and benefits – look forward to more of the same elsewhere! 


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