Grexit panic? 

No, not really, not too much to worry about here. Even if Geeece were to grexit, this would not create some kind of global financial superstorm. Maybe a tornado or two around Europe. As the maxim goes – as above so below – and there are no major planetary alignments right now that would correlate to a major global impact scenario. I tend to agree here with the economic analyst Jim Rogers as he appeared in an RT interview: 

With Saturn retrograde in Scorpio this correlation is all about debt and renegotiating a deal. Scorpio resonates with shared assets, shared responsibilities, debts and living up to the consequences of legal responsibilities. Signing on the paper is Libra, the consequences of that is Scorpio. One function of Saturn is to focus on the reality of the situation, bringing fruits to bear, condensing vibrations into physical reality. 

What is interesting about this ‘crisis’ as it is unfolding right now is how it is tuning in perfectly with the Jupiter in Leo trine to Uranus in Aries – this is all about independence (Aries) , rights (Aquarius) , sovereignty and maintaining the dignity and self respect of the Greek people and nation (Leo).  In the light of overcoming the behemoth of the plutocracy, the oligarchy, the troikas, the  traditionalists, the beaucrats, the bankers, the old black cloaks – the Jupiter Uranus fire trine is pretty unstoppable (Jupiter expands, brings hope optimism, where Uranus liberates and smashes down old structures)  – just have a look at how gay rights has won out in the past few days. Another story for another time – but the same planetary energies at play here. 

But in terms of the Greek and Euro situation in general, and also the global economy as a whole, we really need to bear in mind here where we are heading to : 

Towards the end of July and to the exact day of this August 04, we will be at the closing square of the Jupiter / Saturn cycle. Of course, Jupiter will be at 28 Leo while Saturn will be direct still in its retrograde shadow at 28 Scorpio – fixed signs! This is highly significant because for those who may not know, the Juper / Saturn cycle is the major economic cycle of expansion, contraction and consolidation. Let’s not forget here that this cycle was seeded back in 2000 in Taurus – the last of the earth cycles – when Uranus squared the conjunct at the start of the cycle from its own sign of Aquarius! Of course, this indicated a cycle that would be perpetuated with one extreme crisis after the next – the first starting at the September 911 market shock, also tempered with the Leman shock under the same cycle – these crisis points all happening of course at the square and opposition points. 

So here we are again, coming to the last point in this flawed cycle – which was seeded in Taurus which opposes Scorpio where Saturn will be for this square! – and Taurus is all about money, banks and Scorpio the debt and Saturn will still be struggling out of its retrograde shadow. See the beauty of the cosmic play? 

So invariably, as we approach the end of July some European crisis is indeed going to unfold. It is just not going to be as big as the ‘presstitutes’ will bang it out to be. The big shift is coming in 2020 when Saturn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn with Jupiter there too, but the new global economy and the next financial system won’t fully come to being until Saturn and Jupiter later conjunct in the sign of Aqurius – that’s another story too. But the final word here is to also keep an eye out  to the new Moon in Libra this 13 October when Jupiter in Virgo is brought into conjunct with both Mars and Venus in a trine to Pluto as the new Moon is opposed by Uranus and Saturn squares to Venus. 


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