Saturn Rx into Scorpio – Reality bites

As of Monday , June 15, Saturn in retrograde crossed back into Scorpio. The last time Saturn was at this point was during the last of the Uranus Pluto squares when the Scorpion bit hard. This was the date of 14 December 2014 when thousands marched across US cities to protest police brutality and killings of black Americans – the Justice For All marches which followed on from the Ferguson Riots and Killing of Michael Brown.

The actual killing of Michael Brown happened back on August 9th when Uranus, Saturn and the Sun  were all at 16 degrees of their respectively signs and where Mars had moved into the scope of 10 degrees of conjunct to Saturn. The signature key here was the Mars Saturn conjunct –  an infamous astrological signature when it comes to violence, brutality, death and destruction – exacerbated by the fact that the Sun was just leaving its conjunct with Jupiter while Jupiter (expansion)  squared  Mars (violence) and the Sun squared Saturn. Bear in mind too that Mars is the  lens of refraction for both the signs of Scorpio magnetic and Aries electric. Mars was therefore in its own sign of Scorpio disposing too of the energy of Uranus (shocking , traumatic) from its other sign Aries.

Killing of Michael Brown - 9 Aug. '14.
Killing of Michael Brown – 9 Aug. ’14.

As this whole drama unfolded over the months of August into December, the tension started to build for the last of the Pluto Uranus squares with Pluto going direct and more spontaneous demonstrations (Uranus in Aries) erupting during the period of Mars through Sagittarius  (race, ethnicity) in a trine to Uranus in Aries, especially around October 10th when the Libran Sun was opposing Uranus in Aries too. Mars is a warrior, a protector ,a defender of justice just as much as it is a violent and brutal killer – the double-edged sword. Initially Mars/Saturn in Scorpio acting as the killer cop, but by Dec. 14th, Mars was energizing and exciting the demonstrations.

It is probably worth noting here that the last couple of years (from 6th Oct. ’12) Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio have effectively seen a sign exchange where the energies of these two signs and planets have been drawn together – so there has been little respite in the march of state repression, relentlessness of the Plutocracy, the oligarchical elite, neo fascist corporate war machine and the further securitization of the dystopia of the negative polarity of the much trumpeted age of Aquarius – or the age of Saturn. Pluto and Saturn together have a tendency to be particularly nasty favouring more the machinery of the state, the power and wealth of corporations, entrenching the power and hubris of the oligarchs  and not much for the ordinary little folk. The masses have been gathering and revolting here and there , but their victories so far have been short lived or insubstantial.

Last Pluto Uranus square at Saturn ingress into Sagittarius.
Last Pluto Uranus square at Saturn ingress into Sagittarius.

The date of the Justice for All marches on December 14th was pertinent not just because of the Pluto Uranus square, but because Saturn had all but reached the 29th critical degree of Scorpio to cross into Sagittarius. Sagittarius as the final fire sign is all about our collective identities – how our identities are constructed through shared culture, race and ethnicity. The ingress of Saturn into Sagittarius ever since 24th Dec. ’14 has seen an escalation in all global quarters concerning race, racism, race relations, ethnicity, multiculturalism, immigration, religion, refugees, cultural identity and national identity. This battle is being fought at the polls, in the media, on the net, on the street and in the oceans and the minds of men and women.

At the moment as Saturn  is still in retrograde and back in Scorpio so the battle lines are being redrawn. For the time being until when Saturn goes stationary retrograde on  1st Aug  we could expect all the Saturn Scorpio issues to reappear. Perhaps legal decisions or political decisions regarding the powers of police authorities, gun reforms or perhaps there will be more violent and deadly incidences which will further inflame the race agenda, baiting for a race war, life and death immigration issues, deadly religious conflicts and such like things that will make the collective deeply question their humanity and how to respond as a human being. Saturn will reach the critical 29th degree again on 1st Sept. and then cross over finally into Sagittarius for next the  two years or so on 18th Sept. It appears anyway, that the summer is going to have a rather deadly Scorpio flavour to it.


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