The Marikana Report

Saturn is now back in Scorpio – so there’s some clean up work to be done, some secrets to be revealed, some scores to be settled, some reality to be dealt with, some truths to be told. So yes, Mr. President , one Jacob Zuma, what about the Marikana Report?  The Marikana Massacre happened back in August 2012. The official investigation report is yet to be released but is said to come out by the 30th of this month, June 2015. For those who prefer not to click and read links, the Marikana Massacre was the worst police shooting to happen in post apartheid South Africa. Striking miners were protesting and things turned rather nasty. There are many controversial facts and issues surrounding exactly what happened, what triggered the event, whether the miners who were armed attacked first, whether the attack was deliberate, in self defense or panicked and why so many were shot in the back.

The initial killings seems to have taken place around the 10th of August when miners embarked on a walk out strike. Between August 12th and 14th some nine people were said to be have been killed in and around the area. Events suddenly escalated on August 16th with the police firing on protestors with sub-machine guns and killing some 34 and wounding 78.

It was difficult to find the exact timing of the start of the massacre, but a chart cast around 14:15 would put Pluto on the Ascendant,  which seems to be appropriate. Pluto on this day was in a complex T-square  relationship – opposite to Venus, both squared by Uranus. Venus acting as a trigger while Mars and Saturn joined together in the sign of Venus, Libra.

Like many brutal massacres and war crimes, one will often find a combination of Saturn and Mars. Other more recent Saturn Mars events are the height of the 2014 Gaza strip massacre, the war in Donbass Ukraine and the shooting of Michael  Brown, but also of relevance here, Saturn and Mars were still in orb of conjunct during the June 16th 1976 massacre in South Africa  which has a direct resonance and astrological correlation to the Marikana massacre. Saturn Mars conjuncts have a high correlation to state violence, state brutality, acts of war, explosions, car accidents, car bombs and horrific crimes often involving stabbings and shootings.

Marikana, 10 Aug. 2012
Marikana on August 10th – days before the massacre.
The chart above is of August 10th when the first reported shootings started:  As one can see from this chart, as the day of the massacre nears Mars moves into perfect conjunct with Saturn, while Venus (refractor of Mars/Saturn) comes close to oppose Pluto (drama, tragedy, death, police) on the Ascendant, but more importantly Venus is now exactly square (T-square)  to Uranus (shock, trauma, the unexpected). Saturn and Mars are in Libra, the sign of Venus, therefore Venus is picking up and then refracting this energy in opposition to Pluto. Clearly Venus is the secondary trigger here, but the primary trigger would be the Moon which had moved into a trine to Uranus. The reason why the Moon is the trigger is because Venus is the lynchpin refracting the energies of Mars/Saturn (while T-square with Pluto/Uranus)) and the Moon is the refractor of Venus in Cancer at the time. All the key energies are in cardinal or initiating signs.

August 16th day of Marikana Massacre.
August 16th day of Marikana Massacre.
Uranus often plays a key role in highly traumatizing events as in the other two major massacres in modern South African history – Sharpeville 1960 massacre was Uranus opposed to Mars where Pluto as brought into a trine with Jupiter, the Moon and Saturn and then 16 June 1976, Uranus was square to Saturn which was conjunct to Mars.

What is more significant though is that Uranus was at 08’05 Aries on Marikana whereas Pluto was at 08’55 Libra for the June 16th massacre of 1976 – an exact opposition by some 36 years clearly triggering a second traumatic killing in the history of the nation – although Pluto did not seem to play any important role in the 1976 shootings. The key to the infamous 1976 Soweto killings of school children was a Saturn in Leo square (Leo correlates to children) to Uranus (shock, trauma) in Scorpio (drama, death) with Pluto in the sign of Libra while Mars was still in conjunct to Saturn (state violence, brutality) – some 7 degrees apart – however the trigger to 1976 was the Moon at 17′ Aquarius which opposed Mars  – once again a correlation to Aquarius and Uranus for shocking and traumatizing events. Pluto of Marikana was also square to Pluto of 1976. Of course Venus of Marikana was also square to Pluto of 1976 and Venus was the lynchpin in Marikana.

Another astrological point here worth considering is how Chiron was exactly trine to Venus where Venus was the lynchpin to Marikana. This indicates too a reopening of a wound – which was that of June 1976 – this event of Marikana clearly showed that much hasn’t changed in South Africa. Neptune trines Venus too from the murky sign of Pisces so indicating the confusion and obscuration of facts surrounding this tragedy as well as deliberate deceptions involved. Jupiter in Gemini is the refractor of Neptune/Chiron here indicating some kind of duplicity and criminal conspiracy was likely involved. Also, Neptune is in a trine to Mars/Saturn and this also suggests that the truth about Marikana will probably never be known.

Coming back to the present moment, Saturn is now retrograde in the truth revealing sign of Scorpio when the official government Marikana Report is due to be released by the end of June. Saturn will still be at 29 degrees Scorpio at this time. Recently this degree has taken on the meme ‘Black Lives Matter’ – as we saw when Saturn direct first passed into this degree with the Justice for All marches across the US. Just days ago, with Saturn at this 29th critical degree, was the Charleston church shooting – presumably an attempt to trigger a race war – but it triggered more justice and unity marches against racism and violence. This 29th degree of Scorpio is the cusp between Scorpio and Sagittarius. In Sagittarius we have all the memes to do with race, racial identity, issues of racism and immigration as well as colonialism and its vestitures. Sagittarius is also the sign that channels religious beliefs so no wonder here that this recent Scorpionic massacre took place in a church!

If the Marikana Report of the Farlam Commission is released at the end of June, what will it reveal? To what extent will the police and the state be held culpable? Will this become just another cover-up? The transits for the end of this month show the following correlations: Saturn retrograde in Scorpio as the truth digger is not in aspect to any planets on this day – so Saturn is renegade – which could work either way. The president may not be able to exert the control over the report as he would like to – or perhaps the truth becomes blocked as there is no way out or connections to favourable planets. There is a powerful grand fire trine between the Moon in Sagittarius representing the public, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo. The report itself could ignite a lot of debate and even spontaneous protests. The Moon is opposed by Mercury in Gemini which is also not a good sign for clarity and truth, but the opposition here will be between the truth and beliefs held by the public (Moon in Sagittarius) and that which is presented by the spokesman, Mercury in Gemini – the expert liar. Neptune in Pisces is tightly trine to the Sun, representing the president, which could indicate Mr. Zuma being at his deceptive best or lying with a straight face and no shame – but he will shine with charisma and confidence on the day. The Sun in Cancer is also emboldened by Mars, but they are in broad opposition to Pluto – so the president could go to extreme lengths to spin issues and protect his own self interests. Pluto in Capricorn has had a penchant for reveling state secrets, while the Sun and Mars here could lay false claims to protecting national interests or cheap attempts at playing the patriotic card. However, as the influence of Neptune on the original event suggests, there may be no clear or satisfying verdicts.


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